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Better Customer Service Might Take Looking Closer at Contractors
The ClickSoftware study in question addressed over 200 different companies, and illustrated quite well the disconnect between businesses and contractors. Perhaps the biggest bombshell found in this arsenal of a study was that two thirds of all complaints-66 percent-dealt with scheduling issues. Two key segments-quality failures and communications problems-were the largest shares of customer dissatisfaction, and as the study revealed, both sides of the relationship are at fault to some degree.

Vodafone Creates New Jobs in Preparation for 'Connect'
In addition to quadrupling the current number of jobs at the Glasgow call center, Vodafone expects to add approximately 250 other posts in the south east areas of England, which is the region of early deployment this summer.

dvsAnalytics Updates to Encore Workforce Optimization Suite v6.0.3
Once agents have developed their skills, they can utilize the customer tracking features in Encore to the full extent. The added search and retrieval functions will give agents the power to search through tagged and annotated recordings that require some form of attention. From there, they can act on those recordings by calling consumers directly or by conferring with other agents and managers about the best way to take action.

LiveOps Launches University 2.0: New Features to Further Enhance Distance Learning
The company's eLearning courses are customized to match the needs and skills of each agent going through the program, and can be tailored for sales, customer service, insurance or healthcare applications. Furthermore, agents are trained with the skills necessary to meet individual clients' needs and guarantee the best possible results with their customers.

UPC Poland Says Agent Performance Improved after Using CoralTree CRM
By using Renaissance, UPC Poland has seen improvements in several areas. It now takes less time to train customer service agents. Entering sales orders has become a less error-prone process. A growing number of customer support requests are solved on the first call, resulting in an improved customer experience.

What Mid-Sized Enterprises Can Learn From These Four Examples of Excellent Customer Service
Think about a time when you received amazing customer service. Now think about how rare it was that you experienced that level of customer service. In this day of social media and the omnipresent "review" of businesses and services, one would think companies would do their best to provide top-notch customer service at every turn. Yet it's surprising how few companies really take the time and effort to provide outstanding customer service that will increase customer loyalty.

Seven Steps to Awesome Customer Service on Twitter
Twitter is not even a decade old and it's already closing in on phone and email as one of the primary channels for customer support. Not only does failure to offer support on Twitter often lead to unhappy customers, but according to Gartner your business may encounter up to a 15 percent increase in churn. Most companies recognize the need to make Twitter part of their service strategy, but they aren't always sure how to get started or the best ways to make customers happy. Here are seven steps from the team at for building a Twitter support strategy that really works.

Relevate is Now Part of Five9's Cloud Alliance Partner Program
There is no question that consumers today have more power than ever before, which is forcing companies to deliver better services to differentiate themselves from their competition, and keep their customers. Businesses are using the same technology that is empowering consumers to accumulate massive amounts of data, and they are using that information to meet the expectations of an increasingly well informed customer base. A new partnership between Relevate and Five9 will bring together technologies of both organizations to deliver a real-time data driven solution to increase the efficiency of contact center products and services.

Telecom Italia Using Sandvine's Tech To Improve Customer Service
When it comes to finding a way to reach a company's customers that much easier, software platforms like this come at a premium. One report flat out said that one of the "must haves" of 2015 is going to be finding a way for companies to offer top of the line customer service. This particular report was talking about call centers but the same could be said about just about any company in the business world.

Giants Join Forces To More Effectively Utilize Call Center Analytics
Retailers want to gain greater insights and transparency into shoppers' behavior, and want to boost the success of loyalty and promotions campaigns. Analytics can help.

4 Things to Watch Out For When Rolling Out Video in Your Contact Center
Offering video as an option in the contact center has proven to be a powerful way to provide better customer service. Elevating to a "wow" experience means going beyond just text chat. Where most contact center chats end, Ava the virtual agent searches continue, with customers being given the option to talk or video conference with a live agent. The customer has total flexibility of choice - voice over IP (Web talk), one-way video, or two-way video.

When is the Right Time to Expand Your Contact Center?
For some, it may be easier to sit back and assume you're hitting the target simply because research suggests that customers still prefer the live agent over self-service options. The problem with this assumption is that research is generally based on the consumer segment that is of the Baby Boomer generation. If this isn't your target market, it's time to re-think your strategy.

GoodData Soups up SaaS with New Self-Service Features
GoodData's newest upgrade reflects another growing trend in businesses, and customers, which is self service, and the reason for the increased focus in this area is simple: it allows for greater control and improves personalization. Rather than being at the mercy of the service provider, clients are interested in having the tools they need to accomplish the goals they want. If a service does not offer this to clients, then those clients will look for a company that does. And the case of BI SaaS, that company might be GoodData.

CA Technologies Improves Workflow Control with SAP
The management of complex jobs is now as much the purview of individual managers as it is the software they have on their computers. Workflow management software developer CA Technologies recently announced that it has partnered with SAP to build on the SAP Business Warehouse application for improved workflow control.

Convergys Call Center Calls in the Cavalry
The news that even a single call center is showing signs of success is a good omen. Because call centers employing workers and software solutions en masse for a wide spectrum of industries, they almost resemble a type of litmus test for the economy, local or otherwise. If call centers are having trouble locating clients, it could be because that these clients are having trouble attracting customers of their own. And if the Convergys' recent success is any indication of the local economy's health, than Watertown may have a rebound around the bend. Not to mention, New York's minimum wage is expected to rise from $8.75 to $9 at the end of December.

InsideView Target for Marketo Enables the Creation of One-Click Targeted Marketing Campaigns
Marketo customers benefit from the integration of Target with the ability to build precisely targeted and granularly segmented audience lists based on a range of insights that includes firmographics, demographics, social insights, business events, professional connections and relevant news stories. According to InsideView the solution relies on more than 40,000 data sources to achieve its high-quality results, and the targeted marketing campaigns based on these lists can then be launched instantly.

Does Your Call Center Support Mobile Chat?
To leverage chat, businesses also must incorporate chat functionality into as many touchpoints as possible, making chat as easy to initiate as a call. Chat should be enabled on web sites, apps and in promotional literature to mark it as a viable communications medium with the business.

Dealer Spike Recommends Dealership Performance CRM
Building a meaningful relationship with customers can make the difference between a customer going with the same dealership or going elsewhere, hence the term Customer Relationship Management.

WebRTC Remains a Promise While Adoption is Uneven by Browsers and Technology Providers
WebRTC offers great promise to the customer support industry. The standard, which allows for real-time browser-to-browser voice and video communications without the need to download any plug-ins or software, could help revolutionize how companies offer multimedia support to customers using browsers (either desktop or mobile) to look for information or resolve issues.

Customer Loyalty Shouldn't Be Hard to Cultivate. So Why Is It?
Call center workers should be empowered to do what it takes to put things right with customers, particularly high-value customers. If they can't, the company has failed in the most basic premise of customer loyalty cultivation.

WellCare and Teleperformance Partner on New South Carolina Call Center
The health care technology field is alive and well in a number of different iterations. In the health care call center vector, WellCare is seeing enough success that it is bringing a new set of around 150 jobs to Columbia, South Carolina.

Self-Service Becoming the Norm in the Call Center
If you want to dominate in the customer service arena, call center management has to support self-service.

New J.D. Power Solutions Tackles Voice of the Customer Issues
For instance, many businesses improve their web site layout and navigation without the cooperation of the marketing team that continues to load it with disruptive advertising and marketing messages that hinder customer appeal. Another example is enabling call center employees to resolve customer problems with one call but encouraging them to quickly pass customers off by continuing to measure and reward them for short handle times.

If Real-Time Cross-Channel Visibility is So Important, Why Do So Few Contact Centers Have It?
It seems clear for companies that wish to improve the customer experience that next step is a new technology implementation or integration that will open up this view to customers by agents. Multichannel contact center platforms can help ensure that all contacts, regardless of communications media, can be organized, viewed in real-time and reported on the same as older platforms are able to do with phone calls.

Tech-Oriented Customer Support Workers May Require a Little Extra Management Attention
For companies that sell simple, straightforward consumer products - clothing, for example, or book or gifts - the hiring of contact center agents can be simply about people skills. After all, anyone can answer questions about a sweater or a paperback book. If your company offers more technical products or services, you may be faced with a dilemma: hire workers for their people skills or their technical skills? The two don't always go together.

Salesforce: Reinventing Customer Service Software
The customer experience is something that has transitioned from an art form to a science. The use of customer service software that can collect data, analyze it, and then suggest best practices- is becoming the norm. Salesforce, a known entity in the CRM space, is using "data science" in its Service Cloud in what it is calling the Service Cloud Intelligence Engine.

It's Official: The Less Competition You Have, the More Your Customer Service Stinks
There's a lesson here. Companies appreciate their customers far more when there's a high chance customers will leave them and take their business elsewhere. While this may seem like a given - after all, businesses are in business to make money - it's important to note that lousy customer service costs companies money. Customers stay on the line longer, racking up long-distance charges on toll-free numbers. They call back more frequently to rectify errors, which costs contact centers money and time. They spend more money fixing mistakes than they do offering decent customer support in the first place. They waste the time of the personnel required to fix problems: managers, supervisors, back-office workers and IT professionals.

Study Reveals Organizations Not Fully Grasping Customer Service
According to the study, companies are investing in new technologies to capitalize on the opportunities modern customer service provides, but their reliance on traditional channels and metrics along with a number of different barriers is preventing them from having an organizational strategy. These barriers include limited definitions of customer service, poor knowledge management and customer visibility.

Choice Home Warranty Excels in Customer Service
Customer service and technology are pervasive across all industries. Any business that sells a product or service must offer effective customer assistance, a job that mandates efficient technology resources. As a company responsible for serving its clients by providing coverage for household appliances, Choice Home Warranty is in the unique position of having to meet extraordinary demands on both fronts-and so far, they're doing a great job of it.

Social Media Challenge: Servicing Customers Through Non-brand Controlled Communities
Businesses today are having a difficult time keeping up with customer demand, as the inception of multichannel customer service has changed the playing field of how customers interact with the companies they do business with. The increased online connectivity of consumers allows for businesses to communicate with their customer base far beyond the customer service call, and there are tools available today that can help streamline these interactions, but what about non-brand controlled communities?

24/7 Nursing Call Center Gains Special Accreditation
As the call center market continues to change and evolve, new call center companies are popping up all the time. One such company that is just starting to make a name for itself is HealthFitness and the firm just announced that its 247 Nurse Line call center gained Full Accreditation status for its compliance with URAC's Health Call Center program.

Golden Gate BPO Opens Miami Call Center
Given the diversity of Miami and its heritage as a gateway to the Caribbean and Latin America, the new call center will be able to target an international customer base, which is increasingly valuable in today's globalized economy.

Homes & Land Conversion Rates Double Using 3CLogic, Infusionsoft
Coming off its historic, reportedly inefficient method of reaching the public through cold calls, the real estate listing publication Homes & Land recently announced its launch of the 3CLogic cloud call center software and the Infusionsoft CRM platforms which have helped it better connect with its customers.

5 Predictions for the Hosted Contact Center
In the customer service industry, advancements in technology have opened a number of doors to tighter competition, greater customer expectations and new business models. The hosted contact center today looks very different from the traditional call center of the last generation. Take a look ahead to the future and that look is likely to change again.

RingCentral Connect Platform Gives Developers More Communications Options
As more organizations continue to migrate to the cloud, the next step is closing the gap between cloud communications and business applications. The RingCentral Connect Platform removes the complexity and expense associated with traditional communication integration into business apps. By allowing developers to create their own solutions, they will be able to provide organizations with personalized services that address their specific needs.

The Call Center On-Demand Allows Small Businesses to Compete with Larger Companies
When it comes to technology purchases today, most companies find that cost and return on investment are kings. Long gone are the days when departments could make technology "wish lists" and have those wishes come true. More often than not, department heads need to justify every penny of expenditure and prove that it will bring more pennies in return. For contact center technologies - already consider cost black holes by many companies - this is doubly true.

Hosted Contact Centers Help Companies Reach a State of Multichannel Support Success
These cloud-based multichannel platforms are inexpensive to implement, with little to no upfront capital, automatically blend and coordinate channels and allow companies to queue, monitor and report on customer contacts regardless of channel. For a company seeking to bring its multichannel operations into the twenty-first option, a hosted contact center solution may be the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to achieve this goal.

Jadu Q Case Management Portal Facilitates Real-time Customer Support
Kika continued by stating that the Jadu Q system was purposefully built to stand out from the crowd. It is not like back office customer relationship management software or like traditional dispute resolutions systems. Kika said it is made to create interaction in real time and to give individual Web users the freedom to use the portal as they see fit. To that end, individuals can access a Jadu Q portal from any mobile or desktop device with access to a browser.

Wheelings & Dealings: Capita Buys German Call Center Company Avocis
Capita CEO Parker told the Business Reporter that he believes purchasing Avocis will make it that much easier for his firm to offer clients access to wider transformation capability and serves that can help to form a strong platform in Europe. The acquisition is also looked at one that could eventually help the company expand even more and grab a larger segment of Europe.

Google Lets Customers 'Hang Out' with Agents for Better Care
For now the feature is only live between 6am and 6pm Pacific Time, and is being run within Google by contractors from Milestone Technologies, an IT managed services and IT professional services solutions provider. A panel of Google Device Experts are prepared to answer any questions, and customers have a range of tools at their disposal such as screensharing and screenshotting, chat and sending attachments.

Transform Customer Care in 2015 with Outbound and Mobile
For any company looking to increase service levels and inbound activity, the need for proactive outreach is critical. Delivering these outbound tactics properly takes proven best practices. Not only should they be meaningful for customers - but companies should also utilize self-service channels to keep their contact center working optimally.

Five9 Cloud Call Center Software Lights the Way for Solar Panel Company
We're just over two months into 2015 and we continue to hear about the benefits cloud offerings bring to the contact center -from lower costs to expanded capabilities and even better sales.

How Five9 Helped American Support Embrace TCPA in the Hosted Contact Center
Traditionally speaking, the contact center industry has been plagued with specific regulations that dictated what they could and could not do to reach out to the market directly. Telemarketing campaigns once ran uninhibited and companies drove significant revenue simply by catching the prospect at home during the evening.

New Customer Service Tactics Use Wearable Tech to Better Outcome
Combination technologies are often particularly interesting to consider as such technologies take one part of a technology field and combine it with another to produce a new whole that is often unexpected in the field. That's got a lot of value potential, and one new point we're seeing is with uRevu, who is bringing together wearable technology with customer service in a new iBeacon-focused system.

The Value of Corporate Social
"Customer service awareness means recognizing potential customer service issues that our moderators could address right or escalate to some customer service branch within the organization," noted Merriman.

Five9 VP Talks 2014 and Beyond
2014 was an exciting year in the call center. Developing the omnichannel experience to enhance the customer experience, cloud adoption and auotdialer legislation were a few themes we saw developed in the year that was; 2015 is poised to be another innovative and interesting year in the call center space. Liz Osborn, Vice President, Product and Solution Marketing at Five9 walked TMC through 2014 and what may be in store for 2015.

TelcoAlert IVR Testing Available for Businesses of All Sizes
One primary way in which TelcoAlert provides monitoring is through its matching system that notices how IVRs respond to changes in callers' speech and tones of voice. It notes any inconsistencies in the actions of customers and how they translate to actions taken by IVRs. It can then adapt and make changes to the IVR and provide reports, complete with audio recordings, that provide details about how systems are operating.

Avaya and NORAD Get Together To Follow Santa Claus
While such an operation is all in good fun, it also illustrates the sheer resilience of the Avaya Government Solutions system.

Meeting Customer Expectations in the Social Media Channels
On-demand contact center solutions providers such as Five9 offer social and mobile modules that can be integrated directly into the broader contact center operations. Companies can gain quick access to the tools they need to manage social engagement based on their most critical key performance indicators (KPIs), just as they would with phone calls, e-mails or other types of contacts. Five9 Social, for example, allows agents to respond to problems and issues posted to social channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, articles, and online communities. They can handle the issues in the social channels, or escalate the customers to more immediate channels such as telephone.

Advent Integrates its Black Diamond Platform with Junxure Cloud
The company also offers a similar solution from the cloud, aptly named Junxure Cloud, which can be accessed from Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari for Windows. Other solutions include a mobile app that lets advisors access data while out of the office and a client viewer that allows customers to view their data from a browser.

Improving Customer Satisfaction with CPE Evergreening
When an issue occurs, the best tools will have an automated solution. One way to achieve this is through issue-resolution scripts. These can be built before or during updates, and left in queue to resolve common update failures. With scripted resolution available, your bulk operations can run without the need for administrative monitoring.

LiveVox Partners with CenturyLink for Toronto Data Center
Complete with advanced security options, the class A data center makes companies operating in Canada feel more secure because data is housed closer to home and it also offers new tools for enterprises to manage and maintain security.

Silver Spring Networks to Provide Consumers Energy Customers More Access
Smartphones, tablets and personal computers give organizations the ability to interact with their customers effectively by delivering a more personalized customer service. Using these technologies along with social media, CRM applications, big data analytics and connected devices, businesses are now also able to engage consumers as well as improve the products and services they offer.

Charles Schwab Joining Growing Numbers of Automated Investment Services
But this hands-off approach won't prove to be completely hands-off; as Schwab will also be bringing in its call center mechanisms to offer up what's called "live help from investment professionals, if needed, and service support 24 hours a day." This actually represents something of a coup for Schwab, as many of the other automated lines aren't set to provide that level of support, which could in turn prove to be a competitive edge for Schwab's automation that other companies without Schwab's resources wouldn't be able to handily match.

Why Customer Service Should Be Your Best Product
When AOL executive Ryan Block posted eight minutes of a painful conversation with a rep at Comcast's Customer Retention Department, five million people heard it. The New Yorker made a cartoon out of it, and David Letterman put it on a Top 10 list.

Can Your Salespeople Learn Like Neo in The Matrix?
Moviegoers will never forget the scene where Neo, the protagonist in The Matrix, begins his training. Tank, the operator of the Nebuchadnezzar, plugs Neo into a computer, loads a disc and starts downloading knowledge into Neo's brain. He wakes up and says, "I know SaaS." Morpheus says "Show me."

New Cisco-OptifiNow Integration Enables Quicker Sales Calls, Conversions
The always-on consumer wants fast results. In yet its latest effort to address that, OptifiNow has integrated its sales optimization platform with Cisco's business phone system. As a result, OptifiNow President John McGee told TMCnet in an interview earlier today, sales reps can reach out to consumers within seconds of their submitting a website request for more information on a particular product or service.

Ohio Brings in a Call Center to Tackle Ongoing Ebola Threat
The call center is just part of a wider effort, which includes a Joint Public Information Center (JIC) and improved protocols for local health departments that are responding to potential victims of this disease. The stepped-up campaign came after a report that a nurse from Dallas, who subsequently discovered that she'd been infected herself, spent some time in Ohio, possibly transmitting the virus within the state's confines. This led to a clear demand for information about the virus, its transmission capabilities, and what those who may have come in contact with the nurse or the virus could do in response.

Does Your Call Center Celebrate the Customer?
Call center on demand provider, Five9 is celebrating National Customer Service Week by spotlighting some of its rock star employees, recent customer service achievements and just plain fun. Let's take a look at some of their activity and how you might take a few cues from this heavy hitter when designing your own customer service strategies.

The Call Center on Demand Approach is Vital to Small Businesses
The reason is that these solutions often offer all-in-one capabilities: a telephony platform with necessary extras such as multimedia features, call recording, integration with customer relationship management (CRM), skills-based routing and more. They allow very small companies to offer the same robust customer support as the largest organizations who can afford premise-based solutions properly integrated by an IT department.

SPS Commerce Upgrades Enterprise POS Analytics Solution
Suppliers need to have critical insights about the behavioral patterns of their customers to be able to provide them with superior service. They also need actionable data to improve inventory conditions and minimize lost sales from stock-outs.

New California Contact Center Will Help with Insurance Enrollment Wait Times
Additions to Sacramento contact center to handle Covered California healthcare traffic increase.

Five9 Offers Video and E-Book to Underscore the Importance of the Connected Contact Center
Most contact centers today realize the importance of being connected. They need to be connected to their customers, and they need to ensure that their channels all communicate and align in a way that there are no blind spots, no repetitive processes and no weak spots. Unfortunately, many companies don't seem to realize - or don't want to realize - just what being connected actually means.

Call Center Costs Lowered by Using New Solution
Nuance Communications has announced that TalkTalk has improved interactions with its customers through Nuance's Natural Language Call Steering solution.

Qantas is Mired in Call Center Job Controversy
Qantas, an airline provider in Australia, has been in the midst of a controversy surrounding its call center jobs. This company had call center operations in the cities of Melbourne and Brisbane in mainland Australia and minor operations in the city of Hobart in Tasmania.

HGS Pembroke Named Contact Center of the Year by ORCCA
Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS) Limited's Pembroke, Ontario, site recently received the Contact Center of the Year award from the Ottawa Regional Contact Center Association (ORCCA). The award winners, which were announced earlier this month, were recognized for employee engagement, personnel development, quality assurance and customer satisfaction program.

Call Center Software Provider Announces New WFO Suite for SMBs
A call center software provider announced this past week the release of its new workforce optimization suite. With its new product, it is targeting small and medium-size businesses and intends to help them improve their customer service through the delivery of multi-channel support experiences.

Social Media is No Longer Just for the Marketing Department
Social media is now at the center of the relationship between businesses and their customers. This encompasses marketing and brand management, but it also includes customer service; consumers are increasingly reaching out to businesses via social channels when they have an issue or question. Handling this part of the social media conversation requires more than just the marketing department-it requires customer support, too.

New TSYS Contact Center to Open in Georgia
Columbus, Georgia-based credit card and payment processor TSYS has announced they are making preparations to open a new contact center in McDonough, Georgia. The new contact center, located near Atlanta, is expected to open positions for up to 450 employees.

Wheelings & Dealings: A Complete Call Center in a Browser? Talkdesk Ready to Make it Happen
Talkdesk started life rather unexpectedly, according to reports, beginning as a small project built in the midst of a contest run by Twilio, with the top prize being a free laptop. While it's not clear if Talkdesk won the laptop, what's much clearer is that Talkdesk took on a whole new life after the contest, and recently has completed a new round of funding that brought in fully $3.15 million for the company.

AppMesh Launches SalesMesh 2.0 to Support the Entire Sales Process
The SalesMesh app is free for individual use and teams of up to five people, with sync up to a limited number of records. Premium Salesforce Sync for unlimited synching is available through an auto-renewing subscription.

Are You Ready to Improve Agent Performance?
What criteria do you use to measure agent performance? Is it based solely on the number of calls they are able to handle within a given hour or are there other elements that play a part? Performance standards can vary by company and by industry, making it a challenge to accurately report success and overall customer satisfaction.

ACD Announces Customer First to Enhance Customer Experience
With ACD's Claims Services, each file receives a dedicated account manager who oversees the file's progression. All inspections are then audited for compliance to insurance company guidelines, industry repair standards and state regulations.

CertainSource Debuts B2C Acquisition Metric
A company''s SEI will improve over time as it starts using its marketing budget more efficiently - dumping the lower-performing customers and getting more return on its investment by bringing in higher value leads.

Call Center IVR Can Help You Capture the Voice of the Customer
It's not uncommon for a company to employ IVR technology to streamline common interactions or to launch a survey. If a consumer can easily answer a few questions before they end a call, you may be more likely to capture the actual voice.

Jive Software Upgrades JiveX External Community Platform
Attracting and retaining customers is not as easy as you may think, even with all the latest communication technologies. The main problem is that so many companies have learned the tricks so there is cut throat competition to gain customer attention.

Endsleigh Utilizes SessionCam Technology to Deliver Essential Insights
SessionCam session replay technology can be used by companies to analyze recordings of visitor behavior on their websites to identify and solve usability issues, improve conversion, enhance customer support, and reduce the time and cost of problem diagnosis. It is more suitable for analytics professionals and optimization experts who now have the facility to add customer interaction analysis to pinpoint and remedy website usability and conversion issues for desktop, mobile and other interactive channels.

Forecast Shows Increased Business Activity in Call Centers Market
Global Industry Analysts, Inc., (GIA), a publisher of off-the-shelf market research, stated that its new global report on call center markets titled, "Call Centers: A Global Strategic Business Report" has revealed the revival of the global economy and an increase in business activity will help increase spending for call centers around the globe.

Text-to-911 Service Coming to Kansas Call Center
Local news source KMUW, Kansas Public Radio, says the Federal Communications Commission requires that, by the end of 2014, all cell phone carriers must be able to provide text-to-911 capability for call centers across the U.S., and the Sedgwick County 911 will be using that service to help it respond to the 600,000 calls it receives annually.

Indonesia Call Center Market to Continue its Strong Growth in 2015
A new report says that Customer Relationship Management strategies and CRM software applications are increasingly being adapted by various corporations in the Asia Pacific region.

Dometic Group Picks SDL for Global Customer Experience Strategy
With the help of SDL WorldServer, Dometic Group will be able to deliver culturally relevant experiences across 16 languages to support its global customer experience strategy including across EMEA countries in which it operates.

Ready to Improve Agent Performance?
Likewise, if the agent and the customer fall easily in sync, wouldn't first call resolution be more likely in a shorter amount of time? Ultimately, you're seeking the best outcome for the call in the shortest amount of time. If you could use statistical data and speech recognition to match the personality of the customer to the agent, you not only reduce the time of the call, you also improve the outcome.

Can You Motivate Call Center Operators With a Box of Cracker Jacks? Maybe You Can
But first, what is gamification? There are many definitions, but for purposes of this article, gamification is the immediate reward of being allowed to play a five second online game of chance in return for the accomplishment of a specific goal. I need to emphasize that the goal must be specific and measurable. For example, average handle time, attendance, customer resolution, wellness and etc.

Service Turns Smartphones into Full-Featured Call Centers
Although some VoIP and cloud-based services may offer competitive prices similar to what BatCrab offers, the complexity of some systems may be unnecessary for all small businesses. Often, the smallest of operations are the ones most strapped for time and money, so it only makes sense that they would want something simple to set up that is also effective.

MediCare Customers 'Satisfied' with Their Services
MediCare International, a company that offers flexible medical insurance plans, recently claimed that 95 percent of its customers are either very satisfied or satisfied with their overall service experience. The company recently did a survey to identify any loopholes in their customer service.

Five9 Cloud Contact Center Tapped to Drive Fortune 100 Firm
The contact center is the front line when it comes to keeping up customer service; this is the point where customers make contact with the business, and where customers ultimately make decisions about whether or not to buy, or even whether or not to stick with a certain brand. So the decision about what drives a contact center is an important one indeed, and for one Fortune 100 firm, the choice about the best for the market was quite clear: Five9's cloud contact center platform.

Google Launches Call Conversion Tracking
Google has announced a new tool as part of its AdWords platform that tracks "call conversions," that is, people who call a business's website after seeing it in an ad.

Women's VA Call Center Helping Veterans Looking for Info
Sometimes, call centers are set up by state governments in order to specifically offer a job to wounded and disabled veterans who are having problems finding jobs elsewhere. Other times, call centers are specifically set up in order to help wounded and disabled vets find the services they desperately need. On some occasions, the call centers are even more specific, like the one that has been specifically set up to help women veterans cope with their problems and answer their questions.

Revolv Contact Center Receives Nod as a Center of Excellence
The Revolv customer contact center has received Certification as a Center of Excellence for the fourth year in a row after demonstrating exceptional operational metrics, customer and agent satisfaction.

How the Hosted Contact Center Helped the Shipyard Improve Customer Satisfaction
How satisfied is your customer base? If you can't answer this question, there's work to be done. Complete satisfaction is the ultimate goal of every business that wants to dominate the market. The ability to meet higher levels of expectation is often the only thing that sets one provider apart from another. It is often the leading differentiator from one hosted contact center to the next.

Five Steps to Becoming a First-Class Customer Service Organization
The time when customers accepted a phone call as the only means of reaching out to a company is long gone. We live in a multi-channel world; if your customers feel limited in their options for a service request, they may not stick around.

South Dakota Needs More Customer Service Workers
In an economy that is still trying to recover from the collapse of 2008, it appears that South Dakota has narrowed down the positions that are going to be in the most demand in that state. The report, issued earlier this week indicates that people who are able to care for patients and children (such as nurses) as well as those who work in the customer service industry are going to be the most in-demand. Through the end of 2022, these jobs will have the most openings, on average than any other job market.

