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The IntelliResponse Answer Suite Improves CRM, Retains Valuable Customers

May 04, 2012

IntelliResponse Systems Inc., a source of cutting-edge technology with enhanced customer service capabilities for SMBs, is making improvements to the customer experience online. Its Web self-service software and Virtual Assistant platform, “Answer Suite,” has enhanced self-service capabilities, all while minimizing costs and service effort.  

The IntelliResponse Answer Suite is simply a Question & Answer platform designed to deliver the “One Right Answer,” correctly and completely in response to real questions asked by customers or agents.

It provides answers in real-time without delay, and is capable of handling customers’ questions made in normal, conversational language while delivering answers to all types of questions over multi self-service channels quickly and effectively.

The assistance of the Answer Suite matches and even surpasses the type of support provided by live service representatives, making it a great addition for any company’s site. Web sites that don't support a self-service system might not meet fully the expectations of customers; often leading to “the cost of a poor online customer experience,” $12 million in avoidable customer service costs every year, as reported in a published Forrester Research (News - Alert), Inc. report.

The Answer Suite essentially uses the IntelliResponse technology to service customers and agents everywhere and anywhere. It has the ability to provide a self-service experience unlike any other product on the market today to help extend and expand the customer relationship management’s effectiveness.

The Answer Suite was recently recognized as a winner of the Thirteenth Annual CRM Excellence Awards by its premier publication, Customer Interaction Solutions.

The IntelliResponse Answer Suite can be used to reduce customer service costs or sustain every customer question submitted, or be used to drive customer satisfaction, if not minister virtual concierge.

To discover more about the IntelliResponse Answer Suite, be sure to go to their Web site at The site will explain how the suite works and where it can be deployed; it can serve as Web Answers, Social Answers, Mobile Answers or Agent Answers.

Edited by Braden Becker

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