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How To Turn A One-Time Buyer Into A Lifetime Buyer
Customer service, both good and bad, has a long lasting impact on revenue. Today, customers can immediately go online to voice frustrations and discontent with a brand, and with online purchases and competitor information easily available, a business's timeframe to please customers during the purchasing phase is short. It's up to each business to make sure customers are happy at every stage in order to gain repeat business. Now more than ever, businesses need to create a strategy to build relationships that result in a lifetime of purchasing.

Enterprise Reports Customer Preference for Phone-based Service
The latest news to come from Enterprise Holdings, a worldwide provider of rental car services, shows that its customers appear to prefer speaking to live representatives rather than using email, Web chat, or social media.

To Improve the Customer Experience, First Improve the Agent Experience
Many companies today are actively attempting to improve the quality of the customer experience they offer. Unfortunately, these companies are usually trying to raise the bar on customer support while at the same time cutting costs: working with outdated or home-grown technologies, suffering from high employee turnover, or expecting managers to spend most of their day on tasks other than management. When contact center managers don't have time to train, supervisor and mentor agents, the customer will always receive a second- or third-rate customer experience. If the customer has had to fight her way through a frustrating IVR experience, the company is automatically starting the relationship on the wrong foot.

BARTRENDr Lands $1 Million to Give Bars Better Sales Insight
Targeted marketing will commonly resonate better with its targets because it has added authenticity. It doesn't feel like a "pitch" any more, and feels more like a statement of fact. Authentic marketing tends to have greater impact, and those who take marketing authenticity seriously are likely to be rewarded. For drink makers, meanwhile, BARTRENDr looks to provide all the facts necessary to make the most authentic advertising happen.

Why Call Center Software Investments Should Include Mobile Apps
At the same time, call centers have traditionally been on the conservative side, not always willing to put themselves out there to try a new approach to customer care. Likewise, the call center tends to already be a cost center, leaving less room for additional investments down the line. As change is not always a welcome concept - even as consumers are changing - it can mean that call center software investments tend to come later than they should.

Smaller Companies Can Find Success with Cross-Channel Support in Facebook Messenger
The earliest promise of customer relationship management (CRM) in the 1990s sounded great, but there are horror stories aplenty of companies that attempted to implement new CRM solutions only to see them fail due to employee non-compliance, indifferent management support, a lack of integration with other solutions and other departments, and long and costly implementation periods.

Stress: Is it a Contact Center Carcinogen?
Recent reports from The International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) in partnership with Five9 found that 87 percent of contact center leaders admit that their agents experience moderate to high levels of stress every day on the job. What's more, a second study reveals that customer service agents are regularly placed toward the bottom of organizational importance-despite being at the frontlines of customer engagement for so many companies worldwide. The combination of stress and a lack of being prioritized is leading to what could be the equivalent of a cancer for many contact centers: apathy.

Radish ChoiceView Web App Brings Visual Communications to the Browser
When it comes to call center work, being able to go beyond the phone call is an ability that's increasingly prized. Radish Systems, meanwhile, is bringing this exact idea into play with its new release, the Radish ChoiceView, which allows users to connect with not just voice, but also visual contact.

Weslo Housing Management to Integrate 1st Touch with Existing Back Office Environment
Weslo Housing Management (WHM) announced recently that it selected 1st Touch's workforce technology to manage maintenance and repair personnel out in the field, structure inspections, and vacant rentals. By using 1st touch, Weslo hopes to improve efficiency and better serve its customers.

SugarCRM Outs Sugar 7.6
At the same time that Sugar 7.6 was unveiled, the company also announced the future of the company with a solution that fuses Customer Experience concepts with the CRM.

Social Media Is Driving Marketing and the Contact Center to Merge
Every day, in companies all over the world, contact centers make and take calls to and from customers. They are tasked with solving customer problems, calming angry customers, answering questions and upselling and cross-selling customers. They may generate sales leads or even sell customers new contracts or warranties. In other words, they hold the customer's real relationship with the company in the palm of their hand.

ChaseData Revamps Call Center Software Website
ChaseData, a call center software provider, has announced that it has relaunched its website.

Sales Teams Need to Get to Know Their Prospects to Remain Competitive
Interestingly, this type of data is all readily available. Today's contact center solutions offer myriad ways to gather intelligence about prospects and turn that into actionable data. Sales teams need to start making better use of the tools at their disposal and take the time to get to know their prospects if they want to remain competitive in today's sales climate.

Why Your Call Center Software Should be Designed with You in Mind
Have you ever used a call center software solution that seemed like it was designed by someone with no idea of how your industry actually works? I had a similar reaction to the 2007 Microsoft Office update. The changes within Word were so frustrating to someone who writes constantly and I truly felt like Microsoft had ignored people like me when they developed the changes.

8x8 Announces Elite Touch Installation Support Program
The installation of a new communications product is the first substantive interaction businesses will have with vendors. Of course, businesses will want those interactions to proceed smoothly and will desire continued support for their products long after installation is complete. It is this lifecycle that 8x8 will attempt to bolster with the release of its Elite Touch program.

Forget About Delighting Customers. Make It Easy For Them, Instead
Many companies today, bolstered by advice from analyst groups or large customer service success stories like Zappos and LL Bean, are busy trying to "delight" their customers. While everyone appreciates a good anecdote about a customer support rep that went above and beyond for a customer, business isn't made on anecdotes. It's made on giving customers what they want, and being "delighted" isn't necessarily it. According to many studies, what customers want is for companies to make it easy for them. Unfortunately, in this era of complex products and services, this is becoming harder.

CallFinder and Lawson Concepts to Offer Cloud-Based Speech Analytics
The new agreement is going to give Lawson's customers an affordable cloud-based speech analytics solution. Lawson Concepts specializes in providing the right technology for contact centers, including agent experience, desktop analytics, desktop automation, guided navigation, impact analysis discovery, payment card industry compliance, quality monitoring, speech analytics, and thought leadership.

Contact Center and CRM Solutions Are Different but Complementary Technologies
While many companies today are attempting to trim the budget by eliminating extraneous software, within these two complementary technologies is not the place to do it…not if the goal is to improve quality of service for the customer and increased efficiency and collaboration across the enterprise, particularly with sales and marketing, according to Osborn.

Zappix Introduces Smartphone IVR Authoring Platform
The apps that clients create include voice, web, online forms or even video. Smartphone users can also get in touch with customer service representatives on the phone using an interactive onscreen menu.

Five9 is Looking For a Few Good Partners in its New Cloud Alliance
Of course, success is never as simple as having the right tools; it also depends on how the tools are used, and the overall environment. But not having the right tools can hurt just as much as not using the right tools correctly, so having a system like Five9's on hand-with its new partners-should be a step in the right direction of improving service and realizing the benefits accordingly.

The Customer Journey Starts with the Call Center
Interfacing with the customer during this customer journey is important for the business that wants to stand out in the crowd (and what business does not want to stand out?).

South Yorkshire Credit Union Adopts Unify OpenScape Business Call Center Platform
Unify said that its platform should allow the SYCU to engage in smoother operations for many years to come. OpenScape Business should adapt to the credit union's changes in need as its business grows and continues to offer customer service to customers throughout its service area. Of course, the hope is that a more streamlined calling system will make for happier customers and therefore increased brand loyalty. As a result of that loyalty, organic growth of the brand should make for an increase in call volume, and OpenScape Business will be able to come along for the ride.

Ecosmob's Contact Center Solution Enables Effective, Flexible Call Management
Ecosmob, a provider of IT solutions and services, has achieved significant success with its popular Contact Center solution. The company's software was developed for inbound, outbound and blended call centers, offering a long list of features to complement its robust underpinnings and make it easy for companies to effectively manage all aspects of incoming and outgoing communications.

Looking at the Dusty Origins of the Call Center Industry
Those of us in the call center industry often have fun remembering (or looking at, in the distant, dusty storage room of a technology provider that has been around for a long time) technologies from an earlier age. Some of the first IVRs, for example, were the size of refrigerators, required a PhD to administer and were about as flexible as bricks.

Mobile Customer Care: This Decade's Biggest Challenge and Opportunity
There truly is no rest for today's customer-facing companies and their support infrastructure. Just about the time most companies built a robust Web presence and began tentatively dabbling with social media, along comes mobile, which has utterly disrupted the way customers interact with companies. There is truly no rest for the weary.

Call Center Software Week in Review: InMoment, Verint, Jacada
One company that is trying to drive better customer engagement is Verint. Like InMoment's software, the Verint Enterprise Feedback Management System can help customers provide feedback and see their needs fulfilled by customer service agents. Verint recently updated its survey engine and has improved its support for SMS reporting. The company says it has made its surveys more engaging and visually appealing which should lead to better feedback that will help companies tackle issues that concern the multiple channels they offer.

Making the Right Decisions for the Call Center on Demand
Still, advancements generally lead to better outcomes in the end. The important point, however, is that the strategy you put in place for embracing these advancements must support your overarching goals for better service, improved outcomes and happy customers. Dell Computers may have forgotten this reality when it moved its technical support services offshore.

Avaya Helps Reliance Communications Improve Customer Care
Only time will tell just how well the deal between Reliance Communications and Avaya works out, or just how well the deal works in driving Indian business in the country, but it's not likely to hurt in the long run, and more likely to prove a powerful solution to drive the Make in India campaign.

Social Routing Allows Customers to Take Control of Their Customer Experience
Not very long ago in the contact center, incoming queries from customers were nearly all telephone calls. Calls were placed in queue in the order they came in, and the next available agent would pick up that call. There may have been some routing parameters applied to the calls, such as language skills or department, thanks to the interactive voice response (IVR), but by and large, the process was very linear.

Five9 VP Talks 2014 and Beyond
2014 was an exciting year in the call center. Developing the omnichannel experience to enhance the customer experience, cloud adoption and auotdialer legislation were a few themes we saw developed in the year that was; 2015 is poised to be another innovative and interesting year in the call center space. Liz Osborn, Vice President, Product and Solution Marketing at Five9 walked TMC through 2014 and what may be in store for 2015.

How to Make Your CRM More Usable
Online guidance tools like WalkMe can help provide make new user training on a CRM software more relevant to everyday tasks. For CRM, this helps internally to simplify CRM software usage, in providing direct step-by-step guidance at the moment of need, so that users can work efficiently and successfully. These guidance platforms - which are also sometimes referred to as knowledge management tools, job aids, or performance support platforms - remove the barriers of entry from other CRM systems, increase user productivity while lowering helpdesk requests, and reducing onboarding and training time and costs.

Zendesk Apps Marketplace Gets a New Tool in Talkdesk
Naturally, only time will tell just how many users take Talkdesk up on this proposition over the next several months, but Talkdesk is certainly offering a powerful package here. Whether or not it's sufficiently distinct from its competitors to draw interest is something we'll have to see in the coming months, but it's certainly a point to watch.

LogMeIn Goes Multilingual with Real-Time Chat Translation
LogMeIn has partnered with Lionbridge Technologies to bring real-time translation capabilities to BoldChat, LogMeIn's multichannel and multi-device customer engagement offering.

Automation Should Follow the 'Five to Three' Rule
Which is better in the call center: automated processes or human agents? There is no single answer to this question. Many companies operate under the assumption that human agents are preferable, but they are simply too expensive to rely on 100 percent. The truth of the matters is that customers like automation for some tasks…provided it works.

Jabra Evolve: Putting an End to the Distracted Worker
The key cog in the wheel of productivity is the employee. Trends show that the number of 'knowledge workers' is growing at a rapid pace, with various estimates stating that nearly 80 percent of employees today are knowledge workers. A knowledge worker can be defined as someone whose duties require them to absorb, analyze and teach information to others.

TCN Adds New Features to Cloud-based Call Center Offering
The offering, Platform 3.0, makes it easier for agents to connect with customers without needing complicated hardware. In addition, it monitors interactions so management can make better decisions and improve performance.

San Antonio Catering to Citizen Needs with Mobile Call Center Solutions
More and more people today are using their mobile devices for everything. From work, to personal communications and even downtime - mobile devices have become the go-to tool to get things done.

Gartner Positions Comverse in 'Leaders' Quadrant for Third Consecutive Year
Gartner Research has placed Comverse, a provider of solutions for telecom and enterprise service providers, in the "Leaders" Quadrant for the 2014 edition of its Magic Quadrant for Integrated Revenue and Customer Management (IRCM) for CSPs, published on October 20. This is the third consecutive year the company has been honored with inclusion in the list.

Achieving Customer Excellence with Recording, Monitoring and Quality Management
And since no one can monitor every call - supervisors and managers are busy, too - speech analytics can help pinpoint problem calls so managers need not listen to hundreds of them to spot the problem calls. Speech analytics can also help managers mine interaction intelligence from large volumes of recorded calls, for immediate action to address any customer service concerns or trends.

Stefanini Deploys Aspect Workforce Management Software
In an effort to augment customers' experience from its call centers, Stefanini, an IT services company specializing in IT infrastructure outsourcing and onsite managed services, has deployed Aspect Software's Workforce Management solution.

AutoLoop Announces Engage Call Center Solution
AutoLoop recently launched a new call center solution, called Engage. Officials said the solution helps engage customers and increase sales and service profitability for auto dealers.

New Five9 Release Adds TCPA Feature, Expands on CRM Integrations
Five9 Inc. has unleashed a new version of its cloud contact center software. New with this release are improved integration with CRM solutions from Oracle and Zendesk, and a feature that enables users to comply with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

Omnichannel Business Strategies Report Higher Sales Rates, but Require Total Integration
Omnichannel businesses - that is, those businesses with dedicated customer strategies for storefront, mobile and desktop Internet sales opportunities - are growing in number and popularity. By having access to customers from multiple platforms, consumers have more immediate access to products if they want them. A new report from LCP Consulting seems to confirm that omnichannel techniques helped retailers grow between 10 and 20 percent over the last year.

Listening to Your Customers: The Key to Omni-Channel Consistency
The Interactive Advertising Bureau reports that U.S. mobile advertising last year tripled to $7.1 billion. This stands to reason, since well over half (58 percent) of Americans own a smartphone. And according to data compiled by Google, 90 percent of people move between devices-including smartphones, tablets and PCs-to achieve a goal. That includes making a purchase.

Pindrop Security Highlights the Threat of Call Center Fraud
The Fraud Detection System (FDS) uses a patent-pending Phoneprinting technology to analyze call audio by identifying anomalies that indicate fraud, including Caller ID/ANI spoofing, call forwarding, and voice distortion. Additionally it produces a unique Phoneprint for every call to identify repeat offenders using voice biometric signatures to track known fraudsters and score risk factors such as the ANI location, telco, and call velocity.

Five9 Goes Multichannel with Summer Release Update to Cloud Contact Center Software
Other new features include a consumer-to-agent chat app that works from mobile or web devices. This provides agents with a variety of ways to respond, record and manage multiple chat interactions. The Five9 Mobile app also offers mobile customer care using IVR scripts to deploy on multiple touch points. Customers have the option of selecting email, chat or callback as a way to connect to agents or otherwise ask questions and offer feedback.

Quantifying the Unquantifiable: What Cost Comes with a Data Breach?
Two studies look at the cost of data breaches but both highlight that contact centers need to be fortified.

Mutare Unveils Secure Mobile Chat to Enhance Customer Experiences
In short, companies need to keep up with how customers wish to interact and transact or suffer the consequences. It is why so much attention is now being paid at the highest levels of organizations on assuring that contact centers really do cover in a compelling manner all potential customer touch points, and why the contact center is getting a much deserved makeover.

Call Center Company Laurus International Hosting Job Fair for Thousands of Positions
A new report says Puerto Rico's prominent call center company, Laurus International, is organizing a job fair in the town of San Juan de la Maguana.

How Omni-Channel Marketing Can Help Brands Better Connect With Customers
This is one of many innocent but avoidable blunders we encounter in the digital age. As marketers try to conquer every 'touch point', many risk diluting the personal, human touch of commerce. Despite covering QR codes, email, mobile, social, web, events, webinars, etc. all at once, marketers continue to provide a unichannel experience in a multichannel world.

Cyara Helps Make Enterprises Successful, Keeps Customers Happy
"Omni channel" and "customer journey" are just a few of the buzzwords pin-balling around the customer relationship management space. In today's 'omnichannel' world, enterprises, at least successful ones, must interact with customers in the way in which the customers would like to engage - whether this is phone, mobile channels or on the Web.

Pegasystems: Offering Enterprises 'Context Clues'
It doesn't matter what you call it, if a customer needs something, they should be addressed through the medium they desire, whether that is IVR, chat or mobile - this interaction is crucial. Companies like PegaSystems handle the systems underneath so businesses don't have to worry that the customer journey is not put into as clear a focus as desired-necessary.

Five9 Discusses Increasing Importance of How Social Media is Integrated into the Broader Contact Center
At the recent ITEXPO 2014 event held in Las Vegas, TMC's Rich Tehrani caught up with Lance Fried, senior vice president of social and mobile at cloud contact center solutions provider Five9. Fried joined Five9 with the company's 2013 acquisition of SoCoCare, a social engagement and mobile customer care solution provider.

Report Predicts Growth for Cloud Based Contact Center Market
The cloud-based contact center market is predicted to grow from $4.15 billion in 2014 to $10.9 billion in 2019, according to a new report.

Banks in Australia Learn the Importance of Customer Service
There may be no bigger industry than banking that has finally seen the light and understood that customer service is always job number one. For years, banks would talk a good game when it came to wanting their customers to be happy, but didn't back that up with endeavors that actually made their customers happy. These days, the bigger the bank the harder it works at making sure those who use the bank are happy about using the bank.

How Analytics Can Push Sales Teams to Greatness
No one sets out to hire a mediocre sales team. Usually, when it's time to hire sales reps, phrases like "rock star" or the like come out, showing that the business in question wants the very best of sales rep. But what some may not have considered is that it's possible to take a sales team that isn't the greatest and help make said team great with the help of some basic analytics application.

Sitel Creates 250 New Jobs in Customer Experience Center
Sitel, a global customer care provider, has announced that it will soon fill in 250 new positions in its customer care call center in San Angelo, Texas.

Verint Recognized in Customer Engagement, Workforce Optimization and Product Innovation
DMG Consulting honors Verint in multiple categories including customer service and business process automation.

Barclays Receives $700k Grant to Expand Call Center in Maine
The expectation of good customer service has increased by a considerable margin since the introduction of the Internet, mobile devices and social media. Companies that have used these technologies to provide personalized customer service have raised the bar, in effect forcing everyone else to start adopting the same strategies if they want to retain their customers.

Cellcom Israel Aims to Improve the Quality of Contact Center Customer Experiences
Cellcom Israel looks to improve contact center experiences in line with Israeli Ministry of Communications (MOC)concerns.

Marketing and Customer Service are Butting Heads
Marketing and customer service representatives are butting heads due to recent closely linked vocational functions.

Wheelings & Dealings: WorkFlex Solutions Closes $3M Round
Call center staffing and performance management platform provider WorkFlex Solutions today announced that it has closed a $3 million round of Series B financing, led by CincyTech.

Preparing for Holiday Shoppers: Six Tips to Ensure Effective Business Communications Systems
With billions of dollars in expected revenue on the line, Black Friday and Cyber Monday represent two of the year's biggest sales days for businesses - not to mention the shopping that takes place in the several weeks afterward. The holiday shopping and gift-giving frenzy is typically followed by a surge of returns and requests, and businesses need to be prepared for the onslaught of customer demand throughout December and into early January.

Splice Software Founder Recognized as One of Canada''s Top Female Entrepreneurs
Splice Software, which Kelly started in 2006, utilizes customized human voice messaging to personalize customer communications including VIP notifications, fraud notifications and credit notifications. Splice customers have also used the solution to acquire customer e-mail addresses and to encourage opt-in to specified marketing programs.

Splice Software Founder Recognized as One of Canada's Top Female Entrepreneurs
Splice Software, which Kelly started in 2006, utilizes customized human voice messaging to personalize customer communications including VIP notifications, fraud notifications and credit notifications. Splice customers have also used the solution to acquire customer e-mail addresses and to encourage opt-in to specified marketing programs.

Adobe Unveils Dynamic Tagging System
This particular dynamic tag management system makes it that much quicker to tag content that can then be measured and optimized for various web properties. The new system takes advantage of the existing Adobe tag management system and blends that together with the higher level technological advances the company recently got its hands on thanks to satellite technology acquisitions.

Noble Systems Unveils New Version of Noble Composer X.2
Noble System announced the launch of the upgraded version of its Noble Composer X, one of the company's well-acclaimed solutions for desktop interface for unifying agent environment. The new release, titled Noble Composer X.2, will include integrated Noble Softphone, Call Recording, SOAP Web Services and stored procedural support. The enhanced version of the desktop interface module enables contact center employees to create and manage complex workflows to provide enhanced customer service.

QuestBack Unveils Ask & Act Solution
Once the surveys are obtained, Ask & Act stays true to its name by putting the available data in any document format. The solution also focuses specifically on results that call for immediate action. This helps organizations in responding rapidly to customer and employee sentiments.

Frost & Sullivan Report Focuses on Contact Center Customer Security, Service
Frost & Sullivan has just released a couple of new studies that take a look at what companies can do in order to address online credit card payment security and social media customer service. The report focuses on the potential security breaches that can occur when those payments are going through a customer contact center and is geared towards helping the managers of those centers understand what actions need to be taken to protect the data.
5/28/2013 Offers Comprehensive Call Center Management Services has said that it now offers comprehensive call center management services at reasonable prices. The company offers a wide range of services, including real-time reports and regulating the number of call center contacts made per minute. Additional services include assisting in changing scheduled broadcasting hours and more.

Call Centers Continue Career Creation
Five hundred jobs are being created in Chattanooga, Tennessee thanks to an expansion in employment at a Convergys Corp. call center. The new jobs will cover inbound sales and customer service calls and according to the Chattanooga Times Free Press bring company employment in the municipality to about 1300 by the middle of the summer.

