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AGCO Inaugurates Global Fuse Contact Center

January 02, 2014

To offer customer support for AGCO precision farming technology products, AGCO, an agriculture company, recently inaugurated a new Fuse contact center. This center will mainly be involved in helping customers with setup, calibration and operation of AGCO precision agriculture and machine communication technology products.

The Fuse contact center will run seven days a week and will be open between 1 a.m. and 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. The center will offer resources such as AgCommand, AgCommand API, Fendt VarioDoc, Auto-Guide 3000, Fendt VarioGuide, AgControl, FieldStar II, System 110, 150, 350 and AES 25.

“Best-in-class training and support is a key pillar of Fuse Technologies, AGCO’s global precision farming and connectivity strategy,” says Rob Lindgren, director of Global ATS Service and Training. “The Fuse Contact Center will supplement the support our dealers currently offer, providing additional operational assistance when needed with these specific technology products to help keep our customers’ operations running smoothly and efficiently.”

Through the contact center, customers can talk with an AGCO-trained support specialist who can offer assistance in using AGCO Fuse technologies.

The company officials confirmed that they are working on introducing email and live-chat support very soon. Also AGCO has announced its plans to add more number of resource centers in different regions in 2014.

As a manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment and infrastructure, AGCO introduced Fuse technology as a corporate initiative that addresses all aspects of precision farming technology and how farmers can optimize their operations through AGCO products and new services.

Fuse Technologies will provide professional growers seamless integration and connectivity across all their farm assets - regardless of brand. It will transform current precision farming practices by delivering precision agriculture solutions that lead to reduced input costs, greater efficiency and profitability.

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