What Not to Do: Customer Service Lessons from Bad Outsourced Call Centers
So do many people, and the reason is clear: Many early outsourcing efforts went to foreign call centers where training and management were inadequate. As a result, a call from most of these call center agents resulted in a bad experience.

IntegrityNet Intros Level 1 PCI-DSS Compliance Software for Contact Centers
IntegrityNet has designed new software called IntegrityPCI, which helps companies' credit card voice transactions and recordings to comply with PCI-DSS.

Telax Cloud Contact Center Solution Selected by 360incentives
Telax, a company that deals in contact center technology, recently announced the selection of its cloud contact center solution by 360incentives, a company that helps companies execute channel and consumer incentive promotions using technology.

Contact Center Solutions Provider Five9 Announces Impressive Second Quarter Growth
As companies look for ways to save money, improve customer support and make administration of their contact center solutions easier, they have taken to cloud-based solutions - which allow them to accomplish all three goals - in droves. The cloud-based contact center solution industry's growth is a testament to this, and some of its more important players have demonstrated strong demand for their solutions.

Call Center Services Week In Review
It's the end of another week, and it's time to review some of the top stories we've been following this past week in the world of call center services.

Travelocity Call Center Employees Offered Jobs with Orbitz
As the result of the Orbitz Worldwide buyout of Travelocity Partner Network earlier this year, 88 call center employees are set to lose their jobs when the Travelocity call center closes on August 31. However, Orbitz reports most of the employees were offered jobs with the company and have the choice to remain employed after the two businesses are merged, according to Tim Enstrice, Orbitz spokesperson.

Prime Benefits of CRM for Reps, Can Enhance Call Center Support
Today's call centers pursue quality customer service and strive to meet clients' expectations through implementing effective performance criteria. With customer satisfaction in mind, they make it a priority to provide excellent support consistently to every client that contacts the center.

New England Hospital Launches Call Transfer Center
In its quest to open a Level II trauma center, Portsmouth Regional Hospital in New Hampshire announced it has launched its One Call Transfer Center - a new service designed to streamline patient transfers and improve access to specialized care in the region.

Call Center Employee Engagement Reaps Rewards
Customer satisfaction and delivering a better customer experience seems to be in the air just now. Customers do matter greatly, but so do employees, who are the pillars around which the company revolves.

Call Centers Still Busy with Affordable Care Act Queries
While the deadline for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) open enrollment period is long past, call centers, especially those in California, are still working the phone lines to help people who are waiting for their applications to be processed.

Datamark Talks Benefits of a Bi-Lingual Call Center Staff
In today's competitive world, superior customer service can help the businesses to win strong customer loyalty. Thus today's businesses are keen on making a sizeable investment in "contact centers" to provide product support and technical help through multiple channels, including voice, email, online chat and social media. Given the importance of customization of customer service in the age of multi-channel interactions, Datamark emphasizes the importance of building a multi-lingual workforce. Its contact center staff is based in different parts of the world and serves the customers round the clock.

Five9 to Address Mobile Customer Care, Content Marketing at 2014 ITEXPO
While it may seem like summer's slipping away-and in some places, that summer never really got off the ground thanks to a series of unusual cold fronts-there's still one great event to come. It's ITEXPO 2014, heading out to The Rio Las Vegas from August 11 - 14, and with it will come a host of companies exhibiting an equally wide variety of products, as well as plenty of companies taking to the speakers' floor to deliver comments about the industry as a whole, and specific parts therein. Five9, meanwhile, has a plan in mind for ITEXPO as it will offer up two major panels for the event as well as the keynote panel scheduled for August 14.

Sri Lanka Travel Company Engages Customers with Updated CRM System
The embattled travel industry is showing signs of growth, and travel companies are investing in technology to build and support their relationships with new and existing customers. Such is the philosophy behind's recent upgrade to its customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Five9 to Promote Cloud Computing Best Practices in the Industry by Joining CSA
Most people believe cloud computing was first mentioned by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt in 2006, but according to MIT's Technology Review, it took place a decade earlier. In 1996, technology executives at Compaq Computer in Houston plotted the future of Internet business, and called it "cloud computing." Since that time the concept has come a long way, with former detractors now adopting a technology many see as the future of computing.

AIM Marketing: Going the Extra Mile for Customers
As the clamor for good customer service becomes louder, alarm bells are ringing all over the world, and companies across the globe have been alerted. There's been a slack in customer service standards, and though they know it, they are at a loss as to how to bring back customer trust. AIM Marketing Acquisitions brings the lacuna into focus and suggests remedial measures.

BenchmarkPortal Begins Research Survey on Headsets in Contact Centers
BenchmarkPortal is one of the original pioneers of contact center study, posessing the largest database of contact center metrics on the planet. Of course, keeping this database up to date is a full-time task. That's why, starting on July 10th, BenckmarkPortal began conducting online surveys that asks industry leaders and experts about their use of and perceived effectiveness of headsets in their business. As such, the company is inviting anyone with the appropriate experience to input their opinions on the matter.

What Do You Need from Call Center Software?
If call centers are to function efficiently and save businesses money, they need good software and quality products that will help them do that. Vocalcom prides itself on having the state-of-the-art software that monitors contact centers in real-time, a multi-channel desktop for omnichannel customers and other innovative products that will keep call centers ticking. According to, customers have rated it highly, and in the long run, that's what counts.

Cloud Technology, Gamification and Social Media Headline Current Trends in Call Center Technology
DATAMARK recently published a paper summarizing the latest trends in call center technology in response to Call Center Week, an industry trade show held in June in Las Vegas. It probably comes as no surprise that in 2014, cloud computing would be at the top of that list, but also included were things like gamification, security and social media.

Hexagon Housing Improves Customer Service with Call Recording System
Hexagon Housing, a London-based housing nonprofit, has announced that it has chosen a call recording system from Business Systems to keep on top of requests by its tenants.

Aspect Software Announces Theater Winners of 2014 Partner of the Year Award
Aspect Software has announced theater winners of the 2014 Partner of the Year Award.

Building Customer Loyalty: Not as Easy as it Seems
Customer loyalty is becoming increasingly difficult to keep for a number of brands in the United States. While it's easy to deliver a single pleasant experience, maintaining a consistently satisfying relationship with customers is no simple task.

Insurance Industry Innovating to Better Serve Millennial Customer Base
At first glance, insurance is not the type of product that seems to lend itself well to modernization. To many, its business model consists of little more than collecting premiums and paying the occasional claim above any deductible.

GT Software Pushes Customer Service a Couple of Notches Higher
All this talk about customer service being the 'first priority' amounts to nothing if it's not translated into action; GT Software , which helps businesses unify business information, has hence made sure it's getting its priorities straight by elevating its much touted customer service to a higher plane.

Nuance, TRUSTID Join to Offer Voice-Based Authentication Solution for Contact Centers
Identity fraud is a serious threat to businesses and consumers. Contact centers try to prevent fraud by verifying known facts about the customer such as E-mail ID, date of birth. However, in order to stop fraud, an authentication and fraud detection solution activated the moment a call is made up to when the caller speaks to the contact center agent, is required.

Momentum for Cloud-Based Call Centers Continues to Grow
To anyone following the cloud technology industry with even a passing interest, it should come as no surprise that cloud-based call centers are growing in popularity. Cloud technology is a multi-billion dollar industry and is transforming the way companies manage IT departments. The proliferation of vendors offering PBX systems in the cloud should be another clue of this trend to anyone paying the slightest attention.

Cognia and Semafone Offer Secure Call Center Payment Solutions
Cognia, an analytics solutions provider, and Semafone, a secure voice payment specialist, have signed a partnership that will enable call centers worldwide to transform security and compliance costs of handling customer payment information.

Five9 Makes Deloitte's Fast 500 List
Cloud contact center vendor Five9 was recently been recognized by Deloitte in the research firm's 2013 Technology Fast 500 list. The company positioned at rank 242 and this is the second time the company has made to the list.

Five9 Receives Praise for Summer Release 2014 with Native Multichannel Applications
Five9, it appears, has recognized that customers will remain most loyal to whichever company makes life easiest for them. When it comes to customer support, customers want it to be omnichannel, but they also want it to be fast and easy to navigate instead of causing more headaches when the purpose of customer support is to relieve customer headaches.

Cloud Contact Center Company Five9 Ups the Incentives for Its Successful Referral Program
In a crowded contact center technology marketplace, companies are forever looking for better ways to get their message out. As more and more contact centers move to the cloud, they are facing a dizzying variety of prospective solutions, and cutting through the noise is becoming a challenge. Many companies rely on referrals inside the professional community.

Nuance Said to be Contemplating Sale
Nuance Communications is one of those companies that many people may never heard of, but they've definitely used the company's technology. The company has a speech-recognition engine that is used in mobile phones, televisions, gaming systems, digital healthcare records and GPS navigation devices. The company's technologies power Samsung smartphones and other devices, and will be the speech in Samsung's wearable smart devices. It's also the power behind Apple's Siri speech-enabled personal assistant and has been a partner to Apple for years.

Emergency CallWorks Inaugurates New Network Operating Centers in Texas and Alabama
Emergency CallWorks (ECW), a provider of 911 and incident management software for the public safety industry, has recently added two new network operating centers located in Alabama and Texas. ECW provides emergency call taking, mapping, incident management and decision support software solutions for small rural PSAPs and large multi-site operations across the country. The solution utilizes the latest technologies such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and geo-diverse, redundant hosting. The company has host-remote deployments across the country including the Southeast, Southwest, Midwest, Northeast and Great Plains states.

Five9's New Agent Connect Solution Overcomes Poor Call Quality and Security Risks with a Private Cloud Network
While many contact centers use cloud-based solutions today, it's important to consider that not all of these solutions are created equal, and this can have great impact on the reliability of the solution. Cloud-based contact center systems are only as reliable as the networks that support them, and many companies find that network congestion can result in poor quality, dropped calls and other barriers to customer service excellence. Insufficient network quality can also result in data breaches, something many online merchants or companies with a strong online presence have discovered the hard way.

Reducing Worker Burnout in Call Centers
Call center positions are demanding in terms of job and work schedule. People who work in call centers may have to work at odd hours to provide support to companies located across the world.

OpenSpan and IGATE Partner to Deliver Contact Center Desktop Automation
OpenSpan has partnered with IGATE to utilize OpenSpan Desktop Automation and Activity Intelligence to enhance its contact center operations and consulting services to its customers in North America and Europe.

Lyse Picks Intelecom Connect For Multi-channel Contact Center
Lene Nordahl, Lyse customer service, manager, was impressed with the way Connect was able to manage its customer service questions that came in from social media. Connect supports phone, email, chat and SMS in addition to social media.

Your Company Needs Social Customer Care Now
Social media is becoming one of the primary ways people communicate online. More than one billion people use Facebook - that's more than one in seven people on Planet Earth - and about 500 million Tweets are sent each day. If the goal of marketing is to present products and services where people live, it's pretty clear that savvy marketers should have mastered social media by now, or at the very least be high on the learning curve.

Agile CRM Features Google App Integrations
The Google Calendar integration also ensures 2-way sync with instantaneous updating while the Google Drive integration helps users to link documents to contacts or deals. This keeps the information readily available.
4/28/2014 Debuts Salesforce1 Service Cloud SOS
CRM platform specialist Salesforce has modernized its customer service and support by announcing a new service called, Service SOS, which allows companies to connect with customers in a new way. Salesforce1 Service Cloud SOS allows companies to add a help button to any mobile app built on the Salesforce1 platform and provide video support in a similar way to the Amazon Kindle Mayday button.

4 Things You Should Do, and Not Do, When Delivering Omni-Channel Customer Support
A recent survey showed that 93% of business managers recognize that failing to provide a holistic, personalized, proactive customer experience could lead to lost customers, missed sales opportunities, lower revenue, and reduced loyalty.

A Busy 2014 for Five9
Growth in the cloud contact center industry is booming, and the companies that offer these solutions - particularly the well-established ones - are watching their businesses grow at lightning speed. Customers far beyond their traditional base of small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are onboarding their solutions to take advantage of multitude of advantages the cloud can offer the contact center such as low upfront capital, multichannel capabilities, usage flexibility, remote administration and functionality across physical sites and even home agents.

Center Partners Selects FrontRange's HEAT Service Management Solution
FrontRange, the Hybrid IT software company, recently announced that Center Partners has selected the cloud-based version of its HEAT Service Management solution. With the solution, Center Partners will be able to leverage a fully multi-tenant, easy-to-use SaaS application that serves as a consolidated and centralized service management platform.
4/14/2014 Enhances Business Intelligence Platform with Reporting and Analytics Features
"As our recent industry awards demonstrate, TeamSupport is growing quickly into one of the top cloud-based help desk software solutions," said Robert C. Johnson, TeamSupport's CEO. "As our customers deliver increasingly more sophisticated support to their customers, TeamSupport seeks to provide more sophisticated business intelligence features to meet those needs. TeamSupport now offers our users what we believe is a truly best-in-class reporting system."

The Need to Listen - How to Save Customers
There is something to be said about good customer service; unfortunately this is a priority that has fallen to the wayside for several businesses. As Damon Richards has said, "your customer doesn't care how much you know until they know how much you care." Businesses are beginning to shift their focus to a customer-centric model, further emphasizing the importance of Customer Experience Management (CEM) to an organization

ConnectFirst Platform Captivates Customers
What counts most for customers? Good customer service and support, reliability, responsiveness, price and good products. ConnectFirst says it has lived up to customer expectations on all counts and according to an independent research report, it received top ranking in 8 of 11 customer satisfaction categories and has a 97 percent customer retention rate.

Wheelings & Dealings: WorkFlex Solutions Closes $3M Round
Call center staffing and performance management platform provider WorkFlex Solutions today announced that it has closed a $3 million round of Series B financing, led by CincyTech.

Wheelings & Dealings: WorkFlex Solutions Closes $3M Round
Call center staffing and performance management platform provider WorkFlex Solutions today announced that it has closed a $3 million round of Series B financing, led by CincyTech.

Comings and Goings: Robert Fryer is Vocantas' New Director for Product Development
Vocantas, a Canadian company that specializes in developing interactive voice response systems to automate routine telephone calls, uses computer technology and advanced speech recognition software to develop solutions for healthcare, utility and student outreach markets.

Five9 Discusses How to Bring Meaning to Customer Relationships Today
As the demands of customers change with the times, so too must the contact centers that service them. Today, customers expect high-quality, personalized customer support via any channel they choose: even if they choose more than one. Consumers also want meaningful interactions with companies, not to be treated like an account number and a series of transactions.

Looker, Snowplow Partner to Drive Business Intelligence
It is the constant endeavor of businesses to capture and analyze event data such as micro-level details of consumers' online habits. Such event data is leveraged by retail and media industries to gain insights so that they can improve customer engagement and boost transactions.

Five9 Talks Cloud Adoption, Personalized Customer Service and Proactive Care
Customer expectations and demands are growing, especially as accessibility to businesses becomes easier and more transparent. Social media has become a critical part of multichannel service, just as chat, email and voice contextual integration have become necessary for companies to meet customer demands - once customer agents interact with customers, they should know their previous behavior and interactions with the company.

Ceiba's AppPulse Helps Mobile App Developers Assess Customer Opinion
Developers can focus on their core competencies and enable faster improvements, thereby reducing time and development costs and in turn garnering a wider market for their apps.

SLI Systems' New Product Delivers Suggestions Based on Shopper Behavior
With the new product add-on to the Learning Search solution, SLI Systems equips e-commerce companies with the ability to deliver highly appealing product suggestions to online visitors based on shopper behavior.

Firstsource Adds First Smartomation to its Customer Management Solutions Suite
Firstsource Solutions recently announced the launch of the First Smartomation, as a part of its suite of customer management solutions. First Smartomation is a process automation solution, and has been designed to enable enterprises to integrate multiple systems, optimize productivity, create new interfaces with automation, enhance effectiveness, and simplify complex processes.

snom technology and Centile Telecom Partner to Deliver UC Solutions in the UK
snom technology AG and Centile Telecom Applications announced the signing of a partnership deal to provide enterprise-grade Unified Communications solutions to service providers and operators in the U.K.

G2 Crowd Presents New Rankings of Best Help Desk for Customer Support Software
In order to help enterprise technology buyers, investors, and analysts better compare and select customer support software, G2 Crowd, a business software review and rating company, has released the first ever GridSM for Help Desk for Customer Support list.

Aspect Software Starts the New Year with a Transformative Bang
'Think globally but act locally' is the mantra that has propelled Aspect Software into embarking on a transformational initiative with Salesforce that promises to greatly empower its customers, partners, and employees.

Hitachi Solutions Grabs Canadian ERP And BI Provider
Hitachi Solutions America, a provider for a variety of business software and services, has recently announced that its Canadian subsidiary, Hitachi Solutions Canada, has acquired a consulting company called Ideaca, which will add to the amount of services and products it will provide to its business clients. This also plays into the goal of expanding its global customer base by putting more resources to good use to deliver all of its services.

Calabrio Customers Honored with CRMXcellence Challenge Award
Polaris, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and AAA of Western and Central NY- all customers of Calabrio- are honored with a CRMXcellence Challenge Award.

NewVoiceMedia Builds Contact Center at Twilio in Just 20 Minutes
NewVoiceMedia, a provider of cloud-based contact center solutions, has achieved a new record by building a contact center at Twilio headquarters in San Francisco in just 20 minutes and 8 seconds.

ForeSee Expands Multichannel Customer Experience Analytics Platform
ForeSee, a provider of call center software solutions, announced new capabilities to its multichannel customer experience analytics platform designed to help executives improve business results.

Firstsource Recognized with Two National Outsourcing Association Awards
FirstSource was recently recognized with two prestigious awards, Best Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Contract - with BSkyB, and Best Outsourcing Service Provider of the Year.

Motor Funding Services Turns to FIS for Call Center Services
Auto sales in 2014 are forecasted to exceed 16 million cars for the first time since 2007, according to CEB TowerGroup. As a result, lenders will originate an estimated 11.4 million new auto loans to finance these sales. This has resulted in sudden demand for outsourcing of back office needs.

OpenSpan Announces Availability of OpenSpan Activity Intelligence
OpenSpan, a provider of worker optimization, activity management and automation solutions, says that the newly launched SaaS-based OpenSpan Activity Intelligence can help companies have a complete view into their worker activity everywhere.

ac2 Solutions Recognized with Frost & Sullivan's Product Differentiation Excellence Award
Advanced Workforce Optimization features a highly intuitive interface and removes the complexities of traditional WFM solutions to optimize performance. Also, ac²'s WFM technologies support more demanding, multi-channel growth and a complex work environment, the company said.

Health Management Associates to Implement Convergent's PatientQuest
Once the PatienQuest program is implemented with Health Management's system, the company will be able to enhance patient experiences, increase point-of-service cash collections, reduce third-party insurance denials, and increase third-party and patient payment by lowering the number of denials and bad debt.

Splice Software Founder Recognized as One of Canada''''s Top Female Entrepreneurs
Splice Software, which Kelly started in 2006, utilizes customized human voice messaging to personalize customer communications including VIP notifications, fraud notifications and credit notifications. Splice customers have also used the solution to acquire customer e-mail addresses and to encourage opt-in to specified marketing programs.

Splice Software Founder Recognized as One of Canada''s Top Female Entrepreneurs
Splice Software, which Kelly started in 2006, utilizes customized human voice messaging to personalize customer communications including VIP notifications, fraud notifications and credit notifications. Splice customers have also used the solution to acquire customer e-mail addresses and to encourage opt-in to specified marketing programs.

iCore Networks Takes Application On Demand A Step Further
iCore Networks, a specialist in cloud computing and cloud-based hosted application services, will now offer custom application development integration with clients' enterprise applications.

Firstsource Bags Several Awards as it Turns 7
At the European Call Centre & Customer Service Awards, Firstsource received the Best Outsourced Partnership award for its partnership with BSkyB. Two other awards that Firstsource won in recent times are Employer of Choice in the BITC awards and Innovative Employer with The Irish News Awards.

Cloud Call Center Company NewVoiceMedia Sees Rapid Growth, Raises $35 Million in Funding
U.K.-based cloud contact center solutions provider NewVoiceMedia recently secured $35 million in a Series C round of funding. The financing was led by new investor Bessemer Venture Partners and joined by existing shareholders Highland Capital Partners Europe, Eden Ventures and Notion Capital. According to the company, the cash will be used to boost the company's international growth and closely follows the opening of its new regional headquarters in North America and Asia Pacific.

Adobe Unveils Dynamic Tagging System
This particular dynamic tag management system makes it that much quicker to tag content that can then be measured and optimized for various web properties. The new system takes advantage of the existing Adobe tag management system and blends that together with the higher level technological advances the company recently got its hands on thanks to satellite technology acquisitions.

UAE Call Center Offering New Licensing Services
As the call center market continues to expand and grow, some call centers are finding they can serve even more purposes than merely helping to answer questions.

2Touch Completes Rollout of Noetica's Synthesys Inbound Voice Solution
2Touch recently announced that it has successfully completed the rollout of the new Synthesys inbound voice solution from Noetica for two of its utility client accounts. The new feature introduced within the Synthesys product suite offers comprehensive ACD as well as IVR and voice recording capabilities.2Touch is a leading outsourcing provider of fulfillment services and call center outsourcing solutions in the UK.

Will Major Update to Pipeline CRM Software Soften Marketing-Sales Disconnect?
Although marketing and sales are usually treated as a single function, in actuality they are two different functions that need to sync and align together for corporate success. Both people and tools are critical when it comes to delivering a relevant, personal experience for customers and leads. That's what Pipeliner sales' recent major CRM software update is attempting to do - ensuring that marketing efforts and the sales pipeline are working hand in hand.

CareTouch Completes One Year of Collect
CareTouch Communications, Inc., a company engaged in patient engagement, communication and management solutions, recently announced that it has successfully completed one year of CareTouch Collect, a program for healthcare providers that enables patients to have an account balance and provides alternatives for them to bring it current.

WorkForce Software's Global Expansion Contributes to Record-setting Growth
WorkForce Software, a specialist in workforce management software for organizations with complex policies and compliance concerns, has announced that the company is experiencing tremendous corporate and financial growth in the first half of 2013.

Seapine Software Releases TestTrack 2013.1
Seapine Software recently announced an enhanced release of TestTrack, a portfolio of tools for managing product development. The latest release, version 2013.1, introduces the features of the Windows, Macintosh, and Linux TestTrack clients to the browser, resulting in a contemporary, unified online application.

Noble Systems Unveils New Version of Noble Composer X.2
Noble System announced the launch of the upgraded version of its Noble Composer X, one of the company''s well-acclaimed solutions for desktop interface for unifying agent environment. The new release, titled Noble Composer X.2, will include integrated Noble Softphone, Call Recording, SOAP Web Services and stored procedural support. The enhanced version of the desktop interface module enables contact center employees to create and manage complex workflows to provide enhanced customer service.

Its Rebranding and Re-launching Phase for Plum Voice
Differentiating from competitors has always been a task for many companies and several strategies are adopted to attain this. Expanding accessibility and reachability by rebranding can result in a glaringly strong corporate identity. This is exactly Plum Voice is also adopting currently. The company has rebranded and launched a new responsive website to improve the customer experience and better package the company's comprehensive suite of IVR and communication technology products.

Improving the Call Center Workforce Environment Can Improve the Bottom Line
The call center exists to keep customers happy. Of course that's the case, but too many companies forget that it's equally important to keep their call center agents happy. Happy and fulfilled agents project positive energy, and customers respond accordingly. Even if you don't buy into the whole "happy auras beget happy auras" idea, it's an irrefutable fact that high call center turnover costs companies a bundle every year. The constant need to recruit and train new agents and get them the requisite skill level to deal with customers well is a drain on resources.

Startel Releases New CMC Reports
Startel Corporation has announced the company's unveiling of the latest version of the Startel Contact Management Center (CMC). This new release includes various new improvements to the existing version.

Melita Improves Customer Experience with Aspect Software
The Melita quad telecommunications operator is improving its customer experience with Aspect Software. Melita has simplified its customer contact efforts and improved operational efficiencies by upgrading to Aspect's Unified IP 7.1 contact center and interaction management software.

BlueKai Delivers More Choice and Speed in Activating Offline CRM Intelligence
BlueKai, a provider of data activation systems for marketers and publishers, has enhanced its data management platform (DMP) to offer more choice and higher speed for activating offline CRM intelligence.

Waste Connections Deploys CallFire Solution to Clean Up the Streets
CallFire, a company that specializes in simplifying telephony, has announced that it has drastically improved the payment collection practices of Waste Connections, Inc., a company helping out more than two million customers across 29 states by collecting, transferring, disposing and recycling waste for residential, commercial and industrial customers daily.

Contact Center Agents are the Most Underutilized Sales Representatives
The contact center has traditionally been solely focused on the service aspect of a business, working to address and remedy comments, complaints, inquiries, and other requests over the phone. However, with the ever advancing trend of mobile, Web, and social media communication, contact center agents are finding themselves caught in the middle of a whirlwind of diverse multichannel interactions.

Intradiem Expands on Intraday Management
The company in January introduced release 9.0, which increased its ability to link with applications that allow agents to do more tasks during down time. It can connect with all major ACDs and workforce management systems, as well as with performance management systems. And in the third quarter Intradiem expects to roll out release 9.5, which will feature intraday staff, queue management, and alerts and notifications, all of which are new with this release.

Indosoft Enhances Overseer Watchdog System for Q-Suite
Indosoft Inc. has unveiled an improved version of its Overseer Watchdog System. Call centers with very important tasks are able to go beyond high availability (HA) with the autonomous monitoring and decision making system, thereby providing call endurance. The latest release strengthens computerized error detection and enhances the autonomous overseer mechanism, resulting in improved durability.

Aastra Enhances Solidus eCare Call Center Software with New Capabilities for Outbound Campaigns
Aastra, a provider of unified communications and call center software solutions, has enhanced Solidus eCare, an integrated contact center solution, with new capabilities for outbound campaigns and improved customer satisfaction.

American Support and Five9 to Discuss Benefits of a Cloud Contact Center
More and more contact centers are making the switch from legacy call center software and equipment to hosted solutions that are provided and maintained over the cloud. Call center Software-as-a-Service offerings reduce infrastructure maintenance costs, allow for flexible agent staffing and are quick to deploy.

Empereon-Constar to Sustain Growth with Call Center Expansion
Continuing this pattern of growth, Empereon-Constar announced that the company is planning the creation of 350new jobs in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Pennsylvania.

NetSuite OneWorld Helps HubSpot Cope with Global Business Growth
HubSpot is all-in-one marketing software that helps more than 8,000 companies in 56 countries attract leads and convert them into customers. Internationally, inbound marketing is gaining traction and HubSpot is in an ideal position to cater to the growing demands. Because of this, it needed software that empowered rather than being restrictive.

Call Center Telecommuting: Yes or No?
It's simple. Employee retention hinges on employee happiness. For the call center, this simple point is an important one. Call center turnover is a prevailing problem in the industry today, and businesses are striving to come up with creative ways to attract and retain the best talent possible.

Inktel is Now MonkeyMedia's MMS Catering Institute Industry Affiliation Program Certified
Florida-based Inktel Contact Center Solutions, a provider of outsourced contact center solutions, will become the first partner to become the recipient of MonkeyMedia Software's MMS Catering Institute Industry Affiliation Program.

Complete Service Contact Center Unveiled on Isle of Man
Yello, a contact center that will address the exclusive requirements of the betting and gaming sector, has started operations in the Isle of Man. An assortment of tailored outsourced CRM and sales solutions will be provided by Yello to customers on the island and away.

Five9 to Demonstrate Critical Value of Cloud Contact Center Solutions
Smart contact centers have met these seemingly contrary demands - a higher grade of customer service on a smaller budget - with cloud contact center solutions. Cloud solutions have a number of cost advantages: they require little to no upfront capital, unlike traditional premise-based systems, and they allow companies to pay for only what they need, often on a month-to-month basis, allowing companies to shrink or ramp up the number of seats they use in accordance with seasonal demand fluctuations.