Red Roof Call Centers Exceed Customer Expectations
Red Roof Inn, a Columbus, Ohio-based hospitality company with a coast-to-coast presence, recently implemented a cloud based platform, called RediStay PMS. The platform from Sabre Hospitality Solutions provides a centralized, web-based interface for accessing group sales information. The platform also gives a centralized view of the activities of call center agents. In addition the offering can be used for back-office accounting with centralized accounts receivable.

Power Dialer: Five9 Gives Muscle to DirectBuy San Diego's Outbound Calling
DirectBuy was founded in 1971 to offer consumers a different, less expensive way to buy home products and services. Based in Merrillville, Ind., the company has 160 showrooms across the U.S. and Canada. Members pay a fee to join, which allows them to buy merchandise directly from 700 manufacturers and suppliers while avoiding the price markups typically charged by retailers. Products include home furnishings, home improvement items, outdoor furnishings, flooring, and other accessories.

Gamification : Effective Tool or Wasted Effort?
The technology used in the contact center today has evolved to a point that it's hard to imagine the hardware and software used by contact center agents being any more helpful than it already is. And yet, contact centers continue to struggle with the same issues - high employee turnover, efficiency and productivity, ensuring a quality customer experience - time and again. Perhaps, the weak link in the call center chain isn't technology, but the people who use it every day.

OrderLogix Releases Version 4 of its Call Center, Order Management Solution
OrderLogix has released its fourth version of its call center and order management solution. The Maine-based company provides solutions for call centers, marketers, and e-commerce and multi-channel merchants.
4/16/2013 Now Offers Outbound Call Center Quotes, a company providing online quotes for business phone systems, has announced that it is now offering outbound call center quotes.

Oracle Study Finds Disconnect Between Company Executives and the Customer Experience
According to new research from Oracle conducted in conjunction with research company O'Keeffe & Company, brands today may be losing up to 20 percent of revenue due to poor customer experiences. The study, "Global Insights on Succeeding in the Customer Experience Era," interviewed 1,342 senior-level executives from 18 countries in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. The results, says Oracle, yield new insights on the challenges, strategies and lessons learned for succeeding in the customer experience era.

Message Bus Provides Tips to Ensure Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deliverability
Tips like spending the time and investigate the AOL Postmaster Site, and whitelisting IPs as well as setting up feedback loops with domains that offer these services, are just a few of the tips the company is offering to marketers this year.

Intuate Group Helps CCI Recover Quickly from Fire Accident
Natural disasters can bring any company, big or small, to a standstill. It usually takes a company many weeks, sometimes months, to get back to its normal operation after being hit by a natural disaster.

Expert Planet Adopts Five9 As Customer Requirements Evolve
When ExpertPlanet's operations outgrew its own on-premise infrastructure, the company's vice president for technology, Greg Levow, was forced to look for a flexible solution in the cloud. The blue print he had in mind was that of powerful application programming interfaces (APIs) which could be used to configure contact center programs and real time links with customer data.

Five9 Appoints Dave DeWalt to Board of Directors
Five9 is a provider of cloud-based contact center software for sales, marketing and support. It gives enterprises of all sizes access to contact center solutions quickly, at a cost of ownership far lower than traditional premise-based solutions.Already coming off of record revenue growth in 2011, Five9 increased its Q1 2012 revenue by 65 percent year-over-year.

the Call Center Corp. Offers Free Dialing Licenses
the Call Center Corporation, which launched last month, has announced a launch promotion that will see some of its early customers get free licenses to use the Nuxiba dialing solution.

Presence Technology and VMware Join, Help Call Centers on the Cloud
Presence Technology has been certified by VMware, adding to its already impressive resume as an industry defining software manufacturer. The Contact Center Suite, the flagship product for Presence Technology, was developed from within a large multichannel Call Center in Europe, so it carries a deep understanding of the daily operations of a Contact Center.

Lessons in Call Center Scheduling
According to the webcast, "Utilizing a Six Sigma Approach to Reduce Unwanted Turnover", Volt Workforce Solutions, the staffing business unit of Volt Information Sciences Inc., will share expertise improving call center recruiting and retention. Volt delivers integrated workforce consulting, technology management consulting and database services that improve company performance in Human Capital Solutions, Data Management, IT Infrastructure and Support, Telecommunications, Outsourced Project Solutions, Customer Care Resources and Directory Printing.

Drishti Provides Better View of Business Process Matrices
According to Drishti, Ameyo Stats Wallboard adds value to contact centers by providing a bird's eye view of all operations in a contact center, resulting in better management and delivering an increase of the overall business productivity.

TMCnet's Call Center Solutions Week in Review
Looking at some of the top stories in call center solutions for the past week, TMC noted that people could get advice on how to quit smoking or be tested for sexually transmitted diseases or even just attend a session on balancing their work and home lives at a large Brighton contact center last week in the UK when five organizations came together to improve health education among employees at Domestic & General.

TMCnet's Call Center Solutions Week in Review
Wrapping up the top call center solutions stories for the week, TMC had the news that multinational office equipment company Xerox finalized plans to build a new call center in Webster, New York.

DSCI's iPBX Premium Call Center Improves Inbound Call Handling
DSCI Corporation, a provider of IP and unified communications solutions, announced it has expanded its iPBX Call Center service, empowering enterprises to enhance communication and interaction with their customers.

Siemens' Cloud Call Center Solutions Garner Awards
Global integrated media company TMC's Customer Interaction Solutions magazine has honored Siemens Enterprise Communications with multiple awards for its achievement in advancing unified communications and contact center technologies and demonstrating excellence in innovation. The magazine has named OpenScape Cloud Solutions as a recipient of the 2011 Internet Telephony Product of the Year Award, and OpenScape Cloud Contact Center as well as the OpenScape Contact Center Customer Collaboration Solutions as Customer Interaction Solutions' products of the year.

AuraPortal Adds Enhanced Dynamic Case Management Features to Latest Version
AuraPortal, a provider of Business Process Management Suite or 'BPMS' solutions that automatically generate 'Business Process Workflow Execution Models' or 'BPWEMs,' without having to be administered by skilled IT programmers, has announced its now answering to this need with the new version of AuraPortal, its BPMS offering.

TMCnet Call Center Software Week in Review
This past week TMC's Rajani Baburajan wrote that Merced Systems, a provider of performance management products, would showcase its Service and Sales Performance Management solutionsat the 12th Annual Call Center Week conference in Las Vegas.

Callidus Software Announces Acquisition of Litmos Limited
Callidus Software Inc., a major player in Sales Performance Management, has successfully completed the acquisition of leading Learning Management Systems vendor, Litmos Limited.

Five9 Improves Resiliency, Scalability of Cloud-Based Call Centers with Internap Data Center
For a number of years, Five9 was growing at a rate that was faster than the on-demand call center industry as a whole. As a result, the company needed to provide reliable, geographical redundancy to support its continued expansion. The company turned to Internap to make this happen.

Nuance Unveils Complete Care Multi-Channel Solutions for Customer Care Call Center
The global provider of speech and customer interaction solutions for businesses and consumers Nuance Communications, Inc. recently unveiled a new multi-channel solution called Nuance Complete Care. Developed as an integrated inbound/outbound, multi-channel solution, Nuance Complete Care is targeted at the customer care call center market.

Verba Technologies Expands Central European Operations
Responding to the burgeoning demand for its high-performance call recording and contact center quality assurance solutions, Verba Technologies has expanded its central European operations by opening an office in Budapest, Hungary. Officials with Verba Technologies said that with an expanded team, the company's engineers and sales professionals can conveniently assist regional Verba staff, partners and customers in various time zones across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Improve Call Center Performance by Matching Callers to Agents via 'Personality Mapping'
As those in the industry know, the key to delivering great customer service in the call center is being able to correctly match the customer to the right agent. Companies today can no longer take the approach of treating every customer the same - they have to provide "personalized" service to each and every customer if they are to build customer loyalty - which is not as easy to achieve in this new age of social media.
5/10/2011 Now Integrated with Sage Peachtree Software, a leader in paperless bill management and payment for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and CPA firms, today announced that Sage Peachtree Sync, will allow for the integration of with Sage Peachtree software.

How to Indentify What Customers Want When They Dial into Your Call Center
As most people in the call center industry know, the key to delivering great customer service is being able to determine what the customer wants as of the moment they call.

WASI Deploys Indosoft's Q-Suite Call Center Solution
According to an important announcement by Indosoft, Worldwide Access Solutions Inc., a successful and innovative provider of Call Center Service Solutions with deployments of Q-Suite, has successfully developed and launched productivity modules to its contact center platform on Asterisk. With Q-Suite's robust CTI for Asterisk with .NET and Socket library, WASI has been able to enhance and customize its call center services according to the needs of its clients.

InVision Teams Up with Training Company to Round Out its WFM Solution
The global provider of workforce management solutions, InVision Software announced a strategic alliance with The Call Center School.

Gartner Places BT in Leaders Quadrant
According to a recent announcement, BT Global Services, part of BT Group, is positioned by Gartner, Inc., in the "Leaders" quadrant of the 2011 Magic Quadrants for Pan-European and Global Network Service Providers. "I'm pleased to see BT placed as a leader in these key Quadrants," said Jeff Kelly, CEO BT Global Services, in a statement. "Our ambition is to be the industry's best in partnering with customers as they exploit the tremendous opportunities our technology and expertise present to them."

Bruce Telecom chooses Telax Hosted Call Center
In locations like Bruce County in southwestern Ontario, Canada, harsh weather can be a real threat to businesses' service continuity. That's one of the reasons Bruce Telecom, a 100-year-old communications provider, announced today it has entered into a five-year partnership with Telax Hosted Call Center.

Apex Voice Communications Launches OmniLite
APEX Voice Communications, a provider of service delivery platforms and application servers for voice, video and data enhanced services, announced the availability of OmniLite, a Web portal for customizing applications designed and developed in the graphically-based OmniView Service Creation Environment.

iovation and Affirmative Become Partners
iovation, the Device Reputation Authority protecting online businesses from fraud and abuse, has entered a partnership agreement with Affirmative Technologies, a technology provider offering a suite of electronic payment and risk management solutions to financial institutions, payment aggregators and third-party ACH processors.

Webinar Details Successful Voice of the Customer Program Using Real-Life Case Study
Is there something you can learn from the design and implementation of a successful voice of the customer program, featuring a real-life case study from a restaurant chain? Sure there is. Fortunately, on Thursday, Feb. 10, at 2 in the afternoon on the East Coast and at 11 in the morning on the West Coast, there will be a Webinar offered dealing with precisely that topic.

RO|Innovation Releases Apple iPad And iPhone 4 Mobile Application For Customer References
As the leading customer reference technology and services provider, RO|Innovation unveiled new mobile customer reference application for the Apple iPad and iPhone 4 devices that will equip sales professionals with invaluable customer testimonials and marketing assets irrespective of location or internet connectivity. Developed in conjunction with Philips, the mobile app is an extension of the SaaS-based customer reference application, RO|ReferenceView that helps manage global enterprise customer reference program.

Medallia Wins 2010 Product of the Year Award from Customer Interaction Solutions Magazine
Medallia, a provider of SaaS Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions, announced that Medallia Contact Center has received a 2010 Product of the Year Award from Technology Marketing Corporation's (TMC) Customer Interaction Solutions magazine. "Medallia was given the honor of a 2010 Product of the Year Award for its achievement in advancing contact center technologies," said Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC. "Medallia Contact Center has demonstrated excellence as well as provided ROI for the companies that use it."

Voice2Phone Releases Auto Dialer, Eases Phone Surveys, Reminders
Company officials say the product "automates the process of broadcasting voice message by phone making it easier to perform phone surveys, send voice notifications or reminders to clients." It's being pitched to those looking for mass phone notification, customer surveys and reminders with virtually endless number of possible applications.

DiJiPOP Launches Mobile Extension to On-Demand Ad Management Platform
DiJiPOP, a provider of an on-demand shopper marketing technology platform, announced the mobile extension to its Point-of-Point (POP) technology that allows retailers and their consumer brands to run dynamic digital shopper marketing campaigns.

eGain Introduces All-In-One Search Technology for Superior Navigation and Result Relevance
eGain, a leading provider of cloud and on-site customer interaction hub software, recently launched eGain Multisearch, a unique, all-in-one search technology for web self-service and the multichannel contact center. In a press release, the company announced that the solution is currently available at the company's website.

IP Telephony Service Provider Altura Is Avaya Connect Channel Partner Program Certified
Altura Communication Solutions a provider of voice communications, data infrastructure, and product solutions and services announced that it has been certified at the Platinum level based on the new 2011 Avaya Connect Channel Partner Program requirements.

New Office in the United Kingdom for Cameleon Software
Cameleon Software is one of the leaders in the offer design, product configuration, pricing and quoting software market. The company is proud to announce the opening of a new office in London. Cameleon is now expanding to the middle of the "City of London" after having years of success in France and the United States.

ARGI, iPacesetters Merge to Form Contact Center Solutions Company
ARGI and iPacesetters have merged to form a new company that will operate under the name iPacesetters. According to company sources the audience development, lead generation and marketing technology of ARGI will be synergized with the performance-based call center services of iPacesetters.

Noetica Adds Contact Center Solution, Real Time Lead Generation Ability
U.K.'s leading customer interaction management (CIM) solutions provider, Noetica, introduced a software tool for the contact centers serving financial market.

Call Center Software Solution Knowlagent 8.5 Expands Off-phone Activities
Knowlagent, a provider of call center software solutions that deliver shrinkage activities during idle time and increase agent utilization, launched Knowlagent 8.5, a new update to its solution. The new version has been designed to significantly expand the types of off-phone activities delivered to agents during call volume downtime, which further cuts down shrinkage in the call center.

Convergys Releases Call Center Performance Software Convergys Smart Rating and Billing Manager 5.0
Convergys Corporation, a dealer in relationship management, released the Convergys Smart Rating and Billing Manager 5.0 that can be used by communications and utilities companies to realize advanced credit management. The new version is part of the company's smart suite of BSS solutions.

Tranzact and Interactive Softworks Maximizes Customer Engagement Software Value
Especially when money is tight it pays to find out, go with and build on the right software solution and supplier rather than unnecessarily ripping-and-replacing products from a myriad of vendors that adds to IT costs, risks operations disruption and with this annoying customers.

ManageEngine Releases On-Demand, ITIL-Ready ServiceDesk Plus Solution
ManageEngine released an on-demand version of its established ServiceDesk Plus software which is a highly popular, on-premise solution. The ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand is an ITIL-ready help desk and asset management solution delivered as an online, Web-based application (SaaS) and is an essential part of the company's cost-effective, best-in-class IT management solutions.

SAS and Teradata Strengthen Their Analytic Advantage Program
SAS and Teradata announced that they have enhanced their Analytic Advantage Program by adding four new capabilities. Teradata specializes in data warehousing and enterprise intelligence.

Adobe Further Untangles Applications with LiveCycle Enterprise Suite 2.5
The net result of these entanglements is that employees and firms are wasting time, effort and resources that could be devoted to serving customers. Ben Watson, principal of enterprise user experience for Adobe, reported that when his company began looking at customer service organizations it would find users utilizing Post-it notes, notebooks and note paper. They would also be opening multiple instances of applications, one to find items in, another to find out product information and another to find to enter details about the calls they are on.

New Initiatives Reveal Intentions for Purchase of Leading Edge Technology
Harte-Hanks, Inc., a multichannel direct and digital marketing company, expanded its Ci Pipeline lead generation service. The expanded service now includes tracking of eight new leading-edge technology initiatives planned for more than 740,000 North American and European business locations. The new initiatives identified include emerging opportunities in cloud computing, desktop virtualization, messaging security, data loss prevention, electronic medical records and mobile devices/smartphones.

Strategic Planning Software a 'Must' in the Call Center
Not only are contact centers tasked with keeping costs low and customers happy, but successfully managing the forecasting, staffing and budgeting of a call center can become a cumbersome process without the right tools.

Maximizer Mobile CRM Supports Leading Array of Mobile Devices
These solutions enable SMBs to leverage their latest customer data to make informed business decisions from anywhere, anytime.

Blytheco Acquires SFA Technology and the Sage SalesLogix
Blytheco announced the acquisition of SFA Technology and the Sage SalesLogix practice of Columbus, Ohio-based Result Data Consulting, Ltd.

PlanetRE Introduces CRM and Social Media Platform for Real Estate Industry
Real estate technology provider planetRE announced what the company claims as "the industry's first interactive unified client communication management platform."

Avalar Offers Value-added Recruitment and Contract Staffing Service
Plantation, FL-based Auxis, Inc., is a management consulting firm, which has been delivering project based services to its clients since 1997. According to Auxis, its proprietary growth strategy, business transformation, and outsourcing solutions help many companies identify and implement specific, immediate, and practical solutions for cost savings and growth. In order to further add value to its consulting and outsourcing services, Auxis announced the founding of Avalar LLC. The newly found company is designed to provide recruitment and contract staffing service for finance, accounting, supply chain and IT professionals.

Saba Selects Carpathia Hosting for Compliant SaaS Solutions
Saba, a provider of people systems, has selected Carpathia Hosting as a strategic cloud infrastructure partner, supporting U.S., Canadian and EMEA operations.

WebTech Wireless' NextBus Division Bags a Five-Year Contract
WebTech Wireless Inc., a market leader of vehicle fleet location-based services and telematics technology, was awarded a five-year contract for deploying NextBus Real-Time Passenger Information Services, by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro).

Oracle CRM on Demand Release 18 Marks the Second Major Oracle Release in Fewer than Six Months
Oracle has recently released the latest version of Oracle CRM On Demand. Called CRM On Demand Release 18, this CRM solution comes complete with several new capabilities. Being the second major release in less than six months, the latest version of Oracle CRM On Demand clearly indicates that Oracle is constantly innovating to respond to ever changing customer needs.

Gryphon Network's PrivacyAdvisor Integrates with Oracle CRM On Demand
Gryphon Networks, a provider of on-demand contact governance solutions, announced that its PrivacyAdvisor for Oracle CRM On Demand 3.2 solution has achieved Oracle Validated Integration with Oracle CRM On Demand Release 16.

Learn How to Derive Value from SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions: Free Webinar
SAP Customer Relationship Management software solutions and SAP Business Communications Management are significant solutions that deliver considerable value to the enterprise as long as the enterprise can implement the solutions to their full capacity.

South African SMEs Value Investing in IT
AdvanceNet, Africa's leading simple CRM provider, recently conducted a survey, revealing that less than 50 percent of South African's use Cloud CRM systems, compared to other users. The survey further illustrated that only 15 percent of South African SMEs use Cloud CRM systems.

SurePayroll Releases Mobile Paycheck App to Accompany Mobile Payroll App
SurePayroll, a provider of simple, convenient and accurate online payroll service, has claimed that they have launched the Mobile Paycheck app to go together with the already available Mobile Payroll app.

Avature to Bring Its Candidate Management Solution to Taleo Talent Grid
Avature is globally known for its candidate management CRM solution, which is currently used by 26 of the Fortune 500 companies. Avarture CRM, based on Web 2.0 technology, is especially designed for recruiting. According to Avarture, Fast Boolean search (with custom operators and meta data tags) of all documents, notes, and user defined fields combines with Avature CRM's List Management and e-mail marketing features to make it the ideal system for global sourcing initiatives.

IneoQuest Unveils Expedus DVA - an Advanced Headend Video Probe
IneoQuest Technologies, a dealer in intelligent video quality and service assurance, says that their newly unveiled advanced headend video probe for simultaneous management of content quality and transport availability, the Expedus DVA, caters to the industry demand for an efficient solution to monitor and address video content and delivery issues simultaneously.

A Small Scale Alternative for the CTstage 5i Call Center System
OKI Networks, a dealer in telecommunication products, has claimed that they have unveiled the new CTstage Lite, a small scale alternative to the CTstage 5i call center system.

Velaris Checks Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute for BI
The Health Check assessment and report is a perfect starting point for organizations looking to evaluate their existing business intelligence strategy, according to Velaris.

Pallas Athena Signs OEM Agreement with Magic Software
Officials with Pallas Athena said that the company in its BPM|one solution brings simplicity to complexity, and empowers organizations to boost efficiency and increase agility.

Drishti-Soft Enters into Partnership with Orange Garden Indonesia
Drishti-Soft Solutions, a company specializing in IP telephony and call center solutions, has joined hands with Orange Garden Indonesia (OGI), a solution provider for enterprise communications.

Telecom Systems Company Deploys Encover's Service Contract Sales Solution
Encover, an organization committed to providing services in software automation platforms to enterprise customers, announced it has successfully launched an end-to-end solution for a telecom systems company based in the U.S.

CyberTech Announces an Unlimited Scalability Recording Platform
CyberTech has immediate availability of CyberTech MAX, an unlimited scalability recording platform. CyberTech is the world's fastest-growing and 2nd largest compliance recording provider.

CTC Enhances Business with Deltek's CRM Solution
Deltek, Inc., a provider of enterprise applications software and solutions for project-focused businesses, announced that Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) has selected their Costpoint CRM and their Document Management solution as part of a company-wide process improvement initiative

Lenovo Implements Callidus Software's Quota Management Solution
The solution was implemented in the second quarter of 2010 and offers organizations a solution that ensures sales quotas are allocated quickly and effectively based on market potential and corporate revenue goals.

Digital Sabre Launches SaaS-Based Vehicle Tracking Solution
TRAKR is a Global Positioning System for fleet and mobile workforce management to bring efficiency across fleet and workforce operations.

General Motors Approves Recertification for both Autobase and AVV
Ed Braunbeck, general manager of AVV, explained that AVV and GM together invested a significant amount of time working on these requirements. AVV is committed to providing GM dealers with a comprehensive lead management tool, and the company is pleased that its efforts have met GM's rigorous standards.

