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Giva Announces Significant Milestone in Surpassing

October 19, 2012

The cloud computing SaaS (News - Alert) (Software-as-a-Service) market is becoming more competitive day by day.

Giva, a provider of cloud computing SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) for the ITIL Help Desk, Customer Service/Call Center and the Service Desk, has announced a significant milestone in surpassing (News - Alert) Service Cloud in the competitive service cloud market.

This announcement is based on word of mouth comparisons from customers that have utilized both service management packages.

Giva’s cloud computing SaaS (software-as-a-Service) solution enables companies to focus on contact resolution, improving customer satisfaction, decreasing call volume and exceeding service level agreements (SLAs).

“With Giva, it now takes 50 percent less time to open a case, so our agent productivity is effectively doubled when the call queue is full and the phones are busy ringing,” said in a statement, Chris Jerry, EDIMS Support Center Manager. “We used to spend over 24 hours per month working with the reports to extract data. Now, we spend about 15 minutes per month generating reports and the information quality is superior. Giva is the “Apple (News - Alert) Computer” of cloud customer service applications."

Giva’s visual reporting tools make identifying trends and patterns easier and quicker with less time building, running, sharing and reviewing reports.

EDIMS offers 24x7 customer service to over 2,000 physicians and staff used Service Cloud for three years before switching to Giva.

Ron Avignone, founder of Giva, said, “Unparalleled ease of use is a significant Giva differentiator and an area in which Giva will continue to provide radical innovation. Giva can be deployed in just days and agents can learn to be fluent in just one hour. By providing a more streamlined customer service tool, we are confident that we will continue to win over the service cloud.”

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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