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Afni Selects Intradiem

December 11, 2013

Afni, a contact center service provider has announced the results of the deployment of Intradiem solutions. According to Afni, Intradiem solutions have allowed the company to provide the right training to its employees at the right time.

Afni has stated that it observed 18 to 40 percent higher training completion rate at sites using Intradiem. Also training coaches could save fifteen hours of time each month with the help of Intradiem solutions. Afni also observed enhanced call recordings and performances with this solution.

Providing training to its 4,000 strong workforce is a critical part of Afni’s business plans. The clients of the company come various industry verticals such as telecommunications, cable/satellite, insurance and healthcare industries and hence, keeping the employees updated in these fields is of paramount importance for the company.

Another hurdle the company faced was unexpected call arrival patterns. The Intradiem training solutions were deployed specifically to address this issue. With Intradiem technology, agents get useful client updates, training, and development sessions in their aggregated idle time. This gets rid of manual processes and hence, the possibility of errors.

Intradiem Task Management business reflex helps contact centers to make better use of the idle time of their employees by enabling them to create, assign and deliver tasks that are easy to do. This will not only help the agents to improve their productivity, it also helps call centers to put their resources to better use.

“Afni’s program has already demonstrated great results in a mere six month timespan,” said Matt McConnell, Intradiem’s CEO. “We are excited to work closely with the company and help them further adopt the real-time workforce management practices that will drive their customer experience results and maintain their competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

Recently, the company joined hands with DMG Consulting to publish a white paper titled ‘Best Practices for Managing Agents in Multi-Channel Contact Centers’, to focus on methods that can be used in multi-contact contact centers to improve the management of their agents. 

Edited by Ryan Sartor

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