White Paper Highlights Latest Evolution from the IBM Information on Demand Strategy
The Enterprise of the Future recognizes the value of the information it collects through its many channels and actively mines that information for insights. However, for most companies today, information managed by these applications like ERP, CRM and SCM is isolated, unsynchronized, and of questionable quality.

NYCMate 2.0 Available for Immediate Download
The development of mobile applications is considered to be one of the cutting edge IT solutions for improving productivity and customer satisfaction. Mobile map applications enable users to get fragmented and regionalized knowledge of local areas.

Silver Networks Intros Enhanced Hosted Call Center Solution
Silver Networks, a provider of call center solutions and services, has announced its latest "Hosted Call Center" suite of services for seamless integration with existing phone systems of enterprises.

Sales Performance International, Kadient Collaborate to Bring Solution Selling Playbooks for Increased Sales Productivity
SPI has recently announced the availability of Solution Selling Playbooks for Kadient, an innovative technology for CRM enhancement.

Free Webinar to Demonstrate Power of the Customer Voice
This webinar, Voice of Customer Best Practices: Leveraging Customer Feedback as an Enterprise Asset is scheduled for Wednesday, August 25 at 2PM EDT and aims to demonstrate how Enterprise Feedback Management "EFM" can turn feedback into an enterprise asset. This asset can directly impact revenue and profitability.

OnTheGo App for Sage SalesLogix CRM Introduced
The Sage SalesLogix app, developed by Net@Work's U.S.-based application development group, allows users to source information from the host database without requiring them to carry large volumes of data while facilitating secure transactions and fast data retrieval.

EverdowCRM Establishes New Department for Mobile Apps
The company, which focuses on business-oriented product development, offers customers CRM systems and easy transaction/information management. The company's core products include Everdow Online Examination System, Everdow Customer Relationship Management System and Award-winning Everdow Bank Risk Monitoring System.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Recognized as Leader by Forrester Research and Gartner
The CRM suite earned a Leader position in The Forrester Wave: CRM Suites Customer Service Solutions, Q3, 2010 (July 2010) report, while it was also recognized by Gartner as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation (July 2010) report.

Voxware Announces Version 4.0 of Voxware 3
According to company officials, the new version is equipped with an expanded Enterprise Voice Manager, which is part of the Voxware Adaptive Voice Framework.

Cleverbridge Enhances Affiliate Program for Call Center Software Solutions
It is not enough to have the right products and services at the right prices, and high quality service and support for them. There also needs to be the marketing, and having the powerful marketing tools can make a difference in selling those goods and services.

Communication Providers Worldwide selects Oracle's Solutions for Improved Customer Service and Cost-Effective Operations
Communications providers like Romtelecom and TeleKom Malaysia are turning to Oracle's rapid order design and order delivery solution to deliver complex, convergent services with improved time to market, decreased order cycle time and low operational cost.

Consona Goes Live With Service Gateway 4.1
SG 4.1 configures, manages and supports multiple broadband home devices for a full range of service fulfillment and assurance operations. When a customer calls for new or additional service, Service Gateway will automatically authenticate them, set up the device using an Auto Configuration Server and enable service to begin, all carried out via a secure walled garden environment. The result is, says Consona "a reduction in the cost of installation and support as well as improvement in the quality and consistency of service and support."

Romtelecom, Telekom Malaysia Deploy Oracle Communications Order and Service Management Solutions
Important offerings included as part of Oracle's rapid offer design and order delivery solution are Oracle Communications Order and Service Management, Oracle's Siebel CRM, Oracle Product Hub for Communications and Oracle Application Integration Architecture for Communications.

Nexidia Enhances Contact Center Solutions Portfolio
These enhancements, according to company officials, were designed in response to the maturation of the market for speech analytics and a better understanding of the different need sets that have evolved. The new packages offer greater flexibility and more options for how customers can implement the technology to support their operations.

Legiant's IVR Now Features Absence Notification
Legiant has announced a new Absence Notification feature for its interactive voice response system.

Ringio Banks on a Call Center Solution to Serve the Needs of SMBS
Enterprises, with their big wallets, and pick from any number of call center solutions to better serve customers. The same cannot always be said for small businesses, with their limited budgets. That's why longtime telecom industry partners Michael Zirngibl and Sam Aparicio founded Ringio.

Pentaho Corporation Reaches Milestone in Terms of Cumulative Customer Savings
Pentaho Corporation, a dealer in open source business intelligence, has claimed that its Agile BI is saving customers billions of dollars.

InfoGrow Announces Benefits Growth Builder CRM Suite for Employee Benefits Broker Agencies
Insurers in the United States are facing tremendous pressure. Adding to their woes created by the economic turbulence is the forthcoming changes to insurance regulations, notes InfoGrow, a provider of Customer Relationship Management solutions to businesses.

Inova Solutions' Products Now Windows 7-Capable
It does appear that way given what the operating system (OS) has done for contact centers. Market exploration conducted by Inova Solutions shows that many contact centers are beginning to migrate from Windows XP to Windows 7 (few had installed the reportedly problematic Windows Vista) because the new system is more secure, manageable and responsive. Contact centers investing in technology are likely to have Windows 7 installed on new computers so desktop messaging and digital signage software must continue to work flawlessly on the new system.

Berlin's crm-now Partners with Illuminetic to Bring Affordable CRM Solution to SMBs
Stone Ridge, Virginia-based Illuminetic is a provider of cloud-based CRM solutions and related consulting services for small to medium-sized enterprises. crm-now is based in Berlin, Germany and has been providing CRM solutions and related consulting services since 2004. Illuminetic and crm-now teamed up to introduce crm-now/PS cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution in the US market.

Tigerpaw Software Enhances Employee Web Portal
Tigerpaw Software, a developer of business building software for technology providers, has announced a new Employee Web Portal that provides IT and telecommunications providers with real-time Web access to the information in Tigerpaw.

Echelon Announces Partnership with Convergys
Convergys and Echelon have come together to provide an integrated metering, rating, billing, and customer care system that allows customers in easily harvesting data from the Echelon NES platform and passing it in real time to the Convergys Smart CIS Solution, whereby creating an ecosystem that coverts data into immediate actionable intelligence, enabling utilities to improve customer control and interaction.

VHA Picks MicroStrategy Mobile to Build Mobile Business Intelligence App
Business intelligence software provider MicroStrategy announced that VHA, a national health care network, has selected MicroStrategy Mobile to build its mobile business intelligence application that gives hospitals instant access to supply chain analytics data.

Ensuring Agents' Quick Access to Information: Vivisimo
Ask any contact center agent what is one of the most annoying aspect of their work and high on their list will be instant access to information e.g. a recent order shipped, the amount outstanding in an account balance that they need to resolve customers' issues. Agents can hear in their hands and sometimes through their headsets the callers' impatient finger rumbling in the background.

TeleTech Offers Timely BC/DR Advice
The next disaster can happen tomorrow or the next instant. With contact centers being on the organizations' front lines-the key interfaces with customers-they must be prepared for them with business continuity/disaster response planning and solutions.

New App Lets you Play the Vuvuzela on your iPod, iPhone or iPod
American success is all about ingenuity and capitalizing on popular concepts. Take the vuvuzela for example. This South African instrument is now famous thanks to the popularity of the World Cup.

NICE On Performance Analytics
Knowledge is power and for organizations they need more than ever what with a too-slow economic recover the knowledge from captured customer interactions to find ways to reduce costs and retain and grow revenue and customers

Virtual Hold Technology's Concierge Software Is Judged to Be Avaya Compliant
Virtual Hold Technology's Virtual Hold Concierge software was found to be compliant with Internet Protocol, IP; telephony; and contact center solutions from Avaya - after a series of comprehensive tests.

Core Services Successfully Completes Major Oracle R12 Upgradation Project with Coach USA
In a release Ralph Groen who is the director of information systems at Coach USA said that "Initially, Coach USA selected another vendor to help us with our Oracle R12 upgrade. However, after the other vendor failed to adequately perform, we engaged Core Services and saw immediate results. The Core Services team of experts more than exceeded our expectations by delivering our upgrade on budget and on schedule. We are delighted with how well our strategic partnership with Core Services worked."

With New Maximizer CRM 11 Editions, No One Knows You're a Small Biz
There is an adage that "on the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog", which Wikipedia reports "began as the caption of a cartoon by Peter Steiner published by The New Yorker on July 5, 1993. The cartoon features two dogs: one sitting on a chair in front of a computer, speaking the caption to a second dog sitting on the floor." It refers to the anonymity of the medium except as defined by the users.

InsideView Teams up with LinkSV to Enhance the Capabilities of SalesView
Looking to expand coverage of start-ups and fast-growing SMB companies within its flagship sales productivity application, SalesView, InsideView has teamed up with LinkSV. With this, B2B sales organizations targeting technology start-ups and the venture capital community will get an improved sales intelligence solution, states InsideView.

EasyRMS Announces Multi-Property Rollout with Choice Hotels Scandinavia AS
EasyRMS, a provider of ASP/Internet revenue and yield management solutions,announced that its EzRMS SaaS solution will be implemented by Choice Hotels Scandinavia AS in its properties located across Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

Amcom Delivers Intuitive Call-Taker Functionality to 911 Contact Centers
Amcom Software's pc/psap 911 Call Center Software has been included on the Department of Defense's Unified Capabilities Approved Products list after receiving certification from Joint Interoperability Teat Command "JITC."

Unamic/HCN Selects InVision Enterprise WFM Solution For Scheduling At Different Sites
InVision Software, a provider of 'Work Force Management' or 'WFM' solutions, has announced that Unamic/HCN, a well known contact center outsourcing company based in the Netherlands has selected InVision for providing demand-oriented multi-site staff scheduling services. With the new WFM system, the company will be able to handle front office inbound and outbound calls as well as back office tasks in a more efficient manner.

ACS Now Offers Outsourced Predictive Analytics Service
Being proactive is almost always more effective in most circumstances than being reactive and that especially includes customer relationships. ACS, a Xerox company, offers a new service that enables just that: predictive analytics on data obtained from customer interactions.

ProtoCall One Won Three Years Contract to Support PlusOne Services
ProtoCall One, a contact centre consultancy and systems integrator specializing in multi-channel communications, workforce optimization and decision management solutions, won a contract to provide support to all contact center technology infrastructure for PlusOne Services.

Sony Ericsson's Facebook Competition Tab a Great Success
Social media tools like Facebook and Twitter are bringing revolution in brand marketing scenario. As an innovative step, some companies have started announcing regular competitions through these channels offering attractive prizes to winners.

Webinar to Focus on Improving Customer Experience
Only providing customer service is not enough for the today's customers who want an experience that engages them and gives them a reason to remain connected to you.

PowerObjects Expands Minneapolis Office to Support Market Growth
The new office expansion results in additional infrastructure and space required to support company's present growth in the industry.

CDC Software Projects Double Digit Growth in Application Sales
CDC Software Corporation, a hybrid enterprise software provider of on-premise and cloud deployments, declared that based on the initial financial projections and estimates, the company is anticipating second quarter 2010 application sales to be in the range of around $10.2 million to $10.9 million.

Pegasystems CEO Literally Walks The Walk on Customer Relationships
Pegasystems, which supplies CRM solutions, has been literally been walking the walk. Company CEO and founder Alan Trefler, has taken for a larger firm the different step of meeting face-to-face with his customers following its purchase of Chordiant Software this spring for $161.5 million. Here's the interview TMCnet had with Mr. Trefler about his visits:

Get Cash for Sending Your Old Phone to the Boneyard
The services these websites provide may prove invaluable over time. After all, the cellphone industry is quotidian - it seems like only yesterday we were heralding the advent of 3G wireless phones. Now 4G is the buzzword, making tech savvy consumers everywhere want to ditch their beaters for the newest, hottest it-thang. And for those that like to save a few bucks when upgrading our gadgetry? This is important news.

Ventana Research Awards 'Hot Vendor' Rating to VPI
The Ventana Research 2010 Value Index for Agent Performance Management has awarded the top rating of "Hot Vendor" to VPI, a provider of interaction recording and analytics, contact center agent performance management and workforce optimization solutions.

SpeechCycle Enables .NET and Visual Studio Developers to Easily Create Rich Phone Applications
To eliminate the barriers for contact center integrators and developers to quickly build and deploy voice-enabled cross-channel self-service solutions, SpeechCycle has announced that its RPA Express solution now enables millions of Microsoft .NET Framework and Visual Studio developers to easily create Rich Phone Applications that automate multi-channel customer interactions for exceptional customer experiences.

PowerObjects Helps Non-Profit Organization Expand Services for Disabled by Integrating CRM
In order to help Lifeworks, a growing Minneapolis-based non-profit organization that provides services for people with disabilities to reduce costs, increase employee productivity, and streamline its overall business operations, PowerObjects announced the successful completion of a CRM/xRM implementation solution for Lifeworks.

Aamcom Boosts Quality with Avidian CRM
Small teleservices companies provide high-touch-and quality programs, such as telephone answering and telemessaging for professionals and businesses such as physicians, dentists, attorneys, roadside assistance, building maintenance and contractors, especially after-hours when their patients, clients, residents and customers need immediate assistance. Assuring, helpful interactions with well-trained experienced and empathetic contact center agents make the difference in their experiences.

MLC Improves User Discovery Capabilities with AGent VERSO
Auto-Graphics, Inc. provides library automation solutions for 40 years, today announced that the Mississippi Library Commission (MLC) will be implementing AGent VERSO as its integrated library system (ILS). The library's SirsiDynix Symphony system will be replaced by AGent VERSO.

ResearchPoint Picks SAP Business ByDesign
The implementation team, led by Teresa Blackwell, ResearchPoint, staff accountant, began to see all the pieces coming together and commented that "project and financial reports are now completed and available online to management within 7 to 10 days, and we expect to shave more time off that in the future. Prior to implementation, it took about 15 days from the end of the month to complete invoicing and make reports available to project managers."

iEnterprises Receives IBM Beacon Award for Outstanding Performance
"Our Beacon Award winners represent the tremendous power of the IBM Business Partner ecosystem in creating unique client value through our combined capabilities, expertise and offerings," Hume said.

RightNow Debuts RightNow Mobile
RightNow, a provider of customer interactive solutions, has stated that they have unveiled the RightNow Mobile application through which organizations can offer exceptional experiences to mobile-savvy consumers.

CAST Unveils its Automated Analysis and Measurement Software for SAP, Siebel and PeopleSoft
CAST, a provider of software analysis and measurement, has introduced its automated analysis and measurement software for SAP, Siebel and PeopleSoft.

Now in North America: Update.Revolution CRM Suite
While the launch marks the first time update.revolution will be generally available in North America, the local divisions of several companies, including global pharmaceutical company ALK-Abello, have employed update.revolution in their U.S. operations.

Propertybase Successfully Closes First Financing Package
Propertybase offers a full-fledged CRM system that includes contact management, activity coordination, and front-and-back-office administration. In addition, the company's offering comes with industry specific features such as offer and contract preparation, sales commission tracking, a Web-based property sales module, and finance management designed specifically for realtors, real estate developers and property investors such as banks and insurance companies.

XWAuctions Launches Integrated Live and Online Auction SaaS Platform for Real Estate industry
Company officials pointed out that the other advantages of this new version software is that the code has been completely rewritten and optimized for faster more robust performance and high quality audio/video streaming is offered.

Demandbase Intros Real-Time Business Identification Platform
"B2B marketers have been telling us for years that one of the biggest headaches is converting visitors on their websites," said Chris Golec, CEO of Demandbase.

Proactive Chat is Actually Helpful and Not Harmful: Bold Software Research
Bold Software's latest study reveals that not only does proactive chat increase conversion likelihood, but that a majority of website visitors find invitations helpful.

Pegasystems Buys Chordiant
Chordiant brings to Pegasystems its Customer Experience (Cx) inbound and outbound CRM, predictive analytics, adaptive decisioning, cross-sell/upsell, retention and process monitoring software and services.

Convergys Extends Distributorship Agreement With Information Technologies Australia
Convergys Corporation, a provider of relationship management solutions that drive more value from the relationships its clients have with their customers and employees, has announced to extend its long-standing distribution agreement with Information Technologies Australia, or iTa, a provider of call automation solutions from Australia.

Emerald's Universal Onboarding solution Now Available in the 'Cloud Environment'
Emerald Software Group, LLC., a leading publisher of paperless employee onboarding technology, has announced that their product, Universal Onboarding, is available to clients in a cloud computing platform.

Tealeaf Offers Real-Time Customer Behavior Analysis
In the context of e-commerce which is very challenging, it is important to record the behavior of customers that is a key factor influencing the success of any retail business. Online customer experience management (CEM) software provider Tealeaf has announced Tealeaf 8, which analyzes the customer by bringing powerful real-time customer behavior analysis to ebusiness teams.

Dinahosting Uses OpenXchange Platform To Deliver E-Mail in Spain
Open-Xchange helps Web-hosting companies, ISPs, telecommunication companies and IT service companies expand their product range through SaaS offerings. Dinahosting, an independent provider of Internet business services, is indicated to be the first partner to offer Open-Xchange in Spain.

Not for Profits Invest in Microsoft ERP and CRM
Many organizations have sought to improve their competitiveness by investing in advanced information technology, such as Enterprise Resource Planning system.

SaaS-Based Performance Monitoring Solution Launched by AppFirst
AppFirst announced the immediate availability of AppFirst Professional Edition, a Software-as-a-Service-based performance monitoring solution.

ACT! Synchronization with Apple iPhone OS 4 Announced
The new iPhone OS 4 allows CompanionLink to synchronize ACT! contacts, calendar activities, recurring events, alarms and reminders, call logs, contact notes and histories to the address book and calendar applications on iPhone and iPad.

InterconnectNow Platform Selected by Frontier Communications
Frontier Communications will use the InterconnectNow platform to manage access orders, local service requests, trouble administration requests, professional services, and integrate these components with Frontier's Operational Support System.

SendMe Deploys Five9 Virtual Call Center Software, Realizes 80% Savings
Any company in the call center industry knows that call center on demand software provider Five9 has created quite the portfolio of services, and, in doing so, has become one of the most trusted providers of hosted contact center systems, as well as virtual call center solutions.

M-Factor's Solutions to Boost Dannon's Top Line Growth in Short time
In addition, M-factor helped companies to optimize the allocation of trade promotion budgets efficiently across key accounts, and also helped to establish and reconcile the plans and integrate the insights with Trade Promotion systems.

Clarabridge Launches Industry's First Self Service Text Analytics Software
Clarabridge Self Service came out after a beta period which involved nearly 200 analysts and researchers. Feedback from these beta users is driving a series of usability, reporting and other enhancements to be rolled out over the summer and fall.

Mongoose Metrics Call Tracking Benefits Mobile Marketers
A February 2010 survey by BIA/Kelsey and ConStat, found that 97 percent of consumers use online media to shop locally - making tracking phone calls resulting from online searches more important than ever.

Central Desktop Merges Adeptol Document Viewer into its SaaS Collaboration Software
Central Desktop's customers can now have a single Web-based viewing source for more than 300 document formats.

Pipeline Supply Selects Edgenet's Big Hammer Data Services
With the help of Edgenet's Big Hammer data services, Pipeline Supply's suppliers will be able to save time and money with one central location for acquisition, management, distribution and optimization of product information. They can also upload product information with flexible options such as the Supplier Portal, Smart Spreadsheets, XML data feeds or the Data Quality Filter.

PeopleCube's Live Webinar Explains How to Save Millions of Dollars with Workplace Management Technology
PeopleCube is offering a live webinar that discloses how to save millions of dollars with workplace management technology. The webinar explains how to utilize workplace management technology to maximize resource utilization, prevent off-site facility leasing and produce substantial savings in real estate and operational costs. PeopleCube provides intelligent, on-demand workplace; resource and energy management solutions that help customers maximize space utilization, increase operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Serco UK to Leverage iCIMS' Talent Platform to Manage Employees Across Global Locations
iCIMS, offering software-as-a-service (SaaS) talent acquisition solutions, has announced that the global consulting firm, Serco UK, has selected the iCIMS Talent Platform for employee data management.

MorganFranklin Launches Proprietary PeopleSoft Toolkit to Fully Utilize ERP Solutions
MorganFranklin Corporation, a business and technology solutions provider to government and business leaders on high-stakes financial, operational, and IT issues, has launched its proprietary PeopleSoft Toolkit to place new emphasis on Enterprise Resource Planning services.

RAND Worldwide Organizes Various Events to Bolster its Autodesk Products
Offering increased support for its 2011 suite of Autodesk products, RAND Worldwide has announced various live event Webcasts and Updated Support and Training Offerings through its IMAGINiT Technologies division.

Alcatel-Lucent Unveils 'Smart Desk Phone'
Similar to what the BlackBerry and iPhone did to transform mobile phones, Alcatel-Lucent could do the same thing for traditional desktop phones.

Sybase Analytics Hosted Service for Messaging Traffic Analysis
Sybase, Inc. subsidiary Sybase 365 has announced Sybase Operator Analytics 365, a new hosted service for messaging traffic analysis.

Small Perks a Great Morale Booster for Employees: Survey
"It's important for business managers to recognize and reward their staff for their hard work, even if a tight budget only allows for small perks. Simple rewards can go a long way in attracting, motivating and retaining needed talent," said Bob Nelson, an authority on workforce motivation and a best-selling author of 1001 Ways to Reward Employees and Keeping Up in a Down Economy.

WellAWARE Systems Selects Intacct's Cloud Financial Applications
Officials with Intacct, a major player in cloud financial management and accounting applications, said that the company will help WellAWARE gain real-time access to business metrics and automate revenue management.

Precise intros Precise 8.7
Precise, which offers a complete management solution for SAP, helping customers streamline IT operation, lower risk, and ensure project success, has announced the release of the industry's first fully automated Transaction Performance Management product, Precise 8.7.

