Call Center Software Featured Article Reveals Tips for Successful Casinos

February 22, 2013 has unveiled four tips especially for gaming properties. The tips will help in reducing casino customer enhancement errors, which do not allow the gaming properties for triumphing over their competitors.

Casinos wishing to move ahead amid tough competition should not make certain guest service enhancement errors that pretty much guarantee a loss for themselves.

Robinson & Associates is a guest service consulting organization serving the international gaming industry. In a statement, Martin R. Baird, CEO at and Robinson & Associates said, “Today’s gaming market is growing more competitive with each passing month as new casinos open and plans are announced for even more new properties and expanded gaming opportunities. This environment offers little flexibility for mistakes in one of the few areas where casinos can make themselves stand out from the pack – stellar customer service.”

According to Baird, evaluating guest contentment to determine the working of a casino is a complete misuse of time, energy and wealth. Casino guests are unpredictable as they will be happy if they’ve won and angry if they’ve lost money – or if the food wasn’t good.

According to Baird, casinos need to produce information on customers’ eagerness to suggest the casino to friends and family. Guests will be more than happy to recommend a place on their own if the casino is actually offering fine services.

Baird believes casinos should assess promotions undertaken by guests themselves.

According to Baird, long-standing commitment and important assets are required for developing best-in-class services. Casinos shouldn’t just talk about it or pass the buck to the training department. These gambling centers are often not aware of the actual ‘gap’ between service offered and the service they think is offered, and should therefore carry out a service gap analysis.

Baird feels that carrying out a study is the initial step for undertaking customer service enhancement programs. The actual work commences when a fixed-price system is in place, and enhancements and cultural alteration actually happen.

Baird said, “Casinos will struggle to succeed as long as everyone thinks there have to be winners and losers within staff ranks. Everyone must pull together to offer great service.”

Edited by Braden Becker

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