Call Center Software Featured Article's Efforts Culminate in Rave Reviews and Recommendations

December 26, 2013

When you travel, what do you look for? Impeccable customer experience and competitive pricing? Fair enough. No wonder then Florida-based received incredibly high credit ratings (4.8 out of 5) from reviewers on that spoke volumes of  its excellent customer service and great rates.

“Our relationship with ConsumerAffairs has allowed us to enhance our customer service efforts and improve our site’s features and products,” said a pleased Tim Hentschel, CEO,, thrilled with the support they received from the ConsumerAffairs, the consumer news resource website.

Touted to be the world's largest provider of online group hotel bookings and event management services, has worked hard to ensure that it offers the lowest group rates by allowing

customers to receive quotes online directly from hotel sales managers, and provides the best service in all facets of its business.

In the travel industry, the customer is truly king, and understanding different customer needs can be pretty daunting, more so when it comes to group traveling. It's not easy to plan and organize holiday hotel reservations for large groups. There are so many things that need to be taken care of: finding the perfect hotel for rooms, meeting spaces, and more importantly arranging for food and beverage. If the rooms are not good or are over-priced, the food not palatable, the holiday becomes a nightmare. was professional in its approach and worked tirelessly and patiently with group clients to save time and money for them. Going that extra mile always helps, and was well rewarded with rave reviews and recommendations to friends and families.

Hence, it's not very surprising that it's listed among the top 50 travel sites in the world, ranking number one in group travel. Given that receives over five million unique visitors every month, the high ratings it received from customers, is very significant in itself.

Since May 2013, has actively participated in customer feedback through the Consumer Affairs for Brands application on the site, and  has partnerships with some of the most renowned franchises in sports.

Zac Carman, CEO, ConsumerAffairs appeared greatly impressed by the reviews of consumers, many of whom expressed their gratitude to for being so accommodating and understanding. 


Edited by Ryan Sartor

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