Hi-Rez Studios Selects Five9 Virtual Call Center Suite to Support Growing Customer Base
For call center on demand and hosted contact center provider, Five9, a company that continues to report its successes and accomplishments, it seems it is a rare breed of company that continues to stay proactive in today's tough professional environment.

Five9's Call Center on Demand Improves Business Over Premise-based Solutions: Customer Spotlight
For call center on demand and hosted contact center provider, Five9, success is often measured by more than just end of year revenue and pats on the back. Specifically, listening to customers talk about how and why they implement Five9's services is a direct way to assess the performance and reliability of its call center systems.

Google Online App Story Brings New Functionalities & Services to the Cloud
For any of the 25 million users and 2 million businesses using Google Apps, the portolio of other software-as-a-service, or "SaaS," apps that work within the Google cloud are an added bonus.

Braxtel Introduces SIP Based Solution for Contact Centers
Contact Q, the new open source contact center system from Braxtel Communications, is set for a global release on April, 1 2010.

Sales Force Automation Buyer's Guide
Although sales force automation helps companies to increase sales, many companies still face the dilemma of choosing the right solution that fits the needs of their company.

Alpha Bay to Provide Enhanced Retail Information Technology to AutoZone
Salt Lake City, Utah-based ALPHA BAY has announced a multi-year technology agreement with AutoZone. Alpha Bay has agreed to provide AutoZone with retail computing functionality with its AIRS Enterprise product.

SAS Text Analytics Helps in Decision Making by Interpreting Stored Documents and Data
SAS Text Analytics is said to have built-in capabilities to automate the processes of document reading and extracting relevant information and can aid organizations in decision making by helping them mine, interpret and structure information from data gathered from social networks, call centers, customer surveys, claims forms and sales returns.

Mercedes-Benz Financial Information Now in Smartphone Users' Palms
Mercedes-Benz Financial, the subsidiary that takes care of the aspects of accounts and financing for Mercedes-Benz dealers' inventories and their retail customers, has expanded personalized and convenient account management features to all of its customers using smartphones like BlackBerry, Droid, and other mobile devices with internet capability. With this, Mercedes-Benz Financial becomes the first automotive financial services company to offer a convenient mobile platform to its distinguished customers worldwide.

Enterasys Honored with 2010 CRM Elite Award
The company entered the "Outstanding Workforce Optimization Suite" category based on achievements its Global Technical Assistance Center made through Salesforce CRM and Service Cloud 2 applications, including the streamlining of critical global sales and customer data in multiple languages and currencies.

Australasia's Consultancy Major Solution Minds to Leverage the Knowledge Base of TEC for Better Selection Capabilities for Purchasers
One is highly acclaimed online resource for software selection and another has earned reputation in the arena of consultancy. The two market leaders recently forged a strategic partnership to leverage each other's expertise.

Mobile Fringe introduces its First Mobile App at ICSC
A state of the art Mobile Marketing App, developed by Mobile Fringe, will make its debut at the International Council of Shopping Centers, Inc. (ICSC) Fusion Conference, currently underway in Chicago.

RedHorse Releases Another CRM Update
Customers "identify much needed functionality that incorporates their custom use of the application into standard functions that RedHorse provides," company officials say, adding that "we felt that these requests would provide a whole new set of possibilities for customers furthering the extensibility of RedHorse."

iCIMS Scores Over Competitors as SciQuest Chooses iCIMS' Talent Platform
iCIMS, an applicant tracking and recruiting software that puts HR and Recruiting Professionals in the best position to make the strongest hiring and employee management decisions, announced that SciQuest, a global software provider of e-procurement solutions, had chosen to adopt the iCIMS Talent Platform to support the company's talent management needs.

United Supermarkets Signs up for Teradata
Database manager Teradata said that United Supermarkets has "signed on as a client for database management software and services."

eBay to Launch European Platform
According to reports, eBay plans to launch a worldwide service that will bridge foreign marketplaces together.

LG Electronics Selects On-Demand Insight from TARGUSinfo
TARGUSinfo's services can be used in IVR platforms, agent desktops and automated call-handling processes so companies can improve customer interactions and increase overall customer satisfaction.

Globoforce Launches 'Strategic Consulting' Solution
Backed by Globoforce's recognition experts and strategists, In*sight "is designed to provide Global 2000 companies with a blueprint to implement successful strategic employee recognition programs," according to company officials.

InetSoft Announces Free Dashboard Software Application
"The sharing capabilities of our new free dashboard offering stand out from the other free solutions out there," said Mark Flaherty, vice president of Marketing at InetSoft.

Nuance and WorldManuals Partner on Mobile Customer Care Solution
Nuance Communications, a provider of speech, imaging and customer interaction solutions for businesses and consumers around the world, and WorldManuals, a Copenhagen-based company that specializes in delivering mobile device support solutions, have entered into a partnership to provide access to relevant and timely customer support the content delivered through Nuance Mobile Care.

Comarch Offers New Satellite Package for ISPs
With the recent emergence of convergent services, the creation and implementation of cost and time-effective integration solutions has gained more significance for service providers. Customers' constant demand for new services is on the increase.

The Customer Is Always Right? B2C and Google the Phone-Maker
The continuing coverage of Nexus One support and whether Google was prepared, leads one to a larger discussion on the DNA of a company. Specifically, whether Google has what it takes to be a hardware vendor, with all that it entails regarding customer handholding, returns, and the retail channel.

Down Under CRM Vendor Aims to Break Out
Escaping Oz: With its February release, Adelaide, Australia-based You Grow "is set to break the stranglehold held by international companies on CRM software for small to medium sized businesses in Australia and New Zealand," according to company officials. Good on yer, mate.

CRM Week in Review: SIP Print Announces Codec Appliances, Ifbyphone Proves Cloud Telephony Apps Successful
Welcome to the week in review for the customer relationship management, or "CRM," industry. Below are some of the top stories that came across the TMCnet news wires this week.

Five9 Awarded Product of the Year for Cloud Computing Platform for Call Centers
Call center software provider, Five9 Inc. won an award for its cloud computing platform by TMC's 2009 Product of the Year Customer Interaction Solutions magazine, the leading publication covering CRM, call centers and teleservices since 1982.

ID Watchdog, InComm Ready to Launch Retail Version of idCHECK
The retail version of idCHECK will be available in April 2010 and utilizes ID Watchdog's patent-pending technology to immediately identify if a consumer has a pre-existing identity theft condition, and outlines recommended next steps based on the report.

Satuit Announces '80 Percent' Improvement in Earnings
"There was a lot of strong talent out there and we were in a position to make some bold moves," Maguire said. "We also saw our reputation for success in the asset management industry bear fruit as we won larger deals against must larger competitors."

Cicero Announces Cicero XM
In addition, the company has also disclosed its two new customers: Interactive Response Technologies, Inc., a contact center outsourcer, and Innoverse Services Network, Inc., a technology solutions company specializing in helping clients execute 'outside-the-box' projects. These comapnies will be implementing Cicero XM to improve business user efficiency, effectiveness, and operational insight in their contact centers.

CallCopy Receives ShoreTel Partner Proven Certification
ShoreTel's high-performance, secure network reduces latency and jitter, resulting in high-quality voice communications. Wideband audio codecs deliver outstanding voice quality.

Single Touch Provides Users with a New Way to Donate to Charities
Using the charity solution, AT&T subscribers dial #505 and are able to select a charity or cause of their choice and simply make a one-time donation of $25 in addition, callers have the ability to contribute to the 'International Humanitarian Relief' cause.

WFO Market Strengthening: DMG Consulting
Workforce optimization also known as "WFO" solutions, enable contact centers to maximize staff productivity and performance. For these reasons that even in the face of the severe economic downturn the demand for them, though diminished on account of budget constraints, has held up relative to other contact center products.

One Negative Call Center Experience Turns off 68 Percent of Customers
A single negative experience with a customer call center would likely cause 68 percent of the respondents to take their business elsewhere, according to a recent survey released by Teleperformance, an outsourced contact center vendor.

HighJump Software Releases Mobility Solution for Mobile Sales, Delivery
HighJump Software, a company that simplifies the business of creating, selling and moving products across global networks, reportedly released a mobility solution for mobile sales and mobile delivery. The HighJump Mobile Sales Advantage, HighJump Virtual Cooler and HighJump RouteXpress have also been enhanced based on evolving technology and industry requirements.

Outstanding Customer Service Experience Certificate Earned by CIGNA Healthcare
CIGNA HealthCare has earned the call center operation customer satisfaction excellence for a fourth consecutive year, issued by the J.D. Power and Associates Call Center Certification Program. The Call Center Certification Program distinction acknowledges a strong commitment by CIGNA HealthCare's call center operation to provide "An Outstanding Customer Service Experience."

Study: Search and Web Analytics Key in CMS Strategy
Organizations are looking for a more integrated understanding of site traffic and Web campaigns, therefore unifying Web Content Management, analytics and marketing automation has become a top priority to yield faster conversions. In addition, respondents noted that integrating Customer Relationship Management "CRM" systems and Web CMS software is a top priority.

ITEXPO Start Up Camp: During Tough Times, Fonolo Entrepreneur Finds Opportunity
IP communications and other IT entrepreneurial hopefuls will state their case for investment dollars at ITEXPO's inaugural Startup Camp being held at the Miami Beach Convention Center on Thursday evening.

iEnterpises Announces IBM Lotus Notes Apps for iPhone
IEnterprises, a global desktop and wireless customer relationship management solution provider, reportedly announced the availability of IBM Lotus Notes and Domino collaboration software applications on the Apple iPhone through its wireless application, Mobile Edge. An IBM Premier Partner, iEnterprises built Mobile Edge for Lotus Notes on the Mobile Edge platform, company officials said. This platform lets Lotus Notes developers configure and deploy Lotus Notes applications to iPhones and other smartphones without having to develop new phone optimized applications.

MediaFunnel Chirps Tweet-to-Lead for Salesforce and New Tweeting Convention
More businesses are realizing that the tunes that their customers and partners are singing on Twitter. MediaFunnel, formerly known as TweetFunnel, has reportedly launched two new tools to help enterprises clearly hear their songs.

New Verizon Call Center Stirs Neighborhood, Upsets Residents
Just 16 months after moving in to his brand new house, in his nice residential neighborhood of Elgin, South Carolina, Joe Jacobs is thinking of packing up, selling and moving out.

HRS Launches Aggressive Outreach Program to Drive Call Center Services for SMBs
Hit Rate Solutions has announced the launch of an aggressive market outreach program designed to allow small businesses and entrepreneurs to realize the benefits of large scale call center operations, much like their large, corporate competitors.

Contact Center Compliance Introduces SmartBlock Tool
Contact Center Compliance, a privately held company with more than 50 years experience in the teleservice industry, has reportedly introduced new "Do Not Call" compliance solution called SmartBlock.

ATG Acquires InstantService
With its acquisition of InstantService, ATG can look to increased market adoption of chat and other interactive functions.

Dimension, Sword Ciboodle Partner for Sony
The product was designed and managed by Dimension Data and Sword Ciboodle, and is based on Sword Ciboodle's process-driven CRM software. It has been rolled out to Sony operations in all European countries and manages customer interactions across phone, e-mail, white mail, fax and Web contacts.

Epicor Unveils Epicor Retail Mobile Marketing for Retailers
Retailers, who often use ingenious marketing techniques to attract traditional customers, are all at sea when it comes marketing their goods to the mobile customers. This is mainly because the traditional methods of marketing do not work with the mobile customers. So, Epicor Software Corporation has introduced Epicor Retail Mobile Marketing for retailers, which helps them target mobile consumers easily and economically.

Plantronics Expands Family of Audio PC Headsets, Adds Four New Wideband Models
Plantronics has announced that it has expanded its family of audio PC headsets with four new wideband models --.Audio 476 DSP, .Audio 646 DSP, .Audio 626 DSP and the upgraded .Audio 655 DSP.

VoIP's MagicJack Goes Wireless
Analog telephone adapter outfit MagicJack has now expanded its sights to the wireless space. According to reports, the company has introduced a GSM-based femtocell that enables users to make VoIP calls via their mobile handsets.

CRM Week in Review
Welcome to the week in review for the customer relationship management, or "CRM," industry. Below are some of the top stories that came across the TMCnet news wires this week.

ASI Improves CRM with SyncSite Implementation of Sage SalesLogix
SyncSite has completed another successful implementation of Sage SalesLogix. The benefactor of this implementation is American Strategic Insurance, or "ASI," which provides homeowner and commercial insurance to customers in six states.

CompanionLink Aids Secure Transfer of Data
CompanionLink Software, a developer of data synchronization solutions for mobile phones and CRM software and services, reportedly launched a direct wired sync between PC and Motorola DROID, Motorola CLIQ, and other Android-based phones. This solution helps secure transfer of data by syncing contacts, calendar, tasks, and notes from information management software like Microsoft Outlook, IBM Lotus Notes, and ACT! by Sage to phones running Google Android OS.

Bain Capital Acquires BELLSYSTEM24
Bain Capital has reportedly completed the acquisition of BELLSYSTEM24, Japan's call center operator.

InfoCision Wins 2009 International Service Excellence Award
teleservices firm has long had an excellent reputation for looking after its customers, employees and the communities it has operations in.

PMC Telecom Announces ProTelx Range of Phone Headsets
PMC Telecom, a U.K.-based provider of headsets and cordless phones, reportedly announced the release of a new line of telephone headsets under the brand name ProTelx that are ideal for both home and office use, such as professional contact centers, office workers and reception areas.

Costa Rican Company Switches to Five9 Systems, Increases Productivity by 30%
Further validating its success in the call center industry, call center software provider, Five9 Inc., announced that a Costa Rican company has now standardized Five9 to power its call centers.

InnoPath Cleans the Air with 'Through the Air' Solution Delivery
Think globally. Act locally. That means instead of waiting for the world's leaders meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark to try and come up with an agreement on climate change, enterprises can take their own steps to reduce their environmental footprint. To encourage that, InnoPath Software, which makes Over-the-Air customer care applications for mobile devices, is raising awareness that its technology is part of the environmental solution, integrated with affected popular holiday images

ClickFox Launches Interactive ROI Calculator Tool
ClickFox, specializing in customer experience analytics, or "CEA," software and solutions, has launched an interactive online tool that can calculate and forecast potential return on investment figures.

Multinational Consumer Electronics Manufacturer Chooses Sitel for Tech Support
Sitel, a global business process outsourcing or "BPO" provider, has announced that a multinational consumer electronics manufacturing company chose them to deliver technical support services.

Paylocity Announces Newest Features in WebPay 7.0 Release
Paylocity, a company providing independent payroll services and human resource software solutions to employees and companies in USA since 1997, reportedly announced the release of its payroll and HR solutions software WebPay 7.0 with added features. The WebPay 7.0 from Paylocity incorporates improvements such as aggregate updating facility, VETS 100 reporting and template and checklists feature to the general ledger, time off accruals and Family and Medical Leave Act modules.

The CRM Week in Review
Welcome to this week’s installment of the TMCnet CRM Week in Review, TMCnet’s weekly round-up of all-things new in CRM software.

White Paper Offers Wealth of Information on Data Mining
Customer data can be a treasure trove just waiting to be unlocked. But pulling, filtering and analyzing this wealth of information from various sources can be a daunting challenge.

Comverse Earns 2009 BSS/OSS Excellence Award from INTERNET TELEPHONY Magazine
Comverse, a provider of software and systems enabling value-added services for voice, messaging, mobile Internet and mobile advertising, has reportedly received the 2009 BSS/OSS Excellence Award from INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine for its flagship Comverse ONE Billing & Active Customer Management solution.

Saugatuck Technology Rates MetraTech 'Excellent' in Cloud Billing Solutions Study
MetraTech Corp, a provider of charging, billing, settlement and customer care solutions, has been awarded the highest ratings in a recent report published by Saugatuck Technology, an analyst firm with expertise in enterprise IT, including SaaS, cloud infrastructure, open source, and enterprise social computing.

Altitude Software, Teleopti Announce 'Out of the Box' Integration
Contact center solutions provider Altitude Software and workforce management solutions provider Teleopti have announced “out of the box” integration between the Altitude uCI, Altitude’s unified suite of contact center applications, and Teleopti CCC, Teleopti’s workforce management solution.

Convergys Hosted Contact Center Solutions Now Available 'Globally'
Thanks to the fact that it has significantly expanded international data center infrastructure, Convergys has gone global with its hosted contact center solutions.

Aradial, UshaComm Launch Billing and CRM Solution at Nepal Telecom
Aradial reportedly announced that a new billing and CRM solution was launched at Nepal Telecom which is the largest telecommunications operator in Nepal.

inContact Now a Certified Service Provider under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
On-demand contact center software provider inContact has announced that it is now a certified Service Provider under the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS). The company previously attained certification as a Merchant Provider under the PCI DSS, and plans to maintain both certifications, which under law require an annual review or "audit."

Markinson Cops Sage Biz Partner Awards for Australasia
Brisbane, Australia-based Markinson, a specialist business software selling to SMBs, was recognized for its "outstanding sales efforts" at the 2009 Sage Business Partner Awards, winning Highest Revenue for Sage SalesLogix CRM in Australasia.

CRM Manager Reports Successful Customer Adds for 2009
CRM manager, which describes itself as a software-as-a-service implementation and integration firm, has announced the doubling of its customer base since 2008, signing agreements with more than 100 new customers in 2009.

GE LED Light Bulbs Now Available for Homes, Small Offices
GE has created Energy Smart LED bulbs that are available for use in the home, as well as in commercial settings.

Rainmaker Signs Fortune 500 Mobile Telecommunications Company as New Client for Contract Sales
Rainmaker Systems, Inc., a provider of sales and marketing solutions offering hosted application software and execution services, reportedly has signed an agreement for contract sales with a new Fortune 500 mobile telecommunications client.

IBM Goes Live With Global Telecom Development Centers
IBM is opening telecommunications development centers that create new business models while improving the customer experience and operational efficiencies for these customers. Located in China, South Africa and Malaysia, the centers provide a broad array of advanced technical skills and specialized offerings. It has also opened a dedicated center in France for solutions based on products and services from Comverse, which supplies telecom software and systems.

Nepal Satellite Telecom Selects eServGlobal for Business Models
NSTPL will use eServGlobal's Convergent Billing System, "ChargingMax," including Rating and Charging for prepaid subscribers, PayMobile, an electronic recharge and voucher management and Missed Call Alert solution.

Responsys Offers Marketing Solutions to Nutrisystem
Responsys, a global provider of email and cross-channel marketing solutions, has been selected by Nutrisystem, a provider of weight management products and services, to improve the performance of its email marketing programs and enhance the cross-channel customer experience.

PowerObjects Opens Two Texas Offices to Meet Demands for Dynamic CRM Solutions
PowerObjects, a provider of Microsoft Dynamics CRM/xRM or customer relationship management, reportedly announced that it is opening two new offices in Texas to cater to the growing demands for Dynamic CRM. The CRM solution provides the tools and capabilities required to create and easily maintain a clear picture of customers from first contact through to purchase and post-sales. PowerObjects solutions are customized according to the needs of the customers.

Aspect Adds New Features, Capabilities, to its Productive Workforce Offering
Call center solutions provider Aspect has reportedly added new features and capabilities to its Productive Workforce offering, including "cradle-to-grave" interaction tracking, enhanced security and compliance, improved alerting, redundancy, system management, and increased features for outsourcers, allowing for full-time call logging and quality recording in mid- to large-sized call centers.

Cavalier Telephone Selects Convergys for its Smart BSS Solutions
With its telecom business support systems, Convergys makes it possible for clients to deploy and optimize mission-critical, cost-effective billing and business support systems technologies and services to better address the needs of their customers.

Nexidia, Merced Systems Partner, Blending Speech Analytics, PM Solutions
Speech analytics and performance management software make for an ideal partnership by providing an integrated tool that enables organizations to find new opportunities to boost service quality and improve agent productivity.

CTDI Deploys Management Dynamics' RPS On-Demand Solution
Global trade management systems provider Management Dynamics has reported that Communications Test Design has deployed its RPS On-Demand solution.

Aspect Wins Contact Center Award from PilotHouse
"More than 1,300 individuals participated in the survey," according to Nemertes officials, who said Aspect garnered a 4.48 overall score on a five-point scale, bettering whoever was in second place in the IP contact center market by more a half-point.

inContact Enters into Strategic Partnership with Astadia
inContact, Inc., which offers on-demand call center solutions and agent optimization tools, reportedly has entered into a strategic partnership with Astadia, which offers technology enabled business consulting and is a leading partner.

StayinFront, Euphony Announce Deployment
From London comes the news that CRM vendor StayinFront has reportedly announced that Euphony Communications, a telecom vendor, has deployed the latest version of its flagship product, StayinFront CRM 11, across its European offices. Euphony initially launched StayinFront CRM 11 in its Benelux operations. Evidently things went well enough there -- hey if it flies in Belgium it'll fly anywhere -- to where Euphony has adopted StayinFront CRM 11 as the platform for sales and customer service management throughout their operations.

Callidus Software Unveils Enhanced Monaco SPM Suite with Focus on Rapid ROI
The Callidus Monaco SPM Suite enables business users to implement and deploy a sales performance solution without reliance on IT, say Callidus officials. The application automatically handles user creation and permissions.

Dubai Road & Transport Authority Picks Nortel's Contact Center Solution
Dubai RTA is responsible for providing "safe and smooth transport for all" in Dubai. At the end of 2008, it unveiled a Managed Consolidated Contact Center (M3CS) project to replace its customer-facing communications with the latest technology for streamlining and improving customer service and responsiveness.

Infusionsoft Announces All-In-One Marketing Tool with Palo Alto Software
The tool does this by combining sales and marketing technologies into one automated system geared to small businesses with 25 employees or fewer, including e-commerce, CRM and e-mail marketing.

