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Harrow Council Receives PCI DSS Compliant Payment System from Semafone and Capita

December 16, 2013

Semafone along with Capita is said to have equipped the Harrow Council with a new secure payment system.

The Harrow Council contains information on services, business opportunities and best value and it receives over 110,000 calls every month regarding the council services and about 15,000 of those calls are about payments.

Council tax, NNDR – business rates, housing rents, mortgages, housing benefits overpayment invoice payers and account payers are some of the services that users can utilize the Harrow Council to make their payments.

Carol Cutler, director of customer services & business transformation at Harrow Council, commented, “Harrow residents want to be able to pay for services over the telephone without putting their card details at risk. They want to do this while speaking to a person, not a machine. Semafone was the only company able to offer us a method of taking payments securely over the phone without compromising our customer service. The other significant benefit of implementing Semafone is that the cost of complying with PCI (News - Alert) DSS regulations has been reduced dramatically. With no card data passing through the call center, our telephony infrastructure is exempt from the numerous checks and controls that would normally be required for PCI compliance.”

Semafone’s stated that its software is responsible for ensuring the security and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance of every telephone payment.

Semafone explained that its patented technology allows contact centers to remain in voice communication throughout the payment process, even while the customer enters card details into their telephone keypad. The card details customers send through their telephone keypad are sent directly to the bank and the contact center agent will not be able to sort out the keypad tones as they are masked.

For Harrow, Semafone also ensured that the council avoided the cost and burden of PCI DSS controls by removing sensitive data completely from its contact center.

Tim Critchley, chief executive officer at Semafone, added, “In this day and age, no organization should be asking its customers to say their card details out loud. With Capita’s skill and experience in payment collection solutions, we have delivered a state-of-the-art payment solution to Harrow Council, offering residents peace of mind along with even higher levels of customer service.”

Edited by Ryan Sartor

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