Voice4Net Offering Interactive Call Center Software for 'A Pleasant Caller Experience'
Voice4Net's custom interactive solutions are aimed at helping bridge this communication gap and enable companies to offer their customers what McFarland calls "a pleasant caller experience."
2/7/2013 Names Jim Furyk as Golf Ambassador Group, Inc was named Jim Furyk as the organization's authorized golf ambassador. Furyk is a PGA TOUR expert with 16 PGA TOUR successes, counting the U.S. Open Championship in 2003.

ISM Completes Its Lineup of CRM Software Options with Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Information Systems Management (ISM), a national provider of ERP and CRM business software, lineup of CRM software options now includes Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which further enhances its aim to service customers' entire business from front to back office.
2/7/2013 Refurbishes Website with Call Center Services
Investment in the real estate industry can be a tricky affair, and agents are a shade reluctant to move ahead boldly with their purchases as they are not sure whether the property's credentials are correct and proper. Neighborhood safety, residential foreclosures, school systems and other factors have to be considered.

EkoBuzz' Online Marketing Software Now Available with CRM Capabilities
EkoBuzz, a digital marketing company, offers web-based email and mobile marketing suite to help companies create and manage marketing campaigns. Its online marketing software is now available with CRM capabilities, enabling teams to work together on a single solution for capturing, managing and converting leads.

USRecordFee Unveils Customer Service Mobile App
USRecordFee has announced that the company will soon unravel a smart phone app, set to release in three months. Realizing how important it is to have mobility options, the company created an app where users will be able to access their accounts and do additional background checks, for a small price.

China Pacific Insurance Company Adapts Verint's Impact 360 Speech Analytics Software
China's largest insurance company, China Pacific Insurance Company (CPIC), has recently adapted Verint Systems Impact 360 Speech Analytics software across the organization's Shanghai contact center location.

Chrysalis Software Wins State of California Green Business Certification
Chrysalis Software, a company offering contact center professional services and products, has recently been awarded with State of California Green Business Certification.

Japan's Nihonkai Gas Selects Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing
Nihonkai Gas, which serves propane and city gas to 100,000 customers across Toyama and part of Ishikawa prefectures in Japan, has selected Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing to enhance customer service and billing capabilities.

Zurmo Open Source CRM now a part of BitNami Application Library
Zurmo, the developer of the Zurmo Open Source Customer Relationship Management application, announced that its CRM solution has won a contest sponsored by BitNami, an organization that aims to simplify the deployment of web applications. As a result, the Zurmo app will now be a part of the BitNami Application Library, where it will be packaged as an easy to install Open Source CRM BitNami stack.

Nimble Wins CRM Watchlist 2013 Award Third Time In A Row
Nimble recently announced that it has been recognized with the respected CRM Watchlist 2013 award third time in a row, an accomplishment previously achieved by CRM vendors, namely, Microsoft, SAP and Oracle. The company was the only social relationship manager to be recognized with the award from a pool of 153 entrants.

RouteMatch Software Is A Finalist At The 7th Annual Stevie Awards For Sales & Customer Service
RouteMatch Software recently announced that it has made it to the finalist list in the 7th annual Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service. The company was nominated in the Front-line Customer Service Team of the Year category and is expecting to be the winner of a Gold, Silver, or Bronze Stevie Award.

TargetX CRM Drives Recruiting At Southern Polytechnic State University
Southern Polytechnic State University announced that recruitment is at an all time high with a 28 percent increase in freshmen, a 25 percent rise in transfer students, and a 16 point increase in the academic profile for the freshman class. All this has been possible with the adoption of a cloud-based CRM system from TargetX. Leveraging the system the university was able to revolutionize everything from the marketing process, to the application process, as well as the campus tours.

Solveigh Picks Navatar M&A CRM and Navatar Deal Connect
Financial firms around the world are choosing cloud service so they don't have to hire an IT staff or consultants, or invest in hardware/software. Solveigh, an independent and specialized advisory firm offering investment banking services, is joining this race. The company has picked Navatar's M&A Cloud and Navatar Deal Connect to manage its investment banking businesses and expand its reach worldwide.

Dundas Data Visualization to Presentwith IQPC for Call Center Summit
Dundas Data Visualization revealed its plan to do a presentation on Call Center Dashboards, alongside partner Farmers Insurance at the 8th Annual Call Center Summit in Orlando, Florida on January 24th. In a statement, Dundas said it will be discussing how the proper data visualizations can help the efficiency of a call center.

Aerohive Launches HiveNation
An easy to use and highly searchable online community was launched by California-based Aerohive earlier this week. Its name is HiveNation and it allows customers, evaluators and industry thought leaders to find out more about Aerohive and what its about, as well as ask questions and interact with each other.

PayLease Provides Toll-Free Call Center
PayLease is encouraging residents to call its toll-free call center 24/7 to pay rent or HOA dues over the phone using a credit card or an e-check.

Baker & Taylor Launch New Mobile Platform to Enhance Customer Experience
The world's largest distributor of digital and physical books and entertainment products, Baker & Taylor, has announced the launch of its new mobile platform, which will allow consumers to buy and download digital audiobooks on their Apple and Android devices. Coming soon for libraries, Acoustik is currently live at selected retailers.

Comverse Positioned in the Leader's Quadrant by Gartner
Comverse, a company that enables business enablement through BSS, mobile Internet, value-added and managed services, recently has been positioned in the Leader's Quadrant by Gartner Research in its 2012 Integrated Revenue and Customer Management (IRCM) Magic Quadrant report.

Call Recording in the Contact Center Adds Value to Businesses
Calabrio Call Recording makes the task of recording, archiving and retrieving all calls more manageable in IP-based networks. Organizations can choose to record all calls within the enterprise, or just for particular groups, departments or contact center teams.

Bluehost Joins Forces with PrestaShop
Bluehost, a provider of shared hosting services, has announced a partnership with PrestaShop, an open-source e-commerce solution powering more than 125,000 stores worldwide, to provide its customers with access to one of the world's best e-commerce platforms.

Call Center Service Provider XACT Telesolutions Helps University to Achieve Record Enrollment Rates
Growing competition has led educational institutions to leverage innovative marketing strategies to stay ahead of their competitors as well as use call center services for managing the admission processes and the responses to prospective students and their parents. XACT Telesolutions, a state-of-the-art call processing services cente,r has recently helped a distinguished institution better maintain its student-enrollment process at the beginning of the new enrollment season.

CoreDial Reveals Production Quality Beta Release of Operator Console
Provider of cloud communications software and services CoreDial has revealed the production quality beta release of its Operator Console, which comes with a robust feature set that provides unified communications and agility for end-user customers.

Director of NACR's Contact Center Technology Featured in CIO Collaboration Network's Video
Solution integration expert NACR has revealed that Barbara Courneya, director of its National Contact Center Technology, is featured in a new video on the CIO Collaboration Network (CCN), an online community of CIOs and IT leaders.

Five9 and Birst Team to Provide Business Analytics to Contact Centers
Five9 is a well-known provider of call center software, providing solutions for outbound call centers, hosted contact centers and on-demand call centers. Now, a partnership with Birst Inc will give Five9 customers the opportunity to take advantage of enterprise-grade business analytics tools in their contact center agent dashboards.

New Approach to Customer Service Results in Higher Level of Personal Touch, Client Education
With an aim to add a personal touch to its self-directed IRA consultations, New Direction IRA, a provider of self-directed retirement plans, has recently implemented a client representative model.

Cloud-Based Contact Center Solutions Save Organizations Money From Any Angle
Call centers today are under a great deal of pressure: for starters, consumers are demanding ever-higher levels of service via any channel they choose to contact companies. In today's commoditized marketplace, high-level customer service is often the only thing that differentiates companies from one another. On the flip side, companies are also pressured to keep costs down, particularly capital expenditures and labor costs. Call centers, of course, are labor-heavy operations, often with high-turnover, which means that recruiting, hiring and training are often the greatest expense. So how do you run an operation to keep up excellence while keeping down costs?

Online Retailer Melrose Jewelers Expands Customer Care Hours
Online jewelry and watch retailer, Melrose Jewelers is expanding its customer care, the company said today. A specialist in Rolex Watches, one of the most sought after luxury accessories in the world, the company has seen a rapidly expanding customer base worldwide. To cope with the demand, Melrose Jewelers plans to launch a seven day a week customer care service. This initiative has been implemented to help customers solve their queries and problems. The company also sells diamond jewelry online.

Instant Checkmate Hires 20 New Customer Service Employees, Launches a Blog
Instant Checkmate, a background data provider, recently made the announcement that it has hired 20 friendly and patient customer service representatives, perhaps partly in acknowledgement of the importance of public relations. The official reason given, however, is that the hiring of additional customer service reps is part of the company's plan to expand its California and Nevada offices.

SPi Global Chosen to Manage Call Center for Scoot Airlines
SPi Global will provide a telecommunications call center for a low-cost subsidiary of Singapore Airlines (SIA), Scott PTe. Ltd. SPi Global will take over all customer services including: booking tickets, arranging special seats, booking and managing special meal requests, and dealing with all customer service problems after flight.

A Majority of Call Center Agents Misuse Their Voices, Experience Voice Injuries
While workplace injuries are not unknown in the contact center - individuals who work in customer service environments are at risk for repetitive motion injuries, back problems from sitting all day and acoustic shock from sub-par headsets. Recent research found that another common call center injury includes voice problems.

Knoa EPM 7.0 for Oracle Siebel CRM Provides an IT Deployment Solution
Knoa Software, Inc., an expert in end-user experience and performance management solutions and is known for its productivity metrics for corporate business applications, unveiled its new Experience and Performance Manager (EPM), the EPM 7.0, for Oracle Siebel's customer relationship management (CRM) application.

PhoneSmart Call Center Hits 900k Reservation Milestone
PhoneSmart, a call center for the self-service storage industry, has hit a new milestone. The company announced that it has reached its 900,000th storage reservation.

Five9 Moves Headquarters to San Ramon, Doubles Office Space
Five9, a provider of cloud-based software that facilitates the creation of virtual call centers, moved 160 employees from its 28,000 square foot office building in Pleasanton, Calif., to a 50,000 square foot space in the Bishop Ranch complex in San Ramon, Calif. The company has seen rapid expansion of late and was named to Inc. Magazine's list of America's Fastest Growing Companies both last year and the year before.

TMCnet's Call Center Software Week in Review
As we enter the month of March, with expectation of spring beginning to build, it's time to look back at the week in call center software news.

Drishti Provides Better View of Business Process Matrices
According to Drishti, Ameyo Stats Wallboard adds value to contact centers by providing a bird's eye view of all operations in a contact center, resulting in better management and delivering an increase of the overall business productivity.

WorkForce Software Implements Fatigue Management Solution for TPC Group
Houston, Texas based TPC Group has selected WorkForce Software's EmpCenter suite to provide automated fatigue management as part of a comprehensive workforce management solution.

IMS Health Acquires an India-Based Company
PharmARC, an India-based company specializing in commercial analytics and services for the life sciences industry, has been acquired IMS Health.

New Call Center Available for Tri-City Medical Center Patients
Tri-City Medical Center announced the launch of their new 24/7 informational call center on Wednesday.

Former Collections Maverick Seeking Site for New 'No Abuses' Call Center
While new call centers would appear to be popping up all over the U.S., one potential new contact center is generating more news than usual. Collections company CFS II, founded by industry maverick Bill Bartmann, is currently looking at three states - Nevada, North Carolina and Illinois - as potential locations for a 40,000-square-foot call center site that eventually could provide 2,000 jobs.

Kundra Joins as EVP of Emerging Markets
Vivek Kundra, an accomplished technology company with a demonstrated track record of driving innovation, has joined as executive vice president of emerging markets.

Five9 Equips 2-1-1 California with Cost Effective Telephony Solution
A nonprofit network dedicated to public service, 2-1-1 California claims that it can now successfully deliver information and referral services across the state in many different and difficult situations because it has selected Five9 as its virtual call center platform.

PCCW Teleservices Get 'Best China Call Center'Award by China Federation of IT Promotion
The 9th Annual China Call Center Industry Forum and Best Chinese Customer Contact Center was held at Lijiang, Yunnan Province, PRC and PCCW Teleservices is continuously recognized for industry best practices, customer service, and innovation.

Workday Announces the Availability of Workday for iPad
To offer enterprise-class SaaS solutions for managing global businesses with an innovative approach to business applications, Workday, Inc., the company in SaaS-based enterprise solutions for global human resources (HR), payroll, and financial management, has introduced Workday for iPad.

Moxie Software Enhances its Customer Spaces Applications
Moxie Software has made key enhancements to its Spaces by Moxie integrated suite. The company said Monday that it has added key customer service capabilities to its Customer Spaces applications-a popular and comprehensive customer service suite.

Real Estate Database Leader ProspectNow Forges Strategic Alliance with CRM Provider REA
ProspectNow, the provider of one of the industry's largest real estate databases, recently forged a strategic alliance with Real Estate Assistant (REA), the top commercial real estate CRM system. The alliance is intended to automate the ProspectNow data import into REA.

Enkata and OpenSpan Collaborate for Performance Management Solutions
The current capabilities of Enkata's suite of workforce analytics and performance management solutions for contact centers and back-office claims processing centers will be expanded. Technology from OpenSpan will be leveraged by Enkata for the same. An announcement in this regard has been made by the top provider of cloud-based workforce analytics solutions, Enkata.

Jacada Introduces Call Center Scripting Tool
Call center scripting is wildly important to the success or failure of a call center's mission. Once upon a time, the process was cumbersome, inflexible and took a long time. If you created a less-than-desirable script, you were stuck with it until you could beg time from the IT department to change it for you. Luckily, the newer scripting solutions available today have changed all that.

Sage SalesLogix CRM Selected by CALFOREX
Sage SalesLogix has been selected by CALFOREX Foreign Exchange for a CRM deployment upgrade. CALFOREX's business development, client management, trade details, operations and reporting systems will be now supported by integrating IP telephony and several banking systems. An announcement in this regard has been made by Sage North America.

OpinionLab Extends Mobile Customer Feedback Tools for Customers to Provide Feedback on Products
OpinionLab, provider of voice-of-customer (VOC) listening technologies, announced the extension of its mobile customer feedback tools, which make it easy for consumers to share their experience and feedback on products and brands anytime and from anywhere using their mobile devices, either by connecting to a brand's mobile optimized website or by accessing quick response (QR) codes.

Due to Sync of CSR24 and TAM, Agents Will Have More Time for Customer Service
Artizan Internet Services recently announced the availability of Artizan-TAM SyncSM, which is a feature that automatically records activity from Artizan's customer access solution, CSR24, into TAM. Applied Systems, Inc. is one of the leading insurance technology companies that sells and supports insurance agency and broker management systems, while Artizan Internet Services is an applied systems company and one of the leading providers of Web-based solutions for the insurance industry.

Velti Announces Opening of New Technology Sales Hub in Istanbul, Turkey
Velti, a provider of mobile marketing and advertising technology, has announced the opening of a new technology and sales hub in Istanbul, Turkey.

PeopleAnswers Announces Software Licensing Agreement with The Cheesecake Factory Inc.
In an organization, hiring most qualified candidates while saving significant time for managers is a key factor for Human Resource (HR) personnel. In an effort to improve quality of hires and take the guesswork out of consistent talent selection, The Cheesecake Factory has deployed PeopleAnswers' HR solution for pre-employment selection.

Aria, MATRIXX Software Join to Launch Real-Time Rating and Billing Solution for CSPs
Aria Systems and MATRIXX Software, a developer of online charging and subscriber policy management solutions, entered into a new partnership and announced the release of a cloud-deployed real-time rating and billing solution for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and their enterprise customers.

Convergys Corporation Announces Launch of ICOMS 9 Platform
Convergys Corporation, a major player in relationship management, has introduced ICOMS 9, an enabling platform for next generation services. Pre-integrated with Convergys CRM, ICOMS 9 will be powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a solution that made its debut at TMForum Management World 2011.

Chatter Box to Acquire LCI Call Center in Cebu
Realizing that LCI Solutions has a proven track record in business development in the BPO space throughout the Philippines, Chatter Box Call Center Ltd announced its decision to acquire LCI's facility in that location. An announcement to this effect was made on June 1, 2011.

PBD Worldwide chooses VueLogic as CRM analytics provider
PBD Worldwide Fulfillment Services recently announced that it has signed an agreement with VueLogic LLC, an Atlanta-based marketing analytics firm, for PBD Analytics360, an advanced CRM analytics engine which will help PBD to optimize the services it provides to its customers.

InfoCision Brings the Dream of Working at Home to Elkins, West Virginia
A common complaint of people in the workforce is often not related to the job they perform, but instead it is their commute to get back and forth from the job that raises their ire. It's not uncommon to hear working people say they wish they could work from home and cite a number of reasons, such as family schedules or difficulty with mobility or transportation, for having this desire.

RightNow Builds Customer Relationships at Auto Electronics Firm
Audio electronics major Shure announced it leverages RightNow, a provider of customer experience management solutions, to offer multi-channel experiences to its customer base of musicians, music enthusiasts and businesses.

KC Contact Centres Retains Contact Center Outsourcing Contract with BT Global Services
Through a press release, KC Contact Centres announced that it has won a three-year extension to its contract with BT Global Services. Under the contract, KC, on behalf of BT Global Services, is going to provide outsourced contact center services, including call and email handling to one of the BT clients, a key central government department.

Call Center Services Week in Review: Mobility is the Wave of the Future
Like most other technologies, the evolution of call center services is incredibly rapid, with news that shapes the industry coming out every week. This week we saw several advancements that are shaping trends in customer service industry including a continued move to the mobile arena.

Avaya on Contact Center Interaction, Routing Trends
There has been a shift in the control of business relationships from the companies to the customers. Fickle only-as-good-as-the-last-product/service/price performance loyalty, parsimony with downturn-limited incomes, the ability to check out and compare offerings via the Web and social media, enabled by broadband and wireless has placed the buyers in charge. This change has impacted customers' interactions with firms. TMCnet recently interviewed Jorge R. Blanco, vice president, marketing, Contact Center Solutions for Avaya to find out how.

Five9 and NetSuite Play Nice Together on the Call Center Playground
Five9's call center on demand software offers customers a flexible platform to conduct their customer service operations from. Five9 also adds value to Netsuite's line of CRM and Business software solutions, giving them a way to integrate customer service operations directly with their core solutions. While some companies prefer to offer integrated CRM solutions rather than focusing on what they do well, Five 9 has chosen interoperability with an already established player in the field to continue focusing on providing the best hosted call center basics.Five9 recently showcased the ease of interoperability at the NetSuite sponsored SuiteWorld.

Magellan Solutions Outsourcing Launches Flat Pricing Plans for Its Reservation Call Center Services
Magellan, a Philippine provider of offshore call center solutions, has introduced flat pricing plans for its reservation call center services. Targeted at the hospitality sector, the flat price packages are supposedly for booking and accommodation call center services to offer quality yet affordable inbound customer support.

NewVoiceMedia Propels Communic8BPO into the Telephony Cloud
NewVoiceMedia, which helps businesses of all sizes improve call handling at an affordable cost, is using its cloud-based telephony solution, ContactWorld, to help new company Communic8BPO get under way.

Teleperformance Upgrades Its Columbus, Ohio Facilities
Teleperformance, a provider of outsourced CRM and contact center services, announced the completion of its newly remodeled and expanded site in Columbus, Ohio. Teleperformance spent around $1.5 million to remodel this facility to make it an exceptional place to work.

BPMethods Makes Available Business Process Portfolio Management System
BPMethods, a professional services firm innovating new ways to improve business process performance and results, has announced general availability of its business process portfolio management system.

AAA Michigan's Command Center Pleased with Inova's Real-Time Solution
Faced with an overwhelming call load and the need to access real-time queue metrics, AAA Michigan reached out to Inova Solutions - a real-time contact center data reporting company and a provider of communication solutions that help call centers and others communicate vital, real-time information - to help its command center implement a real-time data reporting and digital signage.

Demand for Virtual Business Processes Leads to Alpine Access Expansion
It is always uplifting to learn of business growth and the creation of new jobs, especially when the drone of the opposite news is so prevalent in so many sectors. In Denver, Colo., that high is not coming solely from the altitude today but from news emanating from the contact center sector. Alpine Access, which provides virtual contact center solutions and services, announced today that it is opening a new Technology & Operational Excellence Lab that it says will complement its downtown Denver headquarters by providing a location dedicated to driving innovation, improving operational efficiencies and supporting its extensive technology infrastructure. The new facility will also create 50 new jobs

Illinois City Scaling Back Grant Money for Contact Center Falling Short of Hiring Goal
It's not an uncommon scenario: a new contact center promises a city x number of jobs, and the city, in turn, promises grants to the contact center company based on those jobs. So what happens when the contact center hires only a portion of the employees it originally promised? A Rockford, Illinois-based contact center company called FMS is about to find out.

Project Insight Enables Intelligent Scheduling of Multiple Projects
Experienced project managers understand the importance of having a robust management tool that is powerful, easy to use and flexible and project management software - Project Insight - seems to fit the bill with its functionality and user-friendly approach.

eGain Demonstrates the Benefits of Knowledge-Infused CRM
eGain Communications, a provider of cloud and on-site customer interaction hub software, announced that it will demonstrate benefits of knowledge-infused CRM at COLLABORATE 11, the technology and applications forum for the Oracle community.

British Gas Wins Two Prominent Awards for Customer-Centric Initiatives
According to Aspect, which builds customer relationships through a combination of customer contact software and Microsoft platform services/solutions, British Gas was honored in the Gartner & 1 to1 Media Customer Relationship Management Excellence Awards 2011 in Europe, the Middle East and Africa with two prominent awards.

Adara Venture Partners Selects Navatar Private Equity Cloud
Madrid based private equity firm Adara Venture Partners has selected Navatar Private Equity Cloud to manage its fundraising, deal flow, portfolio and capital calls and distributions. In addition to providing out-of-the-box functionality, Navatar Private Equity also provides workflows essential for private equity firms. Available for a low monthly fee, it runs entirely in's cloud.

Innotrac Expands into Europe
Innotrac has expanded its operational footprint and capabilities through Innotrac Europe GmbH, which has operations in the U.K., Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Innotrac provides technology-based, integrated fulfillment solutions for global brands, and Innotrac Europe GmbH is a joint venture between Innotrac and PVS Fulfillment-Service GmbH in Neckarsulm, Germany.

GroupLink Corporation Introduces EnterpriseCRM Extension to Higher Education
GroupLink Corporation, makers of ContactWise CRM, MobileCRM, and eReferrals CRM, premier data management software solutions, has introduced its EnterpriseCRM solution for higher education at the Brainstorm Education Technology Conference.

Squire and TDM Highlight Multiple Carrier Signaling Termination with STP
Squire Technologies, providing NGN and TDM telecommunication products and solutions recently announced that both ICPs (Integrated Communication Providers) and CLECs (Competitive Local Exchange Carriers) will greatly benefit by centralizing multiple carrier signaling termination via an STP solution.

Insurance Technology Awards Honor FINEOS and MPI
The Insurance Technology Awards, also known as ICTA, has honored FINEOS Corporation. The ICTA for P&C Insurer - Claims was won by Manitoba Public Insurance or MPI, a customer of FINEOS. An Honorable Mention in the P&C Technology Provider; and Claims was also received by FINEOS. FINEOS Corporation is a top market provider of claims management software solutions for Insurance and Government Insurance.

Avtex Launches New Contact Center Applications
Avtex, a provider of communication and collaboration technologies to its customers, has announced the launch of its Contact Center optimization software and new Communications Enabled Business Process (CEBP) applications for Unified Communications (UC). The company is a Microsoft Gold Partner and also an Interactive Intelligence Elite partner, and has unveiled the new products at the Enterprise Connect conference taking place this week.

TNS Debuts Improved Payment Gateway Service
TNS has announced that the company has launched improved Gateway services in UK and Ireland. This payment Gateway is pre-accredited by leading UK and Irish acquirers as well as PCI DSS certified, the company has announced.

Constant Contact Partners With WeReward to Deliver Integrated Online Marketing Tools
As a trusted marketing advisor, Constant Contact's integration with WeReward is helping merchants and product manufacturers develop stronger relationships that lead to increased customer loyalty and lifetime value. While WeReward's mobile application allows retailers and product manufacturers to attract new customers, Constant Contact's email marketing tool helps strengthen these relationships beyond a check-in point.

Vodafone Qatar Signs Partnership with Alepo
Vodafone Qatar Q.S.C, known as Vodafone Qatar, a leading provider of second public mobile and fixed telecommunications networks and services license in the state of Qatar, has recently announced that the company has formed a partnership with Alepo. The partnership will enable Vodafone Qatar to bring in triple-play services to Pearl Qatar with a comprehensive billing and customer care solution for fixed voice, video and data over high-speed broadband in Qatar.

Wightman Partners with Telax for Enhancing Customer Care
Wightman Telecom, a leading independent telephone company of Ontario, has announced that it has entered into a partnership with Telax, a leading provider of hosted call center solutions in North America, in its attempt to express its longstanding commitment in providing the finest quality customer service.

Convergys Extends Outreach to Colombia by Deploying High-Tech Contact Center
Convergys Corporation has announced that it has extended its outreach to Colombia with the deployment of a highly sophisticated contact center in Bogota, also known as the Athens of South America, for facilitating the leading American corporations with best in class customer care services. The new contact center would reinforce the company's position in Latin America along with its already operational offices and contact centers in Mexico, Brazil and Costa Rica.

FMSI Helps Tyndall Federal Credit Union Reduce Call Center Hold Times by 70 Percent
Since it began using the FMSI ContactCenter Management System (CMS) solution, call center hold times at Tyndall Federal Credit Union (FCU) of Panama City, Florida, have been reduced by 70 percent. To achieve desired service levels, CMS allows financial institutions to schedule agents based on forecasted call volumes, optimizing contact center staffing levels.

Citibank Closing Contact Center, 700 Agents to Work From Home
Normally, the closing of a 750-seat contact center is bad news. With Citibank's new announcement, however, the news is good for most of the agents themselves, though perhaps bad for the City of Albuquerque. Citibank has announced its intent to shut down a major Albuquerque contact center facility, but it's not eliminating most of the jobs: about 700 of the employees will continue to work as representatives for Citibank, but they will work from their homes, reports

Call Center Services: Convergys Smart Communications Suite Selected by TOT Thailand
Microsoft powered Convergys Smart Communications Suite has been selected by TOT Thailand. The national telecommunications provider of Thailand will be replacing its current billing and CRM system in order to increase operational efficiencies. The telecommunication provider also aims to improve customer satisfaction with the Convergys Smart Communications Suite.

Bally Total Fitness Selects Customer Service Provider Sword Ciboodle
Bally Total Fitness, a widely recognized health club brand in the United States with 270 clubs and approximately 3 million members worldwide, has selected Sword Ciboodle as lead contact center technology provider to reinvigorate its customer service program.

Meredith Corp Reaches Women through SAS Predictive Analytics
SAS Analytics is being used by Meredith Corporation, the largest media and marketing company serving American women, to drive growth. Meredith will be able to improve campaign response and customer retention with SAS Analytics as the solution provides a clearer picture of consumer behavior and preferences.

Call Center Services: Cambridge Online Systems to Deliver CRM For Every Business
Cambridge Online Systems, a leading provider of IT systems and services, has furthered its partnership with Microsoft in their joint endeavor to endow businesses across the Eastern region with sophisticated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, which would tremendously enhance their effectiveness and performance. CRM, in addition to effectively streamlining the marketing, sales and customer services operations, also assists businesses in the automating, organizing and synchronizing processes across their organization.

Norton Introduces NortonLive Help Desk to Tackle Consumer Problems
Norton by Symantec announced that its new NortonLive Ultimate Help Desk service, a personal IT help desk service, will assist consumers for handling computing and digital devices, used at home. Technicians are available 24/7 to help customers set up, manage or repair technical problems saving consumers time, money and frustration with their digital lives, company officials said.

Frost & Sullivan Recognizes TeleTech with Customer Value Enhancement Award
Market research agency Frost & Sullivan recognized TeleTech, a provider of technology-enabled revenue generation, business process and on-demand solutions, with the 2010 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Value Enhancement of the Year. The recognition is based on Frost & Sullivan's recent analysis of the contact center outsourcing market. TeleTech delivers technology-based solutions that maximize revenue, transform customer experiences and optimize business processes.