Marketers: Adapt to New Internet And Digital Media Practices For Modern Consumers
Insites Consulting have joined hands with IAB Europe to recently publish their "Marketers and Consumers, Digital & Connected," or "MC DC," report that suggests that marketing professionals will need to adapt their communication to suit the garb of modern day Internet and other digital media if it has to be relevant for the modern day consumer.

Allegiance Engage 6.3 Collects and Analyzes Feedback from Multiple Sources
Engage 6.3, which is useful in real-time analysis, incorporates Inquisite Survey, an end-to-end survey solution that can provide organizations with a single platform for the performance of surveys. The gathered information can be analyzed and suitable action can be taken depending on feedback from customers, partners and employees.

Acquirelists' CRM Services Help Companies Improve Bottom Line
Acquirelists, a provider of Business to Business and Information Technology mailing, email and telemarketing lists, has continued to improve business performance with the company's customer relationship management, or "CRM," data systems.

Telrex Enhances Call Recording Software, Interoperability, with Cisco UC Manager
To translate the interactions via IP telephony into quality customer care requires call recording. To that end Telrex has enhanced its CallRex call recording software and has completed interoperability testing with Cisco Unified Communications Manager 7.0 via a third party so that their users can use the CallRex solution. Telrex has Solution Developer level membership in the Cisco Developer Network Program.

How to Improve Customer Loyalty Using Existing Assets
Unless you are a niche marketer with just an unbelievably charismatic brand and an utterly enthralling, completely unique, out-of-this-world product line, chances are you're going to have a hard time holding onto your customers in this economy, even if you know them well.

Northwest Surgeons Deploys Avaya Small Business Communications Solution
The advanced call routing solution is helping their doctors and administrative executives to collaborate more efficiently with each other among six locations, including mission-critical surgical centers.

Maximizer Software Offers U.K. Deal
There is nothing like a great deal, especially in these challenging times to get new customers through the 3-D or virtual door to sign up for an excellent solution. A product and supplier they will stay with long after the promotion is history. That's the goal of Maximizer Software's U.K. branch. It has launched, in association with certified business partners, its GBP5,000 Lift Off offer - a complete, fully featured 5 user CRM system for a fixed cost of just GBP5,000.

Sage CRM Solutions Pilots Cloud Computing Edition of SalesLogix CRM Suite
Sage CRM Solutions, part of The Sage Group plc, a business management software and services provider, is piloting a cloud computing edition of the Sage SalesLogix CRM suite for commercial availability in early 2010.

nGenera Wants Firms to 'Know Your ROI Before You Buy'
nGenera, via its nGenera Customer Interaction Management (CIM) division, has come along with a timely limited-time service/promotion aimed at helping contact centers and enterprises make the right solutions acquisition decisions. Called "Know Your ROI Before You Buy", customer service experts will perform free business operations assessments and provide custom reports projecting the ROI customer service and sales solutions can deliver in their environment.

My1voice Pitches Call Center for SMBs
Noting that small business owners and employees typically wear many hats in a given day, Protus said as its new my1voice will offer businesses "a host of features that are both flexible and easy to use," that reflect understanding of the day-to-day challenges facing owners and employees in a small business.

ShoreTel Announces the Release of ShoreTel Contact Center 5.1
IP phone system maker ShoreTel, which is participating in ITEXPO West in Los Angeles this week as an exhibitor, presenter and platinum sponsor, has released ShoreTel Contact Center 5.1. This latest version of the company's application suite is designed for high-performance and highly available inbound and outbound multimedia contact centers.

CallCopy's cc: Discover 4.0 Now Certified Interoperable with Cisco Unified Communications Manager 7.0
CallCopy, which offers a suite of applications for the call center geared to help organizations improve customer service, has announced that its cc: Discover version 4.0 platform is now certified interoperable with Cisco Unified Communications Manager 7.0.

DMG: Down Economy Helps Spur Growth in Survey, Customer Feedback Solutions
A new report from DMG consulting, "2009 Contact Center Surveying/Feedback and Analytics Market Share," predicts that the market for survey and customer feedback solutions will grow by 6 percent in 2009, 5 percent in 2010, and 8 percent in 2011.

TMC Honors Convergys with Two Awards
Technology Marketing Corporation's Customer Interaction Solutions Magazine has given two Awards of Excellence to Convergys Corporation. According to TMC, these awards are based on Convergys' ability to intelligently route customer contacts across multiple service models.

Service Payment Plan Integrates StoneEagle's SEcureSalesTool
Software solutions and enterprise administration systems provider The StoneEagle Group (StoneEagle) has announced that Service Payment Plan, Inc. (SPP) has integrated its SEcureSalesTool in order to automate contract generation as well as the submission process for its service.

Parature Allows Customers to Monitor Tweets
Helping customers monitor tweets for improved customer experience, Parature, a provider of on-demand customer service software, has reportedly announced a social media integration with Twitter. Parature said that this integration with Twitter will help the company to establish a better communication with the customers.

Acquirelists Announces CRM Data Enrichment
Company officials say the CRM data cleansing services "ensure that data within ERP or CRM silos, data marts or legacy systems is accurate and complete," enriching it with "data from trusted sources."

Scottish Tourism Gets Boost From Portrait Software
Portrait Software, a vendor of customer interaction software, has reportedly announced that VisitScotland, the national tourism agency, increased revenues through the use of Portrait Customer Analytics to the tune of $80 million PCA, delivered as a hosted service through Optima Value Group, is credited by officials of the tourism board with increasing the revenue in the Scottish tourism industry $80 million. That figure is evidently calculated from independent market research referenced by VisitScotland officials, who said it represents the value of trips by visitors who claim they would not have visited without prompting from marketing.

NET10 Ranks High in Customer Satisfaction among Non-Contract Wireless Users
According to a study by J.D Power and Associates, NET10, a prepaid wireless service offering all local, long distance and roaming calls, reportedly ranks the highest in overall customer satisfaction among non-contract wireless users. The study, "2009 U.S. Wireless Prepaid Customer Satisfaction Index Study" measures customer satisfaction with current non-contract wireless service across six key factors such as performance and reliability, cost of service, account management, initial activation, offerings and promotions, and customer service.

SaaS WFM Solutions Increasing in Popularity Among Organizations
For HR professionals, the solutions will makes it easier to quickly deploy a workforce management system that automates complex labor polices and business rules, and manages compliance with labor regulations and union contracts.

Revention Releases C3 Customer Communication Center
The call center application may be used as a stand-alone module or in conjunction with Revention's HungerRush online ordering offering. Revention officials say they're offering special pricing packages "for customers who implement both the HungerRush and Customer Communication Center modules."

3Com Endorses the EU Code of Conduct on Data Center
3Com, an enterprise networking solutions provider that sets new price/performance standards for customers, has reportedly said it will adhere to the EU Code of Conduct on Datacenters and will design solutions that will encourage datacenters to cost-effectively reduce energy consumption and at the same time enhance the datacenter functionalities.

Neudesic Named to Microsoft Inner Circle
Neudesic has been named to the 2009 Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle, company officials say, adding that the Microsoft designation is for "the top 10 Dynamics partners in the world."

Sage Intros ERPX3 in Australia, New Zealand
Sage has announced the availability of Sage ERPX3 for Australian and New Zealand customers, specifically designed for deployment and operation over the Internet.

Requisite Technology Releases E-Commerce Suite
Requisite Technology, a vendor of channel management, eCommerce and master data management products, has announced the release of eCommerce Suite - Small Business Edition, a streamlined version of their flagship product designed for small enterprises.

Equinix Acquires New Data Center in Frankfurt
Equinix, Inc, a provider of global data center services, has announced the acquisition of a 130,000 square foot data center in Frankfurt, Germany, and the build out of the third phase of the company's New York-4 International Business Exchange (IBX) data center in Secaucus, N.J.

ASC Strikes Framework Contract with Deutsche Telekom
ASC telecom, a provider of recording and quality monitoring solutions, has just signed a framework contract with Deutsche Telekom for the delivery of its quality management software. The framework contract covers the planning, projecting, delivery and implementation of ASC's quality management software, INSPIRATIONpro, for more than 10,000 call center agents at 33 locations, as well as the education of agents, trainers and supervisors.

Cox Business Extends Fiber Network to Switch Communications' SuperNAP Data Center
Cox Business announced the extension of its fiber network to Switch Communications Group's SuperNAP data center. This is a 407,000 square foot facility and is a power dense commercial data center. Cox Business is a full-service, facilities-based provider of communications solutions for commercial customers, providing high-speed Internet, voice and long distance services, as well as data and video transport services for small to large-sized businesses.

Zoho Offers Zwitch to Switch from to Zoho CRM
Zoho has reportedly released the Zwitch program for Zwitch allows users of to seamlessly migrate to Zoho CRM.

PlantCML Intros New Mapping Solution for Emergency Call Centers
According to the company, the new ORION Vela is designed to provide sophisticated administrative control and help call takers find the wireline and wireless call locations for dispatching first responders in high-pressure situations.

Butler Group Releases Report on Evolving Enterprise Applications
A new report published by IT research and advisory organization Butler Group suggests that enterprise applications such as enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management, also known as "CRM" are prime targets when a company is under pressure to optimize existing resources. But the report states that these are important to run the businesses efficiently and effectively.

Mojo Interactive Improves Business with Salesforce CRM, a provider of enterprise cloud computing solutions, announced that Mojo Interactive has increased business productivity and customer retention using Salesforce CRM solutions.

Knoa Launches Academy, End User Benchmark Report
Knoa Software has launched the Knoa Academy of End-User Experience Management, kicking off with the publication of a benchmark report titled "Monitoring the End-User Experience: Improving Business Performance through Application Management," by Aberdeen Group.

Enkata Helps BNY Mellon Shareowner Services Transform Its Contact Center
Financial services firms have traditionally viewed contact centers as operating expenses, with the focus being to answer customer questions as efficiently as possible and to manage average speed of answer and handle times with an eye on decreasing costs year-over-year.

IQ Services to Present Conference Session at ITEXPO West 2009 in Los Angeles
MINNEAPOLIS, July 8, 2009 — IQ Services today announced that Mike Burke has accepted an invitation to present a session titled, "Multi-Channel Contact Center Solutions: You Need to Test Performance from All Angles" at TMC's INTERNET TELEPHONY® Conference & EXPO West 2009 (ITEXPO) from 1:45 to 2:30 p.m. at on Sept. 1 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, Calif.

T-Mobile UK Turns to Amdocs for Billing, Customer Care and Ordering Systems Support
Amdocs, a provider of customer experience systems, has announced that T-Mobile UK has selected Amdocs for a four-year managed services agreement. This agreement dictates that Amdocs will manage the ongoing development, maintenance and support of T-Mobile UK's billing, customer care and ordering systems for the operators 16.7 million subscribers.

Oracle Ranked in Three Leaders Quadrants by Gartner
Gartner's Magic Quadrant for CRM Customer Service Contact Centers (MQCSCC) placed the Oracle Siebel platform above the Microsoft Dynamic CRM and the solution from

Contact Centers Advancing with Outbound IVR
As technology advances to improve automation and the way humans interact with computers, predictive dialers are now being supplemented by outbound IVR solutions, which a – as Datamonitor reports – has a number benefits over predictive dialers.

TreeHouse Interactive to Build Supplier Portal for VacationRoost
Looking to power the newly launched supplier portal available to its partners, VacationRoost has selected the Reseller View PRM solution from TreeHouse Interactive. According to TreeHouse, this solution will enable VacationRoost to maximize program participation.

Supplier Q&A on IP Contact Center Solutions with Verizon
This month's Supplier Survey is focusing on IP contact center solutions. Replying for Verizon is Alla Reznik, director for global advanced voice services:

Voltaire's 40 Gb/S Infiniband Solutions Available For HP Extreme Scale-Out Portfolio
The 40 Gb/s InfiniBand solutions from Voltaire Ltd are now available for HP ProLiant SL6000 Scalable System which is part of the new HP Extreme Scale-Out (ExSO) portfolio. The solution is ideal for scale-out data centers that enable high performance computing, cloud-based services and Web 2.0 businesses. The solution will be available this summer from HP.

NetSuite Partners with JCurve for Australasia
NetSuite has partnered with Australian start-up, JCurve Solutions to offer a packaged version of NetSuite for the small business market.

Salesforce's AppExchange Welcomes Bold Software
Wichita, Kan.-based Bold Software, which you may have known in the past as Bravestorm, has announced that its integration module for Salesforce CRM is now live on the AppExchange.

InsideView's App Hits 1,400 Installs by Customers
SalesView is the first Sales 2.0 application integrated with Salesforce CRM. The solution was first launched on the AppExchange on-demand application marketplace in March 2008 and since then has counted over 1,400 installs and 400 joint customers.

VPI Call Recording and Quality Monitoring Solutions Now Interoperable with Avaya's Latest Platforms
Contact center solutions provider VPI (Voice Print International) has announced that its VPI CAPTURE interaction recording and VPI QUALITY agent evaluation applications are now compatible with Avaya's inbound and outbound contact center solutions, including Avaya Communication Manager 5.1.2; Avaya AES 4.2 and Avaya Proactive Contact/PDS with CTI 4.0.1.

TMC Announces 2009 IP Contact Center Technology Pioneer Award Winners
The awards are presented by Customer Interaction Solutions magazine.

GN Netcom Debuts Two New Jabra Headsets
Headset solutions provider GN Netcom has announced two new products suitable for implementing Unified Communications solutions. The Jabra GO 6400, a Bluetooth solution and the PRO 9400 Series, a DECT headset.

PAR Announces SuperOffice Plug-In and Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics
Company officials said they have further developed links between proprietary CRM systems and its pan-European EuroContactPool business-to-business database with these releases.

FrontRange Releases Heat Survey to Improve Delivery of IT Services
FrontRange Solutions, a provider of IT software and CRM Solutions, announced the release of its new "Heat Survey," which enables tracking and improving of IT services provided to end users. The new Heat 9.0.1 includes a survey module along with enhancements to the User Interface and Web Services Integration.

CyrusOne Adds Third Data Center in Houston
In response to increasing demand for Data Centers in the nation, CyrusOne, a Texas-based enterprise data center colocation provider, announced that it has plans to build and operate an initial 94,000-square-foot high-availability, high-density, data center in West Houston.

Southeast Asian carrier Selects Evolving Systems' Dynamic SIM Allocation Solution
A Southeast Asian carrier reportedly has selected Evolving Systems' Dynamic SIM Allocation solution to help streamline its SIM supply chain logistics, manage its number inventory and enable prepaid number selection.

Lanier Upshaw Selects ProspX Platform for Enterprise Social Networking
Lanier Upshaw, one of the largest brokers in the U.S., has selected the ProspX platform to connect expertise within and across the company's broker, partner, and carrier network to boost sales productivity and efficiency.

Maine's The Place Again New TD Contact Center
The state of Maine has long sought contact centers to alleviate high unemployment in older mill and resource communities. Thanks to the state's value proposition of an affordable, educated, and hard working labor force and supportive communities, it has been successful.

Ventelo Wins Customer Service Award with Avaya Solutions
Ventelo, a Norway-based a telecommunications service provider that offers broadband, fixed and mobile services, was recently recognized for offering the best customer service in the country. The company was selected from a field of 56 firms across nine industries via an independent survey. The survey results were announced during Call Center 2009 held in Oslo.

Free Webinar: Today's Unpredictable Economy Warrants More Powerful Call Center Forecasting Tools
In the upcoming free webinar, "Strategic Planning Technologies: Contact Center Modeling From Forecasting, to Requirements Generation, to Hiring/Overtime Plans to Budgets and Variance Analysis," scheduled for 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT, this coming Tuesday, June 16, Ric Kosiba, Ph. D., president and one of the founders of Bay Bridge Decision Technologies, will discuss the outdated technologies that are still being used for forecasting, what-if analysis, and capacity planning, and the issues associated with continuing to use these technologies for your ever-evolving contact center network.

NextiraOne Earns Genesys Gold Suite Certified Partner Status
Both companies say they're working to help businesses transform contact centers into dynamic business assets that provide excellent service and productivity. The joint solution offers customers maximum value through industry-leading Customer Interaction Management software from Genesys.

Nortel Releases Solutions for Business Process and Application Integration
Nortel, a provider of communications capabilities, announces enhancements to its Agile Communication Environment and Media Processing Server, in addition to the upcoming global availability of Contact Center 7.0.

Contact Centers Can Optimize Opportunities Through Social Networking
Social networking at one time may have conjured up images of friends meeting up for Happy Hour and getting together for a barbeque in someone's backyard. It is now so much more and it is going beyond mere social benefits.

Appletree Answers Offers Call Support to Greater Missouri Builders
The company provides live phone answering service and call center technologies to offer custom scripted phone calls, customer behavior tracking, direct order entry and input into customers information systems and simultaneous monitoring of traffic on thousands of phone numbers in real-time.

Eloqua and Solution Reaches More than 300 Customers
Eloqua has announced that the company has reached more than 300 joint customers in partnership with These companies include AON, Brightcove, Infoblox, Proofpoint and Taleo.

Transverse Debuts SaaS Delivery Option
The platform, blee(p), is a commercially supported carrier-grade open source BSS solution for communication service providers.

Genesys Launches UC Connect, Enabling its CIM Platform to Be Readily Integrated with Leading UC Systems
Genesys, an Alcatel-Lucent company, has launched UC Connect, a solution for integrating its Customer Interaction Management (CIM) software platform with the UC solutions of other major vendors.

MLSListings and Tarasoft Intro Tarasoft Matrix
MLSListings and Tarasoft Corporation have announced the introduction of Tarasoft Matrix, a Web centric listing, Customer Relationship Management and search software platform, which is tailor made for real estate industry agents to provide access to mission critical data so that they can efficiently serve residential buyers and renters.

Rockies Venture Club Partners with to Manage its CRM System
Rockies Venture Club (RVC), non-profit organization built to help entrepreneurs launch and manage high-growth potential companies, has reportedly selected to build and manage its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to enhance membership / sponsorship value, community development and association growth.

Synygy Announces Full Integration with Salesforce CRM
In addition, the data from Salesforce CRM can be combined with data from Synygy's suite of SPM applications to create meaningful insight into sales performance that cannot be achieved with CRM alone.
6/5/2009's Service Cloud Wins CRM Excellence Award
The enterprise cloud computing company, has reportedly earned Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC)'s Customer Interaction Solutions 2009 CRM Excellence Award for its Service Cloud built on platform.

Amcom Software Releases Smart Console Call Center Solution
Amcom Software, Inc. has reportedly released enhanced version of its Smart Console call center software, designed to handle mission-critical communications and reduce both costs and operator fatigue.

CRMCompany Extends WinForms-based CRM to the Web Using Visual WebGui
CRMCompany, is a provider of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions and is also in to consulting. The firm focuses on adding value to businesses, thus enhancing their profitability, by applying its knowledge and experience. This is done by the use of information technology in commercial and administrative processes efficiently and effectively with associated metrics.

Microsoft Exchange Server and Outlook 2007 Added to CRM OnTarget's Dynamics CRM Solution
"Our ability to break through the minimum user barrier was our first step in addressing the emerging entrepreneurial market," said Mike Berger, a partner at CRM OnTarget, in a Wednesday statement.

Nixxis Expands into U.K. Contact Center Market
Nixxis, a contact center software vendor, has expanded into the United Kingdom.

12solutions Installs Indosoft Call Center Solution at MWEB, Nigeria
Indosoft and 12Solutions have installed Indosoft Q-Suite call center software suite at MWeb, in Nigeria.

RehabCare Settles on Platform for iPhone App has announced that RehabCare Group is using the platform to build a custom health care application to run on its staff's Apple iPhones.

Ace Hardware Turns to TargusInfo for Customer Loyalty Help
Ace Hardware Corporation, which probably actually is, as the company boilerplate publicity claims, the largest retailer-owned cooperative in the home improvement industry with over 4,600 stores, has partnered with TargusInfo to improve the new member sign-in process in its customer loyalty program.

RedHorse CRM Gets 2.0 Release
"Following the initial release of the product in December 2008," according to founder and Chief Development Officer Connie Koch, the company believes that this is "a critical release," as all of the Standard Business Modules are now integrated in the standard CRM product.

Hawaiian Electric Company Improves Customer Service with New Contact Center Solution
The call center solution enhances the customer experience for financial services, energy, insurance, telecommunications, wireless and retail corporations.

Use of Headsets Increases Sales Success
Plantronics' online survey, conducted by Opinion Matters/, a market research organization, carrying out consumer, corporate and niche market surveys online amongst a 50,000+ member panel, reveals that sales representatives throughout the U.K. and Europe are using a headset to create a comfortable and compelling customer experience.

newScale Releases the FrontOffice Suite for the Virtual Data Center
Helping clients to manage the complete service lifecycle of virtual, physical and cloud server environments, newScale has announced the next release of the newScale FrontOffice Suite for the Virtual Data Center. The company claims that with its new release, clients can balance business justification and demand for new servers.

Lagan Offers 311 Call Center Solutions as Software-as-a-Service
Lagan, which provides enterprise case management (ECM) solutions that streamline the delivery of public services to constituents, launched their software-as-a-service (SaaS) customer resource management (CRM) offering,

QSCU Selects IPscape for its SaaS Call Center Management Solution
Qantas Staff Credit Union (QSCU) has announced that it has selected IPscape's Software as a Solution (SaaS) call center management solution to significantly improve the efficiency and customer experience of its contact office in Sydney.

Syntellect to Release Version 7.0 of its CIM Solution
Syntellect Inc., a major player in contact center and self-service technology, will soon release Syntellect Customer Interaction Management (CIM) version 7.0 from its line of customer interaction solutions.

Hibernia Atlantic Extends Network into London Data Center
The move allows Hibernia Atlantic to overcomes issues of high data traffic specific to major metro cities and expand its network in the London area. This Point of Presence also extends Global Financial Network, designed by Hibernia, into Equinix Financial eXchange, a neutral electronic marketplace consisting of active financial market participants, located within LD4.

