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GE Capital Retail Bank Wins BenchmarkPortal's Approval

December 26, 2013

GE Capital Retail Bank (GECRB) received a nice Christmas present – a pat on the back from BenchmarkPortal, for having treated its customers and agents well, and for having done a good job of balancing the demands of high quality and low costs.

“Center of Excellence certification indicates that the contact center delivers superior customer service within a responsible cost structure,” said Bruce Belfiore, CEO at BenchmarkPortal (News - Alert). Moreover, it is clear evidence of strong management and leadership in the contact center.

The road to certification is not easy for companies that need to undergo a rigorous benchmarking process, where the organization's operational metrics are compared with those of its peers, against what is stated to be the world's largest database of contact center metrics.

Contact centers applying for certification are audited by experts and key data is also verified. Using scientific tools, BenchmarkPortal assesses to what extent the contact center to be certified is better than that of others in the same industry, and whether its claim of superior performance is justified. Financial metrics, which indicate the efficiency of the center, and customer satisfaction are also evaluated.

Key performance indicators such as first call resolution, cost per call, call waiting time, customer satisfaction, utilization of human resources were taken into consideration. GERCB emerged with flying colors.

Operating effectively in a very important consumer finance sector is often difficult, as it means striking a balance between optimization of resources, cost components and satisfying customers. By achieving the required balance through its objective performance metrics, GERCB earned BenchmarkPortal’s approval and an important distinction.

“We have validated its metrics and have certified that GECRB is, indeed, among the best in its industry. I congratulate GECRB on a job well done,” observed Belfiore.

GE Capital Retail Bank is a federal savings bank headquartered in Draper, Utah, and is among the country’s most successful retail lenders. Its work ethics of giving the best to customers and following best practices spills on to its contact centers and the result is there for all to see.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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