EGPI Firecreek Selects Terra Telecom's Screen POP Call Center Software
EGPI Firecreek, Inc., has revealed that its municipal utility company in New England has picked Terra Telecom, Inc., to implement a screen POP solution for enabling call center agents to service inbound customer calls more effectively.

Internet Marketing for the Telecom Sector: Creative Works
There are many companies that promise to be able to effectively market a company and what they have to offer, but those who can focus expertise on one particular area should be able to deliver more value to those businesses operating in that area.

eCarList Acquires DealerUps for CRM Integration
eCarList, an automotive software company, has acquired DealerUps, a leading provider of automotive CRM solutions for dealers. The acquisition will allow eCarList to integrate CRM into its award-winning inventory management and online marketing solutions. As a result, eCarList's dealerships can easily fully own and control the vehicle merchandising process through one unified platform.

Call Genie Deploys Ad Exchange Technology with European Network
Call Genie has contracted to deploy its Ad Exchange technology with one of the largest European advertising networks, which will serve mobile-sponsored links through its primary portal.

Customer Interaction Solutions Honors SugarCRM With 'Product of the Year'
Technology Marketing Corporation's Customer Interaction Solutions magazine awarded SugarCRM's Sugar 6 with a 2010 Product of the Year Award. Since 1982, TMC's Customer Interaction Solutions magazine has been the premier publication covering CRM, call centers and teleservices.

European Customer Relations Services Company Selects Streamcore Solution
LaSer Contact, an European customer relations services company, has selected a Streamcore solution to manage the interactive applications and real-time communications on its corporate network.

SLMA Reveals List of 50 Most Influential People in Lead Generation
Management control is an important aspect of salespersons performance with in an organization. In the current economic situation it is seen that the business-to-business sales role is changing into relationship management.

CDC Software to Acquire SaaS Registration Solutions Provider
CDC Software, a hybrid enterprise software provider of on-premise and cloud deployments, signed a term sheet to acquire a company that provides software-as-a-service (SaaS) event and membership management solutions.

Sitel Brings Call Center Services to Nicaragua
Latin America, and Nicaragua, in particular, has emerged as a call center hot-spot due to the region's ability to offer culturally aligned, multilingual talent for a wide range of U.S. consumer markets. To leverage these benefits and further expand the service in the region, Business process outsourcing (BPO) provider Sitel will open an additional call center in Managua, Nicaragua.

Call Center Services: B2B to Provide Business Solutions for WiCON Network Members
As a business-to-business software company specializing in business management and POS solutions for the wireless/cellular retail industry, B2B Soft partnered with the Wireless Convergence Network (WiCON) to offer its business management services, as well as deploy its retail management platform, Wireless Standard, to the WiCON Network's member base.

Computech Obtains Swedish PTS Contract for Auction Consulting Services, Software
Computech has said that Sweden's telecommunications regulator, the Swedish Post and Telecom Agency (PTS), has awarded it a contract for auction consulting services and software in support of its upcoming 800 MHz band auction.

ProcessMaker, OrangeHRM Integrate Open Source Solutions
ProcessMaker, an open source workflow and BPM solution provider, and OrangeHRM, an open source HRIS solution provider, signed a strategic alliance to provide improved out-of-the-box integration capability between OrangeHRM and ProcessMaker.

Greenberg, Others Present Webinar on Social CRM Success
To support your relationships with 21st century customers, Webinar officials said, "it's important to develop responsive Social CRM programs that support these new dynamics." Social CRM guru Paul Greenberg, author of CRM at the Speed of Light, broke down the basics to crafting successful Social CRM programs.

Atos Origin Partners with Prime Technologies
The partnership between the two companies is expected to bring standard integration to client's SAP environments in the MES space.

Harte-Hanks Marketing Lead for Renowned Sports Goods Retailer
Harte-Hanks, Inc., specializes in direct and targeted marketing services and caters to a global clientele. The company also offers advertising opportunities to local, regional, national and international consumer and business-to-business marketers. Harte-Hanks recently won a multi-year contract from Modell's Sporting Goods. Under the agreement, the multichannel direct and digital marketing service provider will be supporting Modell's' customer interaction strategy across multiple platforms. Terms and financial details were not disclosed.

Avaya: Millennials Are Changing the Game for the Contact Center
Gen X and, especially, Gen Y, consumers are creating seismic shifts in communications trends, tolerance levels to less than ideal customer service, and the level of risk for those that fail to meet expectations.

AT&T Pueblo Call Center Huge Success After Four Years
When the Apple iPhone first emerged on the scene in 2007, the demand created a whole new opportunity for the AT&T Pueblo Call Center. As captured in a recent Trading Markets piece, the new center's agents scrambled to answer customer questions regarding the features on the new smartphone and the associated billing

Verint Systems Awarded Industry Awards for Solution Set
Verint Systems, Inc.'s Impact 360 Workforce Optimization suite from Verint Witness Actionable Solutions, has been awarded several industry awards for its unified, analytics-driven, enterprise-enabled solution set.

IT Now Slashes Support Costs, Expand On-Demand Services and Increase Productivity
With increased workload, IT support teams are under constant pressure to deliver more responsive services, as well as to reduce costs. NTRglobal, a global leader in on-demand IT-automation, and remote support software, has an answer to all these issues, with the NTRglobal Software-as-a-Service remote desktop solutions. This includes NTRsupport, NTRadmin, and NTRconnect. It serves more than 17,000 organizations in over 60 countries. It provides individuals, mid-sized businesses and large corporations with easy-to-use, rapidly scalable and secure remote access, support and system management solutions, for a better ITIL driven process.

Convergys' Solution Picked by a Leading Asia-Pacific Telecom Provider
Convergys Corporation, a provider of customer relationship management solutions, announced it has successfully completed a complex customer migration at a leading telecommunication and information service provider in the Asia Pacific region.

Websense Chooses Pentalogic Technology to Deliver Dynamic Marketing Dashboards
Websense, a provider of unified content security, choose Pentalogic Technology's innovative PivotPoint webpart for SharePoint to deliver dynamic marketing dashboards.

Pioneer Group Selects UltiPro Workplace to Accelerate and Streamline HCM
According to Tami Heppard, payroll manager for Pioneer Group, the firm's previous payroll and HR system was a mainframe-based system that was out of date. The outdated HR system could neither track critical workforce information nor support and strengthen future HR initiatives.

Pharmaceutical Company Picks Veeva for CRM
After a comprehensive 3-month review and selection process, the global company with approximately $2 billion in revenues chose Veeva's complete CRM suite, including VBioPharma, VInsights, and VMobile Tablet Edition.

Lead Buyers and Sellers Find Each Other on SalesPortal
Recently TMC's CEO, Rich Tehrani, had a chance to sit down and interview Saurabh Khetrapal, the CEO of SalesPortal. He explained to Tehrani that his company is an online exchange where business can buy and sell live qualified phone leads.

MTC Releases MS CRM Data Service 2.0
Management Technology Consulting has released an upgraded version of the Microsoft CRM Data Service Integration Solution. Customer Relationship Manager helps to build profitable Customer relationships by maintaining on day-to-day basis customer information from the first contact through post-sales. It enhances customer loyalty and ensures repeat customers. Communication, information specifically is the key.

New OnTheGo Mobile App Leverages Sage SalesLogix CRM Cloud Platform
According to company officicals, they used the Sage SalesLogix Cloud CRM platform and were able to create OnTheGo thanks Sage's protocol for easy and secure data sharing across business applications.

NACR's 24x7 One Call Solution Center Helps Houston Municipal Courts Better Serve Citizens
NACR is a nationally recognized player in the field of enterprise communication solutions. NACR is a certified Avaya Platinum Channel Partner and seven-time Avaya BusinessPartner of the Year. When it came to partnering with a communication company to provide the citizens better services through improved efficiency, NACR came as the obvious choice for the City of Houston's Municipal Courts Administration Department.

Access Delivers GoldMine CRM Solution for Princess Yachts International
Princess Yachts International chose Access over Microsoft Dynamics to implement the GoldMine CRM solution that will enable them to support their clients and distributors proficiently. Access is a consulting-led business and finance software provider and has become Europe's largest resellers of the GoldMine Enterprise Edition CRM solutions.

CRM Week in Review
It was a fantastic and enlightening experience getting to meet so many of today's leading CRM and call center industry players at TMC's Open House last week.

European National Lottery Picks Convergys Call Center Software Services
Convergys Corporation has announced that one of the top European national lottery has selected its Smart BSS Solutions, including its Rating and Billing Manager, to support its dealer billing and commissioning.

Wacom Completes Deployment of Kinaxis' RapidResponse
To improve planning cycle times and mid-cycle adjustments for its global IPS process Wacom Co. Ltd, the high-tech electronics provider has deployed Kinaxis' software as a service.

Vaenza Recognizes Potential Customers with Pending Wind Tech Orders
As a result, the Vaenza executives have placed orders with a manufacturer in Tennessee for three fully operational units.

TimeTrade Systems Unveils New Online Appointment Scheduling Solution
The TimeTrade Workgroup Edition is an online appointment scheduling solution that makes it possible for sales and service professionals to easily connect with prospects and customers by scheduling appointments online.

SAP Helps Companies Become Customer-Centric Businesses
Officials with SAP claim that the SAP CRM application and SAP Business All-in-One solution have rapidly growing customer bases, with adoption by sales, marketing and service professionals in companies around the globe.

OpenSpan Intros Release 4.5
In turn the developers of such products continually monitor how they are used and look into how to enhance them. OpenSpan, for one, has done just that and has come out with and released OpenSpan Release 4.5, redeveloped for both Microsoft Visual Studio and non-Microsoft Visual Studio developers

New Sales and Call Center Service Innovations Delivered by CSG to Atlantic Broadband
Atlantic Broadband, a cable provider has deployed CSG Systems' Product Catalog and Offer Management solutions. An announcement been made by CSG Systems International Inc, a top provider of customer interaction management and billing solutions.

Pegasystems Rolls-Out New Warranty Claims Case Management Solution
The new solution provides product organizations with the visibility, transparency and control required for effective warranty claims management as well as provides product organizations with operational productivity improvements that are only attainable via a business process management approach.

DemandGen Partners to Assist Spirit Reins with Call Center Services
DemandGen Partners, a firm specialized in assisting clients with its proven lead cultivation CRM solutions and call center services, has announced that it is to leverage its CRM expertise and donate website redesign services to assist the Spirit Reins non-profit organization.

Armedia Awarded a New Contract by the Defense Intelligence Agency
To support the DIA DoD intelligence information system enterprise, Armedia has been awarded a subcontract by Science Applications International Corporation, a prime contractor on a new contract by the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Santeon Group Inc. Expands its Contract with the State of Md.
Santeon Group, Inc., a technology company and a provider of rich Internet and media applications and platforms has signed an additional $100,000 contract with the state of Md. for the latest management process optimization.

dvsAnalytics Listens to Customers, Resulting in Encore 2.2.8 Recording, QM suite
"Many of the customers that took advantage of the enhanced quality management software release, which was available earlier this summer, requested that the next release contain pre-made evaluations," says the firm.

Callidus SPM Solution Picked by Insurance and Wealth Management Company in Asia Pacific
Callidus Software Inc., a company specializing in sales performance management (SPM) announced that one of Asia Pacific's large insurance and wealth management companies has selected its Callidus Channel and Compensation Management solutions.

SAS Offers Advanced Business Analytics Course
Knowledge-assisted visualization has been a fast-growing field because it directly integrates and utilizes domain knowledge to produce effective data visualization.

Psion Teklogix and Zetes Serve UK Market
Psion Teklogix, Inc., provider of mobile computing solutions, has announced a strategic partnership for the UK marketplace with Zetes, a pan-European provider of solutions and services for the automatic identification of goods and people.

Microsoft Unveils Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011
To streamline solution discovery and distribution, Microsoft will be launching Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace in September 2010. This new online catalog will provide an easy way for partners to market and distribute solutions to Microsoft Dynamics customers.

TenDigits Declares New Universal Client Technology in Conjunction with the Release of MobileAccess 4.7
TenDigits Software, Inc., a provider of mobility solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, recently announced a new Universal Client technology in conjunction with the release of MobileAccess 4.7.

MassMutual Retirement Services Division's Call Center, Receives Gold Award for 'Best Job Creating a Culture That Inspires World-Class Excellence'
To recognize and promote the most innovative solutions and best practices in the call center industry, the Call Center Excellence Awards were established by the International Quality and Productivity Center. MassMutual is the first recipient of the award for "Best Job Creating a Culture That Inspires World-Class Excellence," a new category this year.

Vertical Solutions Named to Gartner's 2010 Field Service Management List
The company has announced that it has been positioned by Gartner, Inc. in the Niche Players quadrant of the 2010 "Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management."

Infor and SoftBrands Launch Hospitality Management System
SoftBrands, an associate of Infor, the provider of business software for mid-market companies, reveals SoftBrands HMS.

Verba and Interwork Team Up to Bring State-of-the-Art Call Recording Solution to Market
Interwork Technologies and Verba Technologies have come together to supply to the industry an innovative, state-of-the-art call recording solution.

KnowledgeTree Updates SaaS-Based Document Solution
Knowledge is power, and KnowledgeTree has updated its turnkey, cloud-based document process solution, formerly known as KnowledgeTreeLive. It has been designed to provide small-midsized businesses (SMBs) especially with enhanced document security, rapid deployment, access for mobile users and low cost of product ownership.

SimplexGrinnell Gets Authorization to Resell Amcom Software Solutions
Amcom Software, Inc. recently announced that SimplexGrinnell is now authorized to resell its solutions. Both these companies have successfully worked together for many years to deliver integrated communication systems to hospitals. These well-aligned healthcare solutions are able to enhance the way hospital staff interact with patients and how they resolve safety concerns. The strongly incorporated systems from Amcom and SimplexGrinnell can spot, prioritize, send, and escalate messages to staff that have the ability to take quick action.

InVision's Workforce Management Software Deployed by a Canadian Finance Company
InVision Software, a supplier of enterprise-wide workforce management solutions, has stated that its new workforce management software has been deployed by a major Canadian consumer finance provider for contact center operations.

Focusing on the Customer Experience at Every Touch Point, a free Webinar
In a new free Webinar sponsored by Convergys, a company specializing in relationship management solutions focused on optimizing the everyday interactions between customers and employees, attendees are given an opportunity to learn about the most powerful competitive differentiator, the forgotten "customer experience".

Indosoft Integrates Redfone foneBRIDGE2 Into Q-Suite
Indosoft Inc., a provider of Q-Suite, a call center software enabling 'Automatic Call Distribution' or 'ACD' that offers a powerful contact center technology platform for Asterisk telephony to help medium and large call centers, has announced that the company has deployed Redfone foneBridge2 with its call center software Q-Suite so that Asterisk servers can be clustered to offer high availability redundancy.

PBworks Enables Collaborative CRM with New Software Edition
PBworks, a provider of hosted collaboration solutions for business and education, announced the launch of PBworks Customer Relationship Edition for collaborative CRM.

Jive Software and CSC Form Strategic Alliance
"Social business software company" Jive Software has reportedly signed a strategic alliance agreement with CSC, a provider of technology-enabled solutions and services.

Carpio Announces Version 5.5 of GesFin CPM Suite
The capabilities of the GesFin CPM Suite help to spread out the number of international customers and reseller ecosystem.

Calient Networks Adds Four New Sales Executives
Calient Networks Inc. has announced the expansion of its sales force by adding four new sales executives. Calient is a global leader in optical switching technology. The company can use the addition in its sales team to pursue new markets where 100G network technologies are being adopted for managing an explosion in content and data.

CDC Software's Cloud Strategy Drives Application Sales Growth
CDC Software, a provider of enterprise customer relationship management or "CRM" solutions, announced it expects double digit growth in second quarter 2010 application sales based on preliminary financial projections and estimates.

Webinar to Focus on Social Networking Opportunities in Contact Center
In this era of multi-channel communications, social networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook can create strong impact on a business. Social networking tools can be leveraged to improve contact center experience as well. The concept of social networking in contact center is likely to create a series of challenges to the contract center directors and professionals. Register Now for a free Webinar "Social Networking in the Contact Center," which will be conducted on Wednesday June 9, 2010, 2:00 pm ET.

Convergys Hires at Home in Texas, Follows on Virginia Program
Convergys is one of the world's largest business process outsourcers (BPOs). Since 2000 it has deliberatively tested, rolled out, refined and expanded its home agent program. It uses proven, efficiency-gaining technologies. For example while most contact centers only allow PSTN at home offices, Convergys permits lower-cost and more flexible VoIP, provided that candidate agents meet bandwidth requirements, verified by passing an online PC quality test.

Are You Effectively Managing Your Contact Center Desktops? Numara Software Offers Advice
Desktop computers are the contact centers' engines. In the hands of contact center agents they make the interactions happen: sales, lead acquisition/qualification, service, support, billing and collection, by phone, e-mail/SMS and chat, including via social media. With the advent of VoIP and softphones, desktops are becoming even more critical in contact centers as all customer communications now pass through them.

Pitney Bowes Business Insight in Pact with Duck Creek Technologies
The enriched data is leveraged at multiple points throughout the underwriting process. For instance, if the policy is returned as an underwriting exception, Pitney Bowes Business Insight's Envinsa Location Intelligence Solution enables the carrier to visually compare the proximity of the policy to the existing book of business to determine risk accumulations and threats of over-exposure or aggregated risks within a catastrophe area, the company said.

Conversion Manager Now Available from SeeWhy
SeeWhy, an Andover, Mass.-based website conversion company, has announced the launch of the Conversion Manager. This automated Web analytics service is designed to allow publishers and eCommerce companies to optimize website conversion rates through real-time remarketing campaigns.

CRM Week in Review: New York Daily News Deploys Five9's System, Reports Success Story, PortaOne Makes New Partnership
Welcome to the week in review for the customer relationship management, or 'CRM,' industry. Below are some of the top stories that came across the TMCnet news wires this week.

CEITEC S.A. Joins Forces with Cadence Design Systems
CEITEC S.A. has reportedly entered into a partnership relation with Cadence Design Systems, Inc., the global leader in EDA360.

CAR-Research XRM Announces New Bundled-Apps CRM Solution
A new Bundled-Apps Solution of Customer Relationship Management and Marketing solutions has been introduced by CAR-Research XRM at the 8th Annual Digital Dealer Conference in Orlando, Florida.

RightNow Debuts RightNow Mobile
RightNow, a provider of customer interactive solutions, has stated that they have unveiled the RightNow Mobile application through which organizations can offer exceptional experiences to mobile-savvy consumers.

Avanade Acquires Ascentium's Microsoft Dynamics CRM Practice
Avanade, a business technology service provider, announced it has completed the acquisition of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM assets of Ascentium Corporation and its wholly owned subsidiary, Ascentium Federal.

CoAction Launches CoApps
Collaboration tools should be at the fingertips, connected with no time-consuming and error-inducing separate apps to flip through, which is especially annoying and likely to occur on tiny-screen/tiny keyboard wireless devices that businesses and their employees: especially in field sales, service and support are moving to, without having to return to offices.

New York Daily News Deploys Five9 On-Demand Call Center Software Through Salesforce
Call center on demand and hosted contact center software provider, Five9, has announced the New York Daily News has deployed Five9 on-demand call center software that integrates Salesforce CRM with the Five9 software to increase advertising renewal rates.

Unica Announces Advancements in SaaS Architecture
The Unica architecture improves productivity by speeding application responsiveness for marketers. For businesses, Unica's utilization of cloud computing technology delivers an even higher level of reliability and scalability. And finally for the consumer, the Unica architecture provides a better web site experience by accelerating the delivery of personalized web site content, landing pages and other online assets.

CDC Software Acquires TradeBeam
CDC Software Corporation, a hybrid enterprise software provider of on-premise and cloud deployments, has acquired San Mateo, Calif.-based TradeBeam. TradeBeam is a provider of on-demand software as a service (SaaS) supply chain visibility and global trade management solutions.

Oracle's Spring 2010 MySQL Enterprise Offers Improved Performance, Security
With databases companies want to do more, with greater security and less administration, especially as business begins to turn around amidst ever-increasing data theft threats. Oracle has met these needs with the Spring 2010 release of MySQL Enterprise. This product is a comprehensive offering of production support, monitoring tools and MySQL database software.

Use Five9's Virtual Call Centers for Work at Home Agents
On a recent radio show in Mendocino, hosted by Sharon Davis, who runs a "work at home" blog as well, guest speaker MJ Willard, who runs the National Telecommuting Institute, discussed the benefits of virtual call centers and, specifically, why hosted contact center and call center on demand software provider Five9's Virtual Call Center Suite is such a great product.

CRM Week in Review: NICE Reports 17% Growth, Telinta Upgrades Switch Partition, Five9's Systems Help Home Agents
Welcome to the week in review for the customer relationship management, or 'CRM,' industry. Below are some of the top stories that came across the TMCnet news wires this week.

StayinFront CRM 12 Promises Enhanced Features To Offer Increased CRM Efficiency
StayinFront, Inc., a provider of Customer Relationship Management and decision support solutions, has announced the new version of its solution StayinFront CRM version 12 - which is equipped with enhanced features that increase CRM efficiency for sales reps and managers both in the office and in the field.

Siemens Enterprise Communications Releases OpenScape Contact Center V8
Siemens Enterprise Communications, a provider of enterprise communications solutions announced the release of OpenScape Contact Center V8, an innovative contact center application optimized for data center and virtualized environments.

Call Center's are Booming: Credit Union Adds Call Center in Response to Growing Demands
AltiGen Communications, Inc., a provider of integrated Microsoft-based Unified Communications solutions, has added Wildfire Credit Union out of Michigan to their growing number of Credit Union deployments.

SOVO Technologies Appoints Its New CEO
SOVO Technologies Inc., a spin-off of Centre de recherche informatique de Montreal (CRIM), has announced the hiring of new Chief Executive Officer. Jacques Ouellet, chairman of the board of SOVO Technologies and CRIM's vice president of research, development and marketing has declared that Serge Forest has been appointed as chief executive officer of SOVO Technologies. Forest will take up his duties on May 17.
5/4/2010 Expands Pay-per-Reservation Call Center announces the expansion of its one and only pay-per-reservation call center in the storage industry to produce extra profits for its members. With no monthly fees or call handling charges, the member companies can pay only for the confirmed self storage facility reservations under the company's pay-per-reservation model.

SpeechTEK Europe Intros Improves Voice and Video Technologies
Speech technologies already plays a significant role in improving customer service and reducing costs. Now, a new advanced combination of video and voice technologies is all set to deliver new heights of efficiency and service for businesses.

Lattice Declares First European Trial of Call Management System
Lattice Inc. is a provider of advanced technological solutions for vital government agencies and enterprise customers. Recently, it announced the first European trial of its proprietary.

CRM Week in Review: Five9 Upgrades Leads360 Platform, Plum Voice Selected by Web Service Co., Billing Provider Intros Product
Welcome to the week in review for the customer relationship management, or "CRM," industry. Below are some of the top stories that came across the TMCnet news wires this week.

Newfound Communications Offers Free Version of IP Call Recorder 2.0
Free is good. Free versions enable organizations to try out solutions before committing themselves to buying those that offer additional capacities, such as ports in the case of contact center recording systems, from the same supplier. Checking out free offerings enables due diligence in a market as crowded as call recording products. The strategy also helps vendors attract prospects and customers to check out their wares.

B2BSalesLounge.Com Launched As New Resource for B2B Sales Professionals
OneSource, an Infogroup company, which serves millions of companies and executives worldwide and is a well known provider of sales intelligence and business information, has launched a new website called for business-to-business sales managers and executives. It is true that you need to have a natural knack to make it big in sales career.

Five9 & Leads360 Upgrade Call Center Software & Lead Management Platform: Interview
Call center on demand and hosted contact center provider Five9, joined forces with Leads360, a provider of lead management software, last year in efforts to provide sales professionals with the optimal platform to improve sales effectiveness.

Explore Talent Picks EPICAcce to Deliver Content
Explore Talent, an online talent community and also an online source for acting, modeling, music, dance auditions and casting calls, has deployed EPICAcce, a robust, scalable solution from EasyRun, to efficiently deliver contact center services to their global member community.

PeriscopeIQ Unveils Next-Gen EFM Suite
In today's tenuous economic environment, intelligence is everything. That includes knowledge gathered from regularly and accurately assessing customers' and employees' experiences and to use the gathered intelligence to develop strategic initiatives that improve organizational performance. The feedback from both customers and staff are needed by organizations for insights to help them grow revenue and to manage costs.

DocuSign Enters into a Partnership Relation with iPipeline
A strategic partnership has been announced by DocuSign, the premier provider of on-demand electronic signature solutions, with iPipeline, the premier provider of on-demand sales distribution software for the insurance and financial services markets.

Language Line Services Expands Workforce
Language Line Services is a language-based solutions provider. The company plans to add more than 1,000 new positions to keep up with the increasing demand for its over-the-phone, over-video and face-to-face interpretation services.

Adgregate Markets Intros ShopFans Secure Social Commerce Application
Adgregate Markets, a provider of transactional advertising and distributed commerce solutions, has announced to introduce ShopFans, its first truly social shopping application that has built entirely within Facebook.

Maybank Singapore Deploys Microsoft Dynamics CRM
The main objective behind implementation of Maybank Singapore's customer relationship management was to set up a single view of customer information and automate workflow processes to improve service fulfillment, sales/campaign operations and incident management across the bank.

CosmoCall Universe Powers VanillaIP's Hosted Call Center Services
CosmoCom's unified call center suite enhances the complex interaction between customer and management. It improvises customer experience, gives a favorable ROI, and reduces costs.

Five9's Virtual Call Center Software Receives Excellence Award, Proves Successful in Industry
Call center on demand and hosted contact center software provider, Five9 has been awarded a 2010 CRM Excellence Award for its Virtual Call Center Suite by Technology Marketing Corp.'s Customer Interaction Solutions magazine.

TECU Deploys Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking
TECU Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited, a Caribbean credit union company operating for more than 60 years in Trinidad and Tobago, has deployed Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking.

Acxiom Provides TransUnion with Infrastructure Management Services
TransUnion, a global credit and information management, said it is continuing to develop an 18-year relationship of innovation and trust with Acxion Corporation, a global interactive marketing services and infrastructure management, by renewing an agreement where Acxiom will carry on providing TransUnion with infrastructure management services.

OAISYS Earns 2010 CRM Excellence Award from Customer Interaction Solutions Magazine
Officials with OAISYS said that Tracer utilizes patent-pending OAISYS Portable Voice Document "PVD"technology to capture telephone-based interactions as digital call recordings, or voice documents, that are available to store, organize, play back, annotate and share with others as needed.

iPartners Earns ACE Ranking with Business Intelligence Solution
The Insurance Scorecard business intelligence solution of iPartners, the premier provider of Software as a Service business analytics solution to the property & casualty insurance industry, has received an overall score of 95 in a new Novarica ACE RankingTM report published by research and advisory firm Novarica.

TowneBank Embraces CRM & SFA Technology with CoreTrac's ResourceOne
CoreTrac, Inc., a provider of ResourceOne, or "R1," the easy-to-use and affordable CRM or sales force automation, or "SFA," software solution specifically architected for community financial institutions, has added TowneBank as a new customer that will implement and utilize ResourceOne as an integral part of their sales and service culture.

Syntellect Introduces CT Connect for Siebel
Syntellect has introduced a new CT Connect for Siebel that provides Siebel CRM users with a fully featured, switch independent CTI solution including screen pop and click-to-dial functionality.

Sales Coaching Solution Included in Callidus Software
Callidus Software Inc. a provider of Sales Performance Management recently launched its new Sales Coaching solution, a SaaS product powered by ForceLogix. The agreement which was signed in the second quarter of 2010, gives Callidus the exclusive right to be the only SPM vendor to sell ForceLogix' SalesForce Optimizer solution. Callidus focuses on enabling businesses to coach and optimize their sales force's execution as part of a comprehensive sales performance management solution.

DonorPerfect, Constant Contact Enhance Integration
With the help of DonorPerfect's sophisticated query features, nonprofits can target constituents based on virtually any attribute - including giving history. Allowing nonprofits to send emails, solicitations, newsletters, alerts and other communications to the exact constituent segment they choose, this targeted list is uploaded automatically to Constant Contact. Within Constant Contact, a nonprofit can create their solicitations from over 400 templates, and send them to constituents with an over 97 percent delivery rate.