Truly 'Green': TelcoBridges' Webinars Address Cost- and Energy-Savings in Data Centers
The program addresses today's economic conditions as well as environmental concerns, according to TelcoBridges' vice president of marketing, Danny Paul Blouin.

FREE WEBINAR Delivering Contact Center Solutions
On Wednesday, June 3, 2009 2:00 PM EDT / 11:00 AM PDT, IQ Services will be giving a free Webinar, "Something for Everyone: Testing Multi-Channel Contact Center Solutions from the Customer Perspective." Register now!

Exari Launches Exari SalesAccelerator on
Exari Group Inc., a contract automation software company, has launched Exari SalesAccelerator on

Informatica Announces ACORD Cost Help
If you're looking to reduce your company's ACORD transformation costs, this might be the thing for you. "Combining ACORD standard with enterprise cloud computing," according to officials of Informatica Corporation, the company is announcing the Informatica Insurance Gateway for Salesforce CRM

Ontario Systems Enters into a Strategic Alliance with Microsoft
Ontario officials said that by incorporating the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform into its software suite, the company's clients will experience a more robust product line, greater efficiencies of scale, and a better-quality product - all driven by Microsoft's technology.

Mellanox Unveils Six-Port, Multi-Protocol 10 Gigabit Ethernet PHY
As demand for more robust networks increases, service providers are busy expanding enterprise applications and enhancing the capacity of existing multi-core server processing platforms. The next-generation data center networking systems will be based on high density 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

Presidio Earns Cisco Data Center Certification
Officials at Presidio said that the Cisco system unites network, computational, storage access, and virtualization resources in a single energy-efficient system that can reduce the costs and complexity of information technology infrastructure, help extend capital assets and improve business agility well into the future.

Agito Networks and Joint Avaya Customer Demo Mobile Workforce Connectivity
"Agito Networks and Anthony Marano Company will discuss how Anthony Marano Company works with Avaya and Agito to keep its mobile workforce connected, delivering timely service to the many customers buying its fresh produce," said Eric Rossman, vice president, developer relations and technical alliances, Avaya.

Report: Customer Satisfaction with Online Retail Dips
When it comes to online retail, many customers seem to be echoing the Rolling Stones' tune, "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction."

Brocade Intros New Switches
Officials from the company say the application switches target service providers and enterprises who are scrambling to weather the economic storm by strengthening data centers and cutting operating cost.

Cbeyond to Create 600 Jobs in Atlanta
By the year 2013, Cbeyond aims to create more than 1,400 jobs locally – a good news in the country where hundreds of thousands of people have been laid off because of harsh economic climate.

Aruba Unveils Virtual Branch Network for Remote Workers
The VBN solution offers new software for data center-based Aruba Controllers and three new families of wired and wireless Remote Access Points and Branch Office Controllers. The solution is capable of virtualizing complex tasks at data center controllers instead of replicating routing, switching, firewall and other services at each remote location.

PEER 1 to Offer All-in-One Hosting Service at Toronto Data Center
The first of four planned stages of the data center is scheduled for completion in early 2010. That phase will include 7,500 square feet of data center space, and 8,000 square feet of office and staging area at an estimated capital cost of U.S. $10 million, officials said.

Supplier QA on Headsets with Plantronics
Our main focus has become doing more with less: making the most of every customer contact, retaining agents, and improving customer satisfaction and retention. We are seeing little decline in contact center sales compared to other more discretionary purchases, customer contact being the mission-critical customer touch vehicle for most companies. Replacement purchases are being deferred as much as is operationally tenable, and therein our customers enjoy advantage due to the robustness and longevity of our solutions.

Supplier QA on Headsets with GN Netcom
We are an industry leader within the contact center marketplace providing proven wired headset solutions that enable customers to hear better, choose from multiple wearing style options to maximize comfort, and provide award-winning performance, quality and reliability with each connection.

Old Paradigm Shattered as Beryl Reinvents Call Center
Beryl, a reputed healthcare exclusive call center, has reinvented the call center experience. For many years now, the call center industry has been plagued with allegations of poor working conditions, an unflattering rate of employee attrition and low morale. There is an image crisis for the industry at both consumer and worker ends. It is this age old attitude that has been definitively dismissed by Beryl.

Orange Business Services Deploys Cisco Solutions across Legrand's North American Operations
Orange Business Services, France Telecom Group's division for worldwide enterprise services and an information and communications technology provider, has announced that it is deploying Cisco Unified Communications and Contact Center solutions across the North American operations of Legrand, a major player in products and systems for electrical installations and information networks for use in commercial, industrial and residential markets.

Cisco Revises CCIE Routing and Switching Certification
The revisions provide an assessment of hands-on troubleshooting skills and scenario based questions in a written examination. CCIE R&S v4.0 exams are scheduled for release on Oct. 18. Cisco believes that CCIE R&S updates reflect the role of the expert in evaluating network changes.

SmarterTools Updates Customer Service Solution
The SmarterTrack offering is a help desk application that includes a multichannel communications portal with features like Live Chat, WhosOn, cost analysis, and much more so businesses are able to better and more accurately report on customer service and communications as well as sales and support issues.

StrategicOne Uses Tableau's Software to Deliver Business Dashboards to CRM Clients
Tableau Software , a provider of business intelligence software and data visualization software, announced that StrategicOne implemented Tableau to provide client-facing business dashboards and customer relationship management (CRM) analytics.

Chordiant Releases IBM WPS Connector to Manage Live Customer Interaction
Chordiant Software, Inc announced the availability of the Chordiant Connector for IBM WebSphere Process Server (WPS), which is a new linkage capable of improving the process of managing customer conversations as a larger business process.

IQ Services: Performance and Load Testing for Screen Pop and Call Routing
IQ Services is a provider of end-to-end, customer experience testing services for complex unified communications and contact center solutions. Its patented technologies and methodologies go beyond component level testing, company officials say, to deliver end-to-end performance testing of integrated solutions from the end-user perspective.

SafeNet Partners with TantaComm for Call Center Secure Data Solution
This partnership was initiated to create an audio file and database encryption solution that can help call centers dealing with cardholder data to become PCI compliant.

Free White Paper from SPSS: Data Mining 101
In "SPSS Data Mining Tips" – available for download now in TMCnet's White Paper Library –officials from SPSS Inc. talk about how a veritable gold mine of information could be waiting to be discovered for businesses which may lack the personnel, time or skills to unearth it.

FREE WEBINAR: Testing Multi-Channel Contact Center Solutions from the Customer Perspective
IQ Services' mission is to encourage companies to deliver the best possible experience to their customers through flexible and responsive remote testing services for contact center and communication solutions.

Altitude Software Launches Enhanced Unified Desktop Solution
Altitude Software is enabling contact centers to become productive in this fashion with its enhanced Altitude Unified Desktop solution. It provides agents with all the relevant media control and applications information in user-friendly environments. It adds new tools to focus on first call resolution (FCR) rates and other customer satisfaction and business key metrics.

Emerson Network Power Unveils New Power Conversion Modules
LGA C Series power converters come packaged in a 16.26 x 16.26 mm outline and use an identical footprint for all models (3A, 6A, 10A and 20A) so that designers have a convenient single choice when formulating a power migration path if system requirements change. Input voltage ratings range from 3.0 to 13.8 VDC (4.5V to 13.8 VDC for the 20A model), making the power converters compatible with various input bus voltages. Emerson's new power converters also feature a wide adjustable output range from 0.59 to 5.1 VDC through external resistor trimming, reducing the number of module types needed to support multiple applications.

TCN Releases Web-based Predictive Dialer and Agent Gateway
TCN announced the introduction of its fully Web-based, no hardware/software, sub-second-connecting predictive dialer which will be available to any company with Internet connection. The new technology is expected to enhance accounts receivable management, political campaigning, marketing, call centers and other verticals.

UK Retailer Selects Teradata for Integrated Web Intelligence
JD Williams & Company Limited, the UK's direct home shopping company, has selected Teradata and its alliance partner Speed-Trap, a producer of customer insight software, to provide an Integrated Web Intelligence system that leverages fresh online interaction data to deliver instantly actionable customer insights.

Minsheng Deploys Yucheng Technologies' Stand-Alone Credit Card Call Center
Beijing, China-based Yucheng Technologies has announced that it will deploy a stand-alone credit card call center for China Minsheng Bank (Minsheng), with brand new systems designed to track and avert fraud.

Online Customer Service Communities: Overtaking Traditional Call Centers?
I recently came across an article by Steve Lohr of The New York Times that revolves around contact center agents – an interesting piece that examines how Verizon Communications Inc. (and who could argue with that company after its earnings report today?) is helping forge a trend that could spell very bad news for paid agents.

TOA Technologies' Service Call Scheduling Cuts Costs, Carbon Tireprints for Companies
TOA reports that its clients save an average of about $10,000 a year per technician in gas, travel, and truck expenses. In 2008, the firm helped them reduce fuel consumption by an average of 1.5 gallons per driver, per day, which also results in lower emissions. This means a company with 1,000 drivers can save about $10 million in annual expenses and cut its carbon tireprint by 3.4 million kg (3,750 tons) a year. That also means fewer tires being disposed of, in ugly mounds, and having to be recycled that also consumes energy, along with the technicians' vehicles.

Qire Launches Automated Customer Feedback Package
Qire, a specialist in Voice CRM and a professional affiliate of the Customer Contact Association, has launched its Customer Feedback package, an automated survey solution which lets customers comment on the quality of call centre service received.

Web Help Desk Goes Lite
Web Help Desk, which sells hosted help desk software, has announced a Lite Edition which will be marketed to small to medium businesses, K-12 schools, collegiate departments and governmental agencies as both a hosted SaaS application or on site installation.

LiveOps Spring 09 On-Demand Platform Features Chat, E-Mail, Surveys
In this economic climate it is all about the productivity. To that end, the Spring 09 edition of LiveOps' LiveOps On-Demand Contact Center Platform promises to dramatically enhance just that across the enterprise contact center operations. It includes five key features focused on empowerment and productivity:

Knoa Software Recognized in CRM and Contact Center Markets
Knoa recently announced that they have been selected as a winner of the 2009 CRM Excellence Awards by TMC's Customer Interaction Solutions and have also been named as a finalist in the category of Best Technology Innovation Vendor Solution for the Top Ranking Performers in the Contact Center Industry Regional Awards.

PECO Offers Online Power Outage Reporting
PECO is offering power outage reporting online through its Website. That means its customers have another way to report when power outages occur.

Ortronics/Legrand Server Cabinets to Improve Data Center Operations
Ortronics/Legrand, a provider of structured cabling solutions, reportedly introduced a new range of "Mighty Mo" network and server cabinets designed to offer network integrity by addressing several critical needs in data centers and large premise networks.

AT&T Intros Hosted Data Center Service
The company says that it's new offering will be helpful for companies looking to launch or expand call center capabilities without investing in premises based call distribution equipment.

D-Link Rolls Out PowerLine Adapter Kit
The kit is designed to support connecting computers, high-definition media players, game consoles, network attached storage and Internet content throughout the home. Users also can check the DHP-303's performance via a built-in LED.

Moulton Logistics Launches Report Writer, Part of Comprehensive Solution
Moulton Logistics, which providestechnology-enabled outsourced fulfillment, customer service and analytics services, has come out with its latest solution: Report Writer. This is a Web-based reporting tool that allows DRTV and other direct response marketing fulfillment clients to quickly and easily create customized reports based on real-time data available via Moulton's analytics and reporting dashboard.

Acteva Joins's Philanthropic Foundation's Efforts
Acteva, a vendor of on-demand event registration, ticketing and payment management services space, along with the Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the CRM vendor, have announced Acteva's involvement in the Foundation's "Power of Us" Partner Program. In addition to donating products and related services, Acteva's employees will continue to volunteer for nonprofit organizations, including activities organized by the foundation.

Paddy Power Bets on NGen for CIM
Ireland's biggest bookmaker, Paddy Power, has implemented nGen E-mail from nGenera Customer Interaction Management. The company has also introduced live chat assistance on the Web site, powered by nGen Chat, to offer customers rapid and highly personalized responses to any query.

NGenera, LiveLook Announce Partnership
NGenera Customer Interaction Management, a division of nGenera Corporation and a customer experience software vendor, has announced that it is partnering with LiveLook, a provider of next-generation visual customer communication tools, to spice up the capabilities and usability of its nGen CoBrowse module.

Nuance Study Finds Mobilers Want Customer Service Options, Too
Nuance Communications has announced findings from a Yankee Group study showing -- guess what? -- consumers are more demanding than ever. Wouldn't you know it, they require access to customer care directly from their mobile devices.

BLADE Network, IBM Ink Patent Cross-License Deal
According to BLADE officials, the company over the past three years has been providing industry-first data center networking solutions for IBM, including the first native 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch for IBM BladeCenter, the first top-of-rack switch for iDataPlex in massive Web 2.0-style data centers and cloud computing, and the first network virtualization solution that automates the enterprise data center for dynamic migration of virtual machines.

Bay Bridge Decision Technologies' The Importance of Strategic Planning Webinar
Just a reminder that the first session of the Bay Bridge Decision Technologies' three part Webinar hosted by TMC is soon approaching! The three part Webinar series will talk about strategic planning for contact centers presented by Ric Kosiba, co-founder and president of Bay Bridge Decision Technologies'.

Intel's Class Processors to Accelerate Data Center Transactions
The new processors, led by Xeon processor 5500 series from Intel – a company that deals in silicon innovation, develops technologies, products and initiatives to continually advance how people work and live – can be used by researchers and firms that use supercomputers as their foundation for research to reap great benefits along with reduced electricity costs.

Beyond 'BRIC': Outsourcing/Offshoring Opportunities Grows in Egypt Says LSE Study
Firms that are looking to set up and outsource their IT functions or ITO and/or their business processes or BPO should take a careful look beyond the leading and traditional 'BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) nations and instead at countries such as Egypt.

Envision Announces Executive Direct Program
Envision Telephony is a contact center solutions company offering products and services that enable organizations to deliver world class customer service.

inContact Chosen for Lebanon Contact Center
CCI Senior Corporate Advisor, Will Robertson, explained that they have aimed to purchase an all-in-one solution to enable them to avoid complex hardware provisioning issues while providing a ready-now solution to their inbound activity needs.

eGain Knowledge Verified by Consortium for Service Innovation
eGain Communications Corporation, a provider of multichannel customer service and knowledge management software, has announced that its knowledge management solution, eGain Knowledge, has been recognized as "Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) Verified" by the Consortium for Service Innovation (CSI).

CDC's Pivotal CRM 6.0 Selected by AAA in New York
CDC Software, a wholly-owned subsidiary of China's CDC Corporation, has announced that AAA Western and Central New York has selected Pivotal CRM 6.0 for its membership relationship management system that is expected to be used by more than 650 associates at 17 locations throughout upstate New York.

Q&A with Siemens on UC in the Contact Center
TMCnet is publishing an ongoing series of Q&As with leading customer interaction/CRM solutions suppliers in key product/service markets to get their insights on trends within contact centers, their specific industries, and within their firms. They are also being asked for best practices in buying and obtaining maximum value from their solutions.

RightNow Delivers Enhanced Customer Experience for Tesco's Tech Support Division
RightNow has been selected by Tesco's Tech Support division to enable the retailer to deliver consistent responses to customers. Tesco Tech was searching for a solution that would enhance the capabilities of this division, which helps customers with questions concerning purchasing technology products online.

Survey Results Lead to Live Chat Best Practices
After conducting a survey on the effectiveness of live chat technology, Bravestorm, makers of BoldChat, announced a set of best practices for e-tailers to help improve live chat effectiveness.

Amdocs Helps Clearwire Improve Customer Experiences
To ensure that the company is able to launch new offerings quickly and that their customers continually have good experiences, they have announced the signing of a multi-year agreement with Amdocs.

GWI Intros c.Support V 8.0
The company claims that it has been able to build in new features and enhance the existing functions because of its unwavering commitment to, and continuous belief in, Research and Development (R&D).

Acteva Announces Participation in's 'Power Of Us'
Acteva's participation will include donating its RSVP tracking for Salesforce CRM. This functionality lets's nonprofit customers take registrations and track RSVPs for all types of free events, including meetings, workshops, trainings, seminars, retreats, volunteer programs, parties and what have you.

Wmode Enhances Mobile Service Usage with ClearMode
By retrieving information from the mobile operator's network, ClearMode Consumer Analytics quickly analyzes all on/off portal browse and purchase behaviour of the mobile portals and storefront services.

Ping Identity Launches SaaS Partner Directory
Ping Identity, which provides secure Internet single sign-on solutions for over 300 enterprise customers, government agencies, and service providers worldwide, has launched an SaaS Partner Directory.

Sipera Systems' Secure Teleworker Solution is Now Avaya Compliant
The UC-Sec Teleworker solution from Sipera is now compliant with key IP telephony solutions from Avaya, Sipera announced recently. Sipera is also a member of the Avaya DevConnect program.

Convergys, Oman's Renna Strike Deal for Services
Convergys, a vendor of relationship management products, has announced that renna, a Middle East mobile reseller, has signed an agreement for Convergys to provide prepaid services obtained from its acquisition of Intervoice to mobile subscribers in Oman.

Knoa Partners With Serene Corp. for CRM
"CRM professionals cannot afford failed technology deployment projects, particularly in tough economic times when business survival may be at stake," wrote Bill Band, vice president and principal analyst, Forrester, in the February 2009 report titled "How To Risk-Proof Your CRM Deployment Strategy."

Arantech Launches Telco CEM Solution
CustomerWorld provides insight that was previously not available to the business and also ensures that this insight is used to maximize and enhance the customer experience.

Avaya Introduces New Contact Center Solution
This latest release delivers customers and their essential information to the correct agent or expert through the quickest and most efficient route possible. Using speech self-service, customers can provide key information such as account numbers, transaction history and their primary needs to get connected to the best available resource in any location of the business.

Globe Broadband Chooses SupportSoft Subscriber Agent
Click Fix is a tool based on SupportSoft's Subscriber Agent that is free and easy-to-use and that empowers users' to manage their Internet connection quickly and simply.

Shiftboard's Online Scheduling System Meets AOP Requirements
Because of the lack of proper tools, shifts went unfilled as operators couldn't see what shifts were open, and supervisors spent their days calling operators and program leaders trying to figure out why someone was not "seated" for a shift.

Florida Health System Renews Broadlane Partnership
Under the renewed agreement, Wuesthoff will continue to use Broadlane technologies, such as portal OnRamp to access the GPO contract portfolio, informatics and industry news and education.

Fidelity Deploys Expand Networks' WAN Optimization Technology
Fidelity National insurance providing personal insurance products has deployed Expand Networks' WAN Optimization technology. Expand Networks specializes in WAN optimization for branch office consolidation and virtualization. The integrated Expand platform also accelerates the organization's business critical applications for assisting in disaster recovery.

Verint and Dimension Announce Woolworths Implementation Down Under
Verint Systems and partner Dimension Data have announced that Woolworths Limited, an Australian retailer, has implemented the Impact 360 Workforce Optimization suite in its Everyday Money Customer Service Center located in Parramatta, New South Wales.

Aruba's Remote Access Point Receives TMC 2008 Product of the Year Award
Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC), recently awarded Aruba Networks' Remote Access Point (RAP) as the "2008 Product of the Year," which was presented by Unified Communications magazine.

CallCopy Helps Medicare Marketers Meet Federal Regulations
Last September the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) updated its Medicare Marketing Guidelines, which are designed to help marketers comply with changes to the Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act (MIPPA) of 2008.
3/24/2009 to Offer Twitter CRM App
According to a story by Mary Hayes Weier of Information Week, the new app will identify customers who – rather than call a customer service number – go to the larger Twitter community to solve problems with products.

White Paper from Ryla: Weighing the Risks of Outsourcing a Call Center
In "Outsourcing Customer Service: A Smart Strategy in Need of Refinement" – available for download now in TMCnet's White Paper Library – officials at Ryla, Inc. weigh factors that contribute to an increased risk that outsourcing customer contact activities increases the risk that some customers will be dissatisfied with the service they receive, and some may take their business elsewhere.

ATIS Announces Three New Energy Efficiency Standards for Telecom
The Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions, otherwise known as "ATIS," a large technical planning and standards development organization committed to the rapid development of global, market-driven standards for the information, entertainment and communications industry, has just published three standards used to determine telecommunication equipment's energy efficiency. The standards introduce the Telecommunications Energy Efficiency Ratio, or "TEER," as a measure of network-element efficiency.

Inova's Middleware Is Avaya IQ-Compliant
Inova Solutions, a global provider of real-time visual communications that help inbound and outbound call centers, public transit systems, schools, manufacturers and others instantly communicate vital information, reportedly has announced that its so-called "LightLink" middleware is compliant with Avaya IQ from Avaya.

CosmoCall Universe V6 Delivers Unified Customer Communications
Contact centers typically have two main resource streams. The customer-facing stream consists of Direct Contact Center resources that take calls, resolve problems and give critical feed-back to customers. The other stream consists of non-customer-facing staff and consultants who the DCCR's with strategic inputs, skills, field related feed-back, knowledge, trouble-shooting data, general support, and sanctioning new workflow methods.

Varolii Adds Intelligence to Automated Outbound Communications, Live Agent Calls
Intelligence is key to effectively managing customer interactions. The more you know about your customers and how your solutions: both automated and live agent handle them, the more tools that you have to interact with and to plan and manage these contacts and agents the more productive your organization will become.

Varolii Launches New Outbound Communications Products
It's getting harder for companies to ensure that their communications are being read or heard by the customers and employees they are sending them to. We live in an age where it has become commonplace for people to blow off critical communications and say "I never got it."

