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SmartAction Achieves PCI DSS Certification for its Artificial Intelligence IVR Solution

December 18, 2013

SmartAction achieves PCI DSS certification for a second time from Tevora Business Solutions, an independent qualified security assessor (QSA) firm. The certification process was initiated to verify if the company meets all payment card industry security requirements (PCI (News - Alert) DSS 2.0) as a service provider. 

The artificial intelligence based voice self-service platform offered by SmartAction enhances interactive voice response (IVR) offerings and the PCI certification proves that the company can perform secure financial and personal information transactions for its customers.

The company optimizes call automation with its cloud-based, artificial intelligence speech IVR solution. Most IVR solutions use application-specific programs or scripts but SmartAction uses intelligent voice automation or IVA which is a proprietary artificial general intelligence engine that creates engaging natural language conversations that can evolve to improve.

Tom Lewis, CEO of SmartAction said, “Data security is of paramount importance to us and the clients we serve. We are determined to provide the most secure, comprehensive, and reliable solution, and PCI certification allows us to handle even the most sensitive customer calls securely.”

Client companies leverage SmartAction’s PCI capabilities in case their own call center operations are not PCI certified. The SmartAction artificial intelligence based system serves voice self-service applications such as order processing, customer service, scheduling, and billing-related calls in natural speech.  

In order to achieve PCI compliance thousands of man hours of work has to be studied to ensure that all security requirements are addressed optimally. To ensure compliance, data center security, employee training and hiring, and also software development are scrutinized by the assessing agency.

Tevora Business Solutions which conducted the assessment is a security consulting firm that specializes in information assurance, governance and compliance services and solutions.

In 2012 SmartAction was named the recipient of the Customer Interaction Solutions Speech Technology Excellence Award. The company won the award for Smart Call Agents, the company’s proprietary, artificial intelligence-based hosted solution for superior customer-calling experiences.

TMC (News - Alert) Interaction Solutions magazine awarded SmartAction for its contribution in the realm of speech technology, which has become more prevalent in telephony-based applications and in hand-held computers, kiosks and mobile applications.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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