Global Partnership Deal Inked by TIBCO, Huawei
The collaboration, company officials said, will bring together Huawei's global reach and TIBCO's long-history and in-depth understanding of rules-driven, process-based order fulfillment.

Five9 to Exhibit Cloud-based Solution at Industry Event
Call center on demand and hosted contact center software provider, Five9, will be participating in NetSuite's SuiteCloud 2010, and exhibiting at booth #18. The event, which will take place at the InterContinental Hotel in San Francisco, Cali. from April 13 - April 15, will be a surefire way for Five9 to offer its products and insight on the industry and recent trends.

CRM Week in Review: Intros Chatter at NYC Event, Five9 Reports Customer Story, SIP Print Unveils Product
Welcome to the week in review for the customer relationship management, or "CRM," industry. Below are some of the top stories that came across the TMCnet news wires this week.

Intelestream Bags CRM Award from Customer Interaction Solutions Magazine
Technology Marketing Corporation's Customer Interaction Solutions magazine has honored Intelestream with a 2010 CRM Excellence Award.

SpringCM Customer Advocates Use of SaaS
Challenges faced by government at all levels today are unprecedented. The pressure to deliver effective services in order to meet the demands of its citizens is tremendous, and this is exacerbated at every point, as government has to justify expenditure, control cost, while ensuring compliance. This is where SaaS and Cloud computing come in handy.

iDeskera CRM Available for iPhone
iDeskera CRM, which targets iPhone users, facilitates access to data managed by the Deskera CRM application any time irrespective of where they are. iDeskera CRM has an instinctive interface which features the tap and drag-and-drop functionality.

Teleperformance implements NICE SmartCenter to Enhance Customer Satisfaction
Workforce optimization provider, NICE, recently announced that Teleperformance, a U.K.-based outsourcing company, extended its NICE SmartCenter implementation. To the existing business solutions like NICE call recording, quality management and workforce management it has now added the NICE interaction analytics.

ExpertALERT 3.40 - Machinery Condition Assessment Software unveiled by Azima DLI
Plant managers are provided with actionable, easy-to-understand fault diagnosis, fault severity and repair priority data for each machine they measure with the help of Azima DLI's automated solution. Manufacturers with significant workforce and budget restrictions find ExpertALERT as an ideal solution as it provides timely information crucial to not only identify critical machinery faults before they occur but also to avoid unnecessary maintenance.

USA Web Solutions Launches App Desk Division
App Desk, according to company officials, is a turn-key solution for clients seeking efficient implementation and execution of their Web and mobile application development initiatives.

Hobsons Introduces Mobile Version of its CRM Tool
The Enrollment Management Technology software provider has introduced EMT Mobile, a solution that enables admissions and enrollment professionals to use their Internet-enabled wireless phones to access Hobsons' Web-based CRM site on the go.

Touch Screens Drives Satisfaction with Smartphones and Mobile Phones
In the customer satisfaction study, according to J.D. Power and Associates, the overall satisfaction among smartphone and traditional handset owners is substantially higher than phone owner's satisfaction that has other input mechanisms.

TIBCO Unveils a new Report on Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence or "BI," uses computer-based techniques to increase the revenue and business of a company. It supports better business decision making with the help of technologies, processes, and applications to analyze mostly internal, structured data and business processes.

With Five9's Call Center on Demand System, Call4You Improves Customer Win Rates
Call center on demand and hosted contact center provider, Five9. has announced that New Jersey-based mortgage lender Call4You has improved its customer win rates after deploying an integrated lead management software solution from Leads360 and Five9, built on Five9's Cloud Computing Platform for call centers.

CRM Week in Review: Five9 Intros Web University, NICE & Microsoft Team Up, VoiceXML Portfolio Gets Boost
Welcome to the week in review for the customer relationship management, or "CRM," industry. Below are some of the top stories that came across the TMCnet news wires this week.

ADB & Mariner Intro Proactive Service Monitoring Solution
Advanced Digital Broadcast, or "ADB," resolution software, a provider of technology to the global digital television industry has announced to introduce a new solution that will enable proactive pay-TV service monitoring which will increase the quality of subscribers' experience and will also reduce operator costs.

Call Center on Demand Training & Certificates Now Available with Five9 Online University
Call center on demand and hosted contact center provider, Five9, has launched an online portal offering training and certification for users of Five9 virtual call center software.

Retail Sector Ranks First in Customer Service: Survey
In eGain's latest research, North American retail sector ranked first overall in customer service. Overall performance for the sector increased significantly from a score of 1.8, or below average, out of 4.0 in 2009 to 2.3, which is above average, in 2010, highest among all sectors evaluated. Cross-channel customer experience, while still slightly "below average," was still the highest among all sectors included in the research. eGain Communications Corp. is a provider of multichannel customer service and knowledge management software for on-site and on-demand deployment.

25th Annual Top 50 Inbound Teleservices Agencies Ranking Announced by Customer Interaction Solutions Magazine
Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC), a global integrated media company, today announced the inbound winners of Customer Interaction Solutions magazine's Silver Anniversary Top 50 Teleservices Agencies Ranking. Customer Interaction Solutions has been the preeminent publication in call center, CRM and teleservices industries since 1982.

MetraTech's Billing & Customer Care Solution Powers MeetingZone's Collaboration Portal
MeetingZone, a independent provider of conferencing and collaboration services that provides high performance, low-cost personalized audio and web conferencing services to its customers, has announced to introduce a new collaboration portal powered by MetraTech Corp., a provider of innovative charging, billing, settlement and customer care products.

CRM Week in Review: IVR Adds New Customers, Billing Provider Gets Largest Deployment
Welcome to the week in review for the customer relationship management, or "CRM," industry. Below are some of the top stories that came across the TMCnet news wires this week.

Novatel Wireless and WSA Distributing Announce Strategic Distribution Partnership
Novatel Wireless, Inc., a provider of wireless broadband access solutions, and WSA Distributing Inc., a distributor of broadband data products and cellular handsets, have signed a master purchase agreement.
3/19/2010 Conversion Rates Are Up 12 Percent with Buysafe Bonding, an online provider of branded audio/visual and consumer electronics, computer and computer accessories and photography equipment, has reported a 12 percent increase in its website conversion rates after implementing the buySAFE Bonding solution. buySAFE is a leading provider of eCommerce trust and confidence online solutions.

IMM Expands Quality Assurance Team by 30 Percent
Integrated Media Management, a provider of document output management and automation technology, has reportedly strengthened its quality assurance department in order to meet the compatibility guidelines of third party software.

Aegis Receives 2009 MVP Quality Award TMC's CIS Magazine
Aegis Limited, a global business process outsourcing, or "BPO," provider and part of the Essar Group, has been named a recipient of a 2009 MVP Quality Award from Technology Marketing Corp.'s, or "TMC," Customer Interaction Solutions magazine. Customer Interaction Solutions has been publication in CRM, call centers and teleservices since 1982.

Sterling TMS Carrier Mobile App now Available on App Store
By offering shippers with efficient planning and execution of inbound and outbound transportation processes, Sterling Transportation Management System "TMS" reduces transportation costs and improves customer service.

First-Ever Mobile Olympics: Citius, Altius, Fortius
As we close out another Winter Olympics, operators south of the (Canadian) border are in the thick of their own quest for the gold … network performance and customer satisfaction.

Adeptra Paper Outlines Psychology Behind Outbound Notifications' Success
Customers do respond to outbound notifications; U.K.-based Adeptra reports that 94 percent customers respond to automated fraud verification requests, 85 percent respond to a payment reminder.

ListMarketer Launches New E-mail Marketing Software
ListMarketer Software has launched new e-mail marketing software.

Top Bank Uses SoundBite to Manage Call Volumes Across Multiple Contact Centers
A top issuing bank announced it has used SoundBite Communications, which has added Computer Telephony Integration functionality for integrating the bank's Genesys contact center infrastructure with SoundBite's Engage Platform.

Xtify Launches Xtify Geo-Messaging Platform
Xtify, a company that uses a patent-pending technology to efficiently give developers a unique platform for delivering geo-relevant messages to mobile users, released Xtify Geo-Messaging Platform, an online software tool for developers and publishers to push Geo-targeted messages directly to their mobile customers.

Oracle Intros Oracle Communications Order and Service Management 7.0
Oracle has announced the general availability of Oracle Communications Order and Service Management 7.0, for rapid offer design and order delivery that facilitate communications service providers unify historically disparate processes.

ModusLink Opens Dedicated North American e-Business Solution Center
ModusLink Global Solutions, Inc., which designs and executes value chain strategies for the world's largest technology and consumer goods companies, is all set to open new North American e-Business hub at the Orem, Utah Solution Center.

Five9's Call Center on Demand Platform Receives Product Award for Twelfth Year
Call center software provider, Five9 Inc. announced that its cloud computing platform was awarded a 2009 Product of the Year Award by Technology Marketing Corp.'s INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine for the 12th consecutive year.

Ingres to Move Database Tech to Beta Next Month
Ingres, a vendor of open source databases, is "planning to move its VectorWise database performance technology to a beta release phase during the next month," according to Ingres President/CEO Roger Burkhardt. In a recent interview with InfoWorld, Burkhardt said VectorWise "has achieved a 10- to 100-times performance improvement for data-intensive workloads such as data warehouse operations," calling it "a fundamental breakthrough in database engineering."

CallMe Staffing Launches with Industry Resource Web Site
CallMe Staffing, LLC, a company that focuses exclusively on staffing and workforce optimization for the call center industry, has launched with an accompanying industry resource Web site.

Call Center to Close, Not a Result of Customer Care Issues
Many times the closing of a call center site can bring about questions regarding the quality of care provided by agents at the location, or questions about the survivability of brick-and-mortar locations and even the topic of outsourcing.

Jacada Releases New Version of Jacada WorkSpace
Jacada announced that the new version of Jacada WorkSpace is now available to enhance customer interactions at the point of contact with the customer call center. The Jacada WorkSpace 5.2 unified desktop solution integrates vital applications and channels of communications with the customer into a single, optimized hub, said company officials.

Mobile E-Shopping Looks Forward to Great 2010
If you're an online retailer who finds a lot of business dropping in via mobiles, break out the champagne. This is going to be your year. According to a new study reported by CNBC, "some smartphone users are getting into the habit of purchasing items via their smartphone, and this trend is only expected to grow in the coming year."

Top Scandinavian Telecom Chooses Accanto's iCSA System
Accanto Systems, a provider of Customer Service Assurance solutions announced recently that its intelligent Customer Service Assurance, or "iCSA," system has been selected by a major European-based converged carrier as a next generation troubleshooting and monitoring solution for its Customer Care and Service Operations.

Steria Agile Billing Launched by Steria France and FTS
FTS, a prominent billing and policy control specialist, has introduced "Steria Agile Billing" solution with a partnership with Steria France. This move will help the operator to establish a new relationship with its customers.

CloudShare Launches Cloud-Centric Affiliate Program
CloudShare has launched a new affiliate program for corporate and individual web site owners.

Five9 Cloud Computing Platform Receives 2009 Product of the Year Award
Call center software provider, Five9 Inc. has announced that its Cloud Computing Platform for Call Centers has received a 2009 Product of the Year Award from Technology Marketing Corp.'s Customer Interaction Solutions magazine, a publication covering CRM, call centers and teleservices.

Union Bank Picks SAS for Risk, Rigor
Headquartered in San Francisco, UnionBanCal Corporation is a financial holding company with assets of $78 billion at September 30, 2009. Its primary subsidiary, Union Bank NA, is a full-service commercial bank.

Cashier Live Offers Point Of Sale Software To Help Independent Retailers Rebound From Recession
According to Thomas Greenhaw, co-founder of Cashier Live, now small local business can take advantage of the same technology, and get the same benefits, for a fraction of the cost.

EBay's Stephanie Tilenius Joins Google
The New York Times is reporting that Stephanie Tilenius is joining Google as vice president of commerce.

No Facebook Page? Study Shows Less than 50% of Retailers Have One
It's no secret that Facebook is at the toehold of the social media world. Recently surpassing over 400 million active users after only six years up and running, it seems like everyone I meet in the business or personal world says, "I'll Facebook you," rather than, "here's my business card."

Most Customers Would Switch After Bad Call Center Experience: Survey
A recent survey from speech search specialist Aurix reportedly found that 70 percent of complaints made to call centers are "not being heard." And that's serious: More than 96 percent of respondents said they would consider switching to a competitor as a result.

LiveVox Inc's Revamped Dynamic Preview Dialing Becomes a Reality
LiveVox Inc., a provider of hosted-dialer solutions, announced that it has decided to combine dynamic preview dialing with real-time cellular number identification. The move is intended to improve the management of workgroups, dialer lists and account data during preview campaigns.

North American Mobile Business Customer ARPUs Grow 2.5 Percent in 2009
In spite of the fact that North American mobile business customer base contracted 2.9 percent in 2009, the business customer ARPUs grew by 2.5 percent, said ABI Research in an analysis.

Protech Associates Selects ZAP's Business Analytics for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Protech Associates is integrating advanced reporting and analytics into its association and member management solution, CRM for Members, using Zap's Business Analytics for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Teleca Enters into Partnership with Imagination Technologies
Teleca, a supplier of solutions and services to the mobile industry, has reportedly entered into a partnership with Imagination Technologies, a supplier of multimedia system-on-chip Intellectual Property (SoC IP).

NEC Enhances Functionality for Contact Centers, Wireless and Video Collaboration Solutions
NEC Corporation of America has announced enhanced functionality for contact centers as well as wireless and video collaboration solutions with the UNIVERGE Sphericall software-based unified communications solution.

Options Media Announces Mobile Social Media and Microblogging Services
Options Media Group, an email service provider, permission based email, SMS, text messaging marketing and mobile marketing company, has announced the availability of social media and microblogging services through its SMS Mobile platform.

IVR Technology Group Intros Automated Appointment Reminder Service iConfirm
IVR Technology Group, a provider of intelligent voice response services and solutions, reportedly has unveiled a new automated appointment reminder service, called as "iConfirm," which can be integrated into client's management software.

Nuance Communications Collaborates with Vesta Corporation
Speech and imaging solutions provider Nuance Communications has signed a partnership agreement with Vesta Corporation, a company specializing in electronic payment solutions for wireless operators, to co-promote and integrate Nuance's Mobile Care application with Vesta's Mobile Payment Platform, allowing them to deliver a comprehensive payment service to mobile operators worldwide.

ASC Set to Demonstrate INSPIRATIONpro 10.0 at Industry Event
ASC, a global provider of innovative solutions to record, analyze and evaluate communications, has announced its plans to demonstrate a new quality monitoring solution at an upcoming industry event.

Amdocs Set to Deliver Connected Value at Mobile World Congress 2010
Amdocs is set to address the opportunities and challenges facing services providers in the emerging connected world at Mobile World Congress 2010. This provider of customer experience systems, or "CES," will deliver guidance for navigating a world in which it is predicted that trillions of devices will be connected to the network by 2017.

MIND CTI Debuts MINDBill Version 7
MIND CTI, a provider of convergent end-to-end billing and customer care product based solutions for service providers, as well as telecom expense management solutions, reportedly unveiled MINDBill version 7, a true convergent end-to-end billing and customer care solution for the prepaid / postpaid mobile and wireline market segments.

Sprint Assists Leading Pet Specialty Retailer to Focus on Customer Care
A comprehensive data solution is putting a leash on a pet specialty retailer's technology costs and is helping its employees focus on serving customers.

Looking to Affordably Expand Your Contact Center? Buy Used Furniture
If your contact center is in the fortunate position of expanding, and your executives are queasy about home agents or outsourcing, one way to keep costs down while maintaining performance is buying used high-quality furniture: chairs, workstations, cubes and filing cabinets. Many of the items on the market today are from companies, including contact centers that were set up in only the past few years but which have folded, contracted, or moved offshore (or home), which means they are quite good shape.

Aurora Community Services Launches New Call Center
Aurora Community Services, the Aurora umbrella company headquartered in Menomonie, Wis., and a group focused in providing high quality community based services to families and individuals, reportedly announced the opening of an innovative new Call Center in Eau Claire, Wis.

ONTILITY Intros New SaaS Solar Business Technology Platform
ONTILITY, a company that supports provider and consumer solar power, energy efficiency and weatherization projects through its solar power and efficient energy EcoCommunity, reportedly announced to introduce a new solar business Software as a Service or 'SaaS' Solar and Green Business Technology Platform, known as EcoTech.

Convergys Named 'Best Call Center Technology Provider in China' by CNCCA
Relationship management specialist, Convergys Corporation has reportedly announced that China Call Center & CRM Association, or "CNCCA," has recognized Convergys as the "Best Call Center Technology Provider of 2009 in China."

CRM Week in Review: Five9 Reports 'Best in Class' Research, SIP Print Releases Colocation Program
Welcome to the week in review for the customer relationship management, or "CRM," industry. Below are some of the top stories that came across the TMCnet news wires this week.

iTokk Launches
iTokk Inc., a provider of next-generation telephony solutions for consumers and businesses, has reportedly launched a tailored version of iTokk Click-to-Call, CallAgentNow, which has been specifically designed for the Real Estate Industry.

Verizon Enhances its Self-Service Tools
The best place to shop and pay your bills is home, said Verizon with its improved self service tools. These improved tools make sure that you do not leave your houses for mundane activities such as shopping and playing your bills. It also takes care of fixing problems with TV and Internet services round the clock.

Sage Added to Castle CRM's Cloud Version
Sage North America has announced that Castle CRM has added a cloud computing version of Sage SalesLogix to its CRM offerings.

Social CRM Platform Released by BeRelevant
BeRelevant has reportedly introduced a new Social CRM platform which company officials said uses virtual collaboration to"proactively gather and prioritize insights from customers by engaging them through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and e-mail.

FrontRange Solutions Wins 2009 CIS Magazine's Product of the Year Award
FrontRangeSolutions, a company providing software and services to growing mid-size firms and distributed enterprises, has reportedly won a 2009 Product of the Year Award from Technology Marketing Corporation's (TMC) Customer Interaction Solutions magazine.

TMC Recognizes CSG Workforce Express as Product of the Year
CSG Systems International, Inc., a provider of customer interaction management and billing solutions, has announced that CSG Workforce Express has received a 2009 Product of the Year Award from Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC).

TMC Recognizes CSG Workforce Express as Product of the Year
CSG Systems International, Inc., a provider of customer interaction management and billing solutions, has announced that CSG Workforce Express has received a 2009 Product of the Year Award from Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC).

PC Management Picks Interop Technologies for SMSC and Device Management Solutions
According to officials with PC Management, they selected the Interop SMSC 4.0 solution to offer advanced messaging services and generate additional revenue and the SCOPE solution to avail convenient, subscriber-focused technology to manage customer devices on its networks.

Rok Deploys ClickSoftware's ServiceOptimization Suite
ClickSoftware Technologies Ltd., a provider of workforce management and service optimization solutions, reportedly announced that its ServiceOptimization Suite has been selected by Rok - for optimized mobile workforce management.

Companies Believe SaaS Gives Edge, Helps Yield Success: Survey
An increasing number of companies are embracing software-as-a-service, or "SaaS," because they consider it the most critical application that will "make a difference" in their businesses, a survey conducted by Kelton Research reported.

doubleTwist Partners With T-Mobile USA
doubleTwist Corporation, a digital media company, has reportedly partnered with T-Mobile USA to launch the Multimedia Sync, a custom version of the media management software that will be available for free to T-Mobile Android smartphone customers.

PRC Marks Third Year in Colorado Springs
PRC, which sells outsourced customer contact management services, reportedly marked its third anniversary as a member of the Colorado Springs community with a celebration on Jan. 14 in the PRC offices at 6805 Corporate Drive in Colorado Springs, Colo. As part of the celebration, local employees pledged 1,000 hours of community service to the Colorado Springs area through PRC Community Care, a company-wide initiative that encourages and enables PRC employees to take an active role in improving their local communities.

Five9's Products Featured in 'Best in Class' Research Report
While press announcements and comments from the media can solidify the success of a company, there's nothing like having a definitive research to offer up more concrete evidence of the progression of a specific organization.

Altitude's New Monitoring Tool Checks Health of Contact Center Systems
The health of contact center infrastructure is key to sustaining enterprises. Systems that are well show signs that customers' calls are being answered promptly and their data is being screen-popped quickly ensures customer satisfaction, retention, sales and revenues. When there are technology health issues, and this happens to the best of solutions, early detection is needed to remedy the damaging conditions with minimal downtime and losses. No different than our own health. Altitude Software is now offering a virtual checkup solution, Altitude Health Monitor. It

Blue Ridge Communications Deploys TOA Technologies' SaaS Solution
Pennsylvania based cable and broadband service provider Blue Ridge Communications has reportedly deployed TOA Technologies' Software-as-a-Service solution to manage and optimize its field workforce to reduce operations costs and improve customer service. An on-demand mobile workforce solution, TOA's SaaS solution supports BRC's mission-critical management of its 220 field technicians via real-time tracking and scheduling in the field.

IP Telephony to Hit $2 Billion in Hospitality Industry Alone by 2014
Hotels and Resorts that employ sophisticated systems based on IP telephone networks will increasingly enable a range of new services aimed at improving customer service in the whole Hospitality Industry, according to a new report by ABI Research. Although worldwide revenue from such systems totaled only $869 million in 2008, by the end of 2014 annual earnings will exceed $2 billion, the company said. These systems will eventually penetrate mid-range hotels, but in the initial period will be found mainly in the top-tier of properties catering to those willing to spend $300 or more a night.

Maximizer Launches Marketing for Franchise Operators
CRM vendor Maximizer Software has launched a marketing drive to bring the business benefits of CRM to franchise operators.

iEnterprises Brings IBM Lotus Notes and Domino Application to the iPhone
iEnterprises, a global desktop and wireless CRM company and IBM partner, has announced the availability of IBM Lotus Notes and Domino collaboration software applications on the Apple iPhone.

Google's Nexus One and the Brave New World of Non-Support
Where the G1, with its relatively feeble CPU, was useful to illustrate the potential unrealized of Android, the Nexus One with its mighty 1GHz Snapdragon heart illustrates potential realized. Of course, the way in which we got one (Et Tu, Andy?) was a bit of a surprise, and as we have written about earlier, fragmentation is going to be one of the biggest challenges facing the Android platform.

Internet Brands Selects Five9's Virtual Call Center Suite
After reporting a record 2009, it's not surprising to see that call center software provider, Five9 Inc., keeps the success coming in the New Year. In fact, the company just announced that Internet Brands, an Internet media company, has selected the Five9 virtual call center suite for its automotive customer care department.

Apple iPhone's Touchscreen Performance Smarter than Other Smartphones
MOTO Development Group reportedly showcased video and photographs of a touchscreen performance test between the Google Nexus One, the Apple iPhone, the Motorola Droid, and the HTC Verizon Droid Eris and just a couple of days before that the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that reveals one of the next chapters for Apple's multi-touch screen technology. It surely has paid for iPhone to patent its touchscreen technology.

Amdocs CES 7.5 Convergent Billing Solution Available for Broadband
Amdocs, a provider of customer experience systems or CES reportedly announced that its Amdocs CES 7.5 Convergent Billing offering for broadband operators is available now. Company sources said that the Amdocs 7.5 will be available on the Sun Solaris 10 Operating System supported by Sun Microsystems' energy-efficient SPARC-based servers. These will be powered by Sun's CoolThreads technology and by Sun SPARC Enterprise servers with SPARC64 processors.

Digicel Announces Text and Voice Donation Line to Support Haiti Relief Efforts
Digicel Group reportedly announced the launch of a text and voice donation line to enable its 10 million plus customers worldwide to donate money to aid the massive relief efforts in Haiti. The company announced it will donate all funds it receives from the text and voice donation line to the relief efforts in Haiti following the earthquake that devastated Port-au-Prince and other parts of the country Jan. 12 Digicel subscribers in any of its 32 markets worldwide can participate in this humanitarian effort by just texting the word "HELP" or calling a short code, the company said. There is no restriction on the number of texts or calls a customer can send or make, so people are free to donate as much as they like.

Wilson Electronics Debuts New All-in-One Cell Phone Signal Booster, the Sleek
Wilson Electronics, a provider of wireless communications solutions, has reportedly unveiled an all-in-one cell phone signal booster, called "the Sleek," can be used in a vehicle or with an optional accessory package in the home or office and is ideal for use with a Bluetooth headset or other hands-free device.

Chalk Unveils Latest Pushcast Software 5.4 for BlackBerry Enterprise Solution
Research In Motion Ltd.' subsidiary Chalk Media Corp. reportedly announced the release of Chalk Pushcast Software 5.4 for the BlackBerry enterprise solution. Chalk Pushcast is the latest and newly branded release of mobile chalkboard, which provides a secure as well as trackable communication channel for delivering rich content (both audio and video) to BlackBerry smartphones. It delivers protected, tracked content to BlackBerry smartphones for training, compliance, corporate updates, and more.

Amobee Acquires RingRing Media
Amobee Media Systems, a major player in advertising solutions for mobile operators, reportedly entered into an agreement to acquire the world's largest mobile advertising agency, RingRing Media. Based in London and co-founded by industry veterans Ben Tatton-Brown and Harry Dewhirst, RingRing Media has earned a world-wide reputation as a major player in mobile advertising, representing some of the largest brands in the world and exchanging more than 4 billion impressions per month.

Local Red Cross Call Center is Hands On for Haiti Relief
The 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti has weighed incredibly heavy on the heads and hearts of all affected - and even those in surrounding countries saddened by the tragedy. And, for the American Red Cross, it''s no time like the present to step up and use all its resources to help those in need.

Local Red Cross Call Center is Hands On for Haiti Relief
The 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti has weighed incredibly heavy on the heads and hearts of all affected - and even those in surrounding countries saddened by the tragedy. And, for the American Red Cross, it's no time like the present to step up and use all its resources to help those in need.

CRM Week in Review: BPA Expands to U.K., Verizon Call Center Upsets Neighborhood
Welcome to the week in review for the customer relationship management, or "CRM," industry. Below are some of the top stories that came across the TMCnet news wires this week.

ECtel Completes All-Cash Merger Transaction with cVidya Networks
ECtel Ltd., a provider of integrated revenue management solutions for communications service providers, has completed the sale of the company to cVidya Networks Inc. by way of a merger.

Mobitel, Amdocs Reach CRM Deployment Deal
The products deployed include Amdocs Smart Agent Desktop and Amdocs Support for the service process from initial customer contact to resolution. The products are built on Amdocs' Smart Client Framework.

Mogreet Claims Success in Mobile Video Marketing Campaign
In the mobile advertising arena, many experts feel that the day of mobile video marketing has not yet arrived. There are many reasons for this, including the technical difficulties of running the campaigns and the reluctance of the advertisers to try out this new form of advertising.

White Paper: Key Factors to be Considered When Replacing Old Point of Sale Systems by Retailers
In the current financial situation, more and more retailers are finding ways to increase demand for their goods and services, though there is scare by the media about the possible collapse of the financial institutions.

L.L. Bean, Overstock, Take Top Three Retailer Customer Service Rankings
If retailer, such as in-person, by phone or online, customer service was honored like the Olympics held annually but by their audiences i.e. customers then L.L. Bean, and would be awarded the gold, silver and bronze respectively for two competitions in a row. Coming up fourth in both instances is L.L. Bean has won gold for three years running.

Sandvine Supports Cricket Broadband Internet
Sandvine, a provider of intelligent broadband network solutions for cable, DSL, FTTx, fixed wireless and mobile operators, has deployed Sandvine's policy traffic switch, or "PTS," platform and service creation solutions in Cricket's 3G mobile broadband network.

Adams County Selects Amcom for Next-Generation 911 IP Technology
A 911 call needs to quick and easy as the caller will be facing an emergency. The advancements in technology have helped the 911 call facilities to be improved over the last few years. Now, Amcom Software announced that Adams County, Indiana, is successfully fielding 3,500 monthly calls with the Amcom 911 call center solution.

In-House Customer Service Better for Drug Companies: Study
A recent study by Cutting Edge Information reportedly revealed that drug companies "agree that operating medical information call centers in-house is more efficient." The study, "Evolving Medical Information Call Centers: Performance Measurement and Process Improvement," shows that 85 percent of pharmaceutical companies use in-house call centers.