Cisco Enters Server Computer Market
According to Mario Mazzola, senior vice president of Cisco's server access and virtualization business unit, the virtual machine has become the new atomic building block of the data center, creating new challenges and opportunities with the potential to transform the computing environment and deliver significant benefits.

Clarabridge Smart Response Enables Real-Time Automated Customer Response Management
Clarabridge, a company that provides text mining software, has announced the release of Clarabridge Smart Response, a real-time automated customer issue analysis, response and routing solution powered by text mining.

Bay Bridge Decision Technologies' Partners with TMC to Help Contact Centers
Keep ahead of all the other contact centers by attending Bay Bridge Decision Technologies' three part Webinar hosted by TMC. The three part Webinar series will talk about strategic planning for contact centers presented by Ric Kosiba, co-founder and president of Bay Bridge Decision Technologies'.

Plantronics Intros New Wireless Audio Solutions for UC
Plantronics has launched the industry's first suite of Unified Communications wireless headset systems that improves business collaboration and provides cost savings.

D-Link Makes Available a New Solution for SMBs' Data Storage Needs
D-Link has announced that it is now shipping a solution for the growing data storage needs of small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs).

Canada Post Installs AMC's Multi-Channel Integration Server
Canada Post, Canada's postal service has reportedly selected AMC Technology's Multi-Channel Integration to integrate their SAP CRM and Nortel contact center implementations. AMC has teamed up with Innovapost, provider of complete professional IT solutions and services and part of the Canada Post group of companies, to deliver the solution.

Call Center Digital Signage Explained
Previously, Dan Boehm Vice President of Spectrum Corporation gave TMC readers a bit of background information on Spectrum Corporation. With 60 percent of its business in North America and the balance spread around the world, Spectrum is providing digital signage to call centers worldwide. However, Boehm wanted to make sure TMC readers understood the product, therefore, he further explained:

Frost Bank Leans on Allegiance to Measure Customer Retention and Loyalty
Operating as the banking, investments and insurance subsidiary of Cullen/Frost Bankers, Inc., Frost is considered to be the largest Texas-based banking organization that operates only in Texas. With more than 100 financial centers across the state, Frost selected Allegiance due to its extensive experience in customer loyalty and engagement outreach.

Gordano Enters into Agreement with eAgency
Gordano Ltd an international developer of comprehensive enterprise-class messaging products delivering scalability and reliability, has entered into an agreement with eAgency, Inc to provide over-the-air PIM updates to their users via their flagship Nice Office service.

Belden's New System Reduces Cooling Costs
A data center needs properly working cooling enclosures to work efficiently. But many such enclosures end up using excessive amounts of energy mainly due to oversupply of cold air by the computer room. Beleden says this is done to cover up the inefficiency in the enclosure cooling process. This results in wastage of water and energy for the company.

SAP Announces New CRM and Collaborative Tools
BAiO is principally an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool customized for a wide range of industries such as automotive, banking, media, life sciences, and oil and gas, built to accommodate a few or all of the 700 SAP ERP modules depending on the growth and requirement of the customer.

Amdocs Signs Agreement with Alcatel-Lucent
Under the terms of the agreement, Amdocs will be maintaining its operational support systems (OSS) installed at Sunrise Communications. With the signing of this agreement, Alcatel-Lucent will be expanding existing Amdocs' support of Sunrise's operational support systems that also includes support features and functionality developed by third parties until 2015.

Center Partners, OnviSource Target Call Center Market
Under their agreement, Center Partners will make use of OnviCord call recording and screen capture technologies within the OnviCenter 6 suite of Workforce Optimization solutions. OnviCenter 6 helps the companies to effectively automate and optimize their customer transactions with products such as OnviCord, OnviTrax, OnviCall, OnviNet and OnViews.

Audience Intros New Voice Processor Capabilities
The company claims that participants noticed a clear difference between the Audience Voice Processor enabled handset and those of three other mobile handsets.

SJS Solutions Bolsters British Contact Center with Real-Time Wallboards
Positioned as contact center wallboard experts, SJS Solutions sought to provide aggressive pricing and a flexible attitude to ensure they were selected as the best supplier for the council. To meet the needs of the center, SJS was asked to create a solution that would blend and display real-time data from the council's Avaya CMS and QBuster call-queuing systems.

Pac-West Telecomm Intros Voice Service Offerings for International Market
For U.S.-destined traffic, Pac-West provides a termination solution that does not require detailed routing to the NPA-NXX or LATA/OCN level. Also, carriers are allowed to choose a cost level that suits their traffic patterns. The calls destined to a rate center with a termination rate equal to or lower than the threshold will be completed and billed according to the cost of that rate center. This facility, according to Pac-West Telecom, lets customers "achieve the cost benefit of detailed routing without the work."

Report: Public Call Centers Lag Behind Private Sector
Ken Reid of Rostrvm said public authorities "need to look closely at the advantages brought about by CTI. With efficiency being a hot topic in the public sector at present and the efficiency agenda, it is essential that public bodies use the best available technology to streamline customer contact, consolidate business processes and deliver services as efficiently as possible."

KDG Selects Proxilliant's Cable Access Management System
The system is a comprehensive, integrated hardware and software solution for cable-based advanced service management. Its architecture features intelligence deployed deep into the access network that works in concert with sophisticated service management software deployed in the headend and regional data center.

Cellular Phone Provider Picks Verint WFO to Improve Quality Monitoring
Because the provider offers its customers a number of flexible cell phone program offerings, it has resulted in the need to optimize their workforce to ensure customer needs are met, and to make use of contact center technology so that it can ensure quality is constantly being delivered to its customers.

Globitel Call Center Solution Chosen by Batelco
The contract, which will accommodate 100 seats in Batelco's call center, is reportedly expected to be completed by April of this year.

eTelecare Signs Services Agreement with ISP
Under the agreement, eTelecare will offer technical support, customer care and retention services in both Spanish and English to the client's residential and small business customers.

TDI's Contact Center Solutions Now Compatible with Cisco, Mitel, ShoreTel Solutions
The company believes the integration will ensure seamless interoperability between solutions and that it will enable joint customers to enhance the customer experience.

VirtualLogger Offers Business Protection Plan
With this uncertain economy organizations know they need to invest in tools like call monitoring/recording to help them boost productivity and increase customer retention, attraction, and revenues. Yet if business plans change, either because of mergers, acquisitions, closures, and automation, they risk paying for unused solutions.

IPC Extends Ethernet Connection for Financial Trading Firms
The new development has resulted in customers of Switch and Data Web sites being provided with direct access to Ethernet private lines provided by ECS. These lines improve access to the stock exchanges and other market and trading data and applications.

Vocollect Intros Headset for Voice System Workers
According to Vocollect officials, the new SR-15 is for people who cannot wear typical over-the-head headset models due to hair style, religious headwear or comfort issues. Its less obtrusive form makes the new Vocollect headset ideal for environments, where voice-enabled workers are visible or interacting with the public.

GN Netcom, Ingram Micro Eye Canada's Telephony Market
GN Netcom provides innovative headset solutions through its Jabra brand. The company will provide Ingram Micro with service and assistance that includes business, technical, sales and marketing support as well as online and technical training. Leveraging these additional tools, Ingram Micro will be able to enhance relationships with resellers and generate new business.

SoundBite, IBS Help Community Banks Collect on Debts Faster
By interfacing with the IBS CARM-Pro collection management system, SoundBite is able to create a specific queue that enables outbound, automated voice messages to be delivered to past due account holders. The import files are sent back into the system at the end of each business day, which ensures that call outcomes are effectively recorded and tracked.

Chordiant Software Allows Real-Time Dialog, Interaction Management
Chordiant Software has announced Chordiant Recommendation Advisor version 6.2, a version which allows real-time Next-Best-Action-driven dialog and interaction management at the business-to-business and household level.

ShoreWare Contact Center 5 Now Available from ShoreTel
ShoreTel, a provider of Pure IP Unified Communications (UC) solutions, has announced the release of ShoreWare Contact Center 5. This latest version of the company's contact center application suite is designed to help organizations to dramatically improve customer service and sales workflows.

Vitrium Releases New Version of its Online Software Service Docmetrics
Vitrium Systems announced the release of a new version of its online software service, docmetrics. This PDF form lead generation system provides seamless integration with which is a customer relationship management system.

PAR Launches One-by-One Plug-in a Link to EuroContactPool Database
PAR, a Sweden-based database owner announced the launch of a plug-in called 'One-by-One' which will enable users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to link with its pan-European EuroContactPool business-to-business database.

Canadian City Adopts Motorola PremierOne CSR Application to Improve Government Response to Citizens
The City of Windsor, Ontario, Canada has upgraded their 3-1-1 citizen call center with Motorola's new public sector application, PremierOne CSR.

CRM Software Comparison Tool Helps SMBs Make the Right Choice
But because CRM software is not a one size fits all solution it requires that companies decide on the features they need and are matched with vendors who offer them.

Ventraq Releases Customer Behavior Analytics Solution
Ventraq helps service providers improve their business performance by providing actionable insight and was recently formed as a result of the merger of ACE*COMM, TeleSciences and 10e Solutions.

I love America, the land of opportunity. I came to this great country in 1957 with only $50 in my pocket. America gave me the opportunity to get to where I am today. And for that reason, I feel I owe a debt of gratitude to America and I have a moral obligation to put my country first. Therefore, in this editorial, I will offer my view on the problems that need resolution and how America can continue to be the same land of opportunity it always was.

So Many Files, So Many Numbers? CRM Innovation Has the Solution
AutoNumber can create a unique, easy to read reference number for records in the CRM systems. This tool allows system customizers to add 'AutoNumbering' to CRM entities that are not supported by the base numbering system. The solution makes it easy to create an AutoNumber that can be used to uniquely identify a record in the system without referencing another field or the GUID. The AutoNumber can be used to link the CRM record with other systems, such as back office, accounting applications, or even paper files.

Syntellect Support Center Now Successfully Integrates with Syntellect CIM Solution
Syntellect Inc., a provider of contact center management solutions, has announced the release of Syntellect Support Center for successful integration with the company's award-winning Syntellect Customer Interaction Management (CIM) solution, formerly known as Apropos.

Genpact Guatemala Contact Center Becomes BPO Operation
A Guatemala contact center, owned by Genpact (NYSE: G) that opened in mid-2008 has expanded to become a business process outsourcing (BPO) facility, supporting U.S. clients on a nearshore basis.

CSC Wins $59 Million FBI Call Center Contract
Originally the contract was awarded to Datatrac Information Systems Inc. in 2003, but that company was acquired by CSC in 2006 and the new deal was inked this quarter. As part of the order, CSC will provide the FBI with call center and help desk services to support the NICS call center.

KANA: Companies Looking To Do More with CRM Solutions
KANA makes multichannel customer service software solutions. The KANA Suite, which integrates phone, e-mail, Web, chat and collaboration channels with knowledge management capabilities in a unified application, recently received a Product of the Year Award from Customer Inter@ction Solutions magazine.

Informatica Revenues Hit $214.4 Million in Q4
Informatica Corporation, which sells enterprise data integration software and services, has announced financial results for the fourth quarter and the year ended December 31, 2008.

DMC Gets Sage Status, Welcomes 200 Suite Launch
DMC Software, a Sage and Microsoft Gold Certified Business Partner, has been awarded Sage Customer Development Center status in time for the launch of the new Sage 200 Suite.

Presence Technology to Discuss Call Center Strategies, Showcase Solutions at ITEXPO
Presence Technology, a software provider specialized in delivering advanced solutions to the contact center, will be serving as a cosponsor to the INTERNET TELEPHONY Conference & Expo, held February 2nd – 4th in Miami, Florida.
1/30/2009's Tips To Build Customer Loyalty With CRM
The February issue of Customer Interaction Solutions magazine will have a feature on 'Top Tips to Build and Keep Customer Loyalty with CRM'.

Medical Information Call Centers Hamstrung by Wide Internet Use
A new report, titled "Evolving Medical Information Call Centers through Performance Measurement and Process Improvement," focuses on helping the medical information companies deal with the changing environment.

Cisco and Inova Solutions Team to Broadcast Dynamic Content in Call Centers
Cisco chose Inova Solutions' digital signage software, Inova Broadcaster, to populate their system hardware with customized content. The software, according to Inova Solutions, delivers real-time call center metrics along with dynamic multimedia content to agents and managers.

DealerTrack Launches Enhanced CRM Solution with ILM Capability
Available to users of the DealerTrack Arkona dealer management system (DMS), the enhanced CRM solution provides cutting-edge functionality to help them communicate consistently and effectively with all their customers.

Sorrento Aids Hostworks with Storage Area Network
The GigaMux 3200 was selected by Hostworks to connect its data center with the customer's data center on the other side of the city, facilitating low cost, low latency and bandwidth efficient Storage Area Networks.

CoE Certification Encore for OEConnection
OEConnection Customer Care Center recently bagged the "Center of Excellence" certificate from BenchmarkPortal for the second consecutive year. This certification is globally considered a prime indicator that a Call Center is dedicated towards quality customer care and places it in the top ten percent category.

Gartner Suggests Six CRM Marketing Processes for a Cost-Constrained Economy
Marketing budgets are most at risk during the economic slump. Gartner, Inc., an information technology research and advisory firm, has proposed six marketing processes that can be automated to drive revenue and cut costs, maximizing marketing budgets and Return on Investments (ROIs).

Convergys Reports Loss in 2008 Profits, Expects to Bounce Back
Convergys saw its financial ink bleed from black to red in 2008 primarily owing to a combination of HR management services losses and declining information system operating income caused by a slowdown in communications industry spending.

Symon Honored 2008 Product of the Year Award by Customer Interaction Solutions Magazine
Symon, a provider of digital signage systems, announced on Wednesday that the company's real-time desktop alerting tool, Symon InView, has received a 2008 Product of the Year Award from Technology Marketing Corporation's (TMC) Customer Interaction Solutions magazine.

Genesys Gains Rights to Customer Interaction Portal with Acquisition of SDE
An Alcatel-Lucent company, Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, today announced it has obtained SDE Software Development Engineering GmbH, a spin-off of VoicInt Telecommunications.

StarTek Inaugurates Makati BPO Facility
StarTek, a high-value business process outsourcing (BPO) services provider, recently inaugurated its Makati facility. The company began operations in the facility in September 2008 with approximately 50 pioneer managers and agents who are focused on delivering services for FORTUNE 1000 corporations in the United States.

Mariner Commercial Properties Employs Lasso CRM to Market Waldorf-Astoria Hotel
Mariner Commercial Properties will make use of the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution from Lasso Data Systems to market and sell the luxurious Waldorf-Astoria Hotel & Residences in Philadelphia.

C.A.M. Turns to Counterpoint for CRM
Creazioni Artistiche Musicali (C.A.M.), an Italian record company, has selected the Counterpoint Systems' Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for implementation.

PANDUIT Intros High-Speed Transport Solution
PANDUIT has released the TX6A 10GIG Copper Cabling System, a next-generation end-to-end Category 6A UTP system, which provides significant margin on all 10GBASE-T electrical parameters with improved alien crosstalk performance, delivering superior overall channel performance over a slimmer UTP cable.

Wiki for Dynamics Exchange CRM in Beta
FYI: The DynamicsExchange CRM AnswerCenter Wiki is here.

Infoblox Virtual Software Module Available on Cisco AXP
Infoblox announced that its virtual software module is now available on the Cisco application extension platform (AXP) for the Cisco integrated services router (ISR).

Syntellect Intros New Functionality to its Testing Solution; Releases VOIYAGER 2009
Syntellect, a company focused in providing self-service and live contact center solutions, has announced its upgraded release of Voiyager, a testing solution that addresses comprehensive testing and quality assurance demands.

Tech Data Partners with Fonality to Sell Hybrid-Hosted Solutions
Tech Data has announced a distribution agreement with Fonality to sell its open source, Hybrid-Hosted solutions for small and medium businesses (SMBs).

Accenture Finds Four Ways to Help Government with CRM
"Engaging citizens" and "collaborating with a wider network of service providers" can help governments improve the quality of the services and outcomes they deliver to their constituents, according to a new report from Accenture.

Avaya Develops, Showcases Advanced Retailer Customer Service Solutions
The retail shopping experience has changed in essence very little over the centuries. It has been about salespeople determining the needs of customers or customers seeking out sales staff to assist them, one on one, with little coordination with the rest of the store, or organization. Yes, there has been technology introduced, such as pagers and walkie-talkies, but nothing in the retail environment that is as integrated as say in a contact center, and no tools that have effectively integrated retail with contact centers at the customer level.

Telrex's CallRex Speech Analytics Goes SaaS
Telrex's 'pay-as-you-go' model, with no capital outlays, allows companies like yours to reap the benefits of speech analytics without purchasing and maintaining expensive speech analytics technology and dedicating your staff to reviewing and analyzing recordings. You can gain a competitive edge by hearing and recalling the voices of your customers and in doing so giving these your most valuable assets a voice within your organization without busting your budget.

AbilityCRM Achieves Gold Certified Partner Status
This new market position communicates to customers that AbilityCRM has demonstrated expertise with Microsoft technologies and proven its ability to meet customer needs. As a Gold Certified Partner, AbilityCRM will receive a rich set of benefits, which includes access, training and support, to provide them with a competitive advantage in the channel.

Billing Automation Streamlined recently released an upgrade, for its on-demand Accounts Payable (A/P) software, to simplify and speed up billing related workflow and process automation. It reduces paper bill handling to a one-time-only event – right at the beginning of the cycle. Thereafter, financial and business approvals, payments and tracking are conducted on-line, one hundred percent paperless, 24x7 and are fail safe. The relatively low cost of service is attractive for businesses ranging from small to very large.

Convergys Gets Fortune 50 Contract
CRM vendor Convergys Corporation has implemented a human resources services contract for a Fortune 50 Company. The "go-live" took place January 2 in ten countries in multiple languages in Latin America, North America, and Asia-Pacific.

Avaya, Nortel ID Key Contact Routing Trends
Avaya and Nortel are the two most experienced contact center solutions suppliers in North America, and arguably the world, with shared heritages as equipment makers for the Bell systems in the U.S. and Canada respectively. Who better than these two firms to find out the key inbound and outbound contact routing, including unified communications and conferencing trends from? We recently posed a series of questions to Avaya and Nortel and here are their answers, provided by Chris McGugan, vice president, Avaya Contact Center Solutions division and Wendy Mikkelsen, Contact Center Product Marketing, Nortel:

MPC Call Center Chooses Plantronics as Headset Vendor
MPC Call Center, a U.S.-based live operator call center for small, medium, and large companies, announced it has chosen Plantronics, a company specializing in lightweight headset products, as to provide telephone headsets for their operators.

TMC ITEXPO Spotlights WBS Connect
Recently, I had the chance to speak with WBS Connect Scott Charter, Managing Partner:

Five9 Predicts '09 A Great Year for On Demand Call Center Software
Five9's hosted call center solutions not only help improve performance and lower infrastructure maintenance costs but also increase flexibility of agent staffing and keep call centers at the forefront of their industry.

UTOPY Unveils Version 5.2 of SpeechMiner
UTOPY has unveiled UTOPY SpeechMiner V5.2, its flagship Speech Analytics product. UTOPY claims that its SpeechMiner V5.2, allows call centers to process unlimited customer call volume from all over the world.

UCN's Call Center Software Aids Natural Gas Energy Company
UCN, Inc. has reportedly entered in to an agreement with a Natural Gas Energy Company to deploy its inContact Echo call centre software in its customers contact center site

Bell Canada Buyout Busts: Are Mergers In The Offing?
An attempt to buy out BCE, the parent of Bell Canada, the country's largest communications firm has crashed and burned on the snow and ice of an already-hard Canadian winter.

Report: Avaya Positioned by Gartner as Leader Quadrant
Avaya Inc., a global provider of business communications software, systems and services, announced that Gartner, Inc. has placed them in the Leaders quadrant of its recently published Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructure, Worldwide

Eaton Intros Power Distribution Rack to Meet Data Center Needs
The PDR, according to Eaton, offers a space-saving way to distribute power throughout the data center with up to 168 factory-installed branch breakers. With its highly compact footprint, it offers traditional 225A or 400A panels to make full use of all 42-pole positions, if needed, without jeopardizing the critical load.

Call Centers Have Option to Try Promero Hosted Solutions Before Committing
Promero, a Certified Partner of the Oracle PartnerNetwork has announced today that it is offering a Try Before You Buy No Risk Guarantee for call center executives thinking about making a change to upgraded or hosted services.

Open Solutions Signs Up Osoyoos Credit Union
Osoyoos Credit Union officials say they have selected The Complete Credit Union Solution: DNA, the latest version of the relational core data processing platform from Open Solutions, a vendor of technologies for financial institutions in the United States, Canada and other international markets.

Dubai Islamic Bank to Automate its Reconciliation Processes with Fiserv
Dubai Islamic Bank is using Fiserv's CheckFree transaction management and reconciliation solution to rapidly automate its reconciliation processes. The solution was promptly installed within 90 days of contract execution to address actual and anticipated transaction volume growth, and reduce operational and compliance risk exposure.

Sales Advantage Debuted by Genesis Global
In trying to solve its own marketing communications issues, company officials say, Fort Myers, Florida-based Genesis Global Technologies developed an online sales tool, Sales Advantage, to communicate and engage with clients and prospects.

Sage Customer Award Handed Out to Socius
Socius, a Sage North America business partner, has announced today that its client, Experient of Twinsburg, Ohio, has won a Sage Customer Award for Lifetime Achievement.

Softwrx Picks Veryant's IsCOBOL ERP
Veryant, a COBOL and Java tech firm, has announced that Softwrx has selected the isCOBOL Application Platform Suite for its suite of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

Nectar's Converged Management Platform Now Avaya Compliant
Nectar Services Corp., an IP communications services provider and wholly owned subsidiary of Juma Technology Corp., has announced that its Converged Management Platform (nectar/CMP) is compliant with key Internet Protocol (IP) telephony solutions from Avaya, a global provider of business communications applications, systems and services.

Voltaire and Panasas Deliver Unified Fabrics-based Storage Solutions
Voltaire Ltd, providing grid backbone solutions for data centers announced that it is working with Panasas for delivering unified fabrics-based storage solutions to customers throughout the world. The companies completed cross-certification testing of Voltaire Grid Director switches and InfiniBand-to-10-Gigabit-Ethernet gateways with the Panasas ActiveStor 6000 Parallel Storage Cluster. When working in tandem the products are capable of delivering high throughput using the unified fabric configuration.

TomTom Recognized by J.D. Power For Second Consecutive Year
GPS maker TomTom, has been recognized for contact center operation customer satisfaction excellence by J.D. Power and Associates under its Certified Call Center Program for a second consecutive year. The Certified Call Center Program distinction acknowledges a strong commitment from TomTom's contact center operations to provide 'An Outstanding Customer Service Experience.'

InVision Enterprise WFM Delivers Staff Planning Efficiency to ZLB Plasma
Boca Raton, Florida-based ZLB Plasma is now enjoying the efficient management of its workforce as a result of the support of software solution, InVision Enterprise WFM. A division of pharmaceutical company, CSL Behrin and one of the largest human plasma collectors worldwide, ZLB Plasma can now conduct efficient staff planning for the entire organization.

Inova QReader Offers Increased Visibility into Real-Time Contact Center Operations
Inova Solutions has launched the Inova QReader, a new plug-and-play wallboard designed to provide call centers with a simple and cost-effective way to gain visibility into real-time operations.

Percall Growth Significant Thanks to App-Line Sibilo Contact Center Solution
Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, PTC and Surcouf have something substantial in common – each company relies on the Sibilo Contact Center as the foundation of their technical support.

Pitney Bowes to Provide Call Center Support to U.S. Mint
Pitney Bowes Government Solutions (PBGS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Pitney Bowes, has been selected by the United States Mint to provide call center and fulfillment operations.

XLN's Netdialer Targets SMBs Placing International Mobile Calls
The financial crisis has begun to affect small businesses, and Anthony Karibian, co-founder and chief executive officer of XLN, said that his company understands the need for small businesses to reduce their operational costs.

Taking Stock of CRM's Woodstock -- Dreamforce
Taking stock of the Woodstock of on-demand CRM,'s Dreamforce: officials left the Moscone Center believing they had, in the words of one, "redefined CRM with Salesforce CRM's cloud computing approach."

Glovia Now on
Glovia International, a subsidiary of Fujitsu and a provider of ERP products for engineer-to-order and high volume manufacturers, has announced the availability of Order Management on's

OrecX Enhances Open Source VoIP Call Recording
Chicago-based OrecX, a company providing source voice recording applications, today revealed it has made two significant advancements to its Oreka Total Recorder (TR) software product.

NEC Unified and Microsoft's Tellme Team on Hosted Call Center Voice Services Solution
With an eye toward simplifying the design and implementation of customer service-supporting communications systems, NEC Unified Solutions is partnering with Microsoft subsidiary Tellme. The objective: to offer on-demand, enterprise-class voice services solutions.

Convergys Intros Intervoice Voice Portal 6.0 and Interaction Composer
Convergys Corporation, a global provider of relationship management solutions, has announced that Intervoice Voice Portal 6.0 (IPV 6) and the introduction of its next-generation application creation environment – Interaction Composer.

AMC Technology Offers Extended Payment Options to Customers
AMC Technology has announced extended payment plans to help customers with new purchases of AMC Technology products and services.

Minimizing the Risks and Overcoming the Challenges of Transitioning to an IP-Based Infrastructure
Organizations are continuing to migrate to IP-based contact centers as they recognize the benefits that can be gained by moving from closed proprietary solutions to a more open, standards-based environment. With many legacy systems reaching maturity, enterprises also are looking for ways to protect their investments, reduce maintenance and upgrade costs and continue to deploy new innovative applications. This article takes a look at the key business drivers of IP telephony and highlights the underlying benefits, technology considerations and key components of a successful migration strategy.

Verint Systems Recognized by Frost & Sullivan for Call Monitoring Solutions
Verint Systems recently launched its next-generation Impact 360 Workforce Optimization suite, which was met with great anticipation as companies sought to implement a solution that would streamline costly processes within the contact center.

Informatica On Demand Introduced for
Informatica, which sells enterprise data integration and data quality software and services has announced Informatica On Demand Data Synchronization Service for, the newest addition to its family of On Demand Data Integration Services.

Five9 Thanks Partners with More Rewards
The program, which was launched back in January, allows partners to provide sales referrals and share in the revenue.

CRM Manager to Buy Redxlerant
An on-demand software consultancy firm, CRM manager, is set to acquire Dallas-based Redxlerant Inc. to expand its reach nationwide. Redxlerant provides CRM software development and consulting. Both are consulting partners.

Jitterbit Eases Integration to Enhance Customer Benefit
"Companies are increasingly recognizing the need to effectively link with existing applications," said Sharam Sasson, Jitterbit chairman and CEO, in a Monday statement.

Aspect Lands Strategic Partnership Agreement with Intech
Aspect, a provider of unified communications (UC) and contact center software/services, announced that it has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Integration Technologies (Intech), an information technology consulting and integration firm.

Lane County Sheriff's Office Improves Call Recording with Verint Audiolog System
Verint Systems and regional partner, DialPro Northwest, have announced today that the Lane County Sheriff's Office in Eugene, Oregon has deployed the Audiolog system.

EGlue Deploys to Nationwide Financial Services
EGlue, a software company selling real-time customer interaction products, has announced the deployment of eGlue InterAct at Nationwide Financial Services, an insurance and financial services firm.

U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs Picks Verizon Business for Call Center Routing
The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has selected Verizon Business to provide call center routing and support under a new agreement valued at $20.9 million.

SSPA Identifies Top Five Initiatives For Customer Tech Support Centers
The Service and Support Professionals Association (SSPA) has identified five top initiatives that customer technical support centers should pursue to deliver breakthrough customer support and enable customer success. These methods, it says, will help firms through today's challenging economic climate and securely position them when the economy bounces back.

Fonality Enables Crusecom to Save Money with PBXtra Call Center Solution
The call center system from Fonality has helped Crusecom to attain rapid growth and a reputation as a leading-edge call center facility. The dramatic savings are a result of the PBXtra Call Center deployment that has enabled the company to invest in a new 14,000 square foot call center facility that will house up to 150 call center agents.

Appirio Allows Companies to Leverage Facebook to Manage Customer Relationships
Considering the increased use of Facebook in the office, leveraging its capability to actually drive performance rather than reduce productivity is certainly a positive thing that is likely to help drive deployment.

Dimension Data Implements Contact Center Solution for Towerstream
Towerstream was enjoying strong growth and had rapid market expansion goals. To meet these goals, Dimension Data designed and built an IP-based contact center to harness unified communications (UC) technologies.

NHS Lothian Turns to Telephonetics VIP Contact Center Solution to Improve Service
The Telephonetics VIP ContactPortal and Result solution has already been successfully implemented by NHS Lothian. This deployment was done for internal operator services and automated medical results provision. The success of this original deployment helped to drive for further implementations.

Syntellect Expands Presence with Envox Group AB Purchase
Syntellect has recently purchase the business and assets of Envox Group AB for $14 million, giving the company a better handle in enterprise-class contact center solutions.

MarkeTel Partners with Call Compliance On Canada's DNC Law
More than 3.3 million Canadian telephone, cellular and fax numbers have been registered on Canada's do not call list (DNC) since it went live on September 30, reports the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.

Time Warner Contact Centers to Use Virtual Hold Solutions
Time Warner officials say their company is the second-largest cable operator in the United States, and that they've been developing and launching video, data and voice services.

KazCommertzBank Uses Cisco Technology to Improve Tele-Banking Services
KazCommertzBank's new contact center uses Cisco solutions to support up to 30 simultaneous customer calls. In addition, it also provides automated self-service for easy and fast access to personalized information, such as: account balances and credit card limits; changing passwords; and paying for fixed and mobile communications and cable TV services.

Centennial Turns to CosmoCall Universe for Puerto Rico Contact Center
Centennial, a mobile and broadband provider in Puerto Rico, has selected CosmoCom, a contact center solutions company, to help to sustain high levels of customer service that have helped to differentiate the carrier in its markets.

Digirad Implements QAD Customer Relationship Management
QAD, Inc., a provider of enterprise software and services for global manufacturers and Strategic Information Group, a service provider of enterprise technology and regulatory management solutions announced that Digirad, a medical imaging products manufacturer based in Poway, Calif., has gone live with QAD Customer Relationship Management (QAD CRM) solution.

OnviSource Rolls Out Explora Speech Solution for OnviCenter 6
Using a state-of-the-art phonetic engine, the Explora call center speech solution provides fast, highly accurate audio search and analysis of speech content. The audio search within Explora speech analytics is not reliant on dictionaries, static grammar or the need to convert speech to text.

LiveVox Wants to Cut Agents
Think of all the free time that you might—well most likely will have if LiveVox takes your job—in the near future. If LiveVox has its way, people in the collection service industry may be out of work and then they themselves may be placed on the list of people to call.

Acxiom Intros New Data Quality Platform
Acxiom Corporation announced the introduction of a new data quality platform, designed to save companies thousands of dollars with more efficient features. It offers low total cost of ownership (TCO) and high returns on customer contact and marketing initiatives.

New Teradata Solution May End Abandoned Online Sales
Teradata is working on new Web business intelligence software that can be used in conjunction with contact center applications to enable enterprises to reduce dropped online sales by adding intelligence to interactive voice response (IVR) tools, automatic call distribution (ACD) systems, and live agent interactions.

Life is Good: How a Focus on Satisfaction Can Improve Business Results
Life satisfaction, job satisfaction, employee satisfaction. You may think these are all the same, but the impact on performance lies in the definition.

Call Center Strategy: Invest, Invest, Invest... In People
While the economy, the political environment, and uncertainty loom in our faces, when we focus on this situation or set of circumstances, usually what comes up is fear. However, if you focus on the fear, the fear expands.

Jigsaw Survey Finds Clients Realizing Significant Benefits
Survey results identified that individuals have experienced a marked improvement across all enterprise functional areas when utilizing Jigsaw data services to power direct marketing campaigns, sales prospecting efforts, the recruitment of new talent and the ongoing maintenance of CRM solutions.

IDOL Powers Fiat Group Automobiles' Worldwide Technical Assistance Portal
Autonomy has announced it is powering Fiat Group Automobiles' portal eTech which provides technical assistance to Fiat Group Automobiles' dealers and workshops across the globe.

California BOE Extends Call Center Hours to Handle Volume Influx
The California State Board of Equalization (BOE) has announced that it plans to extend its Taxpayer Information Call Center operating hours from October 14-30. This extension is being positioned as part of the effort to reduce wait times and better help taxpayers during peak return filing periods.

Corporate Call Center Teams with Guardian Capital Partners to Spur Growth
Guardian Capital Partners (GCP), a private equity firm that invests in middle market manufacturing and service companies, has acquired a controlling interest in Corporate Call Center (CCC).

iQor CEO Demos 'Virtual' Call Center; Creates New Jobs in Rural Areas
On Friday, October 3rd, iQor President and CEO, Vikas Kapoor demonstrated innovative technology that moves the company's 21 global call centers into a 100 percent virtualized environment.

Internap Expands Relationship with
Now, officials from both companies say, Internap will offer its Content Delivery Network, data center co-location and Performance IP networking services to NADAguide Web site for an expanded vehicle information and services.

Calabrio Intros New Compliance Recording Bundle for Contact Centers
Calabrio, a provider of workforce optimization and unified desktop software for IP-based contact centers, announced its new Compliance Recording and Quality Management solution.

CosmoCom Customers Assured FTC Compliance
While the Federal Trade Commission's recently added requirements for telemarketing sales may have some telemarketers worried, CosmoCom is announcing that customers of their CosmoCall Universe offering can rest assured they are fully compliant with the new guidelines.

1&1 Internet Data Center Goes Green
To make its data center energy efficient, 1&1 Internet is purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates from the non-profit Bonneville Environmental Foundation. Most of the certificates will be sourced from Bowersock Mills and Power Company's hydroelectric facility in Lawrence, Kansas – home of the University of Kansas Jayhawks and title of a popular song by Josh Ritter.

Alchemy Systems Now Offering Customer Service Certification Training
Austin, Texas-based Alchemy Systems, a provider of e-learning courses to train production personnel and entry-level job-seekers, has announced the addition of Customer Service Training for its SISTEM Courseware.

Accident Fund Selects Siemens OpenScape Contact Center Portfolio
Accident Fund has deployed the HiPath ProCenter Enterprise solution, an important component of the OpenScape Contact Center portfolio from Siemens Enterprise Communications. Accident Fund Insurance Company of America helps protect employers and employees from issues arising out of work-related injuries. Accident Fund also deployed Siemens' HiPath 4000 real-time IP platform to provide digital, analog and VoIP functionality on a single platform.

RAB Implements Ontario Systems Verified Contacts On-Demand
Regional Adjustment Bureau (RAB) has announced the implementation of Ontario Systems Verified Contacts On-Demand, a Software-as-a-Service module. RAB is a privately-owned collection agency. Founded in 1971, RAB has a quality team of managers, trainers and collectors.

3PAR, Databasement to Deliver Utility Storage in Europe
3PAR considers the partnership with Databasement strategic as it facilitates the utility storage provider to increase its sales presence in EMEA while expanding into European markets such as Spain. 3PAR has already introduced utility storage to several countries across Europe. The company either has a direct or indirect sales presence in all these companies. 3PAR has gained additional channels in the Netherlands and Belgium by partnering with Databasement. This partnership has also introduced utility storage to the Spanish market.

Fleximation Systems Signs Reseller Agreement with Ensim
Ensim Corporation, a provider of user provisioning and access control software, has entered into a reseller partnership with Fleximation Systems.

Hillsborough Kids, Mindshare Create Virtual Call Center
The Mindshare virtual call center will provide contact with caregivers to provide timely visits and the delivery of quality services. Such dynamic interaction is essential to deliver ongoing services. Creating a call center on a virtual platform allows for faster deployment and ongoing support.

Ramshyam Communications Lowers Call Center Cost for SMBs
Ramshyam Communications, a call center outsourcing firm, has announced today that it has lowered its prices in an effort to help small businesses to continue to realize profits during the economic slowdown.

American IT, Customer Service Training Inadequate: SkillSoft Survey
A new global survey conducted by e-learning and training provider SkillSoft has revealed what many IT and contact center professionals have long observed: that training is inadequate.

NEC Unified Announces 'Unique' VoIP, ACD Deployment
On Mondays, five to six nurses must handle the influx of calls that come through MKMG's pediatric offices. The CallCenterWorX call-back feature allows parents to call, quickly reserve their place in the call queue, and hang up; when a nurse is available, the system automatically returns the call.

CRM, Billing From FTS Picked for Indonesia's Sampoerna
FTS, a vendor of billing, CRM and business control products for communication and content service providers, has announced that Sampoerna Telecom Indonesia has deployed FTS' convergent prepaid-postpaid billing and customer care product for its entire subscriber base.

Kyocera Gets Oracle Demantra from BearingPoint
In a bid to help wireless manufacturer, Kyocera, to improve planning and forecasting functions, BearingPoint, Inc. has announced it deployed Oracle Demantra Demand Management for the San Diego, California- based company.

Marketing Alternatives Improves Call Center Up-Sell Performance for Seta
Chicago-based outsourced call center provider, Marketing Alternatives, has announced that it has improved call center up-sell performance by as much as 20 percent for jewelry cataloger Seta Corporation (Palm Beach Jewelry).

Technogym Simplifies Order Process with WebSource CPQ and Oracle CRM OnDemand
Webcom, providing simplified quote-to-order enablement for the selling of complex products and services and a Certified Partner in Oracle PartnerNetwork, today announced that Technogym, a global innovator in the design of fitness equipment, has implemented the Webcom WebSource CPQ solution to simplify the quote-to-order process.

Aspect Software Appoints New Senior Vice President and General Counsel
Aspect Software, a provider of unified communications (UC) for the contact center has appointed David Reibel as its new Senior Vice President and General Counsel.

Metro One Completes Second Expansion of Contact Center, Adds Two Business Leaders
Metro One Telecommunications has announced the completion of its second expansion of a contact center within its company headquarters. The company has also added two long-time contact center business leaders as a result of growth in its revitalized business model.

Aspect Partners with Tellme to Deliver Unified Contact Center Solution and Services
Tellme, a Microsoft subsidiary, and Aspect Software have announced an agreement to bring together the Aspect unified contact center solution and services with Tellme's proven voice services platform in an effort to deliver a flexible, cost effective joint contact center solution.

Impact 360 Coaching Now Available From Verint Systems
Impact 360 Coaching is offered as part of the Verint Witness Actionable Solutions product line and is the latest addition the company's analytics-driven workforce optimization (WFO) suite.

IDGC of Centre, JSC Automates CRM
IDGC of Centre is known as one of the first grid companies of Russia to start automation of customer service processes using SAP CRM-based programs. Being one of the first allowed the company to not only set standards, it also was able to identify best practices for those companies competing in Russia.

Conversive Introduces Automated Chat Solution
The Conversive software leverages an organization's knowledge base of products, pricing and procedures into enabling them to create automated responses instantly to routine questions in a conversational format. It provides highly accurate and context-sensitive answers to queries.

CRM, Billing Implementations Subject of NTG Clarity's LOI
NTG will provide "a range of consulting and re-engineering services in support of the implementation of a new CRM and billing system," company officials say. Specific services will involve functional process improvement, assessment and analysis, requirements prototyping and testing.

Report: Customers Want Cable, Voice Providers to Use Web Sites for Customer Service
Across the United States, the study measures customer satisfaction with both local and long-distance telephone service in four regions.

Global Connect Bolsters Security and Compliance for Call Centers
These features, as well as the company's renewal of its SysTrust certification, assure clients that the data they use for Global Connect messaging campaigns is secure, and that campaigns they conduct using the service comply with applicable regulations.

Amdocs and Siemens to Deliver T-Mobile Croatia CRM Solution
Amdocs and Siemens have joined hands to deliver a T-Mobile Croatia customer relationship management (CRM) solution.
9/9/2008 Improves Customer Service with eGain Solution
An integral part of eGain's services, eGain Mail enables contact centers to route incoming emails and process them.

Enkata Director of Marketing to Present at Call Center 2.0 Conference
First call resolution is an important and even critical element within the call center as it can reduce the number of contacts necessary between the company and the customer and can create a better customer experience to boost satisfaction. The key to these benefits is understanding how to accomplish first call resolution.

CRM Company Founder Gianforte Lists 'Eight to Great' Steps
RightNow Technologies has announced a new book, Eight to Great: Eight Steps to Delivering an Exceptional Customer Experience, authored by RightNow CEO and founder Greg Gianforte.

Metro One Intros Counts and Order System to Reach New Movers
Metro One said that it has developed a new Counts and Order System that enables marketers to perform a quick query to identify the number of recent movers in any given geography.

ACCENT Deploys NICE SmartCenter Solution for Contact Center
ACCENT Marketing Services operates a contact center with 250-plus agents for a Kingston, Jamaica-based telecommunications client, which was originally maintained in-house. The contact center had manual processes and systems.

Amazon's Customer Service Center Hiring for 2008 Holiday Season today announced it will be hosting a hiring event for more than 250 full-time and part-time seasonal customer service positions for its Kennewick, Washington, customer service center, which is operated by AMZN wacs.

Inova Expands Dashboard Tool for Call Center Management
Inova Solutions has expanded the capabilities of its web-based dashboard tool for call center management. Simple reporting has been expanded to actionable alerts based on threshold values which occur in real-time. Thus managers are able to instantly compare actual performance against goals. Inova solutions provides real-time visual communications that help call centers, public transit systems, schools, hospitals and others instantly communicate vital information. The company was founded in 1984.

Australia's IRESS Deploys Radware's OnDemand Switch Platform for Data Centers
The company's scalable, cost-effective switch is expected to enhance business continuity at IRESS' data centers, simplify network topology and provide customers the assurance of always-available financial industry information.

Web-Based Call Center Tool from Inova to Aid Managers' Analyses
Officials from Inova Solutions say their "Performance Tracker 2.0" will gather data from workforce management systems, internal databases and ACD's and produce charts, gauges and grids that will help call centers reach their daily goals.

Convergys Receives New Relationship Management Solutions Contract
Convergys has announced that a well known Canadian company has awarded them a new 3-year contract for its state-of-the-art Relationship Management Solutions.

InvisibleCRM Announces Outlook Integration Product for Amdocs CES
InvisibleCRM has announced the availability of its Outlook Integration product for Amdocs CES, CRM 7.5, the latest release of Amdocs' customer management solutions.

Compliance Systems Supports FTC Telemarketing Sales Rule Amendment
Offering a valuable resource for regulatory guide subscribers, Compliance Systems Corporation, a provider of compliance technologies and methodologies to the teleservices industry, praises the two recent Federal Trade Commission (FTC) telemarketing sales rule (TSR) amendments

inContact by UCN to Improve Contact Center Efficiency
UCN Inc., a company that is engaged in development of software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications for intelligent contact routing and agent improvement, has announced that it has gone into an agreement with Limited Treasures, a company manufacturing and retailing entertainment memorabilia, for inContact, a SaaS application developed by UCN for multi-site contact centers.

Envision Telephony Products Earn Alcatel-Lucent Partner Certification
The Envision Performance Suite from Envision Telephony, a set of integrated contact center solutions that features quality monitoring, eLearning, workforce management and business intelligence has been certified by the Alcatel-Lucent Alliance and Application Partner Program following rigorous testing.

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