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Call Center Service Provider XACT Telesolutions Helps University to Achieve Record Enrollment Rates

October 31, 2012

Growing competition has led educational institutions to leverage innovative marketing strategies to stay ahead of their competitors as well as use call center services for managing the admission processes and the responses to prospective students and their parents. XACT Telesolutions, a state-of-the-art call processing services cente,r has recently helped a distinguished institution better maintain its student-enrollment process at the beginning of the new enrollment season.

The investment will significantly help the institution to field the intense influx of calls placed to them throughout the day.

According to Lynn Fick, president and CFO of XACT Telesolutions, the company’s call center services have helped the university experience a record enrollment for the next term. XACT experienced a 43.47 percent increase in volume that it was asked to support and manage as a result of the marketing initiatives.

“We are now seeing a trend with educational institutions employing call center services and furthermore using them to manage the response by prospective students and other constituents. There really are several surges in call center activity for these institutions, including in the fall, spring, and summer seasons,” Fick added in a news statement.

She concluded, “In addition to prospective students and their parents, we have also seen an increase in the amount of Alumni and other supporters that are contacting these institutions and most of them simply do not have the proper amount of staff to field all of the inbound activity. Implementing these services can have a dramatic impact on the amount of applications by prospective students, in addition to an increase in the amount of Alumni and other supporters that want to remain in contact with their institution. This is a recent trend that we expect to reach all new levels as more and more people are attending these institutions each year.”

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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