Manhattan Associates Tapped to Manage Half Price Books' Distribution Process
Half Price Books has reportedly selected Manhattan SCALE, a portfolio of distribution management and transportation management solutions built on Microsoft.NET technology from Manhattan Associates, to manage its distribution process. Manhattan Associates concentrates on helping companies streamline its supply chains to achieve lower costs, higher profits and happier customers.
1/11/2010 Intros Free Magic Jack Voice, Service to Subscribers, an on-demand provider of Web-based CRM services with more than 135,000 customers worldwide, reportedly announced that it's offering free Magic Jack voice adapters and service to subscribers of its namesake Voice CRM service. The company's recent launch, the Voice CRM service is a voice functionality that works with any phone number. No special hardware is required to enable any phone system to use the power of Voice and CRM systems together.

Parker Software's WhosOn Integrated with CRM Platforms
U.K.-based software provider Parker Software has announced the integration of WhosOn with Customer Relationship Management platforms -- and Microsoft Dynamics.

Era of Ubiquitous Computing is Coming: Intel
There's a reason executives at so many firms now tout the coming age of "embedded" or "machine-to-machine" communications. As Intel Corporation President and CEO Paul Otellini has argued, "personal computing" is expanding beyond the PC to nearly every kind of electronic device. And as computing goes, so is communications, fixed and wireless, but particularly wireless.

Artfest International Launches Network Marketing Call Center
Artfest International, Inc. has reportedly completed a Network Marketing Call Center. Artfest's new call center, which is based at its Artfest Expo Center Headquarters accommodates more than 200 networkers in its phase one Launch.

What's Next for 2010: Five9's Van Everen Discusses Company's Goals
With the New Year underway, many companies in the call center industry are looking to make 2010 a memorable one, especially after dealing with the economic recession in 2009. For call center software provider, Five9 Inc., last year proved to be more successful than other years, solidifying the company as a front runner in the telecom space.

Call Center Services: Q&A With dvsAnalytics
We approached dvsAnalytics to get its take on WFO and contact centers and what is new and coming down the track from the firm in 2010.

Amcom Software Receives Significant Investment from Minneapolis Investors
Amcom Software Inc. has reportedly announced the receipt of a significant investment from Minneapolis investors Norwest Equity Partners and Split Rock Partners. The funding is expected to support the company's ongoing mission to deliver unified communications software solutions designed to save lives and reduce costs. "We're excited to start working with NEP and Split Rock Partners," Chris Heim, CEO, Amcom Software, said in a statement. "We have a tremendously strong foundation to build on and we look forward to developing more solutions to help our customers with their mission-critical communications challenges."

What's Hot in CRM: Week in Review
Welcome to the week in review for the customer relationship management, or "CRM," industry. Below are some of the top stories that came across the TMCnet news wires this week.

Five9 Reports Record Year in 2009, Releases Industry First Product
With all of the headlines call center software provider, Five9 Inc., announced over the past year, it was no surprise with Five9's CEO Mike Burkland told me in a recent interview that the company had a record year.

Partnership Offers Portal and Call Center for Colorado
Vladimir Jones, a full-service agency specializing in integrated marketing, advertising, communications and insight, has reportedly formed a partnership with BB2e / BeInventiv to provide Data Management Portal and Call Center services for state-wide public service and outreach initiative with Colorado Governor's Energy Office, or "GEO."

Zain Intros Novatel's Mobile Hotspot for High-Speed Internet Connectivity in 'One Network' Countries
Zain, a mobile telecom provider in the Middle East and Africa, will reportedly launch Novatel Wireless MiFi 2352 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot in Kuwait initially and has plans to extend this service to other operations as well in the future.

Mitel Adds Monitoring, Call Center Applications to Mitel Applications Suite
Mitel has enhanced its Mitel Application Suite, a unified communications solution that combines several Mitel applications onto a single server. Mitel highlights the simplicity of MAS since multiple applications run on a single server and are easily accessed via the Mitel Unified Communicator Advanced client. The range of applications can be flexibly deployed based on user needs, with up to 1,000 users supported. There are also three deployment options:

Royal Ahrend Adopts Cordys Software for Fast Innovation and Improved Order Processing
Royal Ahrend, a supplier of flexible office solutions and "Dutch design" furniture, has selected Cordys' software, in order to innovate quickly as well as streamline mission-critical quotation-to-order business processes of Ahrend. This has helped in improving company's sales force performance, company officials said.

Open Solutions, Plansmith Announce Reseller Agreement Expansion
Open Solutions and Plansmith have reportedly announced the expansion of the companies' reseller agreement. Open Solutions sells integrated enabling technologies for financial services providers worldwide, and Plansmith sells software for profit planning, budgeting and interest rate risk management.

Call Center Software Provider Appoints Industry Veteran as SVP of Enterprise Sales
In response to a growing demand for more system and upgraded solutions, call center software provider, Five9 Inc., has appointed a leading industry veteran to join its staff – and improve sales and services.

Webinar on Five9, Integration Helps Consumers Implement and Understand Software
Telecom companies, especially those in the call center and customer relationship management, or “CRM,” industries offer software systems that can often be, for lack of a better word, confusing. Consumers looking to implement these software systems are regularly caught up in the “how-to’s” versus implementing the software to start proving results.

State of Florida Extends BPO Contract with Convergys
The State of Florida has reportedly renewed its BPO contract with Convergys Corporation for another five years. Convergys has been providing the state government with human resources, benefits/payroll administration and recruiting services since 2002 under the state’s “People First” program.

InSo International Partners with On-Line Technologies and X-Caliber Solutions
On-Line Technologies is an ecommerce software company. Its customer relationship management software, which has the capability to handle recurring orders, trial orders, membership programs, fulfillment and order management, helped InSo to enhance its CRM services.

LiveOps Tapped for Tradeshow Marketing Contact Center
Winning First Coffee's Hometown Of The Day award, the Sammamish, Washington-based Tradeshow Marketing Company has announced the selection and engagement of contact center industry leader, LiveOps, to handle the inbound contact center services for their upcoming direct response television campaign.

Banks Offering Mobile Financial Services will See Growth in Customer Reach: Report
Banks delivering mobile financial services can boost customer acquisition by more than sixty percent, according to a recent survey by Mercatus LLC, a financial services strategy consulting and investment firm.

Week in Review: What's Hot in CRM
Welcome to the week in review for the customer relationship management, or "CRM," industry. Below are some of the top stories that came across the TMCnet news wires this week.

NTI Selects Five9's Virtual Call Center for Work-at-Home Call Center Market
call center software provider, Five9 Inc. announced that the National Telecommuting Institute, Inc., or "NTI," a non-profit organization that provides work-at-home jobs for Americans with physical disabilities, will be using Five9's Virtual Call Center technology for its work-at-home call center agents.

Cut-off Date Approaching for Genesys 'Customer Innovation Awards'
Wednesday, Dec. 9, is the cut-off date for submissions for Genesys Telecommunications' annual Customer Innovation Awards, a program designed to recognize the world's most innovative customer service organizations.

Convergys Using 'Innovative' Recruiting Techniques in the Philippines
You might think that the Philippines has an endless supply of job candidates for the position of call center agent, but considering it has become such a hotbed for the call center outsourcing industry during the past 10 years, that's not necessarily the case.

Xen Optimization Group Now Part of Neptuny Business Partner Program
Xen Optimization Group, a consulting firm offering professional services mainly in performance management and the capacity planning area, has reportedly joined Neptuny Business Partner Program.

NCO Introduces New CRM Application
NCO's IT team worked closely with this client and developed a flexible CRM platform that could grow with their needs. The client was very clear about the requirements from this CRM application.

A Better Answer Recognized for Call Center Excellence
The 2009 Award of Excellence from the Association of TeleServices International has been awarded to A Better Answer Call Centers in Plano, Texas. This is the eleventh year in a row that a Better Answer has been honored with this achievement. The company's regional office in Houston has also been given the same award for the sixth consecutive year.

Handmark, Noel Group Partner to Launch MyAssist
The MyAssist mobile application allows users to quickly and easily call or email their requests at any time, from anywhere in the world. It is immediately available for BlackBerry smartphone customers to download. For iPhone users, the application will soon be available in the Apple App Store.

Persystent Helps MDRC Reduce IT Support Calls
The organization was concerned with the time and expense required to have PCs shipped, repaired and shipped again across the country and was looking for a method to control damage caused by rampant PC end user downloads occurring throughout the organization.

Five9 and Bluewolf Partner to Ramp Up Cloud Integration Services for Call Centers
Call center software provider, Five9 Inc. has partnered with Bluewolf, a leader in agile consulting, in efforts to enable customers to realize improved marketing, sales and customer care processes based on its call center systems in the cloud.

Openet Launches eWallet Solution to Help Operators Improve Billing
Openet, a provider of "transactional intelligence" solutions, has reportedly announced the imminent launch its eWallet solution, which helps multichannel operators provide customers with the ability to buy content, services and goods across multiple devices.

inContact Named Premier Partner
Completely integrated with the Service Cloud 2 and the platform, the combined inContact and Service Cloud 2 offering delivers real time customer care solutions in the cloud for organizations of all sizes, company officials said.

inContact Named Premier Partner
The combined inContact and Service Cloud 2 offering delivers real time customer care solutions in the cloud for organizations of all sizes, company officials said.

Additional Features of Five9's Release 7.3 Upgrades User Experience
The Release 7.3 Virtual Call Center from call center software provider, Five9 Inc., has many new and upgraded functionalities that give existing customers added benefits to using the improved software system.

Agilysys Partners with Global Bay Mobile Technologies
Agilysys and Global Bay Mobile Technologies will jointly deliver advanced and secure mobile applications to enhance overall operations for its retail customers. Global Bay Mobile Technologies is a provider of operational and customer-facing mobility solutions and Agilysys provides innovative IT solutions. The new mobile applications will also address the growing retail-to-consumer mobile application market.

Cheetah Software Systems Intros Customer Visibility System
Cheetah Software Systems Inc. has reportedly introduced its Customer Visibility System. This new system is an enhancement to the Cheetah solution and is designed to offer a powerful competitive advantage to delivery and LTL carriers. To be competitive today, carriers must be able to provide accurate, relevant, real-time order status information for customers that can be quickly and easily accessed. With Cheetah Customer Visibility, this information is provided by integrating seamlessly in the Cheetah Freight and Cheetah Delivery solutions to provide end-customers with the ability to easily and immediately determine order status, driver location, ETAs and more.

ClairMail Signs Development, Deployment Agreement with Visa Inc.
ClairMail, Inc has reportedly signed a development and deployment agreement with Visa Inc. Under the deal, ClairMail will integrate Visa mobile services into the mobile banking and payments infrastructure that ClairMail provides to financial institutions. Customers who are also Visa clients will be able to take immediate advantage of Visa's mobile services by adding them to an existing mobile banking deployment and creating a more comprehensive mobile banking offering. Visa mobile services include applications that support mobile payments, tailored merchant offers and near-real time transaction alerts and notifications.

LinkTrust and RingRevenue Join Forces to Offer Pay-Per-Call Services
LinkTrust and RingRevenue are collaborating efforts to offer pay-per-call services for merchants and networks. As a result of their joint efforts, new streams of revenue will be opened for players in the performance based marketing industry.

Five9's Inbound Call Center System Offers Agents Improved Communication Abilities
For companies in the customer relationship management, or "CRM," industry, managing calls that are received to a call center are just as important as the outbound calls sales agents place to potential and existing clients.

Amdocs Acquires Platform Provider JNetX
Amdocs is evidently hoping to distance themselves from other SDP vendors supporting services solely on IP-based networks: Jim Liang, senior vice president strategy and corporate development for Amdocs, underlined the "technological combination" of the acquisition.

Five9's Developer Programs Offer Cloud Based Services and Software Preview Abilities to Members
With the release of call center software provider Five9's first cloud computing platform within its Five9 Developer Program, call centers now have the ability to navigate between Five9's on-demand call center software and other enterprise software applications.

Zevotek Selects Teleperformance to Operate Call Center
Zevotek Inc., a designer, developer and worldwide direct marketer and distributor of personal and home care items, reportedly has entered into an agreement to with Teleperformance to create a new high-volume call center for receiving calls to buy the Ionic Bulb.

Five9 Assists in Aberdeen Survey to Offer Insight on Call Center Sales
Call center software provider, Five9 Inc. has participated in research company Aberdeen Group's "Inside Sales Enablement: Let Them Drink Coffee!" survey by reviewing the format and inviting the company's customer base to participate in the survey.

London Borough Launches Customer Service Quality Initiative
Since the opening of the Richmond Council customer service center in 2005, the Council has focused heavily on service quality improvement and officials said the expansion sees the service center grow to 30 full time equivalent personnel - a 24 percent increase.

Helpstream Expands Social CRM Suite with New Social Marketing Module
With the help of the new social marketing module, which includes an integrated marketing automation and social monitoring functionality, will now be able to integrate conversations occurring in public communities such as Twitter and Facebook with their existing customer communities and create actionable insights for market intelligence.

Facebook and Twitter Helps Call Centers Deliver Information to Consumers
In efforts to expand their market base and available information, customer interaction and company following, Five9, a call center software provider, has created a Facebook Fan Page and a Twitter Page.

Free Webinar to Help Companies Build on Customer Experience
While there are many factors that determine how well a company succeeds, customer focus and satisfaction is an essential aspect of ensuring that you're operations are running smoothly, effectively and, ultimately, that the job is getting done.

Customer Retention, Cost Containment Priority: Dimension Data Annual Contact Center Survey
Contact centers are on the way of getting it right: creating value for enterprises at optimized costs, but they still have ways to go. Those are among the key findings from Dimension Data's just-released 2009 Global Contact Center Benchmarking Report, an annual survey of more than 550 centers in 36 countries across five continents.

Pipkins Celebrates 26 Years of Workforce Management Solutions Success
Pipkins, Inc., a workforce management software and services supplier, is celebrating 26 years of consistently creating and delivering superior workforce management products for call centers of all sizes.

E Cigarettes National Opens New Call Center to Handle Growing Demand for its Products
Everyone knows about the dangers of smoking – studies have shown that most commercial brands of cigarettes contain thousands of harmful chemicals that are released upon burning the tobacco – chemicals that can lead to lung cancer and other serious health problems.

A Better Answer Partners with SEO 1 Services to Drive Market Positioning
A Better Answer Inbound Call Centers has announced the recent hiring of SEO 1 Services, Dallas-based website marketing services. The company is hoping this latest move will help to sustain a winning position in the market.

Gartner Places SAS in 'Leaders' Quadrant
SAS, a vendor of business analytics software and services, has been placed in the Leaders quadrant of the Magic Quadrant for Operational Risk Management Software for Financial Services by Gartner.

NavStar, Vortex Ink Strategic Partnership Agreement
NavStar Technologies has announced a strategic relationship with Canada based Vortex Solution to provide the annuity-based services that the company has been seeking to complement its product offering.

Five Fortune 500 Companies Select PeopleCube's Resource Scheduler
According to PeopleCube, five global Fortune 500 corporations have selected its service as their workplace management software vendor.

Arc Solutions Releases Arc Enterprise Premium Version 5.1
Software development company Arc Solutions has just released the new enhanced version, 5.1 of its Arc Enterprise Premium operator centre software.

Versatel AG Opts for SPSS Software to Optimize Marketing Campaigns Management
Versatel AG has opted for Predictive Analytics Software, or PASW, from SPSS to optimize its marketing campaigns to existing customers.

Danube Helps AmDocs Interactive to Take Scrum into the Enterprise
Danube Technologies, a company specializing in management and engineering processes through Scrum, announced partnership with AmDocs Interactive to improve its processes through Scrum.

ThoughtWorks Studios and Tasktop Technologies Announce Adaptive ALM Connector
ThoughtWorks Studios, the provider of Agile application lifecycle management tools, and Tasktop Technologies, have jointly announced the creation of ThoughtWorks Adaptive ALM Connector.

Datamonitor: Retailers Gravitating to Outsourcing in order to Cut Costs
A recent report from market research firm Datamonitor finds that retailers are increasingly relying on business process outsourcing in order to reduce operating costs.

Magic Software Joins's Philanthropic Program
Magic Software Enterprises, which sells application platforms and business and process integration tools, has announced their participation in the Foundation's "Power of Us" Partner Program.

Treeno Software Releases Integration Module
Treeno Software has released its integrated module that enables document and content management capabilities to be seamlessly integrated and compatible with's suite of online customer relationship management, CRM, products, according to the company.

Callidus Software Launch Vendor-Neutral Sales Performance Management Community
Sales performance management – "SPM" – company Callidus Software has introduced OpenCommissions, a vendor-neutral sales performance management community.

Catapult Technology Announces New Call Center Operation
Catapult Technology, Ltd., an Information Technology contractor to the federal government and private sector, has announced the opening of a new call center.

FundPOINT Desktop for 529 Plans Now Available From NewRiver
The FundPOINT Desktop for 529 Plans is backed by NewRiver's process technology for sourcing 529 plan data from multiple sources. The solution offers a centralized approach to accessing 56 data points for all of the 529 plans which improves operational efficiency, accuracy and compliance adherence.

KORE Telematics Launches International One-Rate GSM Service
KORE Telematics, a digital wireless service provider specializing in machine-to-machine communications, has launched its International One-Rate GSM services.

Interspire Unveils New Software for Web-Based Marketers
The platform comes with a full suite of email marketing software and services that the agencies can use to widen their clientele by offering free trial accounts to their customers. Using this software, Interspire says, agencies can save thousands of dollars by charging per user, not per email or subscriber.

Travelers Save By Booking Accommodations Through Call Center
The latest offer is available until August 31, 2009 for those travelers who book accommodations via the toll-free call center for stays through December 31, 2009.

MultiFactor Announces Authentication, Provisioning for
The product, SecureAuth, addresses "both the provisioning and authentication complexities associated with cloud-based solutions," company officials say: "Users are provisioned and authenticated while using the enterprise existing central user database, i.e., Active Directory."

Call Compliance, Execuserve Sign Letter of Intent
Call Compliance, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Compliance Systems Corporation and vendors of the so-called TeleBlock System for "Do-Not-Call," has announced a Letter of Intent for an exclusive licensing agreement to distribute the Execuserve Hire-Intelligence software program.

Constant Link Intro Live Receptionist Service
Constant Link reportedly announced the introduction of its latest service, Live Receptionist, which is designed to meet the needs of small and home based businesses, as well as mobile professionals.

Adecco Launches Contact Center Business in Australia
Adecco Australia, an employment and recruitment services company, has announced the launching of its Adecco Contact Center business line in Australia. This new offering will reside under the Adecco Office brand and is a highly specialized business line providing expert HR solutions to the contact center industry.

Fonolo's Hosted Offering Lets Companies Add 'Deep Dialing' to Web Sites
Fonolo has launched a new hosted offering that will help companies improve customer experience and reduce call center costs by incorporating "Deep Dialing" into their own Web sites. Fonolo makes it easier and less frustrating to call large companies. Deep Dialing helps users avoid phone menus or IVR systems and reach the right person or department. This eliminates the frustration of dealing with "Press one for this, press two for that." The free consumer service from Fonolo has also become more powerful with the addition of features such as call recording, "Quick Tones" and Deep Dialing access to more than 500 companies.
7/16/2009 Using CXO Global Solutions to Improve its Call Center Operations
To improve customer service, as well as to free up management so it can focus on more important things, like merchandising and marketing,, which offers personalized nutrition, fitness and weight-loss programs, recently hired CXO Global Solutions to manage it call center operations.

LACCA Announces Special Hurricane Hotline
The Latin American Call Center Association has announced the availability of a toll-free hotline to help answer questions during this hurricane season.

BTI Enhances 7000 Series with Dual 4G DTPR
Packet optical solutions provider BTI Systems is reportedly enhancing its 7000 Series portfolio with the launch of its Dual 4G Multiprotocol Transponder (4G DTPR).

Advanced Technical Solutions Recognized by Cisco
There is a saying that you are known by company you keep, and for Advanced Technical Solutions (ATS), an IT consulting, systems integration, and value-added reselling firm based in Scott Depot, West Virginia, that is a very good thing.

Knoa Outlines Offerings, Focus, Marketplace, Upcoming Products
Knoa Software ( makes end-user experience and performance management software. Its latest release, Knoa EPM 5.5 introduces advanced end-user analytics, comprehensive alerting, and enhanced correlation and analysis capabilities. These features "enable customers to quickly turn the Knoa end-user and application performance metrics into proactive remediation initiatives to both improve performance and reduce costs," says the firm.

Altigen Call Center and Intelligent Gateway Deployed By Gibson Guitar
Supplier of fully compatible Microsoft-based VoIP contact centers, phone systems and intelligent gateways, Altigen Communications recently announced that it has been chosen by Gibson Guitar to be deployed at their Nashville headquarters for integrating with the Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007.

Gore Announces Low-Profile Copper Cable
W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. (Gore), a provider of diverse, high-performance solutions for the consumer, industrial, electronic and medical markets, has reportedly announced the new low-profile QSFP direct attach copper cable assembly that is "fiber-like" in size.

Datacraft Tapped to Design Data Solution for Tesco
The global services arm of Tesco, HSC is providing comprehensive support for its internal customers throughout the world. Datacraft was tapped to design a solution that could extract key data from the established "Cisco Unified Contact Center" infrastructure and present it in a dashboard format for easy review.

Microsoft Unveils New Solution Accelerators for its Dynamics CRM
In an effort to help companies to minimize costs and establish business insight across social networks, Microsoft has launched new CRM Accelerators for company's Dynamics CRM. According to Microsoft, these CRM Accelerators are also available for channel-centric organizations and Web interaction channels.

Nortel Debuts Sales of CS 1000 R6.0, a Unified Communications Solution
Nortel reportedly announced the debut of global sales for its voice services and Unified Communications (UC) solution, the Communication Server (CS) 1000 Release 6.0, that simplifies installation and user interaction, is fail-safe rugged and has advanced security levels, and its design is mainly based on customer feed-back.

Mail Order Company Picks Verint Systems' Impact 360 Workforce Management Software
Verint Systems Inc. announced that a mail order company based in the U.S. has deployed Impact 360 Workforce Management software from Verint Witness Actionable Solutions. This will help clients benefit from forecasting and scheduling, advanced adherence, time off management and reporting features. The mail order company caters to millions of customers nationwide and it offers them a full line of apparel and accessories for both men and women. With business growth the company has opened a new branch contact center and moved its primary contact center to a new location.

Oracle Powers Multiplus Fidelidade with its Siebel Solutions
Multiplus Fidelidade, the new business unit at TAM, has reportedly inked a contract with Oracle to implement the technological platform using the Oracle Siebel Call Center and Oracle Siebel CRM Loyalty solutions. The new implementation will help consumers access Multiplus Fidelidade via the Internet to redeem accumulated points for rewards offered by the participating companies' loyalty programs and from TAM Viagens tours.

Appletree Answers' Call Centers Receive Excellence Awards
Appletree Answers, an integrated communications center, has announced the receipt of multiple awards from Association of TeleServices International (ATSI).

Convergys Renews Contract with United States Postal Service
Convergys Corporation , a major player in relationship management, reportedly has renewed contract with the United States Postal Service.

AEGIS Acquires South Africa-based CCN Group
Aegis Limited, a global business process outsourcing (BPO) provider and part of Essar Group, one of India's business conglomerates, has acquired 100 percent of the equity of CCN Group (PTY) Ltd., a privately-owned contact center outsourcing company in South Africa.

Vector BPO Partners with inContact to Enhance Visibility in Call Center
Salt Lake City, Utah-based provider of on-demand contact center software and agent optimization tools, inContact, Inc. has agreed to provide its solutions to Vector BPO, a full-service contact center with facilities in Reno, Nevada and the Philippines, according to the company.

IBBS Successfully Launches Field Tech Scheduling Program for Baja Broadband
Integrated Broadband Services (IBBS), a provider of OSS software and network services for more than 220 cable operators throughout the world, has announced the successful launch of its Field Tech Scheduling Program for Baja Broadband (Baja).

Sitel Signs $10 million Deal with Leading e-commerce Solutions Provider
Sitel, a global business process outsourcing (BPO) provider, has signed a deal with a top e-commerce solutions provider to be the company's exclusive customer care partner.

Mindover Software Introduces Rewards Program
Mindover Software, a provider of CRM, ERP and accounting software solutions, is rewarding loyal customers for new business referrals. The company recently launched a new Customer Referral Program under which customers who make referrals that lead to new business relationships receive up to five hours of free consulting, or a $250 Visa gift card, the company said. The program targets Texas companies with annual revenue between $5 million and $75 million, and between 10 and 500 employees.

New DriveTime Auto Sales Call Center Opening in Fort Worth
The company selected the CentrePort Business Park in Fort Worth as the location for this new center. DriveTime, which is headquartered in Phoenix, plans to lease roughly 31,000 square feet at 15001 FAA Blvd. The region can anticipate the addition of 100 jobs with this opening.

Aberdeen Group Releases Campaigner Sponsored Report On E-mail Deliverability
E-mail marketing solutions supplier, Campaigner, has recently announced the availability of the "Demystifying Email Deliverability" which has been researched by well known industry analyst firm Aberdeen Group. The report explores the drivers that influence e-mail deliverability, internal adherence to legislation like CAN-SPAM, e-mail authentication, email origination, the theory of blacklist and whitelist and anti spam steps taken.

Lifeline Data Selects Ciena Corporation's Platform
Lifeline Data Centers, an Indianapolis-based provider of strategic data center outsourcing facilities and services, reportedly has selected Ciena Corporation's CN 4200 FlexSelect Advanced Services Platform to provide high-performance, low-latency connectivity over dark fiber between its existing data center in downtown Indianapolis and its new 460,000-square foot state-of-the-art data center facility twelve miles outside of the city.

Proxy Networks Intros PROXY Pro 6.10
Proxy Networks announced that its latest upgrade, version 6.10 of its major product PROXY Pro, is now available for procurement, and its enhanced features include support of remote desktop services, including screen recording, for thin clients supporting terminal services sessions.

New Virtual Call Center Service by Ifbyphone
Ifbyphone today announced the introduction of its latest innovate product, Call Distributor. The service enables small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) to create virtual call centers, complete with advanced automated call handling that enables customers to instantly route inbound calls to any phone, anywhere.

Extreme Networks Network Switches Compatible with Dell SAN's
Extreme Networks has announced that its Summit X450a family of Ethernet networking switches have been tested and found compatible with the Dell EqualLogic Storage Area Network (SAN) internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI) appliance product line from Dell, and the two sets of solutions together are available for sale and provide a high performance, cost optimized storage solution to meet the current and future data center challenges.

Qwest Celebrates 25th Anniversary
Qwest communications international, a global provider for fiber-optic network and customer service, recently announced that the company was celebrating its 25th anniversary of operations. To mark this milestone, the company is offering 25 minutes of free international calling for Plan Latino customers.

Equinix Plans to Build New Data Center in Zurich
Equinix, Inc., a provider of global data center services, plans to build a new data center in Zurich, Switzerland, adding 1,200 square meters (12,920 square feet) of sellable data center space.

Equinix Plans to Build New Data Center in Zurich
Equinix, Inc., a provider of global data center services, plans to build a new data center in Zurich, Switzerland, adding 12,920 square feet of sellable data center space.

On Demand Call Center and CRM Solutions Increase Success at TMone
In a bid to increase the quality experience, agents are delivering for customers, the company recently deployed a combined on-demand call center and on-demand CRM solution.

Virgin Games Credits Customer Service Improvements to NEC Philips Tools
The NEC Philips tool combines call, chat and e-mail customer contact facilities. Virgin Games officials say they've seen a 200-300 percent improvement in service delivery since the product was implemented, as well as "average abandonment" rates dropping to below one percent. Operations Director Christina Thakor-Rankin said "most companies consider 2-5 percent abandonment acceptable."

Switch and Data Completes SAS 70 Type II Audit
The audits were administered and certified by SAS 70 Solutions of Tampa, one of the largest audit firms in the nation, and one that primarily concentrates in the delivery of SAS 70 audit services. This firm previously performed a SAS 70 Type I audit and certification for Switch and Data.

FrontRange's Top Global CRM Partners Named
FrontRange Solutions, developer of the GoldMine family of CRM software, has announced its top global CRM partners, including two UK channel organizations, Wizard Systems and Armstrong Consultants, are among the top ten. The CRM Partner of the Year globally went to Ticomix Inc. of Illinois.

Hawaiian Credit Unions Honored for Contact Centers
PSCU Financial Services, a financial services CUSO and provider of 24/7 call center operations for credit unions, has honored four credit unions at the San Dimas, California-based Financial Service Centers Cooperative 2009 annual meeting in Las Vegas.

Cisco's Multi Pronged Initiatives For Enhanced Data Center Virtualization
Cisco has announced multiple plans that include several new channel programs for its expanding data center partner channel, and the expansion of the Unified Computing System family to include the C-Series Rack-Mount Server. In addition it has added two IT career certifications in Data Center Management in an effort to encourage global partners to speed up market acceptance and growth for virtualized data centers

WiredRE Intros Data Center Listing and Search Service
Data center real estate advisory firm Wired Real Estate Group ("WiredRE") has launched a free colocation and data center search and listing service to support the firm's Brokerage Practice, according to the company.

Aperio CI Releases New, Enhanced Pricing, Retention, Bill Management Solutions
Data is key to attracting and keeping customers, especially in the highly competitive communications service provider space. So is self-empowerment. Aperio CI has come out with several new and enhanced existing solutions that imaginatively utilize data and empowerment to meet those objectives: Pricing Genie, Retention Genie, and Visual Bill Manager.

San Francisco Mayor Links Call Center to Twitter Service
One San Francisco-based is putting a whole new spin on call centers, thanks to Twitter. San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and Twitter co-founder Biz Stone announced this week that residents can make complaints or request to the city's call center using Twitter, a micro-blogging site. People can tweet the city's call center about street cleaning, graffiti removal, potholes, and garbage maintenance, according the city Customer Service Center Web site.

Customer Appreciation Means Big Bucks for Your Business
No matter how good the food is at a restaurant, people always seem to remember how they were treated; if they had to wait "forever" for their food, and how often they saw their server. What it really comes down to is the service – memorable customer service is what makes people come back over and over again, whether you are running a restaurant, retail store or service business. If your business has excellent food, but terrible customer service, customers are probably not going to come back.

Southwest Airlines Adds 'Virtual Hold' Capability to Improve Customer Service
Southwest Airlines has added a new "virtual hold," or callback capability to its contact center service. Using this new feature, customers waiting to speak to a representative can hang up the phone and walk away while they are on hold – and the phone will ring back as soon as an agent becomes available.

724Care BPO Services Opens New Delivery Center in Philippines
724Care, Inc., a premier provider of business process outsourcing (BPO) services, has reportedly opened a new call center in Cebu, Philippines to accommodate increasing demand from a range of international clients.
5/28/2009 Cards Available in for
They are described as "a real-time electronic gift card distribution application," featuring Gift Cards available for customers of's CRM application.

Customer Connect, Microsoft Announce Training Help
In February, TMC's Tim Gray reported that Customer Connect launched a new Web site dedicated to publishing recorded demonstrations of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. The site,, features "prerecorded demos of the popular CRM tool for individuals who are interested in a self-serve presentation of the software," Gray cites Geoff Ables as saying.

Clearly Contacts Establishes Call Center to Handle Growth
Clearly Contacts, positioned as the Internet's largest optical store, has created a call center to handle its rapidly expanding customer base. The company is facing the growth challenge head-on in an environment where many companies are cutting back.

ISWest and Third Wave Technology Collaborate to Provide Proactive Technology Solutions to Businesses
ISWest and Third Wave Technology Services have announced that they are collaborating to provide proactive technology solutions that create cost savings, increase productivity, and take the hassle out of technology for owners and management.

Compass Intelligence Recognizes AT&T for Customer Service Excellence
AT&T has once again been recognized by Compass Intelligence as a leader in online customer experience for small and midsize business customers.

Nortel Introduces Next Generation Enterprise Solution for Core Netwoks, Data Centers
Nortel has introduced the Virtual Services Platform (VSP) 9000, a next-generation enterprise solution for mission-critical core networks and data centers.

Spirent's Validation Solutions For TbE Data Centers And Networks
Spirent Communications has announced that it now has comprehensive unified layers 2 to 7 test architecture solutions capable of validating end to end functioning of 10, 40 and 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) fabrics, Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) convergence, virtualized server networking and cloud computing-based applications and security. 100 GbE is also known as Terabit Ethernet (TbE).

Voxitas Extends its Network Services to the North Western Parts of the US
Voxitas has announced the expansion of its national network to the Northwest region of the U.S. including Seattle, Portland and Tacoma. Voxitas specializes in providing Advanced Network Services and Business Class Voice over IP (VoIP) to its enterprise customers.

Auto Warranty Telemarketing Scams Condemned by the ATA
The ATA (American Teleservices Association) recently announced it's condemning of auto warranty scams and pledged its full resources to support the Anti Fraud Enforcement and urged Congress to address the issue at the earliest as it has nationwide repercussions for thousands of consumers.

American Red Cross Renews with Appletree Answers
Strong partnerships based on excellent, caring, service pays off. Just ask the American Red Cross (ARC) of the Delmarva Peninsula -- which serves over 1 million people in Delaware and six counties on Maryland's Eastern Shore -- and teleservices firm Appletree Answers. The ARC has renewed its customer care partnership with Appletree Answers: a relationship that began back in 2000, whose longevity, observers say, is rare in teleservices.

Datanautix Prepared to Help Companies Relocating their Call Centers Back to the U.S.
As reported last week on TMCnet, sweeping changes to the U.S. international tax code being proposed by President Obama could result in many U.S. firms bringing their call center operations back home.

BT Conferencing Signs License Agreement with Ronald A. Katz Technology
The license agreement to cover BT Conferencing's U.S. based operations was licensed through Ronald A. Katz Technology Licensing's affiliate, A2D, L.P. and the terms of the license were not disclosed.

Quest, C7 Data Centers Ink Multi-Year Agreement
Quest and C7 Data Centers (C7) have announced the signing of a multi-year agreement to pool their mutual facilities and services to provide enhanced colocation and business continuance solutions.

New Step to Call Center Management Kit Unveiled
Hani Masgidi, a call center manager intending on setting up his own call center, has come-up with a new solution, Step to Call Center management Kit, which is a single source of information that caters to all the needs of people - who want to start a new call center or are already in the call center industry.

Starbucks Renews Contract with Convergys
Starbucks has reportedly decided to continue using Convergys' relationship management solutions for another two years to enhance its facilities support operations.

Datamonitor: Proposed Changes to U.S. Tax Laws Could Hurt Call Center Outsourcing Industry
U.S. consumers who are frustrated with dealing with overseas call center agents with thick accents and poor English language skills are no doubt applauding President Obama's proposed changes to the tax code for U.S. firms doing business abroad.

Orange Business Services Reaches Agreement with Canon Europe
Orange Business Services, France Telecom Group's division for worldwide enterprise communications services and Canon Europe have reached an agreement on a three-year contract for the processing of incoming telephone traffic at Canon's European contact centers.

eTelecare Global Solutions Completes Purchase of Phone House Group
eTelecare Global Solutions has completed the purchase of the Phone House Group, a subsidiary of Carphone Warehouse.

Whitepaper Explains How Contact Centers Can Get More out of Their Technology Investments
Deploying a new contact center system requires careful planning, especially in this current economic environment. In order to get proper return on your investment, you must be sure that the solutions you have selected will live up to their performance expectations. If they don't, then contact center performance will erode and ultimately customer satisfaction will be impacted.

Verizon Wireless to Hire 50 Call Center Agents in Connecticut
Officials said that the hiring is a result of the company's continuing effort to stay ahead of growing demand for wireless voice and 3G data products.

Midwest Call Center Recognized as Performance Leader with Impact 360 WFO
This awards program from Ventana is designed to highlight those organizations that have successfully aligned and applied technology, business processes and best practices in order to advance customer service and IT operations, as well as drive improvements in service and overall performance.

Alpine Access Launches Home Contact Center Consulting Service
Handling customer contacts with home based agents offers enormous benefits including cost savings, productivity gains, greater flexibility, business continuity, and improved service. The challenge for many organizations is how to set up home-based contact center programs outsourced and internally managed successfully. There are unique considerations including agents' home environments, connectivity, internal communications, management processes, security, and staffing and training that must be taken into account and planned for.

Datamonitor: Swine Flu Outbreak Could Have Negative Impact on Mexican Call Center Outsourcing Industry
Although there's some indication that the recent global outbreak of swine flu might not pose as much of a threat as previously was believed, companies operating call centers in Mexico are nevertheless facing a dilemma in terms of getting agents to show up for their shifts.

Swift Transportation Awards $ 24 million Contract to AT&T
Swift Transportation Inc., a privately held long haul trucking company, has awarded AT&T a three-year contract valued at $24 million.

A Growth Spurt :Demand Increasing for Home-Based Contact Center Model
Did you know the Aspen tree is the largest, fully connected organism in the world? Enormous groves of identical trees are connected by a single root system. The Aspen grows by shooting sprouts from the existing roots so that all new trees are connected to the parent tree. The largest known Aspen is in Utah and covers 106 acres.

Leading Life Sciences Company Deploys Cegedim Dendrite's SaaS CRM Solution
Cegedim Dendrite, a firm that specializes in Customer Relationship Management for the life sciences industry, has signed a five year agreement with a biotechnology company for offering the Mobile Intelligence SaaS CRM solution and OneKey healthcare professionals' database to 1,500 users across 32 countries.

On-Demand Solutions Gaining Traction in Contact Center Market
As the recession continues to find comfortable accommodations in the global market, companies are taking a closer look at their approach to customer retention as finding new customers is more difficult than ever before. With the on-going recession, companies have also had to endure tighter budgets, putting a limit on the technologies they are able to deploy.

BankAtlantic Extends Partnership Agreement with Harland Clarke
Recently, the bank announced the extension of its partnership agreement with Harland Clarke Corp for the next five years to enable BankAtlantic's personal, small business and commercial customers to continue to have best-in-class integrated financial solutions.

Contract Management Increases Service Revenue, Customer Satisfaction
Encover, a provider of technology and services for selling service contracts and software subscriptions, has announced that they have sponsored an Aberdeen Group study titled "Service Contract Management - Winning Strategies for Managing Customer's Expectations."

Sitel's 'Continuous Improvement Standard' Launched
Sitel, a global business process outsourcing provider, has launched what company officials call "a new Continuous Improvement standard."

Verizon Launches One-Stop Web Portal for American Small Businesses
Verizon Communications Inc., a provider of broadband and other wireline and wireless communication solutions, recently announced the redesign of the Verizon Small Business Center, Web site. The Web site has been designed to provide affordable online business technology tools comprising of web collaboration, professional networking and online software.

95 Percent of Companies Value High Quality Customer Experience: COPC/SOCAP
The findings reveal detailed customer satisfaction data for the household/personal care, food/beverage, retail/consumer goods, pharmaceutical/ medical devices and travel/hospitality industries.

AboveNet Joins Equinix Financial eXchange
AboveNet, a provider of fiber optic connectivity solutions for business and carriers, has joined the Equinix Financial eXchange community in Equinix's London-Slough (LD4) International Business Exchange (IBX) data center.

Sitel: Stimulus Bill will Create New Recruiting Opportunities for Contact Centers
Contact center outsourcing company Sitel is betting that President Obama's American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will have a positive impact on the domestic outsourcing industry.

New Downloadable Guide on Customer Service Aims at Helping Firms Stand Out
In today's economy, one key element for surviving is excellent customer service, points out Rosanne D'Ausilio, PhD, an industrial psychologist and president of Human Technologies Global, which provides customer service skills trainings and executive/leadership coaching. Today's marketplace is a huge opportunity, she says, for firms to significantly improve their customer service, and in doing so stand out among their competitors.

Supplier Q&A on UC With Toshiba
Beginning this month TMC is publishing a series of Q&As with leading customer interaction/CRM solutions suppliers in key product/service markets to get their insights on trends within contact centers, their specific industries, and with their firms. They are also being asked for best practices in buying and obtaining maximum value from their solutions.

Customer Service Industry Expert Launches SpotOn Enterprises
SpotOn Enterprises provides consulting and speaking services to the customer service industry. The firm's mission is to help organizations improve their financial and organizational performance, optimize leadership, drive organizational efficiency and effectiveness, increase employee and customer satisfaction, and motivate and energize their workforces.

Acumen Unveils 'Cable in the Cloud' Program
In order to enhance customer service, the Cable in the Cloud program offers consolidated customer views by location. It takes care of case management tracking and agent desktop support system integration with call routing and telephony platform for account or case screen pops and offers key operational reports.

J.D. Power Recognizes Brink's Home Security for Customer Satisfaction Excellence
J.D. Power and Associates, a global marketing information company that conducts independent surveys of customer satisfaction, product quality and buyer behaviour, has reportedly recognized Brink's Home Security's contact center operations for customer satisfaction excellence, under its Certified Call Center Program.

Five9 Honored for CRM Excellence in 2009
In its 10th year, the CRM Excellence Awards use "hard data, facts and figures" that show the improvements a winner's product has made in a client's business. In addition winners are chosen for their product's ability to improve and CRM for the entire enterprise and lifetime of a customer.

FREE WEBINAR: CRM and Life Sciences/Pharma: Proving Strategic Value with CRM Analytics
TMC is bringing you yet another free Webinar on Thursday, April 30, 2009 2:00pm ET / 11:00am PT. Register Now!

RESolutions Rapid Enrollment Solutions to Expand In-House Call Center Activities
"This specialized, HIPAA compliant unit now goes a step further and allows call center operators to initiate the process of obtaining a patient's medical records immediately when they have an eligible caller on the line," says President and CEO, Jennifer Fernandez.

Convergys Enhances Infinys ICOMS Convergent BSS/OSS System
Infinys ICOMS expands on the proven success of Convergys' convergent BSS/OSS system. The modular, single-architecture system provides a building-block approach that lets operators tailor a product-driven billing platform for their specific business needs and timelines. This avoids costly one-off customizations and without committing to an end-to-end system.

Are You in Denial?
We all know how impactful the voice of the customer is and how equally important it is to listen to that voice. However, research shows that even though there is a real sensitivity to price among consumers, companies continue to remain in denial.

Primus Canada Expanding Edmundston Contact Center
Primus Telecommunications Canada is expanding its Edmundston, New Brunswick, contact center, creating 113 new jobs, adding to its over 200 employees currently in place.

ICT Group Hires Staff at Canadian Contact Center Following Service Realignment Plans
Teleservices firm ICT Group is hiring for inbound customer service agents at its St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada contact center. Radio station VOCM reports that the facility has and continues to grow rapidly since its opening in 2002.

Synchronoss Powers AT&T CruiseCast Mobile TV Service
The AT&T CruiseCast service has been designed to provide people with the same type of television experience in their vehicles that they now have in their homes. Through this service, AT&T will offer 42 entertainment channels, 22 satellite TV and 20 radio channels. This line up will include a variety of kids and family, documentary, music, comedy, news and sports programming at launch.

Verizon Wireless Gets $25,000 in Telemarketing Law Suit
Verizon filed suit against telemarketers for illegally calling Verizon Wireless customers and employees to advertise the movie, "The Velveteen Rabbit" (which now is getting free publicity on this site).

Verizon Wireless Is Hiring Agents at Maryland Contact Center
The company will hold a hiring open house on Friday, April 3 from 2 to 6 p.m. and on Saturday, April 25 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. To provide high quality customer support, it strongly prefers applicants who have a college education. It is seeking candidates who demonstrate a strong interest in wireless technology and a passion for delivering superior customer service.

Luxtera Unveils New Active Optical Cable Called Blazar
Luxtera has unveiled a monolithic optoelectronic Optical Active Cable called the Blazar (LUX5010).

Sykes Enterprises' New ePersonal Banker Engages Both Technology and People
To make a customer service, support, sales, or billing and collections solution truly work, in delivering the sought-after benefits of increasing customer retention and revenues requires the underlying technology and the people delivering it to be in sync.

Citizens of Winnipeg Now Enjoy 311 Call Service Implemented by ACS
ACS, has reportedly completed the implementation of 311 call service solution in Winnipeg, Manitoba that provides a simple, convenient and streamlined way to request or inquire about non-emergency city services.

SalesCallPlanner Now Available from Richardson
Richardson SalesCallPlanner is now available. Richardson, a sales training and performance improvement firm, announced that this online, real-time planning and training solution is designed to integrate with all major Client Relationship Management (CRM) platforms to ensure the organization can maximize every sales call.
3/17/2009 Celebrates a Decade of Business, founded a decade ago, recently celebrated its ten year anniversary. The company currently has more than 1.5 million net paying subscribers at 55,400 companies around the world, thanks to its cloud computing model.

Marketers' Budgets Holding Up But Business/Digital Media Issues Remain, According to CMO Council
The good new for marketers is that their budgets are either holding up or being increased in spite of a restrained economy. The savvy ones are investing in digital media. The bad news is that too many of them still do not get it when it comes to prioritizing on operational and data management systems to meet corporate goals and in measuring and getting results from digital media. Too few of them understand the need to work closely with top executives.

Companies 'Smartshoring': Sitel
There appears to be more smoke than action in the reputed trend of American companies pulling their teleservices and other BPO operations back home from offshore locations, in programs handled in most cases by outsourcing firms.

Businesses Save Money Through Interactive Outreach To Customers, According to Forrester
Organizations seeking to reduce costs and improve customer service can do so by intelligently reaching out to customers through outbound notification: interactive voice messages, e-mail, and SMS, rather than relying on annoying one-way home phone 'robocalls'.

Sorenson Communications Announces New Initiatives
The company has collaborated with Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) and local community partners, to add four to six testing sites in key locations for people who wish to take the RID National Interpreter Certification (NIC) exam.

Air France Expands Nuance-Powered ASR To Six Languages
The addition of these four languages has given flight to the second phase of Air France's popular phone-based, speech-enabled portal, powered by Nuance, and now joins French and English. The six-language system can be accessed via the airline's main contact centers in Europe, Asia, and North and South America to provide support to callers from over 20 countries.

Verizon Caters to Spanish-Speaking Customer Base
Verizon has announced it will now provide its Spanish-speaking customers with a Web site that includes all information on their products and services and offers the ability to place orders, register or manage accounts online, and all in the Spanish language.

Customer Interaction Solutions Magazine Grants 2008 MVP Quality Award to Aegis
Aegis said it is honored by the award which recognizes their high standards and policies and their offering of higher quality solutions to customers throughout the world.

Management Technology Consulting Releases ActivityTimer for Dynamics CRM
Management Technology Consulting announced the release of ActivityTimer for Dynamics CRM. This is essentially a low-cost functionality addition which enhances productivity and allows the user to measure task performance besides improving on costing and billing functions.

2009 Top 50 Outbound Teleservices Agencies Ranking Announced by Customer Interaction Solutions Magazine
Norwalk, CT (March 6, 2009) Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC), a global integrated media company, today announced the outbound winners of Customer Interaction Solutions magazine's Twenty-Fourth Annual Top 50 Teleservices Agencies Ranking. Customer Interaction Solutions has been the preeminent publication in call center, CRM and teleservices industries since 1982.

SironaHealth Launches Medical Call Center Solutions
SironaHealth has announced its official launch as a national provider of medical call center solutions. The company has also completed the successful transition of IntelliCare's operations and book of business.

Innoveer Wins Two BI Customers
Innoveer Solutions continues to gain business with two customer successes: Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), the only international accountancy body with a sole focus on business, and Irish Life & Permanent (Irish Life), a leading provider of personal financial services in the Irish market.

TreeHouse Interactive Launches ROI Tracking in Marketing View
In a very timely move what with every firm closely watching their ever-scarcer marketing dollars, Treehouse Interactive has now included ROI tracking in its Marketing View product.

Aegis Proposes Acquisition of Call Center Operator ICTG Group for $8 Per Share
Aegis Limited, an Essar Group company and global business process outsourcing provider, has announced it has proposed to the Board of Directors of ICT Group to complete an acquisition of all outstanding shares of ICTG common stock for $8.00 per share. A call center operator, ICTG offers Aegis the opportunity to expand its current operations.

TMCnet Contact Center Week in Review
Welcome to another edition of the TMCnet Contact Center Week in Review. This week, call center technologies were improved and their benefits made headlines.

Informatica Cops Review Award
Informatica Corporation, which sells data integration software and services, has announced that Informatica On Demand Data Loader Service was voted "The Best Data Integration Tool of 2008" by customers, having garnered more four and five star reviews than any other integration application in its category on the AppExchange.

QScend Releases Upgraded MuniCRM 311 Product
QScend Technologies has introduced several new features to its QAlert Municipal CRM software designed for citizen service request management and 311 call center products.

Telephonetics VIP Launches Confirmer, a Scalable Solution for Gathering Data for Organizations
Telephonetics VIP, a provider of speech recognition and voice automation solutions, recently announced the launch of Confirmer, a scalable application to help enterprises and businesses contact groups of people and present timely information. The information can be of use in various situations such as emergencies of even day to day activities.

Alloy Navigator Helps Vermont's Government Run More Efficiently
Having a very functional user-friendly help desk solution can make a difference in ensuring efficiency and productivity. Just ask the State of Vermont's Department of Buildings and General Services (BGS).

DTV Call Center CAN Handle Calls
The call center works, everybody the call center works! Now, this could be just my little problem but, when I heard that the Federal Communications Commission announced that the federal call center, which was put in place to help viewers through the shutdown of analog broadcast TV signals by various stations this week, has been able to easily deal with the volume of calls so far, my immediate reaction was, "Great, that's what it's supposed to do."

DTV Call Center CAN Handling Calls
The call center works, everybody the call center works! Now, this could be just my little problem but, when I heard that the Federal Communications Commission announced that the federal call center, which was put in place to help viewers through the shutdown of analog broadcast TV signals by various stations this week, has been able to easily deal with the volume of calls so far, my immediate reaction was, "Great, that's what it's supposed to do."

Verizon Expands with New Customer Service and Support Center in Livingston, New Jersey
Verizon Communications, a company focused on delivering broadband and other wireline and wireless communication innovations to mass market, business, government and wholesale customers has announced its intention to open a new customer service and support center in Livingston, New Jersey later this year.

Proactive Customer Communications Key in Collections
There has rarely been greater demand for effective collection of delinquent accounts. Firms urgently need cash from debtors to pay their bills and keep their operations afloat, yet the downturn has in turn squeezed the resources available from them.

More Bell(s) Tolling for Indian Outsourcing
The Canadian Press reports that Bell Canada is repatriating some of its tech support because of dissatisfaction with some of the results. Bell had sent this work to Sitel India in 2006 reports the Hindu Business Line.

NSC Unveils Multimedia Search Server for Enterprise Applications
Natural Speech Communication (NCS), an AudioCodes company, has unveiled a Multimedia Search Server (MSS) for enterprise applications.

Telus to Open Las Vegas Contact Center, Expand in Central America
It's 'Vegas, Baby' for Telus's newest contact center. The Calgary Herald newspaper reports that the Western Canada-based communications firm will open a new facility next month in Las Vegas, Nev. that will eventually house up to 1,000 agents and supervisors.

Telust to Open Las Vegas Contact Center, Expand in Central America
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Enkata Launches New Tool to Measure Agent First Call Resolution
First call or contact resolution or FCR has become the yardstick of contact center performance. That is because there are correlations between high FCR, customer satisfaction, and customer retention, and revenues.

Caremark Recognized by J.D. Power and Associates Certified Call Center Program
CVS Caremark's Drug Therapy Management program was also selected by URAC, a leading independent accrediting organization, as a finalist in its Best Practices in Health Care Consumer Empowerment and Protection Awards competition. The goal of the CVS Caremark Drug Therapy Management program is to improve the outcome of drug therapy by providing patients with access to specially trained clinical pharmacists for one-on-one medication counseling.

1-800-Verizon Simplifies Customer Service
1-800-VERIZON, the most convenient way to contact the wireless operator, greatly simplifies the process of reaching the correct customer service area by replacing more than 100 toll-free numbers used in the past by Verizon wire line customers with one, single phone number.

Survey Finds Company Executives Fail to Value IT in Contact Center as Important to Innovation
Technology in the contact center has introduced new methods for handling calls faster and more efficiently. While technology investments can sometimes be daunting, the resulting improvements in operation can often offset costs and produce a strong return on investment very quickly.

Qdoba Mexican Grill, zpizza Select Exit41 as Call Center Partner
"Catering is a core growth strategy for Qdoba, and we're excited about the potential advantages that utilizing Exit41 will bring to our system," said Karen Guido, vice president of marketing at Qdoba Mexican Grill.

Customer Interaction Solutions Magazine's 2008 CRM Excellence Awards Call for Entries
Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC®) announced today that its publication, Customer Interaction Solutionsmagazine,, is accepting applications for its 2009 CRM Excellence Awards. Customer Interaction Solutions has been the premier publication in the CRM, call center and teleservices industries since 1982.

San Fran Greater Bay Area Make-A-Wish Foundation Partners with Language Line Services.
The Greater Bay Area Make-A-Wish Foundation has partnered with Language Line Services to implemented a language access program allowing instant communication in more than 170 languages. Implemented in order to better serve the growing multi lingual community of the San Francisco Bay Area, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, about one-in-five California residents over age five speak English. The figure stands the same for Bay Area.

UK Call Centers Lacking CTI Investments
Technology can make a significant impact on the call center, for better or for use depending on the technology and method for implementation. When considering Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) technology, the benefits can be tremendous, especially in terms of streamlining processes and improving the bottom line.

Unified Agent Desktop Key To Boosting Agent Productivity: Cincom
Cincom Systems, citing a new Ventana Research paper, is recommending taking a hard look at unifying contact center agent desktops to boost their productivity, reduce their frustration, and improve customer service.

Noetica Announces Synthesys Software Service for Oracle CRM On Demand
Moreover, agents can benefit from a fully integrated and Unified Front End and if the caller's number is identified at the beginning of a call, the agents can automatically see customer records. They are also shown the appropriate call flow campaign that navigates them through the interaction and ensures that the agent is able to obtain and give the right information at the right time during the conversation.

Centerstance and Intacct Enter Strategic Partnership
Centerstance, provider of integration and consulting services in the Pacific Northwest, announced it has joined the Intacct Business Solution Provider partner program. Under this program, Centerstance will sell and implement Intacct financial management applications either standalone along with other small and mid-sized businesses applications.

Interprise Signs Deal with E-Commerce Vendor ASPDotNetStorefront
Interprise Software, a vendor of ERP/CRM business products, has announced that it has signed an exclusive licensing agreement for ASPDotNetStorefront's e-commerce product, "ASPDotNetStorefront for Interprise Suite."

Virtual Hold Technology Software Now Avaya Compliant
Queue management solutions developer, Virtual Hold Technology, announced that its Virtual Hold Concierge software for contact centers is in compliance with key Internet protocol (IP) telephony and contact center solutions from Avaya.

Forrester Report Offers Strategies To Cut Service Costs And Increase Sales
The study, 'The Economic Necessity Of Customer Service' by Natalie L. Petouhoff, Ph.D., Sharyn Leaver, and Andrew Magarie, also implore organizations not to shrink the quality of contact center-delivered customer care, and not to treat contact centers as cost centers. The net results are that firms will lose more than they gain: in higher operating costs, reduced revenue, brand equity, and market longevity.

UTOPY's Speech Analytics Enhance Customer Experiences Around the World
The popularity of their SpeechMiner solution in markets across the globe allows customers in a number of industries and with a number of languages, to use the solution to analyze and process 10s of thousands of customer calls in their contact centers.

Avaya Achieves J.D. Power and Associates Support Certification
Avaya has achieved certification under the J.D. Power and Associates Certified Technology Service and Support (CTSS) Program (sm), one of the technology industry's highest recognitions.

Webinar to Focus on Dealing with Angry and Crazy Customer Calls
Shocking as it may seem, customers are not always as understanding, rational or correct as they may think when calling with a heightened issue.

Genesys' Timely Deals: Consernos and SDE
The Conseros acquisition adds to the Genesys intelligent Workload Distribution (iWD) solution the ability to extend and route calls to outside of contact centers, such as bank tellers, field techs, retail clerks, and back office staff based on skills-based routing and availability.

Customer Care = Cash!
Every holiday season, companies send out hundreds of greetings cards and small gifts of appreciation to their customers. Last year, a management company received one bottle of champagne, two baseball caps, three large fruit and cheese baskets, four wall calendars, five logo shirts, six boxes of chocolates, seven tins of popcorn, eight cans of nuts, nine plates of cookies, ten bottles of wine, and 187 greeting cards from their suppliers and contractors. These were warm, delightful gestures, but was it worth the effort?

Strategies Group, Leo Software Announce Deal
Strategies Group sells to real estate and construction companies throughout the Southeast, offering accounting and business software products including Sage Timberline Office, Sage Master Builder and Sage CRM Solutions.

DJJ Technologies Selects Peak 10 to Host IT Infrastructure
Peak 10, an independent data center operator and managed services provider, has announced that DJJ Technologies, a regional provider of end-to-end communications solutions, has chosen Peak 10 to host and support that company's IT infrastructure.

Paranet Expands Remote Infrastructure Management Solutions
The Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) industry is growing consistently and several countries have started seeing the benefits of this shift, according to Paranet Solutions, LLC, a global provider of Data Center, Network Infrastructure and Enterprise services and solutions.

FCC Selects IBM for DTV Call Center
If you live in the U.S. and you own a television set, you likely know that your viewing options are going to change come February, 2009. Networks and other entertainment providers throughout the country are mandated to go digital in High Definition in less than a month – at least that is the plan for now.

ADC Unveils Next-Generation Data Center Solutions
ADC will soon unveil new TrueNet structured cabling solutions. The company claims that these products offer unique design, better performance and higher density.

Lagan Launches Call Center Solution for North America
Enterprise case management solutions provider Lagan has released a new Lagan Human Services Call Center solution designed to serve health and human services agencies in North America.

Xactly Chalks Up Third Year of Revenue Increases
Xactly Corporation, a vendor of on-demand sales performance management, has announced what company officials are calling "the third straight year of record revenue, with significant gains in customer growth."

Sage Appoints Nine Business Partners with CDC Status
As part of what company officials describe as "an ongoing initiative to achieve a breathtaking customer experience," Sage has appointed nine Business Partners with Customer Development Center status.

eglue Improves Customer Experience at UPC Netherlands Call Centers
"Our needs primarily revolved around enhancing customer experience while still generating greater revenue -- and eglue has delivered on all fronts," said Marco Vianen, vice president of Customer Operations at UPC Netherlands.

Car Dealers Improve Customer Service with Text Messages
Expanding customer service channels beyond just the telephone makes it easier for companies and customers to stay in touch in today's technologically advanced business world.

SageCRM v6.2 Now Available from Sage North America
Sage North America has announced SageCRM v6.2, a CRM system aimed primarily at small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). According to the Sagians, version 6.2 includes new pre-configured and customizable screen themes, an editor capable of handling multilingual e-mail campaigns and "an enhanced graphical view."

The Limited Picks Merkle for Customer Marketing
Sara Cisler, Director, CRM, The Limited, said the basic intent behind the move is to allow the clothier to "effectively promote our brand and improve customer loyalty."

NFL Team Drafts Bridgeline for Web, Customer Support
Bridgeline officials do not identify this team. But if they're calling it a "leading" NFL team with a straight face, that pretty much eliminates the Oakland Raiders, Detroit Lions and St. Louis Rams right off the bat. Borderline cases would be the Cleveland Browns, Kansas City Chiefs or Seattle Seahawks. Beyond that, hey, let the speculation commence.

LG to Focus on Customers in '09
Michael Ahn, the company's President and CEO for North America said in his annual keynote address this year that even with the current economy here in the U.S., there is still "opportunity for LG Electronics to differentiate itself."

Angoss KnowledgeSEEKER for Salesforce CRM Now Available on AppExchange
Angoss Software Corporation, a provider of data mining and predictive analytics solutions, has announced the availability of the Angoss KnowledgeSEEKER for Salesforce CRM on the AppExchange.

India Offers Taboo Help for Population Control
In many cultures subjects such as sex, birth control, abortion or even pregnancy are shunned upon and are usually never spoken about. For India, these culture clashes have proven to be more trouble than there worth, causing an ignorance in the subject of safe sex and proper methods for contraceptives thus causing a population increase or unequipped parents or parents who just had children to fit the status profile.

TuVox Receives Customer Inter@ction Solutions Magazine's 2008 Product of the Year Award
Caller experience player TuVox's Personalization Module has received Technology Marketing Corporation's (TMC) Customer Interaction Solutions magazine's 2008 Product of the Year Award.

Suppliers Identify SMS, Mobile, Self-Service Customer Interaction Trends
Contact centers are being buffeted by several trends: a challenging economy that has renewed pressure to cut costs yet at the same time retain customers and revenues and growth in use of new channels by customers from anywhere.

Parature Improves Social Gaming Customer Service
A challenge developers of the latest social gaming phenomenon face is keeping up with customer demands and managing player support requests. To improve communications with customers, it is important to have quality support teams.

Castel Contact Center Solutions Help Clients Receive High Marks
Earlier this year, the company announced Castel Detects, a new software solution that allows users to track and analyze detailed call center activity in real time. With the offering it's possible for managers to respond to actions by the minute.

Five9 Call Center Solution Awarded 2008 Product of the Year
Now, the company is being honored with a 2008 Product of the Year Award for its innovation.

GPS Industries Opens New Support and Service Call Center
GPS Industries, engineering and marketing a unique array of GPS and Wi-Fi enabled communications applications in the vertical markets of golf course operations and residential community development, has announced its introduction of new Support and Service Call Center.

Aspects Opens Customer Briefing Centers
Aspect, a unified communications and contact center software and services provider, has announced the opening of customer briefing centers in its U.S. and Asia Pacific headquarters locations.

Oracle's BI Chosen by Regal Beloit
Regal Beloit Corporation, a manufacturer of electrical and mechanical motion control products, has deployed Oracle Business Intelligence Applications to "improve visibility into business operations and enhance decision-making enterprise wide," Oracle officials say.

Study: Communications Providers' E-Mail, Web-Based Customer Service Is Poor
It could be worse, and it is for customers who live in the United Kingdom. The report showed that these firms' British counterparts experienced even poorer service via e-mail and Web channels than those in the United States and Canada.

Fonolo Offers Alternative to Phone Menu Frustration
By offering several innovative services to help consumers deal with large companies over the phone, Fonolo is steadily building strength in the industry. "Deep Dialing" allows a user to visually navigate a company's phone menu on a computer or mobile device to reach any point in that menu with a simple click. Fonolo then navigates the phone menu, rings the user's phone and connects the two parties.

FOX Systems Establishes Fully Operational National Call Center with Neocase Technology
FOX Systems has established a National Call Center by using technology from Neocase Software. The Call Center will handle calls pertaining to Medicaid and Medicare services and is expected to boost FOX Systems' chances to win a shared services contract with the U.S. Government.

Convergys Partners with Apptis to Provide Call Center Services to FDIC
Convergys Corporation, a global provider of relationship management solutions, has announced a new, 5-year agreement to provide customer management support to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

SIP Print Launches New Channel Partner Program for VoIP Call Recording Appliances
SIP Print, the creators of the first affordable SIP-based VoIP call recording platform, has announced the launch of its newly established channel partner program. The SIP Print Partner Program (SIPPPP) is designed to provide partners with high margins, and features simplicity and ease-of-entry for telephony resellers and data VARS that primarily serve small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Ignify Makes Deloitte Fast 500
Ignify, a Microsoft Gold Partner specializing in CRM and other products for the mid-market, has been put by Deloitte L.L.P. on the Technology Fast 500 list. To determine the fastest growing companies, Ignify officials say, Deloitte calculated the revenue growth percentage over five years (2003-2007), with Ignify's total growth at 1983.23 percent or an average of 123 percent per quarter.
11/26/2008 Intros New Datacenter in Washington D.C.
ZipServers, a provider of managed hosting solutions, recently launched its new Washington D.C. datacenter for its virtual private servers (VPS) line of products.

Language Line Services Unveils 'Your World, Your Language'
Language Line Services has introduced the "Your World, Your Language" World Partner network to all local companies nationwide. With this, the company seeks to help its customers connect to a growing number of limited English speaking customers across the globe.

16th Annual MVP Quality Award Open for Nominations
Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) today announced that Customer Interaction Solutions magazine's 16th annual MVP (Marketing Via Phone) Quality Awards is accepting nominations.

V-Tech Solutions to Provide Call Center Support Services for U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
V-Tech Solutions, a growing IT and professional services companies specializing in customer contact support, has announced the receipt of a contract valued at more than $7 million for up to five years. This contract includes providing call center support services for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Contact Center (UCC).

Study Finds Companies Lacking in E-mail Customer Service
In these times of lower consumer spending, retailers are struggling to capture the attention of its customers. For many, the way to a customer's wallet is through lower prices and as a result, discounters are noticing a surge in revenues. For others, it isn't as easy to compete on price – but they may be able to get the edge they need with proper customer service.

CCA Recognizes Top Performing UK Contact Centers
Contact centers compete in an aggressive industry. Whether an organization has an internal contact center to support its customers or looks to outsourcers to provide the infrastructure they need, the reality is that each center works to deliver the optimal experience to maintain customer loyalty and ultimately drive revenue for the company.

StayinFront Gets a Vote of Confidence with Customer Upgrade
StayinFront, a vendor of enterprise-wide customer relationship management applications, has announced that Access International Advisors, managers of hedged and structured investment portfolios, has chosen to upgrade to the latest version of StayinFront CRM.

Eaton Unveils Energy Management System Upgrade Kit
The data center and facilities managers can use the EMS Upgrade Kit to gain three tiers of visibility within a single unit as it allows for power conditions to be monitored on individual breakers, breaker panels or at the equipment level.

Coordimax Acquires Fellow Aussie, Pinnacle
Coordimax, the Australian-owned and operated vendor of CRM, Document Management and Help Desk tools, has acquired asset, lease and property management software company Pinnacle, in a move described by Coordimax officials as a way to expand the Coordimax portfolio and "grow its local and international customer base."

Frost & Sullivan Finds Growth in Kenyan Call Center Market
As the U.S. call center industry continues to struggle amidst daily announcements of closing and job loss, the global market is experiencing a somewhat different picture. Strong growth is happening in a number of regions as companies continue to make changes to reduce costs in a down market.

ADT to Lay Off 380 at Omaha-Based Call Center
In the global economic turmoil we are all facing, there tends to be daily announcements of companies and even entire industries in trouble. Here in the U.S., the mortgage industry sought financial help from the government and now automotive companies are struggling to stay above water. For a number of call centers throughout the U.S., the news isn't any better.

Quality Customer Service Does Exist
I just had what I would consider an unusual customer service experience. Why unusual? Because it surprised me--it was a positive experience--and the person gave me more than I asked for. This to me is the absolute definition of over deliver and under promise.

First Niagara Financial Group Turns to Oracle CRM On Demand to Drive Customer Value and Satisfaction
First Niagara Financial Group, a full-service, community-focused bank that provides financial services through 114 branches and four Regional Market Centers across upstate New York, has selected Oracle CRM On Demand to deliver further customer value and satisfaction. This selection is also expected to help to improve sales opportunities to current and new customers.

Five9 Call Center Software Helping Non-Profits Gain Measurable Benefits
Hosted contact center solutions provider, Five9, has announced it is helping a number of non-profit organizations to achieve success thanks to their outbound campaign management tools.

Prestige International Call Center Opens in Hong Kong
The new facility, located in downtown Hong Kong, offers multilingual customer interactions combined with what the Prestigians describe as "global connectivity to organizations such as those servicing the financial services, insurance and luxury goods markets."

Parature Software Helps Companies Reduce Customer Service Cost
Parature, a global provider of on-demand customer service software, is positioned as helping diverse organizations cut costs while improving customer service and value. This is a tall order as companies around the world are striving to do just that, but are often finding it a delicate balance that is difficult to achieve.

InsideSales Announces Lead Management Suite Integration at Dreamforce, a vendor of hosted dialer and lead response management products, has announced the production release of its Lead Management suite integrated into the CRM platform.

U.K. Contact Centers Struggling to Meet Avoidable Contact Requirements
Data collection is a tricky and often challenging task within the contact center. Not only does this process help to enrich the information that can be plugged back into CRM systems within the organization, it also helps to deliver more efficient processes for agents and customers.

TimeDriver for Salesforce CRM Enhances Sales Scheduling
TimeTrade Systems has announced the TimeDriver for Salesforce. This personal appointment scheduling solution is designed to allow sales professionals to invite customers and prospects to schedule time with them.

Proxim Announces Enhanced ServPak Customer Service and Support
This new program is put in place to provide a more customizable and global support experience for customers. Proxim redesigned its ServPak in an effort to better serve its expanding global customer base. This program is positioned as providing better value, customizable support options and improved response times throughout the world.

Is This Robocall Good or Bad? Varolii Offers Seven Clues
Fortune 500 companies are using automated calls more and more as a means to reach more of their customers and employees with actually important need-to-know information. In other words, get used to robocalls.

Contact Center Co. That Uses Avaya VoIP Opens New Facility in Iowa
Bucking downward trends in the economy, a contact center company based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa announced today that it's establishing an additional facility about 75 miles away.

InfoWorx Launches New In-House Telemarketing Services
With the new in-house telemarketing platform, InfoWorx creates and implements telemarketing scripts that are written along with TV productions and include strategies for upselling.

EGain Scores High in Latest Forrester Software Report
The company received the highest score in the category of "current offering," as well as in the sub-categories of "customer service," "architecture and platform," "cost," "product strategy" and "employees" in interaction-centric customer service management software.

Convergent Solutions Enhance the Delivery of Mobile Technology and Multimedia
Elephant Talk Communications today announced that it will launch converged multimedia services, in association with Quentris and Dilithium, that will offer the users voice and video communication using their mobile phone or Internet connection.

Outsourcing City Launches New Call Center Services
Outsourcing can sometimes be a dirty word in the call center industry, especially when it means losing jobs to offshore organizations. But, it does not always have to be a bad thing. For organizations seeking to improve their customer service operations, but must control or cut down costs, outsourcing is often an attractive avenue.
10/24/2008 Next in Line to Predict a Scary Future
Amazon's news coupled with eBay's announcement last week that they cut its forecast has Wall Street and those involved worried sick. reported sales in the holiday quarter would fall short of Wall Street expectations. cut its 2008 revenue and income forecasts on Wednesday however shares still sank.

Award-Winning VoIP Provider Deploys Five9 in Profit Centers to Launch Marketing Campaigns
Aimed at winning back customers, the project timeline was aggressive. Five9's implementation team immediately engaged to deploy the virtual call center for agent operations in the U.S. and Canada. A customer success manager was dedicated to the Vonage implementation. With the Five9 Virtual Call Center backed by a commitment to customer success, Vonage executed campaigns to restore service, collect revenue, and poll for satisfaction.

Global Provider Omega Direct Response Transcends Geography with Five9
With expansion plans for Central America, Europe, and the Middle East, Omega can design and implement a global spectrum of call center initiatives that include customer care, sales and help desks, and outbound campaigns with in language services in Spanish, French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi and other languages

Teradata's New Data Quality Scorecard Strengthens Customer Relationships, Cuts Costs
The Data Quality Scorecard accomplishes these outcomes by enabling firms to find and resolve underlying issues behind poor data such as wrong names, genders, contact addresses and numbers, identifiers, and transaction record errors.

Motorola Improves Customer Service Performance with Help from Impact Learning Systems
The company turned to Impact Learning Systems and the Service and Support Professional Association (SSPA) to further separate itself from competitors. In this partnership, Motorola specifically sought to bring its customer relationships to a higher level through the alignment of its services business around the true needs of customers.

ETC Opens Training Rooms for Call Center Positions
Enovlink Training Center (ETC) has announced the opening of its training rooms at the 3rd Floor Angelica Building, Osmena Boulevard in Cebu City. The company has an established goal of becoming the premier provider of top quality English-speaking call center agents who offer exceptional customer service skills and a clear and precise focus on their career.

Study Finds Fuel Prices Impact Contact Centers
The effects of these fuel prices have filtered into the contact center industry. It has been credited for the rise in home-based agents, reduction in available positions, and increased investment in systems to support higher volume for collections and credit companies. It has also helped to contribute to the rise in contact center interactions between companies and rural residents.

Purple Heart Call Center Named 'Best of Show' at ATA Conference
The Purple Heart Call Centers effectively captured "Best of Show" honors at the American Teleservices Association National Convention & Expo held in San Antonio last weekend.

Equifax: Our Marketing Solution Will Help Marketers Match Prospects and Offers
To help companies make more informed cross-sell decisions, TargetConnect uses Equifax's demographic and lifestyle data.

800response to Survey Consumer Recall Rate to Measure Effectiveness of Vanity 800 Numbers
This research study is also designed to capture buyer behaviors and preferences after respondents view or hear an advertisement for various products and services, including automobiles, remodeling services, educational institutions and healthcare services.

Be Prepared For Gen-Y Customer Service
The Gen-Yers, numbering 70 million in the U.S., are the replacements for the now-retiring and fading Baby Boom generation, from whom they are descended. They are also known as the 'Baby Boom Echo. Their ranks are nearly twice as large as Gen-X, which are those individuals born between 1964 and 1980.

Virtual Call Center Service Provider Arise to Offer Home-Based Work Options in U.K.
Angie Selden, chief executive officer at Arise Virtual Solutions, said that her company will offer legitimate, home-based work options to individuals in the United Kingdom.

Customer Interaction Solutions® Announces 2008 Product of the Year Award Call For Entries
Norwalk, CT, October 10, 2008 — Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC®) today announced a call for entries for its Customer Interaction Solutions magazine's 11th Annual Product of the Year Award. Customer Interaction Solutions is the premier publication in call center, CRM and teleservices industries since 1982.

Jobs Created for Apple in Colorado Springs No Longer Needed
Colorado Springs was gearing up for an extension to their job base as Apple had put plans in place for a technical support center. The center was intended to help customers with their iPhones and iPods.

Underexposure and Overexposure in Marketing… So Much for Humility in Marketing
I have always been extremely interested in sports because I feel that they offer not only a healthy mind, but also teach one about the importance of teamwork, determination, achievement, winning, losing and satisfaction. I feel there is a strong correlation between what we learn from sports and our ordinary lives.
10/8/2008 Now Offering Live Support via Chat, Online Diagnostics is offering consumers telephone and online technical support through live chat and online diagnostics beginning at $19.95 for a single incident.

InfoCision Recognized for Business Growth
Presented by Cascade Capital Corporation, the Business Growth Awards recognize companies in a seven-county region, including Summit County, that have increased sales by at least 100 percent or $5 million, or have increased their workforces by at least 50 percent or 25 people.

Study Shows U.K. Call Centers Performing to Expectations
Customer satisfaction with their interaction with the call center is essential to overall success of the call center. The main purpose of the center is to provide customer support and if they cannot do that is a way that is satisfying to the customer, the whole organization suffers.

CallRex Delivers Training to Healthy Mothers
CallRex call recording software has saved time through streamlined quality assurance processes at Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition of Georgia (HMHB).

IBM Signs Call Center Agreement
IBM announced that it signed agreements in September with the Chiba Bank Ltd., The Hokkoku Bank Ltd. and the Daishi Bank Ltd. for building a Call Center System which will be used by all three banks.

Digital Dialogue Minimizes Business Disruptions during Natural Disasters
Digital Dialogue, a PSCU Financial Services company, is the provider of financial call center operations and software solutions for credit unions ranging in asset size from $5 million to more than $6 billion.

Adoption of RFID in data centers on the rise, says ABI Research
Adoption of RFID in data centers and across corporate campuses is on the rise due to its increasing value, according to a recent study named "RFID Asset Tracking" has been released ABI Research.

OAISYS Awarded 'Best of Show' at ITEXPO West 2008
The Tracer professional interaction management and quality assurance software from OAISYS recently received the "Best of Show Award-Most Innovative Product" at Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC)'s INTERNET TELEPHONY Conference and EXPO West 2008. OAISYS is a provider of call recording solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMB) and call centers.

Garlands Now COPC-2000 CSP Standard Certified
Certification to the COPC-2000 CSP Standard, which is highly coveted in the customer service industry, validates that the COPC Performance Management System is installed, implemented, and producing results.

Advance Auto to Close Roanoke Call Center
The announcement of the closing of a call center is never viewed as good news, especially when the jobs are being outsourced. If this outsourcing in staying in the U.S., it at least contributes to sustaining the domestic industry, even if morale within the effected company is diminished.

Attitudinal Approach to Customers Important, Allegiance Study Finds
Most businesses focus on geographic, demographic or psychographic data to analyze customer behavior, the study finds adding that "many use systems such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to track customer transactions. However, an attitudinal approach to modeling behavior uncovers the reasons why people do what they do."

Contact Center Feedback/Analytics Market Grew by over 20 percent: DMG Consulting
A strong need by contact centers and their enterprises for actionable customer feedback and insight led to a record 21.3 percent demand growth for surveying/feedback and analytics solutions between 2007 and 2008 according to a new report by DMG Consulting.

Adivent Launches Full SalesTarget Suite in North America
Adivent, a European sales outsourcing company focused on the telecom market, has launched its full suite of SalesTarget services in North America. Adivent offers a new alternative that is designed to streamline the sales and operations process and allow North American companies to quickly establish a sales presence in Europe at a fraction of the time and cost it typically takes using traditional methods.

Ribbit Now Oracle CRM On Demand Inner Circle Partner
Ribbit, the first phone company of Silicon Valley, has been selected by Oracle to be a member of its CRM On Demand Inner Circle Partner Initiative. Ribbit will also be featured at the invitation-only Social CRM Inner Circle Community Reception tonight and on the DEMOgrounds Monday through Thursday at Oracle OpenWorld 2008.

Sitel Expands HomeShore Program in Las Vegas
This HomeShore program is designed to provide clients with greater flexibility in managing their outsourced customer care needs. This particular client is expanding its home-based agent pool after the success of Sitel HomeShore at the Albuquerque facility.

Cincom Partners with Attachmate to Improve Call Center Application
Cincom and Attachmate announced its alliance to accelerate the speed and cost of mainframe applications.

CustomerLink Expands CRM Offering Into Canada
CustomerLink has announced their entry into the Canadian automotive service and repair market. By sending highly personalized, vehicle specific service reminders at just the right time, CustomerLink helps automotive service centers and tire dealers fill their bays with the most profitable jobs, from the right types of customers.

Insurance Company Picks ClickSoftware's Service Optimization Suite
ClickSoftware's ServiceOptimization Suite is designed to help companies face head-on the challenges of inefficiency in the service organization.

Harland Financial Solutions Intros TouchA CRM
This latest offering is integrated with the company's TouchA Analyzer and TouchA messenger solutions and combines standard CRM functionality with BI features and enterprise-wide messaging.

New CallCopy cc: Discover Features Enhance Quality of Customer Service
The new features make it easier to capture, search and analyze voice recordings and screen captures and can be used by the call center as either a combined offering, or deployed individually based on the needs of the contact center and its growth.

VoIP Logic Intros CDR Manager for VoIP Call Detail Record Management
VoIP Logic, a global provider of VoIP Managed Services and solutions has introduced CDR Manager, a Call Detail Record Management module for its award-winning Cortex OSS middleware. As the demand for call recording in VoIP environments continues to increase, VoIP Logic is perfectly positioned to drive strong growth.

Basis Audionet Showcases Advanced Communications Client at ITEXPO
Stroll over to Booth #313 at the INTERNET TELEPHONY Conference & EXPO in the Los Angeles Convention Center, and you'll encounter Basis Audionet of Hamburg, Germany, a global full-service IT organization that develops and supports innovative platform solutions for wireline, wireless and next-generation IP network operators, and various services to resellers, carriers, ISPs and CNOs.

Telrex Achieves Interop Validation Of CallRex With 3ComVCX IP Telephony Platform
Telrex, a provider of IP call recording and call center optimization software, announced that its IP call recording and monitoring software has achieved interoperability validation with the 3Com VCX (Voice Core eXchange) IP telephony system.

CRM Tool for Professional Services Firms Announced by BrightSide
It's an open-to-clients collaborative environment enabling automation of typical client service workflows, such as status reports, meeting minutes, feedback/approval tracking and timesheets. It's designed to help professional services firms offer a more reliable and transparent service, spending less effort on daily routine procedures.

1Call Debuts Infinity IS Soft Agent
1Call, a division of AMTELCO and a developer of hospital call center, healthcare communications applications and emergency alert/notification systems has launched the 1Call Infinity IS Soft Agent, which the company says would provide a simplified and streamlined soft agent interface to improve both agent and call center performance.

Phoenix picks NewMarket for Infor ERP Baan Customization
NewMarket Technology, Inc. reportedly announced signing an agreement to provide Infor ERP Baan customization and maintenance services for Phoenix Contact.

SoundBite Intros Agent Portal
SoundBite Communications has introduced a contact center productivity tool called Agent Portal which will soon be available on the SoundBite Intelligent Communications platform.

Viable Opens Call Center in Baltimore County
Viable Inc., a provider of video relay services (VRS) for deaf and hard of hearing people, has opened a call center in Baltimore County in the neighborhood of Towson Hospital and Towson University.

Siperian, Evaxyx Announce Partnership
Siperian, vendor of a master data management (MDM) platform, and Evaxyx, a data integration consulting firm, have announced a partnership intended to "deliver faster ROI to Siperian users."

Convergys to Spin Off Info Management Business?
Outsourcing services provider Convergys has announced that it is considering separating its information management business into an independent company, Datamonitor has reported.

Contact Center Positions Declining in U.S., Growing Strong in Other Regions
This is the third consecutive year showing decline in the U.S. Shipments proved to be down 5 percent in 2005 and 1 percent in 2006. This decline is being driven by outsourcing, self-service capabilities and hosted contact center solutions.

Sitel Unveils New Customer Care Facility in Germany
Scheduled to open on October 1, 2008, the new center is expected to bring up to 1,000 new jobs to the Berlin community over the next three years.

Upstream Works President Discusses Future, ITEXPO
Upstream Works delivers call center solutions for businesses that view their customer service as a strategic competitive advantage and want to improve both agent capabilities and their customer satisfaction ratings. The company improves the connectivity among all facets of a business, providing immediate access to key customer data and empowering agents to resolve customer issues effectively.

StoneFly's IP SANs Completes Citrix Compatibility Verification Testing
According to StoneFly officials, XenServer compatibility will enable them to further simplify IP SAN deployment for customers. They say that with StoneFly's support for network boot technologies (both software and hardware initiator based) in diskless virtual server environments, IT administration saves time and streamlines operations. By using IP SANs to facilitate the use of diskless servers and virtual servers, customers can also cut down data center costs and consolidate resources.

Limited Treasures Selects Contact Center Solution from UCN Inc.
On-demand contact center software provider UCN Inc. has entered into a one-year, renewable agreement with Tennessee-based Limited Treasures. The agreement allows Limited Treasures, a manufacturer and global retailer of entertainment memorabilia, to adopt UCN inContact, the award-winning software-as-a-service (SaaS) application for multi-site contact centers and remote workforces.

A Focus on the Customer Can Improve Service
In the world of customer service there seems to be a wide variety in the quality levels of the service provided. For some companies, it is enough to provide an automated system that allows customers to work their way through a series of prompts to retrieve the desired information.

Digital Dialogue Breaks Call Center Record, Sucessfully Serves Credit Unions
Digital Dialogue, a provider of 24/7 call center solutions for credit unions, achieved a record breaking call volume during August.

Digital Dialogue Receives Record Number of Incoming Calls in July
Digital Dialogue, a PSCU Financial Services company that provides 24/7 financial call center operations and software solutions for credit unions across the nation, has announced that in the month of July 2008, the company has achieved record call volume. The company has registered a high call center activity marked by 211,167 incoming calls in the month, which is 65 percent more than the number of calls last year, something that implies that a responsive and round the clock total member care is needed and demanded by the credit unions.

Antmore Technologies debuts Poll Blast
Customers can now send out polls, surveys, customer satisfaction inquiries and more with the just released Poll Blast from Antmore Technologies.

Web Help Desk Version 9 Now Available from MacsDesign Studio
MacsDesign Studio LLC, developers of the Web Help Desk, a cross-platform help desk software solution, has announced the availability of Version 9, a major update to its flagship service management solution.

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