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Cicero XM (R) adds Fortune 500 to its Resume

January 24, 2013

A Fortune 500 Provider of insurance products, Global 200, has signed an enterprise software license and service agreements with Cicero Inc. to deliver an integrated Cicero XM Smart Desktop solution for its call centers.  Global 200, over $115 billion in assets, hopes that with the help of Cicero’s products, the new desktop will improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Cicero XM will be used by The Insurance Provider to create a call center enhanced desktop with application quick launch, automated sign-on, search and navigation in consolidated views to present information in an organized manner for customer service representatives.

"Our technology allows companies to leverage the investments already made in enterprise applications and securely serve up the right information to the right people when it is needed -- at both the desktop and now the mobile device," said Mike Garner, Chief Customer Officer at Cicero in a statement. "We are pleased that another Fortune 500 company has selected our technology to support their employee and customer service initiatives."

Cicero products, like Cicero EDGE and Cicero Discover, are used to enhance business performance software that enables companies to monitor its technologies and secure employees’ desktops and mobile devices. It also helps contact call centers and back offices to present information in unified desktops and desktop automation. Its products are also used to collect activity, performance data and monitor business objects and measure against workflow for analysis and third party applications.

For more information about Cicero and updates about its products, click here.

Edited by Carlos Olivera

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