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SoCoCare Unveils Social CIM

February 12, 2013

SoCoCare, a company specializing in cloud-based customer service software solutions, recently unveiled Social CIM, its new all-in-one social engagement package for professional customer care teams.

This new cloud-based social engagement offering is aimed at offering customer care agents, supervisors and managers with rich social feeds including blogs, articles and social network posts, the ability to reply and direct-message authors all on one, unified platform.

SoCoCare’s Social CIM is aimed at taking customer service and sales team engagement to a whole new level by incorporating classic contact center tools and best practices. This enables them to go beyond broad-brush marketing trends and get down to business.

"Social CIM signals the end of the first generation single-feature social customer care tools, which have to be integrated to all work together," Ed Margulies, chief operating officer and cofounder of SoCoCare, said in a statement.

Key features of SocialCIM:

  • With Social CIM, a self-learning spam elimination component is built in which enables agents to filter out non-actionable items, and thus save time every day. The system automatically trains based on user input so it becomes more accurate in its spam elimination over time.
  • Social CIM provides agent dashboards for self- Key Performance Indicators (KPI), comparisons to workgroup peers, Real-Time supervisory KPI statistics, and extensive Service Level Agreement (SLA) dashboards for each profile, cluster, workgroup and social feed. The supervisory dashboards provide rich data and metrics that can improve agent workflow, productivity and decision-making.
  • Social CIMs search capabilities allow agents to quickly scan a social author's history by conversation thread, showing all previous interactions over time. This avoids the problem of multiple agents contradicting each other in what they say or do for a customer.
  • Social CIM has the ability to automatically tag (News - Alert) and prioritize social posts using built-in NLP and Decisioning technology.

"Now the pain of sourcing Natural Language Processing, decisioning, network aggregation, listening, analytics, and influence tools is gone. Instead, Social CIM provides everything you need for your social engagement for customer care needs," Margulies added.

TMC (News - Alert) recently announced its Third Annual TMC Social Business Award winners. SoCoCare was one of the winners listed.

Edited by Braden Becker

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