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TMJ Implements Verint's Impact 360 Speech Analytics Solution

December 30, 2013

TMJ, a company that operates call center and back-office operations in Japan, has implemented Verint (News - Alert) Systems’ Impact 360 Speech Analytics solution, which is a part of its Voice of the Customer Analytics portfolio.

Fuyuki Takeuchi, analyst, development planning business promotion division at TMJ said, “TMJ’s contact centers use a proactive scientific methodology of collecting, analyzing and mining customer calls. We were interested in a solution that would allow us to better visualize and quantify customer interactions, as the traditional approach was time and resource intensive.”

According to officials, TMJ serves customers in 11 cities in Japan and in Shanghai, China. It leverages the concept of “science of technology” which is based on advanced scientific and engineering innovations to enhance customer communications.

TMJ has implemented the speech analytics solution for extracting actionable intelligence from call center customer interactions. This will provide the company with insights into why customers are calling, which can be used to improve quality management and productivity.

“We believe that valuable actionable insights reside in the large volume of customer calls in our centers that can only be made available through the power of speech analytics,” Takeuchi added.

The Verint speech analytics solution was picked by TMJ as it can enable the company to understand customer needs and insights and what they expect from call center operations. The solution has helped reduce the time of analysis so that TMJ can make insights-based decisions about customer service and also overall operations.

This capability has enabled TMJ to perform business enhancement activities in less time which has also given an impetus to growth.

Olivier Georlette, Verint Japan President remarked, “By deploying our Impact 360 Speech Analytics solution, TMJ can continue to gain Actionable Intelligence through the Verint solutions, coupled with their scientific approach to capturing, analyzing and executing on the insights inherent through customer interactions.”

Recently Verint introduced the Impact 360 Mobile solution with additional workforce optimization (WFO) capabilities. The offering is designed to help organizations optimize employee and customer engagement via mobile devices and achieve consistent experiences across touch points by drawing on the strength of its Impact 360 Workforce Optimization suite for contact center, back-office and retail